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Watch Daughter Of John Birch Society Cult Members DESTROY The Tea Party!

Her name is Claire Conner, and she’s written a book called “Wrapped In The Flag” that the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party don’t want you to see!

According to her website,

“Claire was twelve years old when her parents dove into the world of paranoid politics, a world dominated by the John Birch Society, an anti-Communist, anti-federal government movement. “We’re taking back the country” was the Birch mantra.

Claire’s parents were the first two Birch members in the entire city of Chicago. Her father, Stillwell J. Conner, became a National Council member and remained in top leadership for thirty-two years. Her mother was a partner in all things Birch.”

Claire’s new book is about the unholy coalition of Tea Party, libertarians, huge corporations, violent gun-nuts,, the religious right and the revamped  John Birch Society.

“Extremism broke my family,” Claire says. “I don’t want it to break my country.”

Though her family were arch-conservative John Birchers, Claire found her conscience and became a progressive. In her book, she tells the sordid history of the John Birch society, and the evil Koch Brothers and just how far-reaching their slimy tentacles really are.

Watch Claire expose the Evil Tea Party and their ties to the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society in this video uploaded to YouTube:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • https://www.facebook.com/john.salazar.756859 John Salazar

    This is an interesting video. It talks about the Koch brothers and how they use their 60 BILLION dollars of personal wealth to influence the Republican party. Those who belong to a union should consider the effects that corporate money has on policy and how eliminating Federal oversight or “regulation” as the Republicans like to say lets companies demand for things like the elimination of the minimum wage, dissolving or weakening of Union rights or even the elimination of healthcare for workers. Its easy to say the all too convenient lie that in a “free market economy” everyone will flourish. But the reality is if we look back at the last few years, while we all have been struggling with high gas prices the gas companies have shown record profit. If you do not believe that regulation is important lets look at recent revelations that big banks are manipulating commodity prices by “shuffling” them from one warehouse to another. This shuffling causes delays which make them money at our expense. So the moral of this story is if you think that “Big Government” is the problem think about what the situation is going to be like when its replaced by “Big Business” and we are living the Chinese dream of working for pennies a day with no health care and living in company owned housing.

  • Rev. Janell Smith

    The problem with the wealthy like the Kochs and many politicians is they thrive on power and wealth. They believe that they are “superior and entitled” and because of what they believe they can do whatever they want to whomever they want. They lack empathy, compassion, humility and qualities of the humanitarian. They are no “Bill Gates” nor a “Ted Kennedy.”

    • JD


  • Fiona Mackenzie

    Remember Kochs’ daddy was a founding member of JBS, and David Koch’s run for vp was supported by them. ‘Nuf said.

    • http://gravatar.com/pam95650 pam95650

      A couple of years ago I saw the movie, “Koch Bros. Exposed.” Yes, Daddy Koch one of the founders of the JBS. When I tell folks that the Tea Party is the new name for the JBS, no one believes me.

  • Jaxon

    The whole point of a weakened government is so it can’t interfere with the amassing of wealth by kingdoms, AKA “Corporations” and the subsequent economic enslavement of the people…

    This is no less than a concerted effort to return to the middle ages of politics… the only problem I see with their plan (and that of the NRA), is just when & how do they succeed in reigning in the guns that they so generously gave to “the people”?

    Is the weakened government they envision simply the militarized SWAT police we now see in every city across the land used to enforce their will?

    The NSA “scandal” is not an issue I fear. It’s the corporations… they snoop more into my privacy than any government entity… everything from “cookies” in your computer to requiring your social security number for credit cards, loans, etc. And the credit reporting agencies? No accountability!

    I think that when the corporate chieftains are the ones being assassinated and not the politicians they bought, that’s when the real fight begins.

    Of course… same thing was probably said in every era that struggled against the same sort of fascism,

    • aought

      “just when & how do they succeed in reigning in the guns that they so generously gave to “the people”

      Easy peasy, one more well placed massacre (or several), and then the R’s & D’s will reach across the aisle in agreement that we must be disarmed “for our own good.”

      Of course, it will be a bloody mess, as there are many who will fight and die before they give them up. But, they need an excuse to take the velvet glove off the iron fist anyway, it’s getting pretty threadbare.

  • https://www.facebook.com/marc.w.kohler Marc W. Kohler

    clairechapman.com is NOT available on the net. The only site that you get is clairechapmanlaw, This Claire Chapman has been successfully censored. How can we get to her site?

