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Black Man Found With Cut Throat and Missing Ear in Texas Woods, Cops Rule His Death an ‘Accidental Overdose ‘

Alfred Wright was a 28-year-old physical therapist, a “man of great faith,” and father of three sons. He grew up in Jasper, Texas along with four siblings, and a father who was both the town’s pastor and gym teacher. Friends described him as ambitious, clean-living, hard-working, fun-loving, brilliant and a wonderful father. He went missing for 18 days. He was found by volunteers and his father, stripped down to his shorts and one sock, with his throat cleanly slit and one ear missing.

The police recorded the cause of death as “accidental drug overdose.”

Alfred Wright was also a black man married to a pretty white woman…in small-town Texas.

Alfred Wright 3

Alfred’s truck broke down in a package store parking while he was on his way to see a patient. He called his wife Lauren, who called her parents; by the time they got there, he was gone. Lauren attempted to call him back, but all she heard when he picked up the phone was heavy breathing. The store clerk, who remembers Wright because he was dressed in scrubs, said he saw him tuck his phone into his sock (where it was later found) and take off jogging “of his own free will.”

Four days later, the Sherriff’s department called off the search for Alfred, saying they had “exhausted all of their resources.” His wife and family maintained that there was no way he’d just take off into the woods for no reason, especially in a town as racially tense as Jasper. Doubtless, they had in mind another incident that had taken place in 1998 about 45 minutes away, when a black man by the name of James Byrd was abducted, dragged behind a pickup, chopped to pieces and left in the Jasper cemetery — by three white men.

They found Alfred in the woods on November 13th, stripped down, with two missing teeth, a missing ear and a slit throat. When the local authorities performed an autopsy, the examiner said that there were methamphetamines and cocaine in his system. He recorded the cause of death as a drug overdose, and chalked up the injuries to animals scavenging on his corpse. The case was closed as far as the Jasper police were concerned.

But Wright’s family wasn’t buying it. For several reasons.

  • Even at the time, it was noted that Wright’s state of decomposition was nowhere near what it should have been for someone left in the woods for 18 days and exposed to the weather. This indicated that he had died much more recently, long after he’d disappeared.
  • Animals don’t just break front teeth and cleanly slit throats. the missing ear might have been the result of an animal, but Wright’s body was, if anything, notable for its LACK of obvious animal scavenging in this coyote-infested area.
  • The family reported that Wright was a sober and religious man who had no history of drug use, never showed the slightest interest in drugs and displayed no signs of drug addiction or use.

The family paid to have its own autopsy performed. Full results have yet to be released insofar as Wright’s blood tests, but the private examiner did say this:

Wright’s cause of death was severe neck trauma and a slit throat. The kind of severe neck trauma you get from getting hit in the face with a blunt object, and the kind of slit throat you don’t get from a cocaine overdose.

Sheila Jackson Lee, Democratic congresswoman and member of the House Judiciary Committee said:

“The Department of Justice will investigate and take appropriate action and will conduct a thorough and independent investigation into all the circumstances surrounding this tragedy and to take appropriate action necessary to vindicate the federal interest, protect the civil rights of all Americans, ensure that all persons receive equal justice under law.

We are all better off when the facts are discovered, the truth is discerned and the family and the community are at peace.”

Savion Wright, Alfred’s mother, has set up a GofundMe account to allow others to make donations to help support the wife and three children Wright’s murderers left fatherless and without a means of support. The stated goal is $20,000, and she has to date raised $13,351 and change.


About Richard Rowe

Richard Rowe
Richard Rowe is a full-time freelance writer who has written over 3 million words in the last four years alone -- mostly on automotive and technical subjects. He's also a seventh-generation native Floridian, and was born and raised in the Ocala National Forest. Richard's passions include cars and machines of all varieties (including guns), building hot rods and engines, engineering, history, philosophy, theology, gardening and stopping Florida's Corporate Republican invaders. He doesn't believe in following any one party, group or ideology, and prefers to think about each situation as it comes. He has several projects in the works right now, including a series of books on driving, fuel economy and the future of the automobile, one on applying the principles of thermodynamics to global economics, a Taoist perspective on applying physics and mathematics to sprituality and religion, and another on the role of the Industrial Revolution in ending slavery. Sooner or later, he'll write some fiction. The first edition of the first auto book (titled "The Hypermiler's Bible -- Basic Edition") will be out for sale on Amazon by the year's end; specialty editions of the same book will follow, as will the rest of the series.


