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Watch a Local Reporter Refuse to Let Smug President of Company Responsible for Poisoned WV Water Off the Hook (Video)

In an unbelievable display of arrogance and detachment, the President of a company that just poisoned huge swaths of a city in West Virginia had the nerve to repeatedly chug a bottle of water on camera during a press conference — while 300,000 Charleston residents spent a second night unable to bathe, shower or drink tap water on Saturday after a chemical spill into the Elk River.

Many are giving praise to a persistent reporter from local Channel 8 named Kallie Cart, who pressed Freedom Industries president, Gary Southern, while he was clearly trying to cut the press conference short and leave with giving as little information as possible.

“Look guys, it’s been an extremely long day,” Southern complained. “I’m having a lot of trouble talking at the moment. I’d appreciate it if we could wrap this thing up…”

“We actually have a lot of questions,” Cart interrupted. “It’s been a long day for a lot of people who don’t have water.”

The look on Southern’s face was priceless as he took a chug from his water bottle.

But the most notable part of the clip comes towards the end, where Southern tries to make his getaway, saying “that’s all we have time for.”

Watch how Cart whips him into shape and brings him back to the mic in the video below:

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Sky Palma lives in Los Angeles and has been writing about politics, current events and religion for over a decade. He's also the head editor and founder of deadstate.org.
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  • Nearly Over

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I was just sent this video to see an example of how to not behave in a news conference. And I have found myself needing to go home and take a shower to try to wash off the hatred, ignorance and utter delusion on display by the vast majority of the commenters here. I really do fear for the future of this nation when you can dredge up this many ignorant, self-righteous , mouth breathing hill scoggins. The hatred for Christianity and the love of the political philosophy of Karl Marx that I find here is truly disturbing.

    • http://twitter.com/AnonMakto AnonMakto (@AnonMakto)

      Hatred for Christianity? Love of Karl Marx? You are a misguded idiot. But hey you want some hatred here you go: The world fell in about 70 ce do to Christianity it is the vile evil that kept human sacrifice and genocide well ahead of peace and love by way of the Inquisition. It lead to the collapse of the progress of human knowledge and scientific progress. It is the most vile poison created to enslave humanity for purposes of political contr and monetary gain. The world will be at peace the day the scurge of monotheism is wiped from the earth and it will be left to the waste bin of failed acts of tyranny when humanity finally steps from the earth and colonizes the stars and all will know Jesus was not a man of peace but a propagator of decite and death and never existed. The unholy book known as the bible will be used as a tool to teach future children to identify true evil for only beggars pray only slaves kneel and only the terrorized repent. It is truely the end times of Christianity and good for it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.brunson.520 Mark Brunson

      You do realize, Nearly, that Acts describes the first Christians as living in a communist-style community?


      Humanity, not religion is the problem. Destroy Christianity, and you’ve made the same violent response “they” have. If you want peace and an end to all the problems – all you have to do is eradicate the human race. Anything less is no answer, and simply adds to the problem. Otherwise, you simply have to learn to stop blaming “else” for problems and realize it’s “us” including you.

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  • Charles Everett

    That “local Channel 8″ is WCHS-TV in Charleston.

  • mike

    The accident was that they got caught

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  • Dave

    Sorry I guess I was incorrect…according to this report Kallie did say that, but the PR firm did remove themselves…

  • dave

    Not to take away from Kallie she did a great job asking the questions she asked…but I believe it was actually the PR representative , that was hired by Freedom Industries for this event, that is the one that stopped him and turned him back. Such said firm has also pulled themselves from being associated with Freedom Industries.

  • D. King

    Steve, do you have as much sympathy for the local hospital(s) that have no clean tap water for their patients and staff?

    It’s not a matter of “hate”–it’s anger that such a predictable and preventable spill happened and the CEO’s minimizing it.

  • Steve

    He was handed the water bottle by someone in the media in the middle of his talk. They handed it to him because he was coughing. It was not something brought with him to the news conference. Hate if you want, but at the very least get your facts straight.

    • fred

      criticizing the water bottle report is a useless and bullsh*t “fact” by which you attempt to disparage the entire news effort. Nice try, but transparent and it’s not going to work.

    • https://plus.google.com/115123894629900577006 Parson Stewart

      This is why I don’t respect the opinions, property or lives of any capitalist, nor for anyone who does. The only good place for people like Southern is the grave–God speed the day the people wake up and exterminate every member of his traitorous class.

