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WSJ Reporter Says Drunk Women are to Blame if They Get Raped

James Taranto is a conservative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, or “WSJ” to news junkies. His opinion counts. So when he said in an op-ed published last Monday that when a drunk college student is raped by another drunken college student, or as Taranto delicately calls it, “collide,” then they should both be held equally accountable and accept blame. Can we see the hoards of frat boys lining up to claim that one cheerleader’s guilty of raping half a dozen in one night yet? That’s the argument, here.

Taranto goes on to explain the logic in his new mind game called “It’s the Victim’s Fault, No Really!” Calling the shame blaming of both victim and perpetrator(s) “balanced”, he does on to say that holding drunk victims not responsible is “self-evidently unjust”. Because what guy has the self control to resist a semi-conscious co-ed too drunk to fight back?

Citing an example of a man picking a girl up out of a bar who was so drunk she had lost all her inhibitions and was “saved” by another person, Taranto questions who was actually saved– the girl too drunk to know what she was doing, or the guy who was willing to sleep with her? In Taranto’s mind, both were potentially victims.

If someone is capable of giving consent to sex even when blind drunk, or roofied, or when someone is incapable of being able to walk or even maintain consciousness, then what protection do the mentally handicapped have against attackers? When you don’t have the ability to say no, shouldn’t “NO” be the ONLY assumption in such cases?

For more about how this country continues to treat the victims of sexual assault, take a look at this article about a co-ed who was accused of harassment after pressing charges against her attacker. And people wonder why victims don’t come forward more often.

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