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Watch Nancy Pelosi Destroy Anti-Obamacare GOP Freaks In Just Two Minutes!

Nancy Pelosi’s office released this hilarious video called “Meet The REPEALicans” shaming the GOP/Tea Party’s efforts after taking their 40th vote to repeal Obamacare rather than focus on fixing the economy creating jobs. These so-called “fiscal conservatives” have already wasted 60 million dollars trying to take away affordable healthcare from the American people and according to a Harvard study, 45,000 people die every year because they lack affordable healthcare coverage.

This Congress is not just dangerous, it is the least productive in modern history dragging around an 8% approval rating.  Amazingly the drunk tan man, John Boehner, thinks that his Congress ought to be judged on what it repeals, not what it passes.

Watch the ‘let ’em die’ crowd get skewered in this video and share this article on social media to get the word out about these lying, dangerous, un-American death-dealers:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • https://www.facebook.com/moojuicemaniac Ange Bobange

    Where was the conservative outcry when this (almost) identical plan was implemented in Romney’s state as Romney Care? Romney Care was the only good thing to come out of Romney’s political career.

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  • elery

    i love how no one here or even the article or video have said ANYTHING of any substance, just a bunch of crybaby whining, mud slinging name calling BS, the obvious indicator of when anyone has lost a debate intellectually LOL obamacare is a failed, bloated piece of garbage and IF its fully implemented will kill our economy and break the stranglehold liberals currently have on political power, thank God.

    • Bob Cull

      Gee, Elery, I just went back through all of the comments and found that it was just as I remembered and that there are none that I hadn’t read yet and surprise, surprise, not one bit of name calling. Your rant is just that, a rant, the rant of a childish mind! You obviously know nothing about the ACA and yet you “know” that it is a failure even before it is fully implemented. What amazing insight!

      There are flaws in the law and it must be fine tuned but it will get done once the obstructionist Tea Partiers are chased out of Congress next year. The greatest flaw may take some time because there are those on both sides of the aisle who will have to be convinced to change their minds.

      That big flaw is that it is not a single payer system as the rest of the developed and civilized world has. We are the last hold out and we have the most inefficient and expensive health care system in the developed world. Putting us at the mercy of the insurance industry was a major mistake, it is going to cost more and do less than a single payer system. It didn’t work all that well with car insurance and that is much less important and much less complex than health care.

      As I said, once the obstructionists who want nothing other than to “prove” that the black pretender to the Presidency was a failure are gone we will start to repair the damage they have done and eventually repair the faults in the ACA.

      • http://www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com/ richokun

        Excellent Comment Bob Cull – It appears there is some sanity left in the world..

      • RichardR

        @ Bob: Nicely said, Bob. Here’s my theory on ACA being fully implemented, though…it’s never going to happen. Obama pushed the individual mandate past the mid-terms because he knows we’re going to take Congress then. When that happens, we’re going to immediately push the individual mandate back, and go to a single-payer option before the individual mandate takes effect. Thus, we get one last screw into the insurance companies before we get rid of them entirely. I think that’s been the plan all along.

        • Bob Cull

          If that was the plan all along I am behind it all the way. I have known from the start that what they want to do, and it is the right thing to do, will not work the way they have gone about it. The only viable way to establish universal health care is as a single payer system such as the rest of the civilized world has.

          We already have the least efficient and most expensive health care system in the developed world, the way the ACA is written it will only perpetuate and exacerbate the current inefficiencies and expense. If the naysayers would only do a minimal amount of research they would find that the horror stories they have heard are just that, stories. Everywhere that they have a single payer system the people are not only satisfied, they are HAPPY with the system that they have.

          • RichardR

            I agree…ACA isn’t going to be any better than the current system when it goes into effect. Especially not for younger people like myself. But it’s going to be a while before it’s fully implemented, and it’s going to be after we take the House in the mid-terms. Once that happens, and the Teapubs lose what little power they’re hanging onto now, it’s going to be about five minutes before they rewrite the thing to make it effectively a single-payer system. I mean, if they can sneak abortion legislature into a motorcycle helmet bill, we can twist ACA around into a single-payer system. you know that’s why they’re putting off the worst parts of it.

            That reminds me…there are actually broader implications to national healthcare that I didn’t think about till the other day. I saw this thing on the BBC about this new asphalt treatment that absorbs like 80 percent of non-carbon car emissions. They’re testing it in this neighborhood in Sweden. It’s like 50% more expensive than regular pavement, but the government representative guy said they were seriously considering it. I’m like “Well, that’s commitment to the environmental cause.” But it wasn’t that. He said (paraphrasing, Swedish Chef accent) “We’re examining the economic viability of this treatment now. Many of us want the road treatment, but it’s a matter of how long it will take the healthcare savings of reduced toxins to offset the cost of the road.”

