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Watch This Tea Party Mob Attack A Reporter: ‘Get Out You Commie!’ (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that the TEA Party is a group of strict Constitutionalists, that is their main tenet, they only hate the fact that the government, in their view is not operating in compliance with the Constitution. So of course they are big supporters of the first amendment, right? They would disagree with what you have to say but still defend to the death your right to say it, wouldn’t they? Apparently not the TEA Partiers in Arizona.

Dennis Gilman a freelance videographer from the Phoenix area was attempting to film a TEA Party rally on the grounds of the state capitol when he was accosted by several of the attendees who objected to his presence. He was apparently known to them and was seen as unfriendly to their cause and therefore unwelcome at the event.

They displayed their displeasure at his presence first by putting a hand up in front of his lens but that quickly escalated to pushing him, crowding him and just generally doing everything they could to interfere with his filming. He asked them repeatedly if they did not believe in the first amendment but they only became more belligerent. Jackets were held up in front of his camera and he was repeatedly jostled and pushed while those doing the pushing accused him of pushing them.

The attendees kept insisting that they had a permit to be there and therefore he did not have a right to be present since the grounds were private while they held their event. He asked them over and over to call the police if they thought that he was there in violation of the law but they only continued to shove and harass him.

The woman who appears to be the ring leader, Barb Heller, is a big supporter of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, no stranger to controversy himself. She claims that Gilman was “asked nicely” to leave and that he refused. She further asserts that he is a trouble maker who comes to her events to incite riots and that she has had much trouble with him in the past.

What it really comes down to is that the TEApubs don’t really love the Constitution as much as they would have you believe. They want it to apply to them and no one else. They demand the right to say anything they want and own as many guns of any type that they want. They don’t want to pay taxes or be regulated in any way. For those who disagree they have different standards, they don’t get any rights beginning with the right to free speech.

Watch incredible video here:

About Bob Cull

I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.
  • https://www.facebook.com/lindy.bone Lindy Fasteland Bone

    That’s about right. Free speech as long as you agree with them.

    • L’oS

      It’s the facist way! Today, motorcycle gangs in Russia defend Putin’s agenda in the streets, just like these thugs.

  • marecek

    So what are they afraid of? Why all the fuss about somebody taping their event?

  • WBFD125

    Ever wonder what the SA were like protecting Hitlers speeches in 1930s Germany? Well here ya go.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lilith.geisler Lilith Geisler

    I take offense to that. I actually like the communist philosophy. I don’t believe it can work in the condition that our country is in right now but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it couldn’t work eventually. I doubt they even know why communism rose in popularity in the first place otherwise they might have sympathy for those who initially supported it. Its a rather tragic story really. Created with good intentions only to be abused by dictators.

    Also.. I don’t understand the tea party. They make little sense to me. Why would they wand to make themselves look like fools on camera? Especially when the speech he was filming sounded pretty good. Not only did they disrupted there own event, they made themselves look like assholes doing it.

  • Dolores Marsh

    Your comments about old people is not entirely correct.I am a senior and I think the tea baggers are idiot’s , They just spread hate and discontent. Like ya’all say, they are just so many red neck’s who are uneducated and Just plain stupid.I think they have the GOP by the b***s and are screwing up the party, which makes me very happy.

  • https://www.facebook.com/scott.belen1 Scott Belen

    want to see how the Nazi’s, Fascist’s and Communist Party’s Work….. Here you go… Murica’s versioin

  • https://www.facebook.com/bill.barany Bill Barany

    Is this is the best expression of freedom and patriotism the team party can come up with they should be banned from having ANY event in a public space.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AlfsDogs Don Alfera

    I can not help but simply state the obvious. Like a drunk in a bar, they can sing best, fight best, talk loudest and the list goes on. This is the same type of social behavior. These people need to be filmed, then have a public channel to broadcast it all. Let their friends, neighbors and employers see the kind of people these are. Let the truth speak for itself. There is no shame in being fortunate enough to start from square one and build a citizenship and employment. After all, they raised their hand and swore an oath to this country, the very country that allowed them to become part of something better. Let the people see what that oath means to them. This is the hate and vile behavior that needs to be exposed.

    I believe in the power of light, let the light shine and melt that ice heart and provide a better way to allow these people to feel welcome. It would help a great deal if they allowed those of us that that try and let the message be heard would not be trashed just because we are trying to let that light shine in every corner. Shine light on the lies and distortions no matter where they come from. Shine the light of truth and watch as the cockroaches scurry for cover. Shine the light so they may see and hear how terribly bitter they actually are.

    I am not a religious person, the power of the light is for all, not just for those who wish to use it as a gift from above. This is used here simply to say, all of this must be exposed. These lonely sad and most dominantly white people that did not keep up with the changing economy and they are the ones that are actually feeling “entitled” to “Their” way of life.

    Quite a sad state of affairs, these are neighbors and friends, fathers and mothers even people that are not balanced along with those that might just want to listen, understand what they have to say. So much for free speech, giving or receiving well intended truth.

  • Rick James

    Every tea bagging mental midget, IDIOT I have ever had the drag of meeting or seeing or the unfortunate experience to engage in conversation with are exactly like these MORONS, just epically stupid bullies with shit for brains. Pathetic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/barbara.hullchan Barbara Anne Hull-Chan

    These people are idiots, I can’t believe this is happening…….the capital is private property???? This is the implosion of the US – the downfall of Rome comes to mind. If people this ignorant are allowed to bully people then the police must be in on it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/barbara.hullchan Barbara Anne Hull-Chan

    Door knobs have higher IQs and principles.

