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What the DUCK? Creator of Duck Dynasty Starred in Gay Adult Film!

We have already covered the ridiculous babbling right-wing Duck Dynasty supporters like Princess Palin and Fox News constituents, as well as an avalanche of stories about the Phil Robertson homophobia debacle.

Not surprisingly, most people aren’t exactly shocked that a backwoods “good ol’ boy” conservative Christian reality TV star believes that gays are gross because anuses don’t compare to vaginas and such, but would you believe that the creator of Duck Dynasty starred as a gay adult film actor?

That’s right! Prior to his smash television success of Duck Dynasty, creator Scott Gurney starred as an actor in gay adult film in a 2001 movie titled The Fluffer. This comes as a pretty hilarious surprise given the recent controversy over Phil Robertson’s homophobic comments in GQ.

According to Gurney’s IMDB page, The Fluffer was debuted at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival. Gurney’s character in The Fluffer portrays a ‘gay-for-pay’ meth addict and becomes the object of obsession for a male film student who gets a job as his on-set fluffer. For our conservative audience, let me briefly explain what that job entails. A fluffer is an adult film industry employee who is responsible for keeping male performers aroused (usually via oral sex) between takes during a shoot.

Now, I don’t want to duck the issue here, but given Robertson’s fowl comments on homosexuality, one has to wonder if he had any knowledge of Gurney’s gay sexcapades prior to signing on to the hit TV show. One thing is for certain, this kind of story really quacks us up at AATTP.

Watch scenes from The Fluffer here:

If that wasn’t enough fluffing for you, here’s another clip of this cinematic masterpiece thanks to AATTP commenter CJ:

h/t: Buzz Feed

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  • EricMontreal22

    Meh he’s never spoken of anything anti gay. He’s produced some two dozen crappy reality shows–some fairly campy and gay from Naked Vegas to I Was Bitten to series based around Britney Spears’ sister and Raven-Symone. I mean those are huge crimes against humanity, but I don’t think he should be particularly faulted for somehow latching onto this Duck Dynasty idea or the views of its cast members. And yeah, The Fluffer is not porn. It would be better if it were. It is one of dozens of gay indie films that think they’re artistic, but mainly feature poor acting, lots of skin, and a story that tries to titillate its audience for most of the film only to have the last section be a depressing diatribe about how sex and drugs and gay lives are too sex based. But he just acted in it…He also had small roles in tv shows from Sabrina to Buffy to 90210. *shrug*

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  • Mark

    The Fluffer is not an “adult” film. It’s just a film with some sexual overtones. “Adult” means porn, and The Fluffer is not porn.

  • Stevie Nichts

    So what if he did? Contrary to what you might have been told, none of Robertson’s comments suggest that he’s anti-gay. No one has suggested that he’s discriminated against gays. In fact, his detractors have demonstrated more bigotry than he has.

    • AATTP

      We didn’t have to be “told” anything. There’s proof right here!

      Watch Phil Robertson Give Disgusting Anti-Gay ‘Sermon’ To Pennsylvania Church!

      • http://gravatar.com/soulesurfer soulesurfer

        Haters gonna hate what they can’t debate!

    • Mase

      Comparing gay sex to bestiality…..yeah he doesnt hate gays lol. Sounds like he spends too much time comparing ;)

    • http://gravatar.com/soulesurfer soulesurfer

      Stevie Nichts,
      No he’s not anti-gay at all he just thinks that were all going to hell, but he is in no way anti-gay…. Haaaaaa!

  • http://gravatar.com/bazlith222 bazlith222

    what the creator of Duck Dynasty did or didn’t do has nothing to do with the Phil Robertson story and what A&E is going to do. This article is very artificially trying to tie the two together and make more fun of Phil Robertson when really there is no connection. Nice try I guess.

    • https://www.facebook.com/s0ulmotor Jim Chambers

      It does connect. If you have a black boss and say “I hate Nporn*s,” you won’t have a job. Phil pretty much did that.

    • CJ

      I for one don’t think it has anything to do with DD…but I do see the irony in it which I think is where this article was going.

    • Mase

      Ha, the only diff being Phil can now compare his Boss’s beastality acts with that of another beast-a bear maybe! lmao.

  • https://www.facebook.com/flibberdy.gibbet Flibberdy Gibbet

    From the wiki: The Fluffer was released on Region 1 DVD on September 20, 2002 (R-rated version) and September 28, 2002 (Unrated Special Edition). The differences between the two versions are minor; the R-rated version has some dialogue overdubbed with less explicit lines and slightly less nudity.

  • CJ

    That’s too funny but the video sucked (pun intended). Better clip at http://youtu.be/7F81weJp368

    • AATTP

      That clip has been added too with credit to you. ;)

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