            And this is how American my ass is. My first thought was “Why do they care how much people spend on healthcare?” Then I realized “Oh shit…this is Sweden. National healthcare.”

          • Bob Cull

            I have been without coverage myself and while I have always been extremely healthy it is not a good feeling. I have seen my children and grandchildren go without coverage and it concerned me.

            At the moment, I have very minimal coverage which is actually more expensive than it likely would be to pay myself up front at the doctor’s office however I am covered for hospitalization should I be injured in an accident of some kind.

            Since I will be qualified for Medicare in one year this is not a big deal to me personally but it will affect my children and grandchildren and their children. It is a very big deal to me and it makes me sick to see that we are the only developed nation that does not take care of the health of our people, ALL of our people.

        • dragontech64

          RichardR – I hope you are correct, sir. I am without coverage of any kind, and ACA won’t change that. I am not employed, and my current health issues make me unemployable but not to the level to qualify for disability. (I know, because we’ve already gone through all that getting my wife’s disability approved) Because my wife gets disability, we are not eligible for Food Stamps, Medicare or financial assistance of any kind, yet a working person making MORE is. So I cannot afford health care, not even WITH the ACA. We need universal single payer, or we leave many Americans uninsured.

      • Susan

        Good call Bob Cull. I suppose the consolation is that as long as they’re hellbent on doing the same thing and getting the same result, they can’t do any more serious damage in other aspects. Just look how the economy is slowly chugging back to life.

      • Lisa Sink

        well said bob, and totally agree. not having a single-payor medicar-for-all type system either for everyone or as a reasonably priced option for anyone who wants it is the only way our system will ever be truly affordable and that the inequities in the system are rectified. the other hole, is that all mds practicing in this country should have to accept any government approved insurance, and not be allowed to set quotas. health insurance is not the same thing as acess to care.

      • Maryann Nolan

        Thanks Bob, well put. I’m fortunate to live in Canada ( dual citizenship US and Can.) and our system isn’t perfect either but we try and tune it up…depending on how conservative our own government is at the moment..
        .Well done US…and here’s hoping we get another Democrat in the WH when President Obama leaves office. I see the President and Mrs. Obama as having upped the US profile across the world…the only people complaining are mostly southern and westerners, who tend to be Repealicans anyway and out of the loop altogether!

        • RichardR

          Well, damn…if you’re Canadian and you get it this easily, what’s Ted Cruz’s excuse? Way to represent ;)

    • Steven

      elery you big kidder! I love the way you turned that around! Maybe the Republicans will see from a post like that how really stupid they sound. It really is amazing to real Americans to watch the Republican Traitors talk like that .We just can’t understand that they wake up in the morning and actually think “What idiotic thing can I say today about the country I was born in yet hate so much!” Thanks for that, It really made me laugh. Keep up the great work, You sir are doing a great job for the Democratic party!

    • Radmon

      elery you are such a blatant hypocrite! You can’t even form a sentence correctly, let alone say anything of substance. And you fully have your head up your bum if you thing anyone but you has lost the argument. A real and true “obvious indicator” of when someone has lost an argument is when they have been unsuccessful 40 times at trying to make that lost argument true. How utterly, aimlessly and hopelessly stupid are you to think you are on the side that’s winning when you and your side has had their a$$ handed to them 40 TIMES!!! You side is laying in a pool of blood, piss, feces and teeth and still proclaiming victory. Victory over what? Jay some “substance” on me you ignorant, unprepossessing moron and tell me what debate was lost by the left when the law they wanted was not only passed but stood against 40 assaults but the right? As for the economy, who took the market from the 600’s to a record high, took the 3 largest banks and 3 largest automakers from bankruptcy to Forbes Top Ten list, unemployment to it’s lowest point in 5 years and the deficit down an estimated $800 billion by year end? Still using that weak a$$ hollow threat of what will happen in your worthless and ignorant opinion. It’s gotten so old elery. It’s a feckless, irrational and pointless weapon being welded by a person of the same value.

    • Teresa Catwright

      It is called the Univeral Healthcare Act not Obama Care. Gee whiz!! Get the name right. There is NOTHING wrong will all Americans having access to affordable health care.

    • https://www.facebook.com/richie.ginocchi Richie Ginocchi

      You sound like another un educated right wing crazy. I know it’s harder than main lining Fox news and Rush Limbaugh all day, but maybe try reading a book once in a while. It may possibly turn you from a conservative dick to a normal compassionate human being.

