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White Tea Party Republicans Stage Rally Supporting Cop Who Killed Michael Brown

A different type of protest occurred on Sunday outside of Ferguson, where police officer Darren Wilson murdered unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Around 150 people gathered for the afternoon demonstration in St. Louis, 12 miles southeast of Ferguson, to complain that the officer, Darren Wilson, was being victimized and to show their support for the St. Louis PD.

No, you read that right. They showed up to support the police officer who murdered an unarmed teenager.

At this point, it should go without saying that most of these protesters were white. But not only were they White, they were too scared to actually go into Ferguson proper with their signs, so they protested in St. Louis, instead. Way to stand for those beliefs.

The pro-police demonstrators said that they were looking to “draw a contrast” with what they called “the other side” — that is, the people calling out for justice after the murder. The organizers told the attendees in an online message before that “we will be the example of what peaceful means. No offensive signs, we are for support. If the other side should show up, we will not argue or fight.”

In keeping with their “high road” approach, they concocted all sorts of excuses to explain why a white police officer might gun down an unarmed black teenager. One said that”an officer doesn’t have xray vision,” while another said that Wilson “did what he had to do,” and added that “no officer is going to go further than they need to.” Many members of the group even doubt the veracity of the version of events offered by the people who witnessed the shooting, planting the seeds for yet more Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories.

Mark my words. By the time this is all done, someone, somewhere, will have tied this to the New World Order and declared it a false flag operation for reasons unfathomable to those of us with a solid anchor in reality — if they haven’t already.

While the demonstration initially started out silent, it didn’t stay that way. Soon, they began cheering as passing cars honked their horns in support. The crowd all wore blue, and all but one was white. They sold dark blue t-shirts, for $7 each, bearing a police-style badge and the phrase: “Officer Darren Wilson — I stand by you.” The shirts quickly sold out.

Making a surprise appearance was Martin Baker, consultant and former Republican congressional primary candidate. He was the only black member of the crowd, so take from that what you will. Martin chastised the protesters in Ferguson, saying “people are too quick to play the race card.” He added that “Lawlessness knows no color.”

In typical Republican fashion, Baker also said that the Ferguson demonstrators “want to see more crime” and that they “want to see things get disrespectful.” He accused Brown of having a “criminalistic bent” and said that “there are some of us” who didn’t allow the disrespect to happen.

You mean you don’t want more police brutality? Clearly, you must be for more crime, then.

Other members of the protest — none from Ferguson — complained about the charges of police racism. Remember that Ferguson is a city where 50 out of 53 of the cops are white, while the population is two-thirds black, and the Missouri attorney general has complied figures that show black residents are stopped and searched disproportionately more than white residents by the police.

Police racism? No way. And you’re racist for thinking that, you bleeding heart liberal who hates white people.

Protester Damon Anderson, of Imperial City, complained that now the city was going to have to hire a whole 10 African American officers as a result of the incident:

Ferguson will now be forced to hire 10 African American police officers just because of this terrible ordeal. Let the black officers see how difficult it is to try and deal with the black criminals on the beat they are patrolling.

Wilson is also receiving support from Hunt for Justice, a group of volunteers from what it calls “the law enforcement community.” It reportedly provide assistance to “officers and their families in times of need, whatever the circumstances.”

The group is raising money online for Wilson, and created t-shirts reading “Justice cannot be for one side alone.” They report donations from “all over the United States.”

There were even protesters from Kuwait, because if there’s anyone who’s going to have a good idea how race/class relations work in this country, it’s a person from Kuwait, one of the richest countries on the planet.

h/t Guardian 

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  • Me

    “and the Missouri attorney general has complied figures that show black residents are stopped and searched disproportionately more than white residents by the police.” You don’t say? Might that be because of the fact that…… “Remember that Ferguson is a city where 50 out of 53 of the cops are white, while the population is two-thirds black,” Quit rioting and join the police force black folks. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for them to deny you as long as you pass the exams and training with a clean background just like any other person of any other color…. just saying. The excuses the citezens of this area are trying to use to defend their radical, uncivilized behavior hold no ground when there is clearly no common sense behind it. Who cares what color you are. If you want to be a cop and change the system, graduate high school or get your GED go apply and quit saying “the white man is holding you back and it’s all there fault!” It’s called being a martyr. Blaming others for your short comings and lack of contribution to your community. So it only makes sense to burn your own communities to the ground right? Grow up America!

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  • smb11

    Are people in Ferguson, MO, a majority black community, stopped and frisked more than a majority white suburb near St. Louis, MO? That is the question to ask. Also, what happened to probably cause.

  • J. Fischer

    Have you ever heard of ‘Driving While Black’? That’s what people call it when police pull over a black man for a BS reason: ‘They stopped him for DWB.’

    I have black co-workers who have been stopped for no good reason. These are hard-working people who haven’t done anything wrong, but the equation is always ‘black = criminal.’

    LeVar Burton advised his son to hang his hands out the window and never, EVER, argue with police when pulled over. Do you think any white parent has to give that advice to their kids? My supervisor knows to keep his hands visible and make no sudden moves when pulled over.

    Non-criminal black and brown people are hassled all too often by police. In a town populated mostly by non-EuroWhites, there are more chances for abuse.

  • äöü

    Rand Paul said he will demilitarize the police. Does anyone believe that Rand Paul would do anything to get a police to department to finally integrate, even though it’s been decades since schools did it?

  • Valk-Orion Yoder

    Well the national gaurd had been called in and in all aspects what the TeaTards and Jonesers call martial law has been enacted in Ferguson. Are the militias and Jonesers going to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to protect the Ferguson people from a tyrannical government like they did Bundey? I think not, the military is supposed to be used on unruly brown/black people don’t cha know.

    • Valk-Orion Yoder

      Cry Havoc!

    • Valk-Orion Yoder

      I see another Nixon has called out the National Gaurd. Is Ferguson going to be another Kent State? Tin Soldiers and Nixon is coming, you in Ferguson are finally on your own… anyone know how the song ends?

    • David Dodge

      I remember Kent State in 1970 and I was at the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968. Anytime you put masses of protesters together in a crowded situation with police and/or soldiers both armed, death by shooting or bludgeoning is a natural consequence. I believe in a society of laws and order but I also believe in civil liberties. It’s always a tricky balance. The situation in Ferguson is unfortunately just beginning. One way to turn everything off instantly: arrest Darren Wilson. Then let the courts and federal prosecutors sort it out.

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