  • Ruth Anne

    According to the “Daily Kos”….In 2008, Freedom Industries was specially selected by Georgia-Pacific Chemicals as a distributor of G-P’s Talon brand mining reagents for West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Kentucky and Michigan.

    Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is, of course, a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific, which was acquired by Koch Industries in 2005.

    • NoSiriusly

      Of course it was. Why am I not surprised that the Koch brothers are involved? Because they are shady, crooked, greedy, money – grubbing bastards, that’s why. Let’s send them a case or 2 of water from the affected area…drink up a – holes.

  • http://gravatar.com/heterodoxalstalker heterodoxalstalker

    That guy should have been lead off in handcuffs instead of walking to his limo. Without doing any research I can practically guarantee that they were well aware of the risks and fought to prevent regulation of the very things that caused the leaks. He even admitted they have had leaks before. Clearly he knew the risks but failed to do what was necessary to prevent this.

  • kbg

    Maybe this CEO needs to call Saul Goodman (lawyer on Breaking Bad). People need to call their congressman up and ask them why they just recently voted to cut back on the Hazardous Act….cutting back on the EPA

    • Black Wolf

      That’s easy, they are bought and paid for by those parasites.
      They can more or less do or say what they want because of those like him and the koch brothers.

      They show what is wrong with the world.

      We need to remove money from politics which would remove some of the problems we are having now.

      @ AATTP remember it is not 100% the TP’s fault we are in this mess. its all of them that are at fault.

      I am glad that you guys are covering this, thank you.

  • Joel L. Thompson

    A Facebook friend commented…”I’m surprised that Kallie wasn’t reprimanded by her bosses for being so hard on a poor, sweet, innocent ‘Job Creator’.”

  • Joel L. Thompson

    Kallie Cart should be working for a better company than Sinclair, which is basically the local TV equivalent of Fox News.

  • https://www.facebook.com/eric.graff2 Eric Graff

    fuax entertainment will tell the sheeple what to think

  • VickiD

    The good old USA is politically a basket case run by the “party with 2 names.” The 2 parties play “good cop. bad cop” with any important issue that comes along. Behind the scenes they are taking big bucks in campaign donations and other perks from the 1 %. Rep Dick Gebhart of Missouri, a long time Congressman, pretty much went off the radar when he retired. Last I know he was a lobbyist in DC. Interesting, also, at least in Illinois, is the extreme difficulty of getting a new party on the ballot. If Left of center, the Dems maneuver mightily to keep that party off. Same with Right of center with the Repugs taking care of it. Listen to radio and TV, esp. radio, and it is one station after another with either sports or right wing talk radio.

  • C. Clark

    What the hell is wrong with you people? accidents happen. Most of your comments indicate you think the company did this on purpose. Do you really think his company is not going to get fined and have to pay the cleanup cost? Thus cutting into profits. Several of you mentioned Gary is a Republican. Can anybody prove this? Are you people just labeling him a republican because you don’t like what happened?

    • Susan

      Of course they don’t do it on purpose, but they aren’t doing a lot to prevent it either. When others report a spill two hours before they notice it, either they have no way of monitoring spills or they also knew long before they reported it. Either way it’s careless with the Waltham of the community. He shows his disdain for the community in trying to walk away without answering questions. As for fines, BP just paid now for their spill from years ago and it didn’t cover the cost to the community, and their safety and repair equipment is the same today as it was then. If they aren’t actively working to prevent these things from happening, it’s almost like doing it on purpose.

      • Steve

        Actually BP’s fines under the Clean Water Act are still being litigated.

    • Lisa Armstrong

      Take a look at the history of fines for coal and oil. They barely dent their profits. The fact is it is more cost effective for them to not spend money on preventative measures and research and development on prevention and clean up than paying the “fines” when spills happen.Until these fines really become higher than it would cost them to prevent spills in the first place the only people that pay are the people that lose potable drinking water and non-polluted land.

    • joebbz2

      This was inevitable ,ergo ,not an accident . Every penny is accounted for and killing /poisoning people is part of doing business. If corporations are people someone should be jailed but it won’t happen. Do you think BP is done with its accidental spills. Or Ford back in the 70’s let people die in rear end collisions in the Pinto . It was calculated, cheaper to pay the dead than it was to recall and repair the Pinto. Dick Cheney got a Clean water Exemption for his fracking operations . Yup, the EPA exempts Fracking from the Clean Water Act. Companies are only concerned with their fiduciary responsibility, the “Bottom Line”. If you die or America is ruined too bad, and your a hippie ,faggot ,gay married vegan non white ,non Christian for even bringing it up .

