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Wing-Nut Santa’s Megaphone Drive-By Shames Shoppers For Ruining Thanksgiving (Video)

Mark Dice is a far right wing-nut and a hero to our biggest fan here at AATTP, Ragin’ Rob Kinnison, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.  This time he has some valid points.

Black Friday, and its new sibling Gray Thanksgiving, are an unnecessary burden on the over-worked and under-paid employees of stores like Walmart. These scams are perpetuated on us in the name of higher corporate profits in order to jack up year-end bonuses for the boys in the front offices, as well as the net-worth of Sam Walton’s billionaire progeny.

Dice does take it a bit too far when he refers to the shoppers as parasites on the nation, but his point that we are turning all of our holidays over to the gods of greed is a good one.

At least when he is doing something like this he is not out collecting signatures on phony petitions to repeal the First Amendment but only for conservatives, in a lame attempt to “prove” that all liberals hate the Constitution and will sign anything if they think that Obama approves of it.

It is too bad that it is the shoppers who he places all the blame on. After all they wouldn’t be there in the first place if Mark’s corporate masters had not lured them out with the promise of huge bargains.


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  1. Black Friday is a double-edged sword. On one hand it is indeed a showplace for the greed of stores like Wal-mart. And sometimes the greed of the shoppers. But there is also the fact that the items that are half their normal price on that day may be the only time lower income patrons can even afford those items. A good example being the 32″ tv that Wal-mart sold for $98. And I’ll admit it…I went and got one. Of course I stay out of the madness because I have no intention of getting hurting. I was in a line and near the front of it for the video games…there was a brewing situation and tempers were rising among certain customers. The couple of us at the front saw the impending situation and we managed to get our hands on the games we were there to grab and got out of the line before the beginning of allowing of people in the line to get the games. I’d have rather got out of there without what I wanted to get than be in the middle of a hot situation. I understand fully wanting to get a good deal, but I don’t understand why people will turn into such animals over those deals. And we’re not talking about just poor people…we’re talking about affluent people just as well. I’ve seen comments of those “trailer trash” attacking each other. Economic status has nothing to do with how these sales turn into free-for-alls.

    Now I know people tell me I’m part of the problem why those workers have to work on a holiday. But let me point out that there were people working on the holidays long before Wal-mart and other big box decided to open on the holiday. I worked many holidays as a waitress and as a convenience store clerk. I got the sympathetic “oh you poor thing having to work on the holiday” and then they turn around gave me their order. If you have ever in your life stopped for gas on the way to and from family meals or decide to take their family to a restaurant for the holiday you’re just as guilty. And from working the holiday in the past I can tell you there are a lot of people who do. Those who work the holidays know when they are hired they will very likely be working on the holiday because they are told they will if they accept the position (I worked at Wal-mart once upon a time and that was made clear to me from the beginning). I am confused why this outrage didn’t exist back when I worked on the holidays. Why did it only start now?

    Even that being said I do support the cause of better pay for the workers. Unfortunately boycotting a store is not going to change that. If their sales are reduced in turn they will only reduce the number of workers to reduce their overhead so their profits will not not drop. It’s a vicious circle. The only way to raise the wage is to get the government to force them to. They fail to recognize that the workers with more money to spend will spend more with them. It’s a known fact that the more money you make the more you will spend which in turn means the more that a store will sell.

    I can remember the gas price spike the occurred in the 90′s. Gas stations saw a reduction in sales due to it, but out in California a gas station decided to only charge $.01 above their cost for the fuel for one day and in turn they ended up making more money than they would by keeping up with their normal profit per gallon. Selling more for a low price than less at a higher price Same thing goes on Black Friday. Lowering the prices from their regular profit margin means more people will buy and in turn will actually make more in sales than they would otherwise. It’s too bad they only keep that mentality for one weekend out of the year. But it is also the reason why you will not see so many people stop shopping at Wal-mart because in most cases their prices are lower than others and those who are in the lower/middle-class income are going to shop where the prices are the lowest.

    • There will always be some who have to work on holidays, CJ. you’re absolutely right, we still need police on the streets, firemen at the firehouse and doctors and nurses at the hospital. I suppose you could make the case for closing the gas stations, since people would prepare for that by gassing up the day before but it really isn’t practical.

      You know about OTR drivers, when I was driving they company guaranteed that they would TRY to at least get me THROUGH home on Christmas and Thanksgiving. In other words if they had a load going past home I could stop in and have dinner with the family if I timed my run just right.

      The holiday shopping season really doesn’t require the hype of big sales on Thanksgiving or even Black Friday though. It begins on November first these days, I remember when it didn’t begin until Black Friday.

      Your story about the gas station with the razor thin profit margin is proof that the Wall Drug Store philosophy works — “It is better to make a little money from a lot of people than to make a lot of money from a few people” — you will always make more in the end.

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