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WHOA! Chris Christie May Have Just Dropped Out of the 2016 Presidential Race!

Alright everybody, let’s just take a deep breath here and remember that what you’re about to see and hear is not confirmed by old Christie Kreme himself, but if you’re picking up what Rachel Maddow was dropping on her show tonight then you best start chilling some bubbly, because it sounds like Chris Christie just dropped out of the 2016 presidential race.

Check it out right here:

This may not be the smoking hot dog in the Governor’s hand we’ve all be looking for, but with the heat being turned up day by day on the Bridge-Gate / Bridge-Ghazi / Fort Lee Toll Troll it does seem like he’s not talking so big about sitting in the house up on the hill any more these days.

If Christie has just conceded, and he really does intend on working, raising his kids, and living in New Jersey for the rest of his life, then someone go get Hillary on the phone because we’ve got some curtains to go measure.


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  1. He dropped out of a race that hasn’t actually started, which he hasn’t officially entered, which doesn’t actually take place for 2 years? Wow, breaking news here… in 2 years nobody will even remember or care about it, unfortunately. Or he’ll say he’s sorry and how he’s learned from his mistakes, and just look at those sad puppy eyes, he learned his lesson! We forgive politicians for all kinds of BS. You’d think we would just give somebody else a shot, but nope.

  2. I wish he’d drop out of NJ! Please take him!!!!

  3. Proud Democratic Socialist

    But will Obama’s crew remove the C from the keyboards like Clinton’s people did when they handed the reins over to Bush the Dim in 2000? Enquireing Democratic Socialist’s minds want to know? LOL.

  4. I like Raqchel but she is stretching on this one.

  5. i’m not too willing to take him at his word, so forgive me if i refrain from counting any chickens at this point.

  6. Proud Democratic Socialist

    I believe Gov. Christie may be a bit too busy to run in 2016. He possibly might be doing some campaign watching with his staff from the confines of Club Fed. !

  7. Wouldn’t she still HAVE those measurements from the last time?

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