  1. You all know that most Black women in America feel a sense of loss and are heartbroken LOL

  2. That shit is horrible, dispicable, unspeakably and absolutely evil!!! -to kill a father of three boys and strip him naked and leave him in the woods with his throat slit, where nobody could find him for 18 days. Cowards!!! I hope you are reading this comment, you and the rest of the beholders of your inbred weak genetic strain. Oh, so this is the part where we are assumed to believe that nobody killed this poor man??? It was his own fault? Just like Trayvon Martin? Kendrick Johnson? Jordan Davis? Nobody killed him, huh??? And that’s what the shitbag Brady did when the case papers landed on their desks-they went out looking for nobody and even worse let the media give those sick fucks wind of the investigation and time to flee the area like the roaches they are. Let’s do this: Arrest the cops, the store clerk, and the cheif of police and hold them indefinitely in the same cell with black criminals and look away while they get their asses whipped until they are ready to tell the truth about what really happened to this upstanding young man. Give them the accountabilty for the devaluation of another black man’s life!!!

  3. There are parts of the country which appear to be reverting back to pre-Civil Rights Era attitudes. Hasn’t everybody been saying for five years now – there is no race problem because we elected Obama, and then proceeded to denigrate him for all sorts of fanciful and imagined nonsense. How else can we interpret someone obviously been murdered and have it ruled absurdly as a drug induced accident? Basically, it’s “Shit happens, and anyway who cares when it happens to a n!gger!”

  4. Okay, it’s terrible that this man was murdered and that his wife lost her husband and the children lost their father. But to write in this article asking for donations because she has no means of support?? Get a job and support your kids, don’t ask people to do it for you!!! Anyone else would have to do the same thing. I know she’s going through a tough time right now and grieving and what have you, but she needs to pick herself up and support those kids herself, that is her duty as a mother and as an only parent now!!.

    • AATTP

      Ann Coulter, is that you?

    • Amy Huricane, I think your comment is so insensitive. How do you know that the mother has not tried to find work? She may be struggling because she has to suddenly raise three kids by herself, when she is use to raising them with two! If they want to ask people for money, all you have to say is no if you don’t agree with it. Not leave such horrible remarks to people who have suffered or are suffering.

    • I think that’s rather a cruel, insensitive and judgmental comment. We don’t know whether this woman worked or not – and unless you’ve been in her shoes, you have no knowledge of her skill set or her preparedness for a job that will now pay the salary of two people, rather than one.

      Furthermore, you allow her no time to grieve? Her husband was quite likely brutally murdered, there are three young children to care for, and all you can do is pronounce judgment on her regarding her “duty”? What is wrong with you? Have you no empathy? No compassion? No heart?

    • Karma does visit eventually. After greater than 65 years on this earth, seen many heartless people bit the dust by their on insensitive, selfish, cold-hearted words. Hope that this family live long enough to see justice. Then to, if this gentleman was white, don’t even want to go there since it would bring me down to the level of mentalities of all the callous and insensitive comments expressed here.

    • U r right in some aspect, but the white people every day when someone murder they people or a bad accident or whatever happens set up donations for the victims family every day, they get on national news every single time begging for funds for these people family, so what right for them is wrong for our loved ones? U people r going to start a racial war, we r not afraid of u just waiting for all of us to wake up and see u devils for who u really r. When your love ones start getting done the same way u are doing ours!

  5. Not sure why this article is on an anti-Tea-Party page. I think you will find a lot of Tea-partiers (like myself) find racism, murder, and police corruption as despicable as anyone else (and inter-racial marriage perfectly acceptable). I am actually posting this article on my FB page because it supports my personal campaign to educate the sleeping public about the abuse of authority and police forces across the nation who no longer ‘Serve and Protect’ the public. Thank you for sharing this article (but might I request that you be careful about stereotyping Tea-Partiers? Stick with the facts on how they vote and debate, if that is what you object to)
    Thank you!

    • How do you know he was *really* a therapist? Or even an American? Perhaps he was actually a Kenyan Socialist Muslim plant, here to destroy our way of life.