  • nurtz

    They keep saying they want to “repeal and replace.” If they suggested a replacement, they’d have a shot at getting repeal. Why won’t they do it? Because they LIKE Obamacare — as a political issue. Without it, they’d have no platform at all.

  • Suzanne Longo

    Republicans hate everyone, including each other.

    • Bob Cull

      Good comment, Suzanne, concise and accurate. It reminded me of an old Bill Cosby monolog called “Himself.” He spends the better part of an hour in clown makeup puffing on a big cigar and talking about all the different types of people he hates. At the end he looks into the camera and says, “What am I? I’m a bigot, there’s only two of us left and I don’t like him very much.”

  • RichardR

    This is what party decline, shortly before violent dismemberment, looks like. Things like this are what people do when they are literally completely out of usable ideas on anything, and they know for a fact that their logic on all things is flawed. It’s a cynical bottom-feeding from the base…a recycling of party loyalists who will keep a few old white guys in office while they look for other jobs. Their base is literally dying off of old age, and they know it. Hold on, everybody…we only have to hold out a few more years. Personally, I’m happy to see this political crash accelerating at the rate it is. America is like a bouncy ball, about to hit rock bottom; sure, we might be nearing our low point, but the faster we go down now, the more energy we store up and the harder we’ll shoot up afterward.

    • Bob Cull

      I can only hope you are right Richard. I have been nervous lately that these Teapubs may succeed in their plan B approach which seems to be to destroy the country completely in order to “prove” that Obama was a terrible President.

      • RichardR

        They can try, but that would be the biggest mistake they ever made. I’m telling you, it’s not going to take much more pushing before somebody opens fire on Wall Street and on anything with a -R after its name. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Boehner, the drunk muppet…probably Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush. Pick one, pick all, pick a couple dozen more. Somebody’s not going to make it home if they keep pushing. But we have attrition on our side. We’ll win sooner or later. It’s just a matter of how many orphans happen first.

      • dragontech64

        I second your comment,Bob. I SINCERELY hope that Richard is correct and we are about rebound big time. If he is, I see a phase shift, were what we are in 20 years will be so completely different, not only from what we are, but what we could imagine being. What the old Hippies called the “Age of Aquarius” but bigger.

  • Kobby

    These Republicans don’t get it. They don’t understand POLITICS unless it is POLITRICKS. Smokescreening is their food.
    They will be losing all the time., thank God.

  • Yankees Fan

    What kind of drugs are you on, Boehner? You’re in a little world of your own, getting paid for doing nothing, keeping all your government benefits, and trying to skewer the American citizens.

  • grady

    The republicans are setting a record that no future group of congressional republicans will ever, even try, to match. It is more likely some random hiker will get a photograph or video of “Big Foot” before Obama care is repealed.

  • http://dependablecourier&[email protected] antonio pruitt

    cannot see the video

    • http://professorpowell3.wordpress.com Dr. Powell

      Try a different browser Antonio!

  • https://www.facebook.com/bill.barany Bill Barany

    Now that’s the attitude! Work very hard on getting nothing done and focusing on un-doing the work that has already been done. This explains why Republicans are so bad at creating things like jobs, better government or new ideas,

  • Aimee

    We also have to boot the third wayer’s out of the Party too (they have infiltrated in great numbers). They are a bigger threat then the Repealicans, as odd as it may seem.

  • Flguyvet

    It’s not repeal and replace if you don’t actually have a plan to replace it. Let’s not forget, this system of healthcare is the Republicans original plan. What does that say about them, that hasn’t already been said, that they are dead set against a plan that they themselves authored?

  • Dinah Kudatsky

    The Right-Wing hates government. And they consistently prove this sentiment by how they “govern”.

  • http://aviewfromthemountain.wordpress.com/ Jerry Stephen™

    The “Weeping Cheeto” has no problem with wasting $60 MILLION and blocking recovery every chance he gets. I honestly hope (but seriously doubt) that Americans will really stand up in 2014 and take out the trash stinking up the American dream. Let’s get together and make the Republican brand mean as much as the Federalist and Whig parties. Maybe THEN they’d realize just how poor their idea of ‘governance’ really is…

  • http://FacebookandTwitter Linda Warren

    Pathetic bunch-useless wastes of space-more to say here but X rated-withhold their salaries & healthcare & tell them to piss off

  • Bob Cull

    It is amazing how that drunk can sit there with a straight face and proudly declare that “you’re going to see a lot more of it.” He will undoubtedly go down in history as the worst speaker of all time!

    • dragontech64

      Boehner’s just a crying-drunk Oompa-Loompa. He’s upset that chocolate has gotten so cheap that Willy Wonka couldn’t keep him on the payroll.

  • chammy

    I love it.

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