  • John T

    It is sad to see fellow veterans and biker types eating the fascist swill. I can no longer associate with these people who I have had a long association with.

    I met a woman yesterday at a bar who was on the American Legion “auxiliary.” When she found out I was a veteran, she quickly related stories about her Iraq vet friends description of essentially killing people who I consider were fighting a foreign invader army that attacked their country for no apparent reason (the U.S.A.).

    I told her there was no way I would step foot into an American Legion.

  • Duke Togo

    The TPers are taking a page from the Scientologists.

  • Ronnie Williams

    I thought so, typical White trash, biker trash at that!! He is just filming the speech that is all, not bothering anyone!

    • https://www.facebook.com/barbara.hullchan Barbara Anne Hull-Chan

      Why on earth would these people be supporting the wealthiest among us, they clearly didn’t have enough money for an education.

      • JediWoman

        So true! These people are a real classy bunch. I wouldn’t want to be seen with them. You can bet Faux would never show this footage! But these are the real Tea Baggers.

      • tS

        the term you are looking for is “K-mart Konservative”

  • kitcumbie

    What do you expect from such beings that lick themselves clean like dogs and bay at the moon. This is human garbage displayed for all to see.

    • JediWoman

      Dogs & wolves don’t act like these idiots do.

  • Don

    I always wonder what they are trying to hide each time they block someone from videotaping their events

  • Lefty Green

    Like a turd will draw flies… the tea party will draw morons. What can I say, it’s just natures way.

    • https://www.facebook.com/barbara.hullchan Barbara Anne Hull-Chan

      Love it, it’s a wonderful picture in my mind.

  • ExRepublican

    A bunch of 60-year-old rednecks who don’t want to get filmed but want to film him. All 50 of you sad-sacks have fun with your “rally,” because normal people outnumber you 100 to 1.

  • http://starkdreadfulandinescapable,wordpress.com Devon Hickle

    I’d like to hear what the cops had to say.

  • Cathy J. RIchards

    And That’s what it’s going to Take, to you young one’s out there. Expose their ‘darkness’ to the ‘light’ Just like vampires, they will go. Never fully away, just lurking in their nastiness in the corner’s of our Universe. As always, it takes smart young people, who have the acumen to figure it all out. Maybe not so much the rich elite type of young person, but the ones who are fully Conscious to the fact that…Our Democracy has, unfortunately/ shifted to far to the Right…..And now, just like yesteryear, it has to be ‘balanced’ again, because that’s what great Democracy’s do. Also, most of them Don’t Want You. or I To Talk, so it’s Only Their Freedom that they wish to preserve (or they would have welcomed the reporter and his take on the rally). As it was, they all looked like a bunch of mean and racist militants. That young man was very brave.

  • http://www.suzmagic.com Suzanne

    I don’t understand why they would care if he was filming. I mean, if the speaker was making good points and everyone was respectful then it’s good for the other side to see their argument. Why did they get all weird?

    • JediWoman

      I wondered the same thing. Why would they care if someone filmed their rally? I have been to all kinds of rallies – from social justice to anti-war to gay pride. No one cares if there are cameras rolling. In fact, cameras were always welcome.

  • Eric

    Once again, the Tea Party “Patriots” proving that they only care about the Second Amendment, and the rest – like Freedom of the Press – don’t matter. The funny thing is, starting at 2:55, the woman speaking tells the thugs “He has a right to be here.” She says it repeatedly and asks her people to not “create some chaos. I think he has a right to be here. (~3:16)”

    “The capitol building is private property?” He asked and was answered with “It is today.” False. Public Assemblies in Phoenix only require a permit if the planner intends to block traffic or if they anticipate 500+ attendees (if there’s no fence, which there wasn’t). Therefore, the permit they obtained was likely a FIRE CODE permit, which I’m sure does not magically bestow upon them the right to deny the attendance of *one particular member of the press* to their *public assembly.*


    • Bob Cull

      Exactly the way I saw it, Eric. I have encountered people like this before, they have a permit to use public property and they feel that it confers ownership for the day, it seldom does. They were issued the permit because they anticipated a large number of people (it did my heart good to see that they didn’t get those numbers) but that did not mean that they had the right to exclude people, particularly reporters. Their argument that he didn’t belong to an approved news organization does not hold water, the Supreme Court has ruled that even an internet blogger enjoys the same protections as a reporter for the NY Times.

      • Eric

        He’s done work for the Phoenix New Times, even won the local “Best Videographer” award a few years ago, so he’s a known quantity. There’s a distinct possibility that they recognized him and specifically targeted him for removal.

    • JediWoman

      I agree with your comments, too, Eric. I suspect the speaker was appalled to be among those people. She looked embarrassed and indeed told the “security” several times that the guy had a right to be there taping.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mike.lemmon1 Mike Lemmon

    Stay classy, baggers.

  • http://gravatar.com/pauln2901 pauln2901

    The T Party. Brave upholders of the first amendment. As long as you agree with them.

  • michael breene

    Inbred asshole dirtbag hillybilly wankers

  • http://twitter.com/gigimn37 Jean Schiebel (@gigimn37)

    Proves that the this racist Tea party group is the Republicans worst night mare..

  • Veteran

    They act more like NAZIs every day

  • https://www.facebook.com/brian.skipper.9 BSkip Skip

    That video is going to come in handy when he presses charges for assault.

    That’s your freedom loving teaparty. Worthless scumbags.

  • Rebecca Smith

    This was a public place, right? How do they think they can decide who can be there and who cannot? If they want to have secret meetings, they need to do that more secretly! How did they pick on this one guy? Was he the only not indoctrinated one there? This is crazy!

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