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Ted Cruz Admits What We Already Knew: The Shutdown Debacle Was a Fundraising Push! (Video)

Senator Ted Cruz has stated that he won’t oppose the deal cobbled together in the Senate to end the shutdown impasse.

Basically, Cruz admitted that he personally has benefited during the previous three weeks. He has culled more than 2 million email addresses from a site opposing Obamacare.

In addition, Cruz’s PAC pulled in almost $800,000 and he is considered a front-runner for the Presidential nomination by some conservative Republicans.

“My focus is, I think, where the American people’s focus is, which is what are we doing to provide real relief to the people who are hurting because of Obamacare today,” Cruz told reporters.

Since the legislation just went into effect October 1, 2013, no one has actually been harmed by the expansion of health coverage.

But millions of citizens including not only the 800,000 furloughed workers and the most vulnerable who feel the affects of a government shutdown immediately but rich Republicans all were hurt by this reckless act.

The country also faced significant loss on top of a fragile economy: thousands of jobs, billions of dollars in economic output and not collected government revenue.

The country’s credit rating and credibility was placed at extreme risk.

But hey, if Cruz was able to be on the television a lot, generate a powerful email roster and raise lots of money, then why should the rest of the nation complain?

Watch Cruz in his own words below.


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  1. “Uncollected government revenue?” Textbook example of an oxymoron. A PAC collecting money as a result of controversy? Yawn. Culling email addresses from websites? God help us all. A politician getting face time on TV? He’s got some kind of noive! It’s called politics and it’s what politicians on both sides do. Fet a grip.

    • Get a grip. Obamacare is a catastrophic mistake. The chaos it is creating will be THE issue until it is repealed. Cruz did exactly what he said he would do when he ran for election and did not back down. That is so refreshing in this dysfunctional federal government.

      • AATTP

        Explain specifically how Obamacare is a “catastrophic mistake” please.

      • A mistake because adding the uninsured ten percent to our healthcare system upfront is more expensive than paying for them on the back end? Particularly when our system is already twice as expensive as Japan’s that has demonstrably better outcomes? THAT mistake? Japan doesn’t even have single payer. Owie. It must hurt to believe what you do kiddo.

      • moronic response based on propaganda and no basis in fact – check around the world where systems like this are in use and working – fool

  2. He should be brought up on racketeering charges ..campaign funds my ass

  3. Why is this vermon still in our country? Why has the National Guard NOT removed him and his citizenship stripped. Treason, Sedition, Extortion. Just 3 reasons to arrest and try this smarmy POS.

  4. Personally I hope he gets the nomination because that will result in an easy win for the democrats.

  5. Hey may be a front runner for a Presidential nomination but the whole of the Republican party will not accept and he will not get it.

  6. This website is a utopia for communist dog crap. Anyone who opposes Barrack O’Stalin is slandered as a “right wing domestic terrorist, kkk, nazi, fascist, white supremacist!” AATTP should change it’s name to the Obama Khmer Rouge. Just be honest about yourselves.

    • Then why are you reading & trolling here?

    • Racist much there, Joe??? Just by calling OUR president the nasty names you have tells me far more about you than pretty much anything…I do not recall you mouthing Bush when he started 2 UNFUNDED wars that killed 5,000+ of OUR best and brightest. NOR do I recall you screaming obscene names about and to Mr. Bush when he went about taking a lot of our freedoms away, destroying the entire worlds economy and let’s not forget he put us in the red so far as to make it almost Reagan like..so, until I do hear you call Mr. Bush the SAME names you just called Mr. Obama, I will consider you nothing more than a mad, racist, white republican who just watched his party get a spanking and sent to be early and is himself having a temper tantrum because a black man just saved our country, again mind you from the people who think like you. Oh and if you are wondering I am as white as it gets…

      • I won’t defend Bush cause he was an ass. But fearless leader has expanded every one of Bushs policies. Bush increased the debt by 5t in 8 years, O added 7t in 5 years. Obamadontcare will add another 5t over the next 10 years and still leave 30m uninsured. Your savior is no better.

        • Paul it really appears that you have zero knowledge about debt ad deficit. All you do is parrot what your Cult of FOX tells you to say. Perhaps Economics 101 would help in your case. The deficit for 2009, before Obama took office, was estimated by the CBO to be $1.2B. This was due to a massive tax cut, two wars and a poorly designed drug program all of which were unpaid for. Now do you think these all just vanished the day that Obama was sworn in? We are still paying for them, especially the unfunded massive tax cut. And yet the deficit has dropped faster under Obama than any other president in the past 50 years. But I don’t suppose your gods at Fox will tell you that.

    • You’re funny, Joe. Your people keep saying Obama is the new Hitler, and then you come here whining that someone calls right wingers “nazis.” Tell me, were you trying to be funny, or are you really just that stupid and ignorant? And also, why is it okay to call everything you disagree with communist, socialist, terrorist and tyrannical, but you come here complaining that those very things are done to you? Hypocrisy doesn’t fly here, Joe. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. Why hasn’t this douchebag (with apologies to douchebags) been arrested and charged with TREASON, SEDITION, AND EXTORTION? C’mon Eric Holder, DO YOUR JOB!

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