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Watch Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown Of Right-Wing Sexism in the Media (Video)

In his opening segment entitled “Broads Must Be Crazy” Tuesday night Jon Stewart slammed the GOP for the way they  treat female politicians differently than they males.

Stewart began with the ridiculous speculation that Hillary either orchestrated Chelsea’s pregnancy or will give up on any idea of running for President now that she is about to become a grandmother.  No one ever questions whether a man may change his mind due to the impending birth of a grandchild.

Jon Stewart also illustrated the tired old argument that women are too emotional to be effective leaders, showing clips of several male politicians crying.   It is okay in that case, of course,  because his ability to let us see him cry is a sign of his manhood.

Women are supposedly susceptible to mood swings and may suddenly become violently angry something that men never do.  Again a series of clips showing violent outbursts of temper from male politicians, apparently they were simply making a point in a way that the object of their anger could understand.

“In politics, it’s ok to be a p*ssy,” Stewart said. “As long as you’ve got a d*ck.”

Watch the segment below.




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