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Watch Twisted TEApublican Rep. Blame ‘Welfare Moms’ for Gun Violence!

AATTP Rep Lankford

By AATTP contributing author, Han Chimpson


It’s a rough country to live in for welfare recipients. In addition to facing the stigma of being poor and having to rely on government assistance, they are chronically chastised by TEApublicans for being a bunch of lazy people who don’t want to work, or for being “Welfare Queens,” a term that was started by Saint Ronnie Reagan way back in the mid-70’s and has steadfastly stuck with TEApublicans during all of this time.

And there is an overabundance of memes floating around out there on Facebook with clever little statements like “I go to work so I can support those who are on welfare,” one of which caused me to go on this rant recently.

But perhaps the most blatant and misplaced blaming of welfare recipients – and more specifically, welfare moms – that ever occurred in history took place in Oklahoma yesterday, a state famous for their high levels of TEAnutbaggery, where House Republican James Lankford blamed “welfare moms” for the recent series of gun violence as part of a scheme for those welfare moms to get more money from the government if they put their kids on psychotropic drugs. That’s right, folks… you just can’t make this up. Never mind that the recent shooters have come from well-to-do families, and not poor families… somehow, those yucky welfare moms are to blame.

Now, TEApublicans are infamous for miscasting blame for tragic events that happen. They blame our sinning ways for seemingly every natural disaster that occurs in this country. But this takes the cake. The folks in Oklahoma must be SO proud.

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  • Satan’s messenger.

    I think they want us all on their drugs, and start as early as they can. It’s the best way to keep the masses placid as they’re pillaged, so I wouldn’t put it past some agencies.

    There is a turnover program for getting welfare kids medicated and turned over to SSI. Of course, they’re medicated.

    I’m sick of the division that I keep seeing pushed. The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Playing into first grader tactics. 10 years ago, we stood united, as one. Regardless of your beliefs on the war, we were All Americans. Now all you can do is throw accusing labels at each other, as if that is going to fix everything.all we need is our guy in office, not theirs, right? You’re all SOL unless you remember what ths country is all about.

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  • Jade

    OK, that’s just ridiculous. Women getting no support from their deadbeat ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends, who need help to raise their children, are putting them on drugs to make them seem disabled so they can get an extra check. I have nightmares like that sometimes. I wake up from them thinking, boy no more pizza before bed. That was just almost a psychotic dream. I wonder what the good gentleman eats before he goes to bed that’s skewing his thinking like this. And you know, if I were going to say anything that outrageous, I would blush. I think that’s conscience Does that mean Republicans don’t have any? Or at least the Republicans saying these outrageous things?

  • Dallasite

    But Rep. Lankford didn’t actually say that he linked gun violence to psychotropic drug prescriptions. He said part of the over-medicating of our youth is due to unacceptable financial incentives in federal benefits programs that ‘reward’ parents of children who have more ‘problems’ by giving them more financial assistance. Isn’t that effectively telling those children (true or not) “You’re defective and your family needs more money just to have to take care of you”? I have no statistics on the numbers or trends of children being diagnosed with mental issues that entitle their parents to more federal assistance, so maybe that’s a phony issue, but if it is for real, isn’t that a problem?

    • TallRobert

      Unfortunately, non of the “big” gun crimes have anything to do with assistance received from the feds, warranted or not, abused or not. Afluent-ish families receiving no federal assistance, so it may be a problem, it is also a strawman concerning the issue of gun violence and psychiatric treatment as it pertains to it. Indeed, all the psychiatric treatment of the perpetrators was done through private insurance, was it not?

  • Alta joy Bruno

    I raised my two kids alone with no welfare no father and they don’t participate in gun violence, however if their worthless deadbeat dad had been in the picture things probably wouldn’t have been this way with his worthless existence. He fathered five other kids and never paid one cent in chils support to all seven children

  • Paula Steiner

    Do you suppose there’s some kind of competition going on? To see who can say the most preposterous thing? This fellow sees to have pulled ahead…

    • Wendi

      There’s a whole lot of stupid going around today! Sorry, I’m at the point where I just can’t be as diplomatic as you right now.

  • LateNight

    Typical Teabagger/RepubliCLOWN reasoning… blame everyone for the ills of society except themselves… especially when they can garner more brib… campaign contributions from the NRA and the Billionaire Boys Club…

  • Justin Winbolt

    This is the hardest thing of being a Progressive that was born and raised in Oklahoma. People like this are the face of my great state and unfortunately it is an ugly face being shown. Clinging to guns, thinly veiled racism, and trying to blame all problems on the government and/or non-christians pushes people out of the state and to the coasts. And then people wonder why there is a brain drain and young people leaving.

  • Dave

    Well I’m sayin’ it again. More stupidity from the American Nazi (oops) Tea Party.

  • http://aattp.org/watch-twisted-teapublican-rep-blame-welfare-moms-for-gun-violence/?subscribe=success#blog_subscription-4 Virginia Nancarvis

    And branding every birth of the poor as committed in sin..

  • Perry

    Would it be possible to find one Teapublican that is not a complete moron (my apologies to moron) and at least support him so he can try to be in a leadership position? Showing examples of moronic things Teapublicans say is getting redundant.

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