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Which President and Party Raised the Debt Ceiling the Most? (video)

Republican Presidents have had to raise the debt ceiling 49 times since 1960, while Democratic Presidents have raised it 30. What’s interesting about this is that on the watch of the TEApublican’s Lord And Savior, Ronald Reagan, the debt ceiling had to be raised 18 times for an increase of 67%. Contrast that with President Obama who (so far) has had 6 debt ceiling raises for a total of 31%. These of course, are as a result of debts and borrowing the disingenuous lying TEApublicans themselves created. Here’s the video.


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  • Perry

    It’s really a waste of time to try and show Teapublicans facts proving how they are hypocrites. All these facts do is reinforce progressive people that we are on the right side of history.

    • Klemp

      Because they scream, and holler and call names, instead of posting any meaningful replies.

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