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Watch an Entire Fox News Panel Smack Down Laura Ingraham as She Spews Immigration Lies

There was an interesting little segment this weekend on Fox News Sunday. Conservative radio host and Fox contributor Laura Ingraham tried to regurgitate her usual talking points on immigration, but was shot down by the entire Fox News panel – including George Will.

Although inconclusive, the discussion seemed to signal a shift in talking points from the right wing network, considering that the continuous bumblings of GOP “outreach” efforts directed at minorities have infamously failed.

The segment started out with host Chris Wallace quoting from an op-ed from the Wall Street Journal, lamenting the flawed strategy of Republicans on the immigration issue, and how the extremists on talk radio are holding conservatives in Washington hostage.

When Wallace cited a question from a viewer who wondered why the GOP can’t move more towards the center on the issue, Ingraham was quick to defend the talk radio faction as having the only rational take on how to approach immigration:

“The Middle ground on immigration, I think, is enforcement,” Ingraham said. “Right now we’re not really enforcing our laws uniformly. The President, as John Boehner just realized, apparently, is not trustworthy.”

Igraham went on to attack Obama for having a “deferred action for a million and a half people,” and “rewriting the law,” allowing immigrants to continue flooding into the country.

Seemingly intrigued by her comments, Chris Wallace immediately chimed in.

“This is so interesting, because what we’re seeing here is the split inside the Republican Party between two staunch conservatives,” Wallace said.

Not liking the direction Wallace was taking the discussion, Ingraham tried to interrupt, but Wallace turned to George Will to get his take on her remarks. Will remarked that the influx of people willing to work was not necessarily a bad thing.

“There’s an intense global competition for human capital and we’re losing out on that,” Will said.

“To emigrate is to make an entrepreneurial act,” Will continued. “It’s to uproot yourself, and perhaps your family, and take a risk…”

“Do we care about American workers anymore?” Ingraham interrupted.

“You’re arguing the zero-sum game that we have – when, in the lives of our children and grandchildren there are five hundred million Americans, and they’re all going to be working, because we’re going to have economic dynamism aided by immigration,” Will shot back.

“So the argument though, however, leads to, why have borders at all?” Ingraham responded. She lamented that if the argument is about not having people assimilate, then the American people won’t feel that their interests are being represented.

“We don’t want to crack down [on the borders]. There’s no will to enforce the border,” Ingraham said. “There is no faith in this administration to do it, and the Republican elites and the Democrat elites agree, and the people are revolting across this country.”

But that argument doesn’t quite fly, and Chris Wallace made sure to point that out.

“But isn’t deportation at record levels?” Wallace asked.

It was at this point that the entire panel turned on Ingraham, with co-panelist Juan Williams crying out a relieved “Thank you!” upon hearing Wallace’s injection of the truth.


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  • Batman in Arkham

    Juan Williams is too much of a true journalist for that waste dump. Dude needs to go to Al-Jazeera where his skills will be respected.

  • Kevan

    I’ll have to take your word for what was said since your player doesn’t seem to be working! But then again, I don’t have to see Laura Ingram in action anyway to know that she’s a racist. She’s proven that time and again. Sigh.

  • Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo

    are these arguments based on FOX News opinions or, do they truly have facts to back up their statements?

  • Perry

    Laura Ingraham was given the part of a straw-man argument in a scripted immigration play designed to slowly move the Teapublican position toward the middle. A really bad case of political theater.

  • http://www.facebook.com/majors.bruce?ref=profile BruceMajors

    Funny, I thought you all said Fox News was unbalanced propaganda like MSPutinBC?

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