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Walmart Asks Employees For Glowing Reviews, Gets These Instead

Walmart is weathering some harsh criticism — from their own employees.

In the wake of a Gawker story that shared less-than-flattering emails from Walmart workers, the retail giant asked employees to send Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan some stories that attested to the greatness of the company.

While some of the respondents did Walmart’s bidding, others bravely posted their true thoughts on the company’s practices, right on their employer’s own website.

One worker unfortunately seemed somewhat resigned to his fate:

Sadly, the Gawker stories match my Walmart experience.

Another suggested that there could be retaliation for speaking out:

Isn’t it funny that these stories ‘aren’t true,’ and yet many of us are too scared to post our disagreement, lest we lose our job? I read the Gawker reports: There’s not one bit that I haven’t experienced myself.

This employee commented on Walmart’s obvious cover-up effort:

I choose not to tell my Walmart experience.  All you corporate people want is the sunshine stories.  You don’t want the reality.

We’re guessing that’s not exactly what they were after, but you can only hide the truth for so long.

Hear some other horror stories from ex-Walmart employees here:

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  • http://thewordenreport-businessandsociety.blogspot.com/2014/06/walmart-where-incompetence-and-denial.html Worden Report

    The question of whether Walmart store managers and company executives deserve the compensation they are receiving is particularly important in the case of Walmart. Recently, I was stunned by the smug incompetence of a store manager after pharmacy employees lost my prescription and cancelled it without my permission (without even having filled the prescription). The store manager was so set in his assumption that looking at the camera footage would be “due diligence” that he refused to have an employee look for the lost prescription the old-fashioned way. “It’s not where it’s supposed to be” was all he could muster, and no employees in the store’s pharmacy took the initiative to conduct a search. Concerning the manager’s self-described “excellent due diligence,” he told me that the camera angle did not permit him to say definitively what had happened…and yet he referred to his camera system as “excellent.” Making matters worse, rather than admitting even to the possibility that an employee lost or even misplaced my prescription, an employee inputted in “the system” that I had cancelled the order and the paper prescription was then returned to me. This in spite of the fact that the camera footage verified that I left the store 45 minutes BEFORE the time the prescription was cancelled and returned presumably to me. “You could have cancelled it by phone,” the fat store manager replied when I pointed out the sheer implausibility of his “system’s” claim.
    You can’t argue with ignorance, especially when it is stubborn and has some authority. When the pharmacist tried to get the provider (not my primary care physician) to reissue or revalidate the cancelled prescription, the refusal was based on “the system” at Walmart indicating that I have the prescription. For a physician to be so ignorant makes the matter of what a Walmart store-manager is earning trite.
    For more, see http://thewordenreport-businessandsociety.blogspot.com/2014/06/walmart-where-incompetence-and-denial.html

  • http://Facebook Alina

    Why is it that ANYTIME somebody shares their experience, story, or says anything about Walmart, Tom replies to it and talks down to the person? Honestly it’s pathetic that someone has the time to sit and read every comment and when ever someone speaks the truth he wants to talk bad to and about them when in reality he doesn’t know ANYTHING about the person or what actually happened. Get a life not everybody who shares their thoughts and their bad experiences with the company is “lazy, uneducated,” and everything else you have called them. It’s pretty obviouse that he is paid to sit here,read all the comments and bash anyone who speaks the truth. I can’t believe the things he says and calls people. Walmart asked for feedback about the company, they wanted to hear the truth and they got it. Get over it! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and who the hell are you to sit here and call people the names that you have because they shared their story?

    • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      Based on the content and pattern, I’d suggest that ‘s “Tom” is a paid shill (aka “astroturf” poster, except that he doesn’t seem to still be around, in which case I’m going to say “garden variety troll”.

      You think he’s bad? Go too Yahoo.com and check the comments on ANY hot-topic corporate article, especially about the Big Bads like Monsanto.

  • Ray

    I have an outsiders view as a vendor who worked fixing the registers and i know for a fact that Wal mart has people who travel these sites trolling them to make themselves look gootd. The fact is Wal mart is the bain of existence for anyone who works there.
    I worked at over 40 stores in the Las Vegas valley and there were miserable horrible conditions for anyone working there. Health care was a joke most of the people were on welfare or snap benefits. If you spoke out against anything and about any managers you were fired.
    Wal mart mistreats workers underpays worker, The HR lady actually told a crying mother who worked there and was only trying to get more hours that if she needed more money to get a second job but if she did she would lose more hours in a wal mart.
    Managers in the store only looked to not get sued and make more money to get a bigger bonus at the end of the year. Wal mart fosters a society of punishment and accusations either false or real. I had mangers being the worst possible people i have ever met.In order to get to management you have to chop off limbs backstab step over people and necks and crotches to make 20 cents an hour.
    None of the shared stories are false in fact its even worse then you think or heard. They need to unionize just for a fair and level playing field.

    Screw wally world

  • http://facebook sotamis

    Tom I don’t believe you have that much time on your hands challenging every post. Obviously you are being paid to do so.

  • Daniel F

    This “Tom” character was a laugh to read.
    Sometimes I wonder if these people ever truly listen to a word they are saying.
    WalMart sucks balls and butthole not unlike the Koch brothers.
    But if you are a hard worker, they will suck Tom’s butthole just a liiiittle softer.

  • Michael

    I worked at Wal-Mart for two years ending in 2000. I was lead associate. Had multiple entries in the praise book, and had Exceeds Expectations on all of my evaluations. (5% raise) I was up for support manager when one of ours transferred in at the first of 2001. My Area Manager started sleeping with a new girl right after she arrived and she developed an attitude. I was training her on how to do background checks for guns when she became insubordinate and refused to listen. The area manager who had previously suggested me for the management program was in the action alley outside of sporting goods. So, I decided to ask for his assistance. He immediately took her side, despite the fact that she was refusing to listen to instructions on how to do something in accordance with legal requirements.

    I walked off from the situation and then was called to the UPC office an hour later and written up. I quit without notice. Sadly, I was making the most of any hourly in my department and that was 5.85/hr at the time. I drove 30 miles each way to work.

  • http://gravatar.com/llosalbum llosalbum

    Where to begin. I used to work at Walmart. I was a loyal employee and one of the few who would,even though I worked on the floor crew, would go out of my way to help customers. I arrived early and stayed as late as I had to, I wore my hair long but well kept and kept my appearance up. Then I fell on some wax and injured my arm. Although that injury was not the end of my Walmart experience it was the first nail on the coffin of me ever working there again. Between the Dr they sent me to who even though I had a weird protuberance on my arm afterwards insisted that there was nothing wrong, to the derision I received from most of the managers, the entire experience was jarring. I worked there for another year or so until my knees became so swollen that I couldn’t walk because of faulty maintenance on the floor scrubbers. After repeating the experience of an on the job injury I decided to leave Walmart. BTW for the guy who is talking about becoming a Co-Manager in 5 yrs, I call BS on that. It usually takes a few years to even get a CSM position.

