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Watch These Teabillies PROUDLY Display Their Staggering Ignorance (Video)

Wow! Just look at all the crazy! We ran across this clip from a New Left Media documentary on YouTube, and we just had to make sure you see it!

The interviewer talks to a number of right wingers, and the ignorance just oozes from them! They really don’t like Obamacare, as we have figured out by now–and they certainly know why! Socialism!  While they don’t quite know what the word means, thanks to Glen Beck and FOX News they know enough to know they hate it! In fact, after watching this we’re sure that they don’t know much else!

While we could tell you the plethora of horrors you will see while viewing this, we’d rather just let you see for yourself exactly how moronic America’s right wing proves to be. Their unwavering opposition to all things rational would be impressive, if it was not also destroying our nation.

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • RauleChale

    Tea Party Platform and Principles: Improve our nation through support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free market economic policies.
    That’s it! If you don’t like that then you are a Democrat, Socialist or Communist.
    Just the facts.

  • James


  • Marty

    These people are 100% correct. We are losing our Country. It IS going down hill. Because OF THEM !! What a collection of stupidity and bigotry. Every last one of them quotes Fox News as there source of this stupidity. Its long overdue that Fox be treated as treasonous!!

  • TheKaisho42

    Is it just me, or is EVERY ONE of these ignorant people White? And they are all against the Poor getting healthcare?

    Hmmm….there IS a word for that…NO, don’t tell me…

  • gendotte

    Where did you get your information? Fox news. Nuf sed.

  • Bryson_Hughes

    I hear the invectives against the TEA party. “Racism, STUPID, Hate Monger” etc.etc.
    So a nerd started needling for specifics when the general issue is well understood. I can play that game as well: What specifically are you against the TEA party for. Show some reason instead of emotional invective language. I have noticed that Liberals can rarely be specific for their angst, but resort to irrational invectives when they can’t think it through.

    • TheKaisho42

      I am against the Tea Party because all it does is complain. It moans, gripes, has a temper tantrum, but cannot clearly articulate what it is so damn angry about.

      Whenever it attempts to, it sounds more like the mooing of cows in a pasture, incoherent and without structure.

      I despise the Tea Party because it has no viable solutions to anything. Nothing. If you count stopping the government from doing anything at all as actually “doing” something, I guess it is pretty good at doing that, but it has nothing left to replace it with.

      There are more reasons to hate the Tea Party than I can go into here but a few more are: eliminating excessive taxes (how are we going to rebuild our decaying infrastructure? The Tea Party doesn’t know, but it knows it can and should be done without government!); Reducing the size of government (the size of the government has actually gotten much smaller under Obama) and the Tea Party’s “Protect Free Markets” part of its platform, which means no business regulations, no EPA, no OSHA and a return to the days of the Robber Barons, Dickensian Era working conditions and, that’s right, you assholes, a RETURN TO CHILD LABOR.

      But the number ONE, El Capitan, biggest reason to absolutely despise these cretins: they are a bunch or racists and all this is about that issue.

      Don’t believe me? How many Blacks were interviewed? In fact, how many “people of color” were around the rally? None.

      How many Black people did you see at that Tea Party Jamboree known as the Republican National convention? I saw three, two of which were custodians and the other had the wrong address and was looking for a restaurant one block over.

      That is why I despise the Christian Jihadi of the Taliban Tea Party.

    • Robert Kennedy

      Well, for one thing they didn’t complain about taxes under Reagan or Bush II when they were higher than under Obama when they are the lowest since Truman. For another the outright racist signs at their rallies. There are far more, but have you gotten a hint yet?

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  • Robert Kennedy

    No, that is what happens at places like Liberty or Oral Roberts or Bib Jones. The liberal schools like Colgate, Cornell, Brandeis, Columbia etc turn out superior graduates. Oral Roberts and the conservative Universities don’t turn out many Rhodes scholars.

    • clr1390

      Michelle Bachmann. Bat sheet crazy.

  • Bill

    Even if what you say is true, are you somehow excusing these people’s ignorance because there are other that are ignorant? Seriously?

  • saganhill

    WTF are you talking about? You have issues understanding the difference between a liberal college that you obviously have never been to, and a right wing tea bagger in this video. Two different things. And the latter is more likely to not know who the first POTUS is.

