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Watch ‘Ew!’ with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and First Lady Michelle Obama! (Video)

Leave it up to Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell – both in drag as teenage girls – in a basement slightly reminiscent of “Wayne’s World,” to bring some serious laughs. Throw in Michelle Obama, and you have a classic Thursday night on NBC’s “Tonight Show,” with the First Lady demonstrating her impressive comedy skills in a sketch called “Ew!”

As usual Mrs. Obama played herself, giving her a opportunity to promote her ongoing fitness, campaign, saying “ew” to jelly doughnuts, and getting up off the couch for a dance off.

It wasn’t quite the amazing “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” – which was probably the most impressive TV performance ever by a first lady – but Mrs. Obama showed us all once again that she can really move!



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