    • Michael

      I have worked at Wal-Mart for 3 years. When I first interviewed, I was told my first 6 months would be in temporary status, then I would be switched to full-time status. After a year of working 40 hours a week (with the exception of getting my hours cut every holiday season after we get a bonus, so we end up without a bonus since it is taken back from us in our hours), I am called into personnel office and asked why am I working full time hours if I’m not full time worker. I said that I have been here a year, then they said they aren’t hiring any full-time workers. But then she said if I signed a paper, then I would switch to full-time status. So I signed it, even though it didn’t say on the paper that it was a full-time status agreement or anything, then a year later, I’m being threatened by my assistant manager to be cut down to 22 hours a week because I’m not full-time. I said no, I’m definitely full-time, but my asst. mgr. and ZMS both tell me I’m not full-time. All I know is that I don’t make enough money to invest in stock options, 401k, or health insurance. When they cut our hours after they give us a bonus,I now don’t have enough money to pay rent. I hate the Wal-Mart scheme; the rich need to share a couple million out of their billion for mistreated workers like myself. Still looking for a new job.

  • Annabella

    I, too, worked at Wal-Mart. And it was awful. I worked for minimum wage as a cashier, had no health insurance, at least none I could afford and got treated like a throw-away commodity, which I was. We were told to watch for unionizers. Cashiers were rewarded on being fast– which meant you could either be fast or be nice to customers; doing both was next to impossible. And any customer problems or complaints, such as a price question, worked against you…the deck was stacked against cashiers pretty heavily. We were told not to change prices or believe the customer when they said an item was a certain price and it rang up differently– then a manager would show up, smile sickeningly, give the customer the price they wanted and make the cashier look like an idiot. No support at all from management. And then those same customers would write letters about the cashier that was not allowed, by management, to change prices or give the customer the price they said it showed on the shelves. And that letters were read in weekly meetings for EVERYONE TO HEAR. So the humiliation was complete because there were no secrets among the employees, none. Full-time never happened. They would send you home on Christmas Eve rather than pay a dime more than they had to. I remember the people who worked there always looking down and away, and no one spoke up against anything, ever. It was like being in a cult.

  • http://aattp.org Lee

    Tom, you are one seriously hateful person. If you are representative of Walmart management, then it is glaringly obvious that all these stories of bad experiences are true. I can’t imagine trying to work for a person such as you with that 1% outlook and how you hate everyone that isn’t you. Your smug, offensive attitude will come back to haunt you one day. You think you are doing your company a favor by coming on here and slamming people and calling them names, insinuating they are nothing but dumb, lazy moochers. If I were your store manager and I saw this I would hand you your walking papers tomorrow morning. My sincerest hope is that one day soon the company you seem to hold in such high esteem turns on you, too. Karma is a b*tch!

  • Sue

    I say to all Walmart haters like myself, is to go to your local Walmart and fill up a cart with perishable food items. Then when you are done with that take your time and post little papers around the store stating things like don’t forget to vote to Unionize on such and such a date. Then leave your cart somewhere and walk away. Come back the next day to watch the s**t hitting the fan. : )

    • Tom

      ROFL!!! Would never happen.

    • bonnie

      so that is why we find so many carts with spoiled food that we have to throw away. That is the worse thing about working there, finding a cart full of steaks, ground beef, melted ice cream that some other person cant buy because it is ruined. wasted food just to show anger, pitiful. what is happening to this country when no one cares.

  • Joe W.

    After reading majority of these posts, I have some things to say.

    1. All of these negative comments are just absurd. Are there things that happen? Absolutely. Is it a rosey picture at the stores? Not all the time, no.

    But, it CAN be a great place.

    From my experience, I started several years ago as an hourly associate. Was I a model employee? Nope. In fact, I was coached within my first two weeks there for attendance. Did I learn from it, or did I just become a complaining jackass? I chose to learn from it. Havent missed a day since, have I been late for work? Sure, it happens.

    I was hired on as a temporary cart pusher ( or as we call that position, “stockman” ). I had it explained to me that I was only hired on as a temp for the holidays. If I showed up everyday, and did my job 100%, I had a chance at staying on after the holidays.

    Sure enough, holidays came around, and I was told that I would be laid off, along with every single other temp associate there. That the company was holding off on allowing the hiring of temps at the moment. But when it re opens, I will be on of the 1st they call.

    I was upset of course. I worked hard, it is a crappy position, pushing carts. I showed up everyday. So now I was employed. Couldnt get a call back for an interview for a month. Finally, in late January, I got a call from a Personel Coordinator from WalMart, and was asked if I could come in for an interview, that they were considering bringing me back as a Lawn & Garden Associate. I said hell yes!

    So, they came through on what they told me. They had my trust. I went through several months as an associate, then was promoted to a Dpt Mgr, and I then became the Lead over the IMS crew in the backroom, when that program first started. I left the company in 2002 to seek a degree in communications.

    The first facility I worked at, had the greatest atmosphere I had ever been in while working. Everyone was great! When I returned to the company in 2008, I was hired off the street as a Garden Center Department Manager making $10 per hour. This store was nothing like the one I worked at previously.But, I had a great Assistant Manager who cared about my success and taught me. I saw many other associates in that store not care. Steal, lie, cheat, etc. And it showed, because I was promoted again within the first year there, and now was making $12.40 after the promotion to a ZMS, and my yearly evaluation.

    I was in that ZMS position for only 10 months, when I was promoted to an assistant manager. This particular move, I did on my own. I knew nothing before of how to apply for an assistant position, what knowledge I needed to get the position, and how I went about getting interviewed. No one really decided to take me under my wing.

    The store mgr at the time, Paul, was a hire from outside the company. He had come from two failed companies, and brought in to run the store, after the our original Store Mgr transferred to another store. I asked this Paul guy for some advice, and what I needed to do to make it to the next level. He told me and I quote “You know, I have seen a lot of ZMS’s in the last year, and they all could run circles around my current assistant management team. Except for you.” You’ll never make it.

    2 weeks later I was promoted to an Assistant Manager, by someone else who saw my desire, and hard work.

    I left that hell hole of a store, and was assigned in a store in Pennsylvania. I spent 8 weeks in a training class before starting my new position. When I got out of class I felt like I was going to change the world.

    I had a fun time in that store and the new position. I started to see the politics of upper management rather quickly. Training pretty much was non existent after that. I had to dig and learn on my own. It took me about 2 years before I was promoted to my current position, as a Shift Manager/Co Manager.

    The company didnt take care of me personally, but they had the tools and resources to allow me to do it for myself. If I had relied on the company to do it all for me, I would probably no longer be in the company. I will not say anything bad about WalMart, as I have been able to turn my life around in the last 5 years.

    I went from having no car, no home of my own, living paycheck to paycheck, to Now married to my beautiful wife, a very nice home, reliable transportation, and we are able to go out and enjoy our lives. Because I worked my ass off to get I am today.

    Again, I will admit there are plenty of problems that if eliminated could have made it a smoother ride, but , every job has issues. EVERY job. I currently work in a facility where out of the 13 members of management, 7 are gay, with 6 being lesbians. The store mgr is a lesbian as well. More than 50% of the hourly supervisors, are lesbian. It makes for an uncomfortable situation.

    Is there favoritism there? Oh my lord, absolutely. I have seen things that are very innapropriate. Upper management having hourly associates phone numbers, facebook friended, hanging out at their houses, having parties, staying overnight. It is just unprofessional. I actually for the first time, have thought about quitting the company. This store will never be fixed, unless you cut the head of the snake. The store manager.

    The other thing there that pisses me off, is when a position opens up, they already know who is going to get the position before they interview anyone for it. That is absolutely unfair for anyone in the building, and it is an unethical way to run a business. It also lacks integrity.

    So, I admit there are issues. But it isnt the company. It is the way certain people think and run the store. I currently work for a threatening tyrant, who obviously has a dislike for men. But overall, ifit wasnt for me working for this company, I would either be homeless, in jail, or dead.