  • Prof Della Scuola

    It is really sad that there are people in this country who are this blatantly and completely STUPID!

    • cwtae

      Sad. And these people are dangerous.

  • http://none joan b

    I found those being interviewed quite knowledgeable, beyond another video I just watched of Obama voters who had no idea who Harry Reed, Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi was. They didn’t know that it was Obama who said the US has 57 states. They didn’t know that Biden had plagiarized a speech. The HC protesters in this video, if you notice, often asked questions of the interviewer as well. These are thinking people. They have thought more about their opposing view to healthcare “fix” , than vise versa. They don’t have to think much beyond the govt takeover of a chunk of private commerce to know it rubs their beliefs in our constitution the wrong way. The last statement that lets do something, even if it won’t be perfect, suggests that those advancing it admit already that govt is not the best answer to this problem. Republicans have some good ideas, and Obama and Dems are deaf and on a power trip.

  • Matt Z.


    Well at least they know who the leaders are watch the clueless Democrats in this video! Ya gotta be fair! there are a lot of people who are clueless! What do we know about the health care bill! hmm lets see:

    Since everyone in the mainstream media today is writing articles on how great the new health care plan is for you, I thought people needed to see both sides of the coin. And so based on the actual bill, a helpful article by the New York Times, and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO); it’s time to see the top 5 problems with the health care plan.

    First I must admit that there are a lot more than five problems with the new plan. Also, you may argue with my order of the top five. But don’t get mad. Instead, just add other problems with it that you have discovered in the comment section below.

    Without further adieu:

    5. Almost 1/5 of America’s economy has just been turned over to the government.

    Fact on Health Care Plan: It is chock full of government subsidizes, bureaucracies, and waste. This plan is nothing less than a government takeover of health care. I’m not sure how much you’ve noticed that our government isn’t exactly strong on stewardship and responsibility. Considering they now own our health care, that is a bit scary. And who among you actually thought our government needed to get bigger?

    4. Quality of Health Care will quickly begin to plummet for all of us.

    Fact on Health Care Plan: If you are wealthy you will have to get rid of your high quality health care. Your wallets will be drained to pay for this legislation with much higher taxes. If your job provides you with the highest quality health care they will be taxed mercilessly (up to 40%) until your job decides to lower your benefits or cut your pay.

    If you are on the lower income bracket and make around $30,000 a year then you will be pointed to Medicaid. Of course Medicaid is famous for causing doctors to not return phone calls. So your care will be especially low – when you are actually able to get it.

    And of course, since health care will be massively subsidized by the government, we know that means eventually everyone will deal with poor quality care. We’ve seen it in other countries with government funded health care. Long lines, weeks waiting, and panels turning down needed procedures for cheaper options. One day our government will have to give us horrible care or completely devalue the American dollar with our debt problems.

    3. You lose any freedom of choice about having health care, and you will lose freedoms on what kind of health care plan you use.

    Fact on Health Care Plan: After 2014 buying medical insurance will be mandatory. If you refuse you will pay penalties up to $2,085. You still won’t have insurance then – but you will be paying for other people to have it.

    Also, if you buy from an individual policy your rates will be significantly higher under the new bill than what they otherwise would have been under the current system. Of course that will force many to buy into the government exchange plan and take us one step closer to a single payer system.

    Oh, and those neat medical savings plans that many people love and are so smart economically, they will be viciously attacked. People will no longer be able to be use them for over-the-counter medications, and the maximum amount you can use them for medical expenses will be cut in half. Again, people who depend on those medical savings plans will be forced to get into the government exchange plan.

    2. Abortion will be funded by tax dollars.

    Fact on Health Care Plan: Anyone on the government funded health care exchange can get abortions through their coverage. Subscribers will have to make separate premium payments. That is called a shell game. Moreover, Health and Human service director Kathleen Sebelius has admitted that there will be a general fund pot that will only be available to those who need help in covering abortion premiums.

    Regardless of any executive orders or what fake pr0-life Democrats told the press, abortion will be paid for out of the pockets of the American people. And this health care is the first step to get us to single payer health care. At that point all abortions will be paid for by tax dollars. (David Swindle has a great article on this topic.)

    1. There will still be millions of uninsured!

    Fact on Health care Plan: The CBO looked at this health care bill extensively and estimated that by 2019 there would still be 22 million Americans left uninsured.