      We never saw his long form birth certificate, so really why are we even pretending he’s an American till we do see that?

      Lets take a break from all this racist stuff, and talk about how health care is really slavery, how it’s not racist to toss around blatantly racist images as long as we call it ‘a joke’. That sounds like a lot more fun than spending our time trying to figure out how we can make it harder for poor and black communities to vote, or get health care. Then again all they really want is their free Obamaphone, and abortions anyway right?

      You sound like a reasonably intelligent person, so how can you POSSIBLY not understand how racist, and anti-American the TeaParty has been acting? Go ahead, hop on one of your TeaParty blogs, tell me how polite they are to the office of the President, tell me how fast they are to make comparisons to animals with the First Lady or complain about his doing things every single other president has done. How quickly they are to parrot fake news or carry on about already settled issues like the IRS or Benghazi.

      Maybe you’re just in a bubble and don’t see it. I suggest you pop that bubble and take a look around. The TeaParty likes to wrap itself in a flag and pretend it has the endorsement of Jesus himself, nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Richard Rowe

      Thank you for being reasonable and intelligent…so, I’ll respond to you in kind. Personally, I don’t hate Tea Parties individually. I’ve got some good friends who are (or were) TP’ers, and they know that there are a few things I actually respect about the TP. And yeah, I’ll say that on Americans Against the Tea Party.

      That being said, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell them: I’m against the Tea Party because, whatever its original intent on the part of ground-level supporters, it’s being used by evil men to put other evil men in positions of power. Personally, I wouldn’t care if ya’ll were the Teddy Bear Society..;if the Teddy Bear Society ended up undermining our elected government, control of that government by the people, and getting people hurt, killed, imprisoned and oppressed, then I’d be the first one to burn my childhood bear Brownie at the stake.

      I’m aware that not all TP’ers are racist, and not everybody who hates Obama is a racist. BUT…all racists hate Obama, which means that they’re attracted to the party that supports their racist agenda. I’ll tell you this: Coming from someone who lives in the backwoods of Central Florida, almost all of the REALLY hateful, racist people I know are Tea Party supporters. That’s just the reality at ground level. And they’re so blinded by their hatred, they’re willing to ignore the fact that they’re ultimately working to advance the agenda of a small group of billionaire power brokers.

      Since you hate police abuse as much as we do, I’ll give you that as an example. The Tea Party lobbies for privatization of public services like prisons and schools. Our Tea Party governor Rick Scott is only too happy to comply. When prisons went private, police department funding magically got tied to the number of people they sent to private prisons. That made the police departments change their enforcement paradigm to a quota system, where officers were only paid or promoted according to how many people they sent to prison. THAT changed the hiring and training policies to create a force that (instead of “serving and protecting,” as the cars used to say) focused on fining and imprisoning. This very police force is now the single most feared entity in my hometown of Marion County, Florida…and that’s a fact. And it all goes back to privatization, private profit, the Tea Party and our Tea Party governor.

      I could write a book on cases like this…where the highest ideals of the Tea Party were bent to create a society utterly dominated by the rich and powerful. Of course, the rich and powerful created the Tea Party in the first place…and they’re still using it to make themselves money. Face it, dear…year part of a Koch Brothers sleeper cell. Everything you do for the Tea Party will only advance THEM. The Tea Party is like the One Ring…it can only be bent toward evil, and it will corrupt the best intentions of everything it touches.

  6. That poor man. Racism is something that will unfornunantly never be resolved. Keep the family of this victim in prayers and I hope they can find justice. People can be so ignorant. Those poor children have to go without a father. Karmas a bitch.

  7. The peeps that did this to him should be caught tried and hung if found guilty………what is so sad is you (AATTP) hate on the Tea Party yet this is exactly what we are trying to stop in this country…..Why do you believe and perpetuate the lies the left and Libertarians and GOP bots have repeated over and over and over ??????..and why would you be against the very group of peeps who have brought the Constitution and Rule of Law back to the forefront today ????..This ain’t about “Partys” guys …..and you are against/hate these things ????………Please stop the lies about the Tea Party………good article/bad misguided hate mongering on your part though………honestly……..