    So, I do have to defend the company from those who I know are majority people who are pissed because they have lost their job there for legitimate reasons.

    Do I like the fact most of the merchandise is made in china now? NO. DO I like the cutting back of hours? NO, DO I like seeing more PT than FT positions? NO

    But, I am still a little guy. I can only do so much. WHo knows, maybe one day if I stay with the company, I can keep moving up, and make a change for the best.

    • Greg

      I give the scriptwriter for the above post credit for more subtlety than “Tom”‘s but it’s still astroturf. Very clever, hedged “yes there are ‘problems’, BUT…” to be sure, but phony as a $3 bill.

      • bonnie

        are most of the responders here, union people???

        • Bob Cull

          Apparently you have been drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, Bonnie. It is not union greed that has cost this country jobs, it is greed in the boardroom! Greed by people like Sam Walton’s children, people who have more money than they could spend in several lifetimes and still don’t think they have enough!

          These are the people who have fed you the lie that unions are bad for you and that you should shun them. We would still be working and sleeping, nothing else, that’s all you would have time for, were it not for unions. Unions are responsible for all of the protections that working people have today and the Waltons, Kochs and their deluded Teapub followers are working hard to strip it all away.

        • Alison

          You can thank unions for the fact that the expected work day is (usually) only 8 hours long, though of course THAT’S changing! Get paid overtime? Thanks, unions! Have sick leave? Yep, unions. Even at places that don’t have unions, the standard practices in employment were influenced by the labor movement. So…unions, not so bad. Greedy pigs like the Walton family kids…pretty bad.

        • Cis

          I don’t know anyone who is part of a union, but everyone I know can sing to the choir about all these horror stories. They aren’t absurd, they aren’t false. Walmart really does wrong the employees in many disgusting ways.

  • Andrea

    Tom has convinced me to never shop Wal*Mart again. And yes, I am highly educated and have a job.

    • Tom


      • Greg

        How about YOU prove you’re not a WM plant?

      • jules

        Tom sure does have a lot of time to reply to soo many reviews. Just scroll through all of his responses. Eithe he has no job or is just trolling for Walmart.

  • Ashlei

    I work overnights as a stocker and its a nightmare! They work us to the bone and its never enough. Not to mention a MACHINE tells us how much TIME we have on our work and when we can’t get it done, into the office we go! The times thwy give us are ridiculous! The death rate is also super high! We recently lost an associate and the company wanted to keep so hush hush about it and over the last few years we’ve had at least 3 or 4 heart attacks, and during the day at least 3 strokes over the last Month! All because of the over work and stress they put on us! I have mild heart problems from the stress there and I’m only 26! They treat us like cattle rather than people and expect us to work like machines. Having to do someone’s else’s job that gets paid more Pisses me off too! The backroom associates get $.20 more and yet I have to go back there all the time to help out (sometimes by myself) with no extra pay! This last inventory they sent them all home and told me to stay til 9:30. Yeah. Currently looking for a better job where I’m at least appreciated. It’s become like Nazi Germany there.

    • Tom

      I call BS. I currently am an Overnight Co-Mgr. I started with the company 5 years ago, this August, as an hourly associate. I repeat, I am a Co-Mgr. That means I was promoted 5, let me repeat that too, 5 times in under 5 years. I had to work hard for what I wanted.

      Things are not given to you for nothing. You have to work for the opportunities. That is the problem today with society, and a large percentage of the workforce. They feel like they should start out off the street at $30 an hour, with no experience, or work history what so ever. Get a damn clue about what pride and work ethic is first, before you bash a company that you just do not have the capabilities to work for.

      And by the way, the task times for MyGuide on overnight, as pretty damn accurate. I stock with the associates, and NEVER had a problem meeting or beating those task times. It’s just pure laziness that prevents people from getting the job done.

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        How many people did you backstab, step on, run down or otherwise screw over to get that Manegerial slot so you could screw over the ENTIRE store?

        But you’re just a good little corporate Eichmann, aren’t you

        • Tom

          Actually, none. I went after the positions. The original store I started out at, was full of employees that dressed like slobs, stole from the store, never showed up for work, etc. I was one of the few in the facility that actually gave a shit about what kind of job they did on a daily basis.

          I got promoted with no help though. I went through the whole process on my own. I had to teach myself everything I currently know.

          I will say that the training part of the company is absolute garbage, and that I do see a lot of favorites getting their hands held and pushed a long.

          But, otherwise, it is a great company to work for. Just because you werent hired by them/terminated for shotty work, doesnt mean you have to bash the company out of retaliation.

          • Greg

            And you continue to be WRONG. I have not been fired by WM, nor have I ever applied there with any serious expectation that they might hire me.

            My outrage at their labor practices is SOLELY that of a human being with a functioning conscience and morality who has empathy for his fellow human beings…something you (and WM) lack utterly…

            Your paymasters in Bentonville should ask for their money back…you aren’t very good at this.

      • https://www.facebook.com/trish.perkins.31 Trish Perkins

        Keep drinking the Kool Aid Tom…unsafe hazardous working conditions. Accidents not reported to OSHA…PTO to attend a youner brother’s funeral 900 miles away denied…vacations denied…stories of HUGE bonuses from employees in other stores…store manager taking a 6 figure bonus…yeah…Walmart is great…

      • https://www.facebook.com/darkdragonweaver Dale Mulkey

        youre an idiot and a paid liar for walmart. maybe you should talk to some pf your employees and find out the truth. your little promotions dont count as you have more then likely lied from day one

        • Greg

          He already knows the truth. But like all good little corporate Eichmanns, he ignores the truth so he can follow his orders and still sleep at night.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lordbeaker Eric Lilly

      Dead peasants. We can make money on those.

      • Laura

        You sir, win the internet!

  • Aurora

    If anyone who wants to know what its like to work for them gimme a holler. I used to work for Walmart for a year.

    • Tom

      If you only lasted a year, then you either were terminated for attendance, or just stopped showing up because you actually had to get out of bed.

      You have no experience to say anything negative about the company.

      • Bob Cull

        Here’s a thought, maybe Aurora found a job that actually paid a living wage and where they didn’t lie to their employees about the evils of unions!

        • Tom

          And here is another: She most likely was a cashier, and called out on a consistent basis, and was late for work.

          After several chances, was finally coached through the process, and now she wants to say bad things about a company who upheld their policies that they tell you about, on your first day with the company in orientation.

          • Bob Cull

            That comment is exactly the reason that none of your “arguments” should or will be taken seriously, Tom. I SUGGEST a POSSIBLE scenario and you respond with what you consider to be a PROBABLE or MOST LIKELY scenario. By the way you still haven’t told me what my income level is in order to prove to me that you are indeed omniscient as you claim to be.

          • Dorothy Hoyt-Reed

            Tom, my sister worked for them years ago. The store had a little food court. She was never allowed a bathroom break, but she was ok with that. She is a very responsible person and has good customer service skills, even working when she was sick. She finally reached the point when she could get benefits, and her manager kept putting it off and putting it off. When she came down with bladder infection from not being allowed to use the restroom, she complained finally about not even having the health insurance to which she was. entitled. Suddenly her hours were cut back to almost nothing, so she had to find another job. She was so well liked by customers, that several of them stopped eating there.

