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Walmart CEO Mike Duke Forced to Step Down After NLRB Pursues Worker’s Rights Violations!

The chief executive of Walmart Mike Duke has stepped down while the company struggles to deal with a sequence of confrontations with workers. Duke is to be replaced by company veteran Doug McMillon by February of 2014. The decision arose just days after claims by campaigners that Walmart is to be prosecuted for “violating the rights” of workers who participated in strikes over wages in the US.

The National Labor Relations Board claims that Walmart “unlawfully threatened” employees for their part in the Black Friday walkouts last year, in which about 400 people participated. They have decided to pursue charges against Walmart for threatening and punishing workers who planned to go on strike last year.

“The board’s decision confirms what Walmart workers have long known: the company is illegally trying to silence employees who speak out for better jobs,” said Sarita Gupta, executive director of Jobs with Justice. “Americans believe that we have the responsibility – and the right – to speak out against corporate abuses of workers, and this proves we’re finally being heard, and making kinks in Walmart’s armour.”

The decision would address charges filed one year ago in advance of Black Friday 2012, when Walmart workers went on strike over low wages and lousy working conditions.

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  • Tim Nichols

    i don’t get it, if the workers are abused why do they continue to work at walmart? they have free will, go find another job. blaming big bad walmart is far too convenient and quite frankly it is lazy. strikes me that all you ‘occupy wall streeters’ simply want another free handout. i lived in northwest arkansas for several years and found walmart to be an amazing corporate citizen. look up their foundation and see how many millions of dollars they provide across the globe to help the underserved.

    • Greg

      How much is Wal Mart paying you to post that Tim (if that is your real name)?

      All WM workers want is a livable wage and benefits, enough hours, and honest bosses who treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

      It is a documented FACT that WM has been sued civilly and convicted criminally for stealing worker wages by editing timelogs, health and safety violations (including “lock ins”), and human rights abuses including racial, sexual, and disabilities discrimination.

      The entire serving board AND every past director for the last 25 YEARS should be in jail.

      • Jack King

        “It is a documented FACT that WM has been sued civilly and convicted criminally for stealing worker wages by editing timelogs, health and safety violations (including “lock ins”), and human rights abuses including racial, sexual, and disabilities discrimination.”

        If that is true, the real mystery is why would anyone want to work for such an awful sweat shop. I suggest that any disgruntled employees make their exit immediately.

        • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

          There is no “if”, Jack. It is 100% without doubt or question true, and the documentation of that is readily available with a simple Google search.

          And it’s easy to use the old Libertarian dodge of “let them quit”, but it’s not so easy when their shitty, exploitative, demeaning workplace is all they have to provide for themselves.

          Which inevitably leads to the Libertarian follow up: “Then they should be ‘grateful’ they have that much…”


          Exploitation is ALWAYS wrong, no matter to what degree! By Libertarian capitalist moral logic, chattel slaves should be “grateful” because Massuh at least gives them minimal food and clothing and that’s better than dying on the streets/in the jungle.

          That is an absolutely VILE notion, and I reject it utterly. The time will come in the US when the 99% finally force business to abandon it in reality…one way or the other.

          • Jack King

            “The time will come in the US when the 99% finally force business to abandon it in reality…one way or the other.”

            You can attempt to defy the law of gravity if you wish, but as you accelerate toward the ground feel free to curse out Isaac Newton. The same holds true for the laws of economics. Just as prices are influenced by supply and demand, so aren’t wages. You can stomp around and shake your fist as much as you like, but the “reality” you mention above will not change. What would I do if I made very little salary, and no one else would pay me any more? I’d build a good track record as a reliable employee, upgrade my skills, and ultimately kiss Walmart goodbye for a better job.

          • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

            Economics is not physics. There is no such thing as an inviolable “law” of economics.

            All economic transactions on a mass scale (that is, beyond the level of individual hunter/gatherer-ism) are artificial, and depend on social consent.

            By your logic, we can’t ban robbing someone with a gun, because it’s a matter of “consent”. The victim doesn’t HAVE to give the robber the money. He can instead elect to be shot.

            Classic Hobb’s Choice.