    • The Baggers are nothing BUT liars. A lame attempt to vouch for them just shows how brainwashed you are. Stop watching FAUX and listening to Limbaugh and Beck Not a single death threat has been aimed at any bagger, while a multitude of credible death threats have been aimed at Obama and many other Liberals. The fact that death threats have also been sent to a 5 year old (The little girl who plays Charlie Duncan) because the show she just happens to be on had a MINOR plot point featuring a gay couple. The BAGGERS are disgusting pieces of low class filth. Don’t bother “protecting” them, they’re worthless.

      • You said it perfect Rusty. I am so sick of these racist bigots. It is a shame that Fox, rush, Beck and many more out there are able to show such hate on tv and radio. I’m for free speech but this is getting out of hand.

    • Horrendo- the TP was hijacked by Bryan Fischer and the wacko religious right to push social conservatism and fundamentalist xtianity. And they’re doing just that. Fischer challnged a TX Tea Party regional representative to ‘get on board’ or lose support of the SBC and all of his media outlets.

      If he TEA Party is truly against this atrocity and bigotry, then organize a march / protest against Jasper and demand a federal investigation.

    • Richard Rowe

      No, you THINK you’re working against things like this…what you’re ACTUALLY doing is electing people who make things like this possible. No matter what you think your ideals are, the people you hire are tools of the Koch Brothers, big corporations and billionaires who want to watch us rip each other apart while we buy their crap and work for nothing. It doesn’t matter what you THINK you’re doing…that’s what you ARE doing. Pull your head out of the sand and look around…you’ve been duped. There’s no shame in getting fooled…the shame is in KNOWING you’re getting fooled, and continuing to do the same thing anyway.

  8. I would check for survellience cameras in and around that parking lot.

    • “I would check for surveillance cameras in and around that parking lot.”

      That’s because you have common sense and maybe would want to discover the truth. I’d bet you a LOT that the footage will be magically missing if they try. There is so much that’s wrong with this story.

  9. Here’s hoping the Feds arrest the useless cops involved

  10. Improbability Overdrive

    And it looks like it is working too. The police don’t have to do any more work trying to prosecute their buddies. And it sends a clear message out to any other “n—-r” who tries to steal one of their white women of what will happen to them when they get too uppity and think they are as good as a white man. And was probably done by scum that are unemployed or underemployed and uneducated while this man worked hard through university to become a physical therapist. Most of these racist thugs are that way because they see a black person’s success as a threat to their own ineptitude and shortcomings.

  11. The time for marching is over. Generation X wants blood for blood, and Generation Y is crazy enough to make that happen. Even the Bible says an eye for an eye. Stop with your stupid marching and start burning towns to the ground.

    • [email protected]

      Well put…

    • Indiscriminate Burning is not my thing. Being armed, trained, licensed to carry and ready to shoot back is . . . .

    • Richard Rowe

      Shit…I know how you feel. I’ve thought the same thing many times. But, as Sylvester Smith below proves, that’s exactly what they want us to do. They’re DYING for news coverage of “liberal attacks” on “the conservative right” so they can justify their persecution complex and start opening fire. They’re dying for open war and death, and they’re already firing the first shots, BEGGING us to return fire. Ironically, They know that it’s only through war and death that their agenda and ideology stands to survive…if we played their game, the inevitable backlash would be a massive surge in support for the right. And then they win. Strategically, the best thing we can do is drive them further and further into irrelevance, and let them tear themselves apart. That’s already begun with the Republican/Tea Party split after 2012, and it’s only a matter of time before their splintered ideologies rip them apart into nothing. That’s the best and most efficient strategy. Granted, it’s not as fun or fulfilling as just setting these motherf***ers on fire…but it is more strategically effective.

      • Thanks, Mr. Rowe, for making that clear. It is impossible to stop it once it starts, and then it will be too late. I worry so much these days, here in the “land of the free, and the home of the brave”. We, who have enjoyed democracy for longer than anyone, have forgotten how to practice it, and allowed the ruin to descend. Gotta pull this rig hard and tight if we are to make it out of these troubling times, and must not give up educating everyone to see beyond their conditioned response.