      • https://www.facebook.com/darkdragonweaver Dale Mulkey

        anyone who has worked or even shopped and seen the stores have the right to speak out on this company. your not hitler and this isnt germany. freedom of speech is a constitutional right in this country. so bite it

  • Michael

    While there are plenty of reasons to not shop MalWart given here, my reason for shopping anywhere but there is because it isn’t local. The money doesn’t stay in my community and 85+ percent of the junk they sell is cheaply made stuff from China. No thanks, shop local, buy American whenever possible, save our communities!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ethan.robinson.96 Ethan Robinson

    i worked at one for about 2 months hurt my back and i had to see a couple doctors and a chiropractor and they didnt pay for any of it

    • Tom

      Did you fill out an accident form? If you hurt yourself and did not report it, then what do you expect them to do? If you hurt yourself by not using safe work practices, then that again, is not their fault.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rob.campbell.906 Rob Campbell

      Get an ATTORNEY ! Go to the LABOR BOARD ! You have rights. UNLESS you didn’t report it at work. If you didn’t report it, you’re sunk

  • ben

    sucks but these exact same things are showing up in smaller and more local businesses

  • http://twitter.com/artemisiaprods ArtemisiaProductions (@artemisiaprods)

    I don’t shop at Walmart as a matter of principle. They would have to completely overhaul the way they do business, and the way they treat their employees before I would ever consider shopping there again. Many of my friends feel the same way. Keep it up Walmart, and you’ll be out of business. How will that affect your bottom line?

    • Tom

      So, if you are going to attack theri way of business, then what is it they need to change? They already challenge all competitors by beating their prices, and as far as the associates, what are you talking about? Do you work there? How do you know they are being mistreated?

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        Because we LISTEN, when they TELL us they have been. Like the woman last year (an elderly greeter) who as FIRED for trying to protect herself from falling after being assaulted by an aggressive customer:


      • Melody

        Walmart prices are NOT better than everyone else. In fact, in many respects, on grocery items, they are the same, if not more, than regular grocery stores. Price matching? HA! It’s like pulling teeth to prove it.
        It’s quite obvious you are here to be the company “cheerleader” and spew the company line. But when the complaints of employee abuses & complaints of employee discrimination continue to flood in, you can’t stop the flow with the same old pro-big business/anti-worker “you gotta work hard to get your money” crap. Truth will always find a way to come to the surface.

      • Dondura Miller

        Do I know they are being mistreated? YES I do. I know of several and they are ALL family who were treated like cattle! Neice worked there 15 years and was fired when she went into labor and the manager had to come in to fill in. She had so many warnings about not picking up boxes that it filled a separate folder! Nephew quit when he was told to pick up a HUGE TV without help..he injured his back and was told to quit or be fired for filling out the OSHA forms…I can go on and on, but you get the picture!

        • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

          I know how that goes. I worked as a 3rd shift stocker and was always put into housewares…by myself. When I had to put our furniture items many were supposed to be a “two man lift”. I’d ALWAYS contact a supervisor and ask for someone to be sent over to help. About 25% of the time I actually got help and only after several hours and requesting help several times. I ended up moving plenty of items on my own that were supposed to be two person moves. I left when my husband was diagnosed with cancer because trying to support a family of 5 on Wal-mart pay only was impossible. I moved on to truck driving (making 5x as much).

  • artisanrox

    i haven’t been there in about two or three years. I opened up a Costo membership. Drove fifty miles away for it. Worth every penny. Would do it again.

    Hopefully when out refrigerator konks out we can get a new one delivered from there.

    • Juliet

      You should. I had a mattress delivered to my place, and it’s 100 miles from the nearest Costco.

  • Kathy

    It is NOT ok to make employees work in those conditions. Sounds like you don’t care.

  • Mykelb

    Corporate a**holes who treat their employees like dirt. Every store causes between $900,000 to $1.5 million in food stamps and medicare because they don’t pay their employees a living wage. BOYCOTT THIS POS COMPANY.

    • Tom

      And you as well as the others who think like you do, are the reason why those who work hard everyday, and work their way up to higher salaries have to pay for YOUR welfare, because you refuse to SHOW up for work.

      People make good money when they actually show the hell up for work, and do the damn job. I am so sick of hearing people complain about how much they make. I started with the company almost 5 years ago, and started at $10 an hour. I now make a salary of $66,000 a year, with incentive bonuses that can be as high as 45% of my base salary.

      Hmm. Interesting huh? When people realize that they need to WORK HARD FOR THEIR SUCCESS, and not wait for someone to gift wrap ir for them, maybe most of them can stop living off of our taxes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.cox.357 Dale Cox Jr.

        Tom when you are part of the “frozen chosen” “us four and no more” you can move up to $66 a year. But don’t try to tell me any employee can do that because we both know better “Company Man”.

      • Juliet

        Wal-Mart hires temporary workers. They love part-time employees. Don’t have to ‘waste’ their money on decent pay and benefits when they do that. Never mind that this attracts two types of people: the desperate (who will work their asses off), and the slackers (who don’t care). But to you, the holder of an architecture degree who’s trying to pay the bills while looking for a job in his/her field is a lazy, incompetent idiot. So is the man or woman who was let go after years with a company (so that the company could hire a newcomer at half the price). Or the full-timer who needs a second job to make ends meet. Or the elderly person supplementing SS and savings. All those people are scum, less than you and your perfection in all things Wal-Mart.

        I’m the sort who shows up on time and puts in the effort demanded. But if I don’t get 40 hours a week at a decent wage, I can’t make that ‘good money.’ If my part-time hours are inconsistent, I can’t get a second job (or even a third).

        But hey, I’m just a piece of shit you could flush down the toilet whenever the bosses decide to ‘trim fat’ from their stores. My work and spending contributes nothing to the economy or the companies I buy from: that all comes from investors and investments, right? It’s the stockholders who drive the economy, and the rest of us are just moochers. When the robots are perfected, you won’t need employees — and the Waltons won’t need YOU.

  • Sean

    This sounds a lot like working for The Disney Store…

  • http://www.facebook.com/michele.rose.372 Michele Rose

    they don’t treat their associates well or their customers. every time i go in that damn store i get attitude for wanting people to do their jobs and help find something or at least tell me if they even carry it. i have bought products fromt here and it isnt even complete then they give me a hard ass time to get my money back. i am surprised they don’t make me take a lie detector test..i hate shopping there any more and i wont unless i need something big and its on a really great sale (which doesnt happen any more)

  • http://www.facebook.com/txgirl1949 Kat Rodgers

    Well my husband is full time but he is grandfather into when he started. His full time is 28 hours. He does get 40 hours but they do not have to give him forty hours. They made him prove that we were legally married before I could go on the insurance. Talking with other associates they were never asked. They were common law married. They also made him show his Ged. other associates lied stated they had High School Diplomas and did not all they had was Ged too but was started with higher pay. They were not asked to prove it. They also asked my husband why i was taking pain medicine when i had just had major surgery. Really what business is it to store. Oh ya Walmart pays out claims their selves so home office knows all your medical. I think this is violation of the HIPAA Act.

    • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      Technically, no. As the insurer, WM has the legal right to know your medical status insofar as it comes to treatments obtained and charged for.

      They are not supposed to use that info for any OTHER purpose, but I’d be money (had I any) that they do…you or someone in your family on the insurance suddenly gets really sick, injured, etc and watch the worker’s job go POOF overnight.

      • Tom

        And of course, you are 100% incorrect. Another person who makes comments and accusations about things you have no evidence or proof of. You must be a Trayvon Martin fan?

        • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price
          • Tom

            LoL! Majority of those stories are very funny. SOme sound a little legit, but majority of them are complete BS. The wording is all wrong, and I am sorry, but every single post on that page, had perfect grammar, and punctuation.

            That is a rehearsed website.

        • https://www.facebook.com/darkdragonweaver Dale Mulkey

          you must be a disgusting piece of trash you republican trash pile

        • Person With A Conscious

          Tom, you didn’t need to bring Trayvon Martin into this fight over Walmart. That was SOOOOOOO insensitive to the Martin family ! That goes to show you and the rest of the world how management at walmart stores really have NO RESPECT for ANYONE. And yes, I AM a walmart associate. And AGREE with EVERYTHING that people say about the mistreatment of the associates there. YOU just proved it here, what walmart management thinks of people. LEAVE THE MARTIN FAMILY OUT OF THIS FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Juliet

          Okay, with that Trayvon Martin crack, you have just revealed that you have no interest at all in discussion. You know that you are right, and the rest of us are not only wrong, but evil and immoral.

          I do hope that you never have to eat your words, if only to save others the trouble that your problems would cause them.

  • http://pawsforpraise.wordpress.com pawsforpraise

    Any company that fires an employee for wanting to save a dog from a hot car is not a place I would shop.

    • ronthibodeau


    • bonnie

      in our store we were just told today at a safety meeting that if we found a dog in a hot car, to call a mgr and stay by the car till they come out. it happened recently and was taken care of and no one was fired.

      • AATTP

        Glad to hear that!

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        Oh yea, that’s an easy one…makes them look REAL good publicity-wise and doesn’t cost them a penny.

        But they won’t bow to public pressure about putting on sufficient help to keep the shelves stocked or give associates living wages and enough hours…THOSE would cost money…

      • http://pawsforpraise.wordpress.com pawsforpraise

        That’s good, but if the dog was already in distress, and in heatstroke, even waiting for a manager could prove very costly, and perhaps deadly. I think we all have to trust our conscience, and be sure we understand the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It probably doesn’t hurt to take a picture of the dog’s condition with your cell phone either…

  • Barb

    I can honestly say that I RARELY go into our local store. If I’m in desperate need of a product and no other location has that item, I will go in, BUT that is the only item I permit myself to buy. Sad to say, the parking lot is always full with bargain hunters. Wake up America! What you don’t pay for off the shelf, you will pay for in higher taxes to cover the food stamps and child medical care these folks are eligible for because of low wages and reduced hours. If places like Costco can pay their workers a living wage, then why can’t Walmart do the same? Bottom line, no amount of money is enough for these CEOs. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.” J.C.

    • http://twitter linda0819

      I agree with you completely but I live in a very small town and it’s the only store we have. I feel guilty every time I go there.

    • Susan Chadwick

      I’m with you… Hate to shop Walmart… only if I have too…. but NO BIG ticket items…

    • Melody

      GOOD POINT! Not only does Costco pay its employees a living wage, and benefits, they also are making higher profits than Walmart and Target.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phreakwars Eric Clark-Sanchez

    My wife works for Wal-Mart. Her only real complaint is that they turn off the AC at night (she’s on 3rd shift). She said it gets terribly hot in the store when everyone is working. They do this to save money on cooling I guess. Their reasoning is not as many customers are in the store at night so no reason to run the AC. I guess I can kind of see Wal-Mart’s perspective on this, but it does make for an uncomfortable work environment. Also, she applied for only part time hours, only wanted to work 3, maybe 4 days a week, but they have her constantly scheduled for 40 hours a week. Kind of the OPPOSITE of some peoples problem of only getting 32 hours or less. So joking with her, I said if she wanted less hours from the beginning, she should have applied for FULL TIME instead :-D. Other then that, she said it ain’t too bad. I’m on the belief that it really depends on the location your at, not Wal-Mart corporate specifically. But then, she’s only been there a couple months. My guess is after her probationary period, they’ll cut her hours to avoid paying benefits…. Not that she would care, it’s what she wants anyways. Plus, she already has health insurance through my job’s provider, so it’s not a worry at this point.

    • bonnie

      Glad to hear a good Walmart story, im sure there are many more.

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/~quatrewinner Quatre Winner

    I have to say that sadly, unless something big is going on and they want to put forward a good face, Wal-Mart doesn’t treat its associates well at all. I work at store # 1196 and we’re in the process of transferring to a supercenter. At the old store, we have a literal skeleton crew – maybe five associates on the floor working at one time. There was one day when we only had two associates scheduled besides the manager and CSM – two other associates volunteered to stay over. The store ended up having to be shut down early. Despite that they buy pizza for the associates, jambalaya, or other treats. I’d rather not be stressed out than be full and stressed out

    I’ve been at Wal-Mart for seven years and in just that little time I can tell you that things have changed. I wish the higher-ups would worry about associate welfare instead of their bottom line.

    • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      Unionize! MAKE them care! Or at least comply with decent standards.

      • http://www.facebook.com/travis.broschat Travis Broschat

        Safeway is Union, and they’re a much worse company to work for, I know, I’ve worked for both… Safeway pays barely over minimum wage, after Union dues you actually make less than minimum wage!

      • bonnie

        I knew it, pushin Unions, never worked for a union company and saved a lot of money that way.

        • Bob Cull

          You are delusional, Bonnie. I worked for two months once for a non union company, made much less money and had absolutely no rights. When you need the paycheck and have to depend on the government to intervene when your rights are abused you really have no recourse. It is shut up, grit your teeth, bite your tongue and take it.

        • https://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

          No, you LOST a lot of money. Unions bring higher wages and better benefits vs non-union businesses. This is documented fact.

  • Terri Hance

    What happened to my post….why was it not put up

    • Samantha

      It is there. I can see it. I think your computer or phone may be being stubborn and not showing it.

  • Roberta V

    Mr. Sam is dizzy in his grave with what has happened to his company. I worked in 2 different stores. One while Sam W was still living it was different from now. I left in 2003 or should say was wrongfully dismissed. I have many friends who are still there probably 20 years now. I will have to be very hungry to work there again. Actually couldn’t if I had to because I can’t stand for long at one time. I do trade at Walmart because of my friends and I know the challenges they all face. Their indoctrination process is bold but also sutle. Cause u are begging for some work to feed ur family.By the way Texas is a right to work state. U can be fired without notice or reason.

  • Terri Hance

    I worked for Walmart for 8 1/2 years….i started as a cashier, became a CSM, then a Dept. Manager and then An Assistant Manager…i had some really good Store Managers….but the last 3 years were horrible…it seems as though every day they care less and less about the reason Sam Walton built the company and only care about their own bonuses.. I loved my job and my associates were my family…i worked at the same store the whole time and loved many of the people who are still there. I did my best to take care of them often to the point of putting my own job in jepordy…Oh the things I could tell you. I quit my job as the Store Manager allowed another Assistant Manager to buy alcohol for minor associates of the opposite sex and have a party at the store managers house with these under age associates….My daughter happened to also attend this party…as how I found out. When I brought this matter to the store managers attention he told me to mind my own f@#@#$# business if I wanted to keep my job. This incident was reported to higher ups…the market manager….but of course they were given a slap on the hand and a pat on the back….I on the other hand was sent to the overnight shift and although I had worked for almost 9 years without a coaching I was coached two nights in a row on my first 2 nights on over nights….but there is no retaliation in the company just ask them. I walked out in the middle of my shift. For the next 2 months anytime I went into the store I was followed by management and loss prevention…I quess they were afraid I might talk to some one….The funny part is that the Assistant who bought the booze for the under age associates recently got promoted to a Co-Manager in another store I wonder what he will do to the poor associates in that store. I am angry that I was treated so badly and I also know first hand what we are told and how we are to treat our associates…they don;t see you guys as people…and if there isnt a good strong person in a management role to stand up for your rights….You as an associate do not stand a chance, Be strong and walk away there is a better life out there away from Walmart

    • Dan Haney

      Your mistakes was not call the police to make the report.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kim.davis.904108 Kim Davis

      I just wonder why the AM wasn’t reported to the police for clearly violating a law.

