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Watch as People Disguised as Homeless are Ignored by Their Own Loved Ones (Video)

If a family member posed as a homeless person, would you recognize them? A new campaign, Make Them Visible, asked that very question in a new experiment they conducted for the New York City Rescue Mission.

In the video, produced by ad agency Silver + Partners, numerous people meet their relatives and even significant others–dressed as homeless people–and walk right by, not noticing them. Not a single participant recognized, or cared, about their loved ones in their disguise. It was almost as if they were invisible.

The ad agency hired actors for a “documentary video” and then contacted those people’s family members, asking if they will be a part of the social experiment. The actors were unaware of their families’ participation, only learning afterwards that the homeless person whose plight they ignored was actually someone they cared about.

Watch their reactions as they realize that the person to whom they didn’t give a second glance or thought is actually someone about whom they care–and apply this lesson to your own lives.

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John Prager
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