    • Amen! Its time to shed some blood some white blood, they have hatred in their hearts for black people they want to use us in work place z,in sports, in everything.some of us think just because we make decent money that they r excluded but u r not u have been blinded by money which is greed and tricked by the white man until something happens to a member of your family! Wake up black men and black woman do not continue to close your eyes to this ugliness, stand for something or don’t stand at all!

      • @browngirl: Eff you. Not all white people are racist you know. If you’re going to paint with such a broad brush you’re just showing the same kind of prejudice that you despise.

  12. I bet he had sung the National Anthem “America the Beautiful” in maybe french or italian or even english but not in american………

    • “America the Beautiful” is not our national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” carries that particular distinction.

      • Thorsten knows it’s not our National Anthem. But all the hullaballoo being raised about that Coke ad where “America the Beautiful” is sung in several different languages has some so-called-”Patriots” pissed because our “National Anthem should be sung in English only.”

        • Yeah, I know all about it.

          Funny that those patriots prefer to exclude anyone but their own from freedom. The fact that there is no such thing as a purebred United States citizen probably never crosses their minds, or that “America” isn’t a country, rather, two complete continents. Sorry, I learned that stuff about 50 years ago, so it’s probably obsolete now, having given way to “the way I see it” as the modern form of ‘fact.’

          Yeah Pat, I laughed when I saw all the self righteous indignation oozing from my monitor. It made me want to erect a ten foot fence around my yard.

          BTW, there is no chance I would defend Thorsten’s ‘ooppss.’

    • In American, Thorsten? What language would that be? Cherokee? Navajo? Those languages were here before English, by the way. Europeans were the “illegal immigrants” some centuries back, and killed the true and native residents, or moved them into reservations on bleak pieces of land. The irony of the right’s whining about immigration is stifling.

  13. Incident happened in Hemphill not Jasper; he was from Jasper, which is about 35 miles South of Hemphill.

  14. My friend Charles died in 07 we buried him on Xmas eve that yr. A poor black man from a poor neighborhood. The back of his skull was crushed. It took 6 mo. for the autopsy to come back….Winchester, PD NEVER investigated it.

  15. He was killed because his very existence threatened someone. He had a loving family, a career, all the good things to which people aspire. Someone in that town has a serious problem. I hope they find him (or her).

  16. A doctor on his way to see a patient doesn’t go off jogging. Presuming that the store employee is telling the truth, I think I can say that all he saw was Dr. Wright tucking his phone in his sock and running.

    What we have is a medical examiner who had a black man on his table and a report of cocaine and meth in the body. For him, that was sufficient. Black druggie overdosed, end of story. The police bought it. Bet if you asked them, they’d say that (code word for ‘black’) families ‘always’ lie about drug use.

    Reality: somebody took this man prisoner, dosed him, killed him, and dumped him.

    My opinion: The perpetrator knew that few in Jasper had really taken the lessons of the Byrd murder to heart, and knew that poisoning him with cocaine and meth would ensure that police would immediately write him off as ‘just another dead junkie.’

    • I’m not sure this is the case in Jasper, but in many places, Coroners are an elected position and in almost as many places there is no requirement to know anything at all about anatomy, biology, toxicology, surgery, or anything else related to determining cause of death.

      • I didn’t know that, it makes no sense whatsoever. But you have to be willfully ignorant to mistake a slit throat for animal attack.

  17. Do you really expect DOJ to do anything? Holder’s DOJ? Maybe, but not likely. It’s time to protest in the streets again

  18. The only thing that would more obviously scream ‘cover up’ would be if they said he slipped in the shower.

    Yes, it *is* possible that this guy decided out of nowhere to get all meth and coked up and go running in the woods beating himself up. Roughly the same as being chased by a werewolf or witches (who knows what’s being added to Texas textbooks these days).

    Here is the thing though: even if that were the case, there should be an investigation given the suspicious circumstances behind his death. Perhaps even an investigation of the medical examiner might be in order.

  19. I lived in Collin County for 5 years I never heard the use of word NIGGER as much sown there and Catholics are not that they are Fucking Papist I know Kennedy was killed in Dallas if they had really caught the killers they would have been Acquitted

  20. I sincerely hope that the ‘law enforcement officials’ in Jasper will be relieved of their duties and brought up on obstruction of justice charges.
    But why oh WHY were they living in that cesspool of hatred??

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