    • Jon

      No such thing as “right to work”, call it what it is, a right to arbitrarily fire. Saying right to work implies that workers have rights when it is the exact opposite.

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        “Right to Work” proves that Newspeak is alive and well in the 21st century.

  • mary

    You won’t get any great review from me! I worked at walmart 1727 for 2 1/2 years and NEVER AGAIN will I ever work at another walmart! Most associates are hired part time, because corporate does not want to hire full time! They push you at 32 hours per week but will schedule you 30 hours one week so they don’t have to make you full time! They take employees from other positions and make them management (even tho it is against policy to hire within for management) When store 1727 went super center there were several associates that applied for CSM (customer service manager) who knew just as much as the managers and they hired all new help for them positions. You can only miss so many days (I believe 6) before you get a D-Day which is your warning before termination. There is such a thing as retaliation (all though they say there isn’t) And nothing is confidential there, all associates know what is going on if you take a medical leave of absence. That’s walmart for ya! Everyone knows your business! Doctor excuses mean nothing if you are sick and miss a day or 2. I could go on and on but I’ve said plenty! I had finally had enough of working at 1727 Because of the stress and drama! I applied and got a better paying job with very little stress and I love this job! Hopefully walmart will change one day, but I don’t think it ever will! To many greedy hands in there!

    • Tom

      And it is attitudes and misinformation like the crap you are spewing in that post, that makes you look like an idiot too.

      How does one push someone at 32 hours? Full time starts at 33, so cutting someones hours to 30, is not keeping them from full time.

      There is NO SUCH POLICY that states you cannot promote within the company, as you stated it.

      Your attendance quote is also completely wrong. You worded it just right so it would look bad on the company. You are only allowed 3 attendance exceptions (3 missed days) in a 6 month rolling period. At the 4th, a coaching (write up ) process begins because you have an attendance issue. YOU WERE HIRED TO BE THERE! At the 7th attendance exception in 6 months, you are terminated. Yes. I agree. If you miss that many days in 6 months, then they need to replace you.

      Do research on the company policies before you run your mouth, and misinform people about it.

      • Rob

        Walmart is a shithole, the ceo makes 700 time the average employee and sam waltons children were all in the top ten richest people in the united states, yet walmart in most states cant even pay the employees a cost of living wage. Tom you can say they start there employees at whatever you want but when you only work 32hrs or less a week it doesnt make up the difference. where I live walmart starts at 8.20 an hr day shift and 9.20 O/n the cost of living is 13 an hr at full time with out any promotion it would take 8yrs to get to that amount and by then the cost of living would have increased anyway. And dont try and tell me anything. I have worked my ass off everyday there on IMS unloading trucks for over 2yrs, my crew is underscheduled and my store is under staffed, our backroom is full of shit and it was more empty and in better shape w/o a store manager hows that even make sense? I am unappreciated my managers ask more than enough from me, ask me to do the impossible with only 10min left of my shift, i stay to finish it regardless but that is not fair especially when the rest of my shift cuts out 10mins early god forbid if i tried to do that one time. i put in as many hrs as i can taking extra days to help overnights, going to other stores to help out, staying til 7am to help the managers when they need it, and ive gone no where, and yes ive put in for other positions ive asked to be moved ive asked for full time, and the worst part of going to work everyday is knowing im going to have to deal with my asshole supervisor with a sarcastic attitude that treats us like shit and makes me wait longer to take my breaks because everyone else one the team is a lazy asshole and 50%+ of my store doesnt give 2 shits and all of the over nighters get 30min, 15min breaks, while day shift just putts around pretending to work. I call bs on walmart they suck ass.

  • Suzanne Longo

    Everybody is happy working at Walmart! Haven’t you seen the commercial? They send you to school! They give you raises! You can work your way into management!

    Another thing Walmart does good – propaganda!

  • http://twitter.com/smscott smscott (@smscott)

    I worked at walmart in 2004 here in Texas. All of the things you hear said about working at Wal-Mart I saw them too… the anti union video, the instructions to report to management anyone discussing trying to unionize… the “You get 32 hours per week, just enough that you are part time and cant get any benefits” dance…. Oh and I actually received a small (like 100$ small) settlement out of a class action I signed on with due to WalMart in our area “Requiring, encouraging, or willfully permitting employees to work off the clock” I signed on because i cannot count the number of times I was told Go do X and when I let them know that I was actually going to clock out as my shift was over (and Im not supposed to get any hours over my scheduled ones remember) I was told “So go clock out and then come back and do it” … Um, No, see if I clock out, I am leaving.. I do not work for free.

    • http://acancerwithcancer.wordpress.com thesalzereffect

      I worked at WalMart for one summer and that anti-union video is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,

      • http://dopplegangsta.bandcamp.com Faulteroy

        Someone should smuggle that video out and leak it online.

      • http://bikelepetic.com Halley

        “We’re not anti-union, we’re pro-employee!”

        • Jon

          If you are pro employee, you would not be intimated by workers rights protection. Your statement is like saying we are not anti health care we are just don’t want doctors and affordable medicine

    • http://maideibike.wordpress.com mimitabby

      good for you!! if more people had your courage, it would be a lot harder for Walmart to pull that stuff.

    • http://www.facebook.com/txgirl1949 Kat Rodgers

      At my husbands store you will be fired if you work off clock. He was relaying message from mangement after he clocked out to another associate and was told if he did that again he would be fired.

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        I’d bet that that store was one of the ones hit by one of the class-action suits for “off clocking”.

    • http://mrsclaussews.blogspot.com/ Marty

      We were shown the anti-union videos at Macy’s too. That’s another company just like Walmart. Just because you have a fancy store doesn’t make the working conditions any better. My friend works at the local Walmart and because they had to compete they actually start people out a the highest wages in the state. Doesn’t mean it’s any better to work there. You see some long-term, but more and more turnover. Retail sucks and I would never work at Walmart, and I have been offered a job there anytime I want. No thanks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/charlotte.lymangracer Charlotte Lyman Gracer

      That’s exactly what happened to me when I worked at Wal-mart. Clock out and come back and stock the shelves, sorry I don’t work for free.

      • Tom

        You people are all idiots. To the original poster: You made a false comment about benefits for part time associates. Part time associates get the exact same opportunities for benefits that the Full Time associates do, except for dental. So your comment that Part time associates do not get benefits, was a lie.

      • bonnie

        never happens at our store. not allowed to work off the clock. very strict about that. dont know why your store allows it. never ever been told to go back and work after clocked out and ive been there 10 yrs.

  • L. M. Smith

    Federal law only requires that short breaks of 20 minutes or less be paid. Federal law does not require longer breaks be given or paid. There may be certain states with different requirements for breaks.