  • ernie1241

    This 204-page report explains why J. Edgar Hoover and senior FBI officials within the Bureau’s Domestic Intelligence Division concluded in FBI memos that the JBS was “extremist”, “irrational” and “irresponsible”

    Contrary to claims made by the Birch Society about the alleged “left-wing” origins of JBS criticism, the most potent adverse comments about the JBS have always originated from the right-side of the political spectrum. This report presents a representative sample of such comments.

    Critics have included such prominent conservative Americans such as:
    Sen. Barry Goldwater, Cong. Walter Judd, Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer, Russell Kirk, Eugene Lyons, Willmoore Kendall, James Burnham, Robert Bork, J. Edgar Hoover, Herbert Philbrick, Frank S. Meyer, Cong. Gordon H. Scherer, William F. Buckley Jr., Patrick Buchanan, Fred Schwarz, Lee Edwards, the editors of the conservative newspaper, Human Events, George Sokolsky, Roy Cohn, Anthony Bouscaren, plus even many former Birchers such as: Alan Stang, Gary Allen, Milorad Draskovich, John Rees, William Norman Grigg, Mrs. Robert Welch — and many many more.

  • Nancy

    Wish we could ship them all off to the Libertarian Somalia, even if for just a few months. They have beach front shanty towns with zero taxes and lucrative opportunities by joining pirating groups to rob ships passing and collecting millions in randsome money. Who cab blame them. Their children are starving and they get no foodstamps. If your child is hungry, you will do what it takes to feed them and criminal behavior will ensue if you and your family is starving. The next flight to Mogadishu is awaiting you Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan…seems to be a lot of Pauls in this group!

    • david

      A Paul ing

    • Fiona Mackenzie

      If enough people volunteer to do the same, I’ll go into debt to buy a ticket for one of them to Somalia! How can they refuse a trip to the Libertarian Paradise?

    • http://twitter.com/KennethNevill Kenneth F Nevill (@KennethNevill)

      I agree completely…only much more so. It appears the “Pauls” are just another Pro-
      wealthy class/Anti-working class.

    • http://google Big Dwane

      Boy – That all describe how I feel about u folks!

    • http://google Big Dwane

      This group on this website are about as dumb as a box of rocks!

  • https://www.facebook.com/sharon.lloydwalters Sharon Lloyd-Walters
  • https://www.facebook.com/clr1390 Celia Runkle

    I have been reading up on the John Birch Society for many years. They are pretty much the biggest threat to this country today. The idea of no taxes sounds really great. That is for idiots who are too dumb to really see the writing on the wall. The funny thing is they are pretty much about greed and money, not so much social issues which the Republican party has run with.

    • Bob Cull

      The “no taxes” mantra also loses much of it’s appeal once one realizes that those preaching it don’t really mean NO taxes, they mean no taxes for the wealthy. They expect the “little people”, in other words the workers, the producers, to carry the burden while they pay nothing and continue to rake in all of the fruits of the labor of others.

      • http://gravatar.com/rengeko rengeko

        it worked with slavery for 400 years, after all.

  • Michael DeWald

    I just don’t get the end game. What kind of society do the Birchers and libertarians think there will be when they are done? I’m having a hard time understanding how they don’t see the fallacies that are inherent in their policies.
    Does the greed have them that blind? Am I missing something?

    • RichardR

      It’s interesting that you’d ask…I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I sort of thought everybody knew the endgame for these people.

      Democracy was basically born during the French Revolution, and spread throughout Europe from there. Seeing the writing on the wall, most of the richest aristocrats and nobles sold off their assets to the King or others (helping to create a non-noble middle class), took that money and invested it in the type of corporations that we see today. Trading companies like East India, industrial interests…all that money came from the wealth hoarded over the centuries by European aristocrats. The last bastion of that aristocracy was in Prussia, what we know today as Austria. There, the last titled nobles got together with “untitled” nobles from around the world, and created the corporate consortium that we know and love today. From that think tank (made of disenfranchised nobles) came Austrian Economics…what we now call “Austerity.”

      Given all that, the endgame should be pretty clear. They want to undo the French Revolution, and return the world to a two-class state. They want their generational titles and lands back, and the only way to do it is to turn everyone who isn’t rich into a powerless peasant. Peasants because they’re poor, and powerless because they lack effective governments. A strong middle-class and a powerful government are the only two things keeping them from taking back what they see as rightfully theirs, and they know it.

      I try not be all conspiracy theorist about things, but the situation we’re looking at today is absolutely the fruit-bearing tree planted by those displaced nobles. They want their stuff back…plain and simple.

    • Bob Cull

      No, Michael, you are not missing anything, they are. They like to think of themselves as brilliant businessmen but in reality they are terrible businessmen. They are not aware that they need a market for their products and that in order to have that market those who actually produce the product must be able to buy it.

