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Watch Bernie Sanders RIP Michele Bachmann on CNN Over Income Inequality!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took to banging his head against the brick wall that is Michele Bachmann during a debate with Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s ‘The Situation Room.”

Leaping from a failed attempt to defend her party’s position on putting social security on the austerity chopping block, Bachmann reveled in the joy of her own personal ‘Joe the plumber’ by repeatedly pointing to “Ann” from a segment prior to the discussion. Laying economic malaise, foreign energy imports and an “entitlement society” all on the feet of President Obama, the Minnesota Congresswoman deftly dodged all specifics as she went on to claim that Democrats had been waging their own war on women.

It was as much and more than one might expect of such a showdown, with Sanders arguing for sensible policies using data and honest logic to drive his points home, only to find Bachmann interrupting with talking points at every turn.

His frustration palpable, the Senator from Vermont nearly had to shout down God’s chosen tax attorney as he sought to simply ask if she supported a chained CPI (Consumer Price Index,) in regards to her position on “entitlement” programs. The question was predictably sidestepped.

In reality, Bachmann failed to provide any real answers to any, often entirely basic and straightforward questions posed by either Blitzer or Sanders. Reiterating the old and empty talk of creating jobs by cutting government spending and using bogus comparisons to Australia regarding the minimum wage, Bachmann’s typical routine fell short of shutting the Senator out, who for the briefest of moments, offered the must subtle of smirks, as though acknowledging to Wolf, CNN and the viewing public that the easiest way to win an argument with Michele Bachmann is typically just to let her speak.


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  • c-mo

    un. believable….

  • Linda Miles

    W.B. is an ass for not telling MB to shut up and let Bernie Sanders get a word in edgewise. If you don’t want to hear what Bernie has to say, don’t invite him on the show. MB is rude, ignorant and terribly misguided. CNN is definitely Right leaning so, CNN, at least be up front about that. This was not a dialogue it was a shout down. Disgraceful “journalism”.

  • https://plus.google.com/100194341410063486118 Dan Smith

    Someone needs to remind this stupid bitch about 1 Timothy 2:12.

  • http://www.backyardbabble.com.blogspot.com irishconnell

    So she wants to grow the middle class with jobs, well why isn’t she offering up a jobs bill or plan to do that. A job that pays a decent wage would be nice.

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  • http://gravatar.com/voter4america Voter4America

    Just once, I wish someone would tell Michele Bachmann to just shut the f*ck up.

  • Doug

    I didn’t see Bernie RIP Michelle Bachman. What I saw was her speaking over him and louder confusing his message to a point where his message was lost on anyone who is unfamiliar with him. I have listened to Bernie many many times and his message is a great one. However, in all honesty Bachman will appear to be the more competent of the two to the low information voter. Republicans know this and it’s why they continue to support her. Until the good people of Minnesota can get their act together and voter her out.

  • Eli

    She isn’t capable of answering a single question, and she keeps interrupting to not say anything. She is a very rude person.

  • pamela barrows

    I’ve got a job for Ann: Stand by and stuff a sock into Bachmann’s mouth every time she opens it to interrupt someone who’s trying to speak!

  • http://gplus.to/novenator novenator

    While it will be nice not to have batshit crazy Michele Bachmann in Congress after this year, there are plenty of delusional right wing nut jobs to replace her.

  • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

    Thank the Lords of Kobal this hag is no longer employed as a civil servant. She is using a debate tactic of a scoundrel, try and to get the other guy upset and off center. Kudos to Bernie. He needs to run for President.

    • Barbara B.

      I agree with you about Bernie beingPresident! He really knows his stuff!

  • Rob Elm

    Wolf Blitzer once again verifies how inept he is and Bachmann once again proves how stupidity will always win, by being louder. Bernie rocks and I wish there were more like him but as long as weak kneed lackies like Wolf rule the front of the “news” media people like Bernie will always be compared to greedy morons like Bachmann. Really? They both had good points? Yeah, thanks for the insightful analysis.

  • RPM

    I know that when your always talking you cant hear anything or learn anything…she is an embarrassment.

  • Joanne

    I agree that she does manage to say nothing over and over. I get nauseated listening to her. And I live in Minnesota just not in her district. Of course we have had to deal with her a very long time. I can’t stand it.

  • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

    She’s going to educate Bernie? Sure, when she becomes relevant. I meant ‘never.’
    I was hoping to see Bernie knock her off of her stool.

  • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

    Michelle is going to educate Bernie? Riiiight. I wanted to see him backhand her off of that stool.

  • Perspective

    What a lying bitch! Why does that bitch keep talking over Sanders, an independent? Because being a liar ins’t just about telling a lie, it’s about hiding the truth. That is why she doesn’t want to give Sanders a chance to return, a chance to answer a question. And that is why she refused to answer direct questions. Hearing those answers would be exposing reality. Something that bitch can’t afford to let happen.

  • http://jade4142.wordpress.com jade4142

    I am sure I listened to both of these people and to Wolf but I didn’t hear Michelle Bachman say anything. She spouted words, but she didn’t contribute anything to the discussion. But I like Bernie Sanders anyway, so I kinda dismiss Michelle as a malicious ditz. Is that possible? Yes. We’re seeing a lot of it. Malicious idiots. Lots and lots of them.

  • http://gravatar.com/tomnikoly tomnikoly

    All this proved is that Blitzer is a shitty moderator and Bachmann doesn’t know how to debate. Of course she isn’t especially intelligent anyway.

  • Laura

    How is it possible that not only does she not say a damn thing, she does it and manages to do it at a decibel level that knocks everyone else off the block? It’s positively…fascinating…

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