            An employer not paying living wages and treating workers with dignity and respect is no different than a robber. The job is the “gun” (instrument of force). The worker can eithe r submit to the exploitation and abuse or starve in the streets with no job.

            And no, Jack, not everyone CAN “improve their skills”, etc. That is especially true of low-income workers and the poor. They lack either the resources to improve their lot, the time, or both.

            And even if they DO leave.ave, the job just gets filled by ANOTHER exploited worker, and the abuse continues.

          • Jack King

            The laws of supply and demand have been proven empirically so many times that your questioning such a basic concepts either shows your ignorance, or you have been indoctrinated into some Bolshevik cult. Let me give you a very contemporary example. The economy in North Dakota is booming because of recent energy finds. There is such a shortage of labor (supply) that McDonald workers start at $15/hr. Anyone who can be trained how to do the job in one afternoon could be defined as unskilled. You can imagine what kind of salary the skilled workers are getting. What this economy needs is growth. Then we won’t need to waste our time with fringe issues like minimum wage. Unfortunately with current policies we have a zombie economy. In fact, it was just released that in the 1st 2014 quarter the GDP shrank by 1%. That’s unofficially a recession. If we have two negative quarters, it will officially be one.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

    But is it too late? The cancer of “Free market” has metastasized globally, and we’re ALL going under.

  • Mike Benardo

    Its about time! Reaganism is finally dying!

  • John Tallman

    If you don’t mind me saying. Mike Duke has accepted the role of a Chinese Government official. He and his family are given economic advantage, prestige, only to completely SOLELY accept the blame, and fall on a sword. God Save the System.

  • Nonjo

    It gets even better http://thinkprogress.org/…/11/18/2962751/nlrb-walmart/

  • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

    The entire board of directors (past AND present) and the CEOs of WM should all be arrested and prosecuted under RICO for all of the ongoing worker abuses they have permitted.

    The company itself should be nationalized and a new board installed consisting of 50% employee representatives, 30% small shareholder representatives, 19% large shareholder representatives and a government representative with veto authority.

  • Jack King

    Mike Duke is now Chairman of the Board. This is not even a slap on the wrist…maybe even a promotion.

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  • Calvin Ikenouye

    I worked at Wal-Mart as an overnight stocker for a while (6-8 months or something). I remember that they addressed worker’s relations during the orientation video. The video said “Wal-Mart isn’t anti-union, Wal-mart is Pro-employee.” I also remember someone “allegedly” got fired for mentioning to others that they wanted to start a union. I have other stories, none of which are pretty.

  • http://N/A Lance Chambers

    It couldn’t have happened to a nice company.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Chefedone Ed Baker

    I dont shop Walmart because of their worker abuses . They over work and under pay their employees .I went in once and saw how they treated their help and never went back again That was in 2000

  • Suzanne Longo

    I’m on the side of the employees. Years ago I had a problem with an employee in Walmart, but the store’s assistant manager helped me. I haven’t been in a Walmart for a long time. I like shopping at a local business. The hardware store has the same prices as Lowes and Home Depot. They understand they have to compete,and they also have great customer service.

  • joebbz2

    NLRB ,isn’t that a ’80s rock band, or unfunded yet? Workers want a living wage and management expects workers to compete in the “global economy”. So if you don’t work for minimum wage /no benefits, you don’t love America(taker).
    I’m torn, every time I go in WAL-MART I see people I kinda know (employees) but the idea of taxes being doled out to almost every single mom employed at WAL-MART because the business model is to hire part time only .Not because of Obama-care but to skirt all benefits, paid sick/ annual/ holidays/ vacation/ healthcare and then taxes on unemployment insurance and I’m sure there are tons more benefits in screwing your employees. These same employees are cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable and represent your brand , Scared employees don’t unionize too easily, its hard to convince a broke mom its in her best interest to stand in front of her store and not punch in and earn that paltry sum.A half a loaf is better than … even if management spits on it ?

  • Carol

    I am positive his early retirement left him with a HUGE payday.

    • https://www.facebook.com/saitx Keith Hendershot

      Yeah, don’t forget about the whole golden parachute. I hate how executives get paid to mess up.

      • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        Every signle penny should be seized as the “fruits of criminal activity” under the law.

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