    • http://whitelotusalpacas.com Heather

      Federal law requires that a 30 minutes meal break be given for shifts 6 hours or longer. It can be paid or unpaid, but unlike the shorter breaks, employees cannot be called back to work before this break is complete.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stigmabuster22 Brian Daugherty

    I just shopped at walmart today. NEVER AGAIN! This is disgusting.

  • http://jimfromla.wordpress.com jimfromla

    Be kind to the people working there, if you ever shop there for some reason.

    And vote for elected officials at he local, state and federal level who stand against Walmart and every other chain that harms it’s workers and the community.

  • Bob Cull

    When I saw the subject my first thought was that it was a lot like Simon Legree asking for a character reference from Tom or Eliza. Would he too be surprised if they gave him a less than glowing recommendation?

    • Marisa

      Exactly! LOL

  • SmC

    You gotta wonder about a company that, immediately upon hirings, shows their new employees a video about how horrible unions are. I can’t tell you the last time I shopped at WalMart. And I won’t do so again either.

    • http://www.facebook.com/genesis.phoenixheart Genesis Phoenixheart

      Target is the same. exact. way.

      • MikeD

        Can you point me to some proof of this? I didn’t think that any of the retailers were as egregiously abusive as Wal-mart.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dictator.pope Samantha M Gale

          My husband worked for Target in NC, and he was given the anti-union song and dance (NC is a “right-to-work” state). Amongst other BS, he was told that unions would prevent workers from cross-training for different duties and prevent them from getting enough hours. Target wasn’t as bad as Wal-Mart (for whom he’s also worked), but they did have a vested interest in keeping unions out, as do many retailers.

          • Tom

            Maybe the more important issue you guys should be worrying about, is the fact your husband can’t seem to keep a job.

        • MJones

          Walgreens is exactly as bad as Walmart. They just keep it hidden better or folk don’t care as much. Anti Union (videos & instructions, per family member who is current employee) anit-union website: http://www.walgreensndr.com/

          Hire associates at “full-time” then once they start they are told “no one is FT”. They play roulette with everyone’s schedule, including working parents who go in noting in writing upon hire the desire & NEED to work days (or at least consistent occasional nights). Schedules flip all over the place (day available staff, put on nights “just because”; night available staff, put on days for the hell of it), and at the last minute, and even after being posted (with no notice to affected staff).

          Keep you *just* under the threshold for FT, never never never give consistent schedules for associates (now this is in a new “flagship” store, some of the older ones may be less horrible).

          Point is all (or damn near all) large retail chains are welfare queens & princesses. It is the goal of the company to see just how far they can push, how much they can make you “bend”, and they keep you too poor to quit. And even in the Northeast, there is just not much else out there right now, even for college educated experienced adults.

        • amanda

          I actually got kicked out of Target when I handed a few cashiers info on Joining a Union.. NYS has it mandatory that signs be hung up in employee common areas stating that they CAN NOT be fired, harassed or intimidated for trying to join a Union… I do not shop in ANY stores that show the Horrible Union videos… Home Depot, Target and Walmart all do… You can find them on Youtube…

      • boomzy

        I worked for Target once and I didn’t experience anything bad.

  • Kage

    I had worked at Walmart for a few years in Ohio and it wasn’t too bad, in fact they was the best I worked for as I worked for Korgers and they was slave drivers(but that is a story for another time).

    I then move to Missouri and then I got to see the evil of walmart.

    they hired me for the winter but when I thought I would have a long term job they canned me because I was in the hospital.

    Found out I had MS on my birthday and on the same day I found out I was fired fired.. it could have been worse, I either had MS or brain cancer and even with the hell of knowing I was fired at least I had a bright side of not having cancer(still what a birthday gift.. ugh).

    In any case I know walmart’s true face and it is Ugly!

    • frostybox

      Holy crap that’s harsh. Walmart, that’s not cool.

    • Tom

      Hey Kage. WHy don’t you tell the truth now. Nice job trying to get the sympathy vote there.

      Here is the facts: He wasn’t canned for being in the hospital. He could have taken a Leave Of Absence for medical reasons, if he was really in the hospital. This would protect his employment for up to 12 weeks.

      The reason why he was no longer working there, is because he was hired for seasonal help (Christmas) This is called temporary status. Like EVERY OTHER RETAILER DOES AT THE HOLIDAYS. And they almost always let the employees go the week before Christmas , with at least 2 weeks notice, and then rehire the ones that actually showed up for work, and did their job back in January/February.

      Thanks. God, isn’t truth a better view?

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        What “truth”?

        That you are a paid corporat shill? Or just a Fellow Traveller for WM?

        There certainly isn’t any truth in anything you actually SAID.

        • Tom

          LoL! If you are going to troll, at least back up your claims, like I have done. All you manage to do is post links from articles that show no proof it happens.

          And you show links to sites with fake blogs of people just rip everything.

          I am betting you were a short term associate at one time, and were terminated for either horrific attendance or work performance.

          • Greg

            1) Typical dodge…demand evidence then ignore/belittle it when presented.

            Strike one.

            2)More dodging…when you don’t ignore/belittle it, call it “fake”.

            Strike two.

            3) When you aren’t ignoring/belittling/calling fake the evidence, Ad Hom the evidence giver. A) I’ve never worked for WM, so your bet would lose and B) “disgruntled employees” are not necessarily lying.

            Strike three.

            YOU’RE OUT!

  • http://gravatar.com/retigo retigo

    You know, its funny, I didn’t have a problem when I worked for the overnight crew at a store in Grand Junction, CO . . . but when I worked as a cashier at a store in Fort Collins, CO? That was shit. I commuted 40 miles one way and it was the only job I had, the only job I could get. I had rent to pay, and they knew that, they KNEW that. How many hours did I get? 8 hours a week. Eight hours a WEEK. And then as a customer to other stores throughout Northern CO . . . it doesn’t stop at harassing and abusing the employees. They abuse the customers when they get the chance too *the managers, not the lower paid employees, mind you*

    • http://gravatar.com/shifflett shifflett

      That’s the point where you quit and draw unemployment until you can find something better. If your job doesn’t even pay enough to cover gas for the commute, then that’s a job not worth having.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Billyapb1071 Billy Paul Rowe

        You can’t just quite and get unemployment. You must be unemployed though no fault of ur own. Don’t quite, make them fire you for a reason out of ur control like say being sick too much.

        • http://gravatar.com/jr3bees jr3bees

          Termination for frequent absences would be a termination for cause. Therefore, in most states, unless you can provide documentation proving that you weren’t actually excessively absent, or that it was truly out of your control, you won’t get unemployment. You essentially have to be laid off to get unemployment in most states.

      • HR Person

        Just FYI– if you voluntarily quit a job you are NOT ELIGIBLE for unemployment.

        • http://www.facebook.com/tiffany.m.vincent Tiffany Mouch Vincent

          actually, you CAN quit your job and get unemployment, depending on the conditions that you quit. I should know. Ive done it twice and received unemployment both times. no scams. totally legit. even went it was taken in front of the unemployment judge, I won.

        • http://whitelotusalpacas.com Heather

          Yes you can, in certain circumstances. For example, I quit a job because I could not physically do many tasks, I had no choice but to quit. I was awarded unemployment benefits. And I am sure there are many other reasons for an employee to be eligible for benefits if they quit their job.

        • Thefluff

          So, I got robbed at work once and quit. I could have gotten unemployment for the 2 months I was looking for another job?