      Henry Ford was by no stretch of the imagination a great humanitarian but he was a good businessman. He knew that for his fledgling business to succeed he had to pay his workers enough that they could afford to buy his cars. He was hated by the Teapub and Bircher equivalents of the time, he was “inflating” the worth of the workforce.

      • RichardR

        I disagree, Bob. and your statement about Ford pretty much illustrates why. Ford came from nothing, and spent his life earning his own money, and fighting existing corporate monopolies. The Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) owned an all-encompassing patent on the automobile, and they decided who could build them and who couldn’t. Ford was denied approval by ALAM, built his car anyway and then beat them in court on anti-trust laws.

        ALAM’s ruling body was a five-person board comprised of some of the richest and most powerful people in the nation, most of whom came from European old money, and who had nobles and aristocrats in their extended families. That’s why Ford was so hated…because he slapped them in the face. He hated JD Rockefeller even more, because Rockefeller screwed Ford when Ford tried to make ethanol the standardized fuel for the nation.

        Point is, Ford was deliberately a man of the people because he had an intense hatred for ALAM and everything it represented.

        Anyway, that’s just history crap lol. The real point is that they aren’t bad businessmen. 70% of all stock in this country belongs to the 1%, and they know good and well where they’re going. They’re driven exclusively by greed, and greed only has one end: absolute power. You only have absolute power when everyone else has none. They may not even be thinking that consciously…they’re just thinking in terms of more money. But that’s where it’s all going. Greed is a one-way street with one destination and no off-ramps.

        • Marcuscassius

          The “THEY” yo are talking about have nothing to o with it. Most re silver spoon people that inherited, not only th money, but the organizations developed to keep the money and get more. The difference between them and those like the Koch’s and the Bush’s and the Cheney’s and all that lot, is that these others really believe that they are better and somehow the America they grew up on, which was rich and somewhat happy wasn’t right. The poor and the middle class hadn’t worked hard enough for their happiness. That disconnect from reality is what’s driving them today. It takes the form of Fascism. These old white men are building a new Fascist regime. Think not? Look up the definition of Fascism. It has corporations and those that own them at the op. It has fanatical patriotism. It has suppression of unions and labor. It degrades women and minorities. It makes those at the top supreme humans. Those below, pieces of a machine they own.Is that not the Republican party for the last
          thirty years?

          • RichardR

            Lol…wait. What? Dude…slow down, put down the LSD and try using a keyboard with functioning vowel keys. I’m so confused by what you said that I can’t even put it into a cohesive thought. Here’s my attempt, though: You’re trying to say that all of these rich people are driven by pure hate for those who aren’t rich. Right?

      • JD

        Ford developed a way of manufacturing the automobile so that the price was lowered so much so that his employees could afford one. He didn’t raise their salaries so they could afford one.

        • Peter Jax

          Yes – He did raise salaries.

          In 1914, Henry Ford started an industrial revolution by more than doubling wages to $5 a day—a move that helped build the U.S. middle class and the modern economy.

    • http://gravatar.com/xenographic Christina Nelson

      The question that the lemmings should all be asking, as well.

      • Marcuscassius

        Who are the lemmings and why are you referring to them by that name?

    • Sherri Heitz

      Michael- They do not care about anyone else. Period. Never have. Never will. As long as they sit on their pile of $ & live the life of luxury, they rest of us can starve to death for all they care./ They have no heart. No soul. & no forsight.

  • https://www.facebook.com/patricia.houghtalen Patricia Houghtalen

    I know everything this woman speaks is true, she has lived this life inside of the John Birch Society and knows exactly what is being done to try to unravel our free government that is for the people and turn it into a Plutocracy for the Rich. Claire Connor tells the whole story in her book Wrapped in the Flag and if you want to at least hear what the inside of this toxic right wing is based on you should read her book. If you are a part of the Tea Party and the Libertarian genre you should read her book just so you know the complete history of what you support. If you are against the Tea Party and the toxic radical right then you should read this book so you know just how deep the pockets are supporting this attempted buyout of our government and how insidious they have been in recruiting uninformed individuals to promote their horrific agenda.

  • Bob Cull

    The only problem is that the followers who are delivering the votes for the Kochs and their allies will call her a liar and accuse her of trying to initiate “class warfare”, They are so blinded by the Kool-Aid that they cannot see the Kochs have already initiated class warfare and are waging war on them as well. They are not likely to wake up in time to see that they have been working against themselves.

    • Sherri Heitz

      spot on as usual Bob!

    • Maria

      I agree Bob, their followers are so blinded and full of hate that they, don’t even realize that the Kochs care nothing about them, they are working against themselves following people that would throw them under the bus in a heart beat.

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