    • https://www.facebook.com/asherdelampyr Asher Frost

      They were warned several times by the EPA that this exact scenario would happen, and did nothing to prevent it. “Accident” Is not the word I would use there. It’s negligence, pure and simple.

    • Todd Allen

      Accidents happen a lot more often when you don’t take proper precautions to prevent them. They get a lot worse when you don’t have the appropriate systems in place to monitor for them.

      If the accident was truly an unavoidable fluke and all reasonable precautions were in fact taken, payment of cleanup costs and a fine is enough. If it were a “calculated risk”, and someone at the company decided to cut corners to cut costs, that person needs to go to prison. Fining them a few bucks will just be written in as a “cost of doing business”, and can even be written off as a loss on their taxes. That’s no deterrent.

      When a few of these executives whose decisions cause harm and cost lives to make a buck get charged with criminal negligence and manslaughter and are serving 5-15, we’ll see some real reform.

    • https://www.facebook.com/dimgrund1 David Imgrund

      Accidents do happen. When safety issues have been repeatedly noted in the past, when they had been warned about storing these chemicals in this way in that particular area because a leak would run off into the water supply, then it is not an accident. It is negligence.They were told about the problem and did nothing to prevent it. If there reports are credible the leak might have happened much earlier than officially reported and the spill greater than acknowledged. If the only check for leakage is the smell test, that is pretty unsafe.

      This water pollution scandal brought to you courtesy of Aquafina.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mrlaurelmrhardy Tyler St Mark

      Did he actually drink a bottled water while he was addressing an issue of his firm poisoning public water?! OMG, talk about passive aggressive contempt for his situation.

  • Improbability Overdrive

    I think it would have been poetic justice to tell him that the water in that bottle was actually from a tap in the area.

    • John St John

      But his wife is insistent that she and her husband have been drinking the tap water. Why is he drinking bottled water if her comments and assertions are true?

  • https://plus.google.com/111703535835790837466 Jim Hubbard

    Along with some shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. They are full of “trust us” promises about safety of the environment while they carefully avoid it their pampered 1% selves.

  • http://www.hairbymiguel.com Miguel Melendez Jr

    I think the greedy state politicians who line their pockets with payoffs and look the other way are just as much to blame as the piece of garbage chemical plants that contaminate the state

    • Gilbert C. Gordon

      You have a good point…but come election time the people who are suffering now will vote to re-elect the same greedy politicians! That would make the politicians smart and the voters dumb as rocks!

      And I feel compelled to apologize to all the rocks!!!!

      • CherylB

        Absolutely! For generations these people have been voting against their own best interests. They vote the way their parents voted who voted the way their parents voted. . . .Never mind that their vote for “stupidity” hurts the rest of the country. This will happen over and over and they’ll still vote the same way. smdh.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mel.h.sr Mel Haun Sr

    What do I think? I think this whole thing stinks to high heaven. But right now, there are more questions than answers. I am pretty sure we are not going to like some of the answers. In any case, someone should be held liable, and this guy looks like a good candidate.

  • jamamas hoel

    i wonder if that bottle of water was a form of product placement.

  • Dean

    I’m glad I’m not at that news interview because I’d be in jail for sticking that water bottle he’s drinking from where the sun don’t shine. Can you believe the arrogance on that steaming pile of dog droppings?

  • masteradrian

    Well, lets be honest… this CEO is in breach of international treaties, and of the Universal Charter of Human Rights by the United Nations….. why?

    The Charter says that clean water is human right for and to every human being…….. and the US has signed the charter…………

    I know it’s a bit farfetched indeed, but were this CEO is so arrogant and so utterly disgusting, apart from trying to avoid his responsibility to the citizens it is perhaps time to set an example, of assholes (and I do not practice the policy of being political correct and putting *’s were letters are supposed to be, letters that everyone knows and speaks) who must be tsaken to account for their failures and mistakes that people suffer from and by!

    My opinion!