      • http://gravatar.com/retigo retigo

        Thats pretty much what I did, except I didn’t qualify for unemployment as per state guidelines.

      • Tom

        And that is why our country is shit now. Because those of us who worked hard for our money and promotions, have to spend 30% of it to put money in the pockets of people like yourself, who’s mind set is to live off those who want to work.

        Great job, slick.

        • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

          So, Tom, what’s it like being a professional gigolo to Wal Mart? Do they at least pay YOU well for helping them screw over your community?

  • Kym

    I also wanted to add, that Loss Prevention is suppose to watch customers, but those associated in that department is told that more often then not it is the associate who steals… NOT the customer. Yes, the main store manager get’s letters from Corp. and Corp. pays BONUSES to the store manager’s who stay under budget. Each month they get a budget, and if the store manager can keep under budget and as far under as they can, they get paid a BONUS. Sadly, this has led to the firing of workers and those workers NOT being replaced. It has made customer service go down hill, in fact, while working there, we had to go over 2 months without proper materials to do our jobs because the store manager wanted a bigger bonus. Since Sam Walton passed away, his kids who got to take over the Corp. have wanted MORE $ in their pockets, so positions in all stores were cut down, a lot of FULL TIME positions GONE, and the healthcare offered was cut down to where nothing really is covered at all. And if your a part time associate, when your health care does kick in, you DO NOT get any dental and you can not cover your Husband or your wife.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Debbie.Vargas.1976 Debbie Vargas

      My nephew has been working at Walmart since he was 16 years old, he’s now 21. He works 30 – 32 hours so they can still consider it part time and he does not get the option for ANY benefits, including healthcare. Every employee that I know of at the local Walmarts in this area are considered part time. All of management has said multiple times to not expect to get full time because they only hire part time workers. I’ve stopped supporting Walmart, I used to shop there on a regular basis, now I go in there maybe 2 times per year. I will be happy when Walmart collapses.

      • Tom

        Once again, as it is stated to EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE THAT IS HIRED TO THE COMPANY, Part Timers are able to receive benefits just like full timers, except they get non dental.

        Just brush your damn teeth like you are supposed to, and you will be ok.

    • MIKE

      i also worked at walmart several yrs ago, 21 yrs ago to be honest… i wuz fired a cple of months after i wuz hired…. i later found out that i wuz hired to keep up loss preventions employee theft… even tho i nvr stole or gave anything away… but sumhow i wuz on tape stealing???? i ask several times for a lie detector test nvr got one, i let walmart scearch my truck, they nvr found anything.. but i wuz on tape stealing!!!!???? wtf!!!! i worked at the walmart in danville va.. the store manager wuz mr. greene… my family went to talk to him the next day but mr. greene would not even speak… just goes to show you what kind of place walmart is.. i really hope that one day that sorry ass place is brought down!!!!!!!!! F**K WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://gravatar.com/lala800 lala800Tanya

        wuz? I think that you were fired for being a moron.

        • bonnie

          Like :-)

    • Tom

      You’re an idiot. I wish people would just stop making accusations about things they have no clue about.

      Yes Store Managers receive bonuses. ALL EMPLOYEES HAVE A CHANCE TO RECEIVE A BONUS. The Store Manager receives a bonus if the Store meets a Sales Forecast, a Profit Forceast, and if the Market meets the Sales Forecast, and Profit Forecast.

      If the store and market do not meet these forecasts, there is no bonus. While the “budget” (or as the rest of the world calls it) the “P&L”, does affect store profit, is does not directly impact it. SO, cutting back on your silly supplies and such, will not enable the SM to get a bonus. The store NEEDS TO SELL MERCHANDISE.

      And FYI, it is not a monthly bonus, it is a yearly bonus, in which it gets taxed more than you gross in a year.


      • Bob Cull

        Wow, you’re omniscient! Tell me, Tommy Boy, how much do I make in a year?

      • http://gravatar.com/sunny47446 sunny47446

        Tom…you’re an idiot. I work in retail and I know for a fact that if managers keep cost down they do get bonuses. As for the 32 hours…anything below that IS considered part time. Sounds like you are corporate”s Golden Boy. Where are you going to be when your gold turns to brass? One more thing (since you seem to know so much)….can you explain why during Thanksgiving a Wal Mart was asking donations for their employees so they could have a decent Thanksgiving meal?

  • Kym

    I worked for over two years for the Wal-Mart store 2079 in Marquette, Michigan. I enjoyed most of my co-workers and I also didn’t mind most aspects of my job. However, Wal-Mart does have the “Open Door” policy which states they will be no retaliation if you speak up. As you may have guessed, most of the associates know better. Speaking up only labels you a trouble maker and it does backlash where you will not see any promotions you might have applied for. I n some of the training modules for management positions they refer to associates who work under the management of someone as “TARGETS”. They say that to be proper management material you must be able to change the “Targets” way of thinking. If some of your “Targets” do not seem to “conform” to the changes and ideas that was set before them, then you must find a way to get them to conform and accept these changes willingly. Yes, I was also told in my orientation that if we know or see or hear anyone trying to get us to join or to consider starting a Union at Wal-Mart, we were to tell them we were not interested and because of the Wal-Mart “Open Door” Policy, we do not need a Union. We were also supposed to report those people to management. We are also not to talk about our wages with each other and if we did and someone reported it to management, you could face termination of your position.

    • Tom

      Another idiot posting.

      I’ve been with the company for 5 years now, and have never seen these CBL’s with the words “target” used. that’s just stupid.

      Secondly, you do not get terminated for discussing your wages with another employee. That, again, is stupid. There is a coaching process that has 4 levels. The only way you can be terminated immediately is for gross misconduct, or theft.

      Did you learn anything in your 2+ years there? Jesus.

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        This pack of lies brought to you courtesy of Wal Mart.

  • Bruce

    CEOs are not like normal people. They do NOT think like us. I do not & will not trade at the ‘evil empire’ Wally World where they have a direct connection to a communist country & crush any Union talk.

    • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      Rich people in general don’t think like normal people period.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.m.rollins.7 Eric Micheal Rollins

    Long time Reader, First time Poster. I am a Wal-Mart Employee. This is in fact, my second run at Wal-Mart. My first ended of my own accords much to the disapproval of my co-workers.

    What I often see when I read stories from other employees, I don’t find reflected in my own work experiences. I often find from wal-mart to wal-mart a change in store personality and overall that if the work experience is bad it falls on the people at the local store vs the corporate.

    I have only worked at Wal-Mart 4 years. In that time, the health benefits I received where better then any other job in my area or the surrounding areas would offer as early as Wal-Mart did. I received emotional support when I lost my home, and was kicked on the streets from my co-workers and straight from management. Not but a few hours later to be offered a place to rest with a co-worker I had rarely seen and not even on my shift.

    Because my home store. Store 1522 was a community. A family. I’ve also noticed that when speaking about work places, and in jumping from work place to work place over the years. I’ve discovered a scary trend. It doesn’t matter how good we have it at our workplace, or how poor. There will always be a huge majority of people who simply complain and claim horrid things of their workplaces. That they are the worst places ever to work. I can imagine, with us being human and all, that many places do have those things happen, some not so much others more often.

    I was just working at a Wendy’s where they ignored a woman who was having a Heat Stroke cause we where busy. I ignored orders to get back to work to keep an eye on her till help arrived. Of all the bad experiences I’ve had from Mangement playing with Axes in the dinning room, to a woman being fired for being upset after all her