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Watch: Jon Stewart Blasts GOP’s Man-Crush On Vladimir Putin! (Video)

The right-wing infatuation with bigoted d**chebag Vladimir Putin is, frighteningly, unsurprising to anyone who has been paying attention to the attitudes expressed by American conservatives. Logically, given the things they say about President Obama, they should detest everything about Putin outside of the whole “gays are icky, and need to be cleansed from the Earth” situation in Russia. However, the idea of a conservative thinking logically is laughable to begin with.

Republicans have recently expressed, as Jon Stewart displayed, an infatuation with Putin’s ‘act first without applying anything resembling thought’ attitude–often equating that to the actions of a leader. As Stewart pointed out, though, that is more in line with the actions of a toddler.

Besides, Putin is tough, according to the right-wing. He wrestles bears and tigers and sh*t….unless you care about reality. Stewart referenced a news clipping that explained Putin shot a tiger once, after it was tranquilized and snared for him. “For God’s sakes, how, in a 24-hour news cycle, do you upgrade Putin from wrestling bears to tigers, anyhow?” Stewart asked, “By tomorrow, it’ll be, ‘Putin once smacked the teeth out of a great white shark and made it bl*w him, while Barack Obama just sat there, wistfully, wearing Capri pants and a baby bonnet.”

After a rousing montage of right-wing pundits calling President Obama a dictator because of the whole health care thing, Stewart asked, “What happened to these people as children that has enabled this love-hate relationship with authoritarian figures and the inherent cognitive dissonance that goes along with such a schism?”

Watch Jon Stewart do his thing below:

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