  • Proud Socialist

    Last night I heard someone, maybe the Govenor but I’m not sure, say that the chemicals that polluted the water were not “particularly lethal”. Really? If they’re not particularly lethal then why the hell is there a complete ban on using the water for anything but flushing the toilet? This, I’m thinking anyway, is only the tip of a very big iceberg where there was not prompt notification of the spill a try at a coverup and if the reporters like ms. Card are doing their job as great as she just did then there are those with Freedom that are going to be in some very hot, polluted water. They need to be too. In other countries with not as much ‘freedom as we have the offending companies CEO and top management would already be sitting in a jail cell. Oh, for the American government to care enough to hold this company and it’s managment accountable for this spill and the cover up which is starting to come out in stories. Questions, anyone?

    • Don

      Someone needs to offer the governor a glass of water and see what he does with it…

  • http://www.sceneoutlines.blogspot.com aitchcs

    This needs to be major news.

  • http://Facebook Sherri

    He wants to hurry off to his luxury life & clean water……..POS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/keni Kenneth Gallaher

    Sounds like another Brit. They seem to be good this.

    • http://twitter.com/DBerryEVillage Danny Berry (@DBerryEVillage)

      Better than Texas republicans?

    • https://www.facebook.com/travis.broschat Travis Broschat

      That’s an ignorant statement, the Brits do a lot of things better than we Americans, and we both know you can run off a long long list of American douchebags with the same brazen disregard for American Citizens… and we Americans keep electing a large number of them to run our country.

    • Fred

      Sounds Scottish. Wonder if this is even an American Co. Their name is Freedom and logo is an American flag

  • Veteran

    What a lying asshole, he should be in jail as he even admits he knew about the leak and did nothing. Typical republicon.

  • grahampa

    they should shut that company down for their careless disregard of environmental safety and they should send every executive of that company to regular prison for 20 years minimum

  • Garry Shearer

    What an arrogant man!! Good for Kallie Cart, reporter for WCHS, Channel 8 in Charleston, WV, for holding his feet to the fire!! This company has caused a lot of suffering for the area affected. I was in Charleston on Thursday–thank my lucky stars that I didn’t drink any tap water. They still don’t know how long it will take for the water to be safe.

  • https://www.facebook.com/bruce.arvidsonii Bruce L Arvidson II

    Finally, a reporter that will NOT let some executive just walk away, as if THEY are in charge and do not have to answer for their company screw up. Now if we could just get the national reporters to do the same to the liars holding public office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keni Kenneth Gallaher

    Prison – for a long time

  • Kevan Scott

    Typical CEO, Republican elitists! Atypical reporter putting said elitist in his place. She deserves a promotion to news director somewhere, he deserves jail!

    • http://yahoo.com Edward Schulz

      Send him back to jolly old England, before we go “revolutionary” on his as$!

  • Vindication

    Freedom Industries should provide clean water to each household who was affected by this spill. They should provide enough water that these people would not feel the effects of this spill. The first couple/few months should be free of charge to make restitution to these people, and then the price of that water being provided should not accede beyond what these people were already paying for their water prior to the spill.

    I loathe misplaced arrogance… the kind of arrogance where one believes they are indispensable or beyond the law or above the ‘little people.’ And Gary Southern exudes this kind of arrogance. He needs to be knocked down quite a few levels. He needs to pay the price for this.

    These ‘more than 200,000 people’ are without clean water. And state officials, whoever the hell they are, cannot say whether that water will ever be clean again. In the meantime, while these officials putter around waving their hands like little old ladies flustered at a Chippendales’ event and while Gary Southern wastes time trying to figure out how he can profit from this mess or at the very least come out unscathed, 200,000 people are without water.

    Where are these 200,000 people going to get more water to replace their water? Relocate their homes? Move away creating another toxic American ghost town? Pipe it in from the nearest large city, which will put undue stress on that city’s population. But hey look at the bright side, the people will get a few temporary jobs out of the project.

    And anyone with a 5th grade education knows that rivers, streams and lakes are the veins and arteries of the land, they are connected. So what does this mean for other rivers and streams across the country as the Elk continues to flow into these other bodies of water? How much of these toxins are considered poisonous to us? How much will kill our fresh water fish? How much will be evaporated into rain that will water our crops?

    The lethal toxins from the Big Oil, Big Chemical and Big Industry corporations are in continuous vicious cycle upon the earth and slowly but surely they are killing us one tree at a time, one GMO at a time, one breath at a time and one stream at a time.

  • Kent Cordray

    He so got the “Mom Voice”!

  • D. King

    Now that’s a reporter doing her job! Well done! She may not have been successful getting information, but she kept the questions focused on the problem…and part of the problem is the CEO.

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