    Yep, you heard me right. The Democrats have been selling this plan as a way to ensure “every American” has health care. It’s all a lie. They knew the CBO numbers and tried to keep it a secret. There may be less uninsured then there otherwise would have been (thanks to massive taxing and spending), but there will still be 22 million Americans left uninsured by 2019.

    As President Obama said, “This is what change looks like.” Thanks for showing it to us. We don’t want it. And come November, America will tell Obama and the Democrats exactly what they thought about this change.


  • Bruce

    This is nothing but Democratic PROPAGANDA !!! OBAMA and the democrats should be removed from their positions. Obama was the 1 who shut down the Gov. and blamed the Republicans for it, the Republicans gave Obama several choices and he would not negotiate.
    It is web sites like this that should be restricted from spreading this PROPAGANDA.

  • john kneeland

    I commend this interviewer for being able to keep a straight face while listening to these people.

  • Ken Alterwitz

    It’s extremely upsetting that these people have the right to vote.

    • https://www.facebook.com/NanakiminFlorida Nana Kim

      I am extremely upset that my family and me have served in the military that has enabled these people to have rights.

  • Kevan Scott

    Are you upset that you weren’t one of the people on the video Brad? You are displaying the same kind of ignorance that those on the video did. They sure are proud of their ignorance! As the saying goes” It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and be proven one”. The health care law isn’t socialism since it still gives private companies and doctors the right to profit from the ACA. What it wonderfully does is it prevents you from being denied insurance coverage if you have a pre-existing condition and removes all lifetime caps in coverage. If it did just those 2 things and nothing else it would be a rousing success. But wait, there’s more-It also subsidezes your health insurance premiums so that health care coverage is not out of the realm of possibility to all. Are there problems with the ACA? Sure, there have been problems with the roll out of the ACA but no more so than with anything else starting from scratch. Bet is that once the ACA has been in effect for a few years that Americans will be more covered, healthier and happier. That is why Republicans are so scared of it. If Americans are this pleased about being covered, some for the first time in their lives then it just gets harder and harder for Republicans to propagandadize it away as socialism or evil. I can’t wait for single payer. Coming soon to an America near you!

  • https://plus.google.com/107174965326154792467 Moe Mongo

    That is the Tea Party seal of approval, you need to be dumber than a nail and loud as Godzilla in heat.

  • Brad

    1. Nobody knows what’s in the Healthcare Bill. Least of all Senate Democrats. They had to “pass it to find out what’s in it”. They are finding out more and more every day that it’s hurting their chances in 2014 and they keep delaying the full impact of it for that reason. Which is also ILLEGAL. Obama cannot unilaterally make changes to a law unless the amendments to the law pass through the House and Senate. But we let him do it anyway. 2. When a snot nosed, pre pubesent, future un employed college graduate with a useless degree, who has no idea how food really gets on the table, agrees with everything you say, it’s time to seriously reconsider the validity of your entire World view.

    • larry

      I see that you agree with everyone in this piece but I missed you on the video. In case you haven’t noticed the President can and does LEGALLY use executive orders the same way that EVERY PRESIDENT HAS. Your ignorance is astounding!! This is a Fox viewer here folks!!

      • Jim

        Ignorance is bliss, and this video was taped before the bill was passed. Bits and pieces of it were passed around and even the those who passed it did not know what it fully contained. Now the ugly facts are unrolling and those who were protesting might not have fully known the pearls that this law would encompass time has shown that they were correct to try to kill this monstosity. The President lied about what it would do and who was to get it. The poor it was stated it would help has come up unaffordable for them, they have been told that they did not qualify because their income was to low. Then they will be taxed because they cannot buy the plan. Drs. who are specialist will not be paid for their expertise. They are planning on not being in the system and taking Cash only. So much for that great coverage area. Hospitals are being told that certain proceedures are not covered to be paid under the health plan law. A childrens hospital denied funds to do appendectomys, How crazy is that. Other proceedures not paid, you have to go to certain hospitals for various APPROVED proceedures, When you are flat on your back, in an Ambulance you had better hope they cover your calamity or you will be billed by the hospital for the performance to you. The fact that you have your ears plugged and blinders on to the 29 executive orders that the Democrats passed and Obama signed into law. Obama so called Constitutional Scholar has broken the Law bypassing the Congress nearly 100 times so far points to an Imperial President. Good luck with Obama Care, Ours took dump because of it. Thanks Retired Certified Respiratory Therapist.

    • Dave

      Wow Brad,
      1)Everybody knows what is in the healthcare bill…it is public record now. They had to pass it so the PUBLIC can find out what is in it….without the GOP lies clouding it up. And isn’t delaying the effect of it what you want? Do you want the full effect or not? But you want to attack Obama for doing it, which BTW, he CAN do…it’s called executive order. It’s something Obama has used less that any President in the last 40 years. We “let” he do it because it is LEGAL. Look it up.

      2) When some snot nosed, toothless hee-haw, that clings to their guns more than their marriages, and thinks the constitution AND bible is to be cherry picked when wanted an ignored when not wanted agrees with everything you say, it’s time to seriously reconsider the validity of your entire World view.

  • http://facebook Kathy Miller

    Great piece John.

  • M.C.

    What a bunch of Fox News Puppets, and by the way, Fox news is owned by the Muslims…LOL

  • https://www.facebook.com/linda.pacheco.338 Linda Pacheco

    thanks…I lost some braincells watching that…what’s sad is that the ACA is now law..its being praised by people(myself included) who now have insurance, and people like these fools are STILL making the same arguments

  • gennie gregg

    I’m blocked from watching this by an ad for “Wall Street Daily”
    Not good

  • http://gravatar.com/bobkincaid Bob Kincaid

    Given the renewed use of “Teabillies,” it appears AATTP does, however, have a tolerance policy for original posts containing such slurs, even when several thousand such individuals were victims of a poison chemical disaster.

    Stay classy!

    • http://gravatar.com/skippingdog57 skippingdog57

      Teabilly isn’t a slur, anymore than “libtard,” “Demoncrat,” “DemoRat,” and a host of other wingnut cutesy names used by the Right every day on this site.

    • Vegas Dave

      Aren’t you the one disparaging the people of West Virginia by assuming “Teabillies” is a reference to them, whom I assume you consider “hillbillies.” That’s not very nice.

  • Ted Holland

    Not only is this sad, but its just embarrassing. How pathetic.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    Well the lady at the end had it close! Yeah, drinking the Kool-aid WAS associated with Jim Jones. BUT, It was a group suicide pact. the Cyanide was IN the Kool-aid and everyone who DRANK the Kool-aid died. In other words, drinking the Kool-aid is to blindly swallow everything you are told without bothering to investigate it for yourself. Yet THESE folks are following Glen Beck, blindly and accusing the Democrats of drinking the Kool-aid, when it is REALLY they who are drinking it and calling it TEA. They simply refuse to SEE the irony.

  • https://www.facebook.com/samuel.litman Sam Litman

    Oh, the stupid, it burns! Apparently with those nuts, fox news rules!

  • Kevan Scott

    C’mon John, do you have to use the term T-Billy? You’re from WVa and know all too well the prejudice that is pointed in your direction just because you’re from WVa? Granted, the people in the video are dumber than dirt, but not everyone from Applachia is a right wing ignorant person. I know many hillbilly’s from the mountains, hills and hollars of Applachia that are as left wing as we come!. Hillbilly’s aren’t all stupid ignorant people but all Proudly ignorant Tea Baggers are! I think that is the proper term for these ignorant people in the video: Proudly ignorant Tea Baggers! Gets the point across without offending anyone who isn’t a proudly ignorant Tea Bagger.

  • Amy

    That video hurt. Seriously…my head hurts now from banging it on the wall to cope with that stupid.

  • http://gravatar.com/j3108design LaserBeamEyes

    That was both hilarious and depressing

  • Madbunny

    There are a couple problems with people who don’t understand health care reform.

    First, it’s insurance reform more than anything else. Second, it’s a primarily market based solution rather than a government based solution. Amusingly, all the people who complain about it *should* have been for a public option, which would allow the insurance industry to do what ever it does, while competing with it directly. Much the way the post office sets the bar for private package delivery.

    Instead, people are driven by fear, ignorance and… well, more fear.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root

    duh a whole bunch of moron’s we don’t know what’s in the bill!really your ignorance is showing! how stupid can people be?

  • Dave

    I watched the video. What a bunch of idiots. Brainwashed by the Fox Nazi channel.

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  • karen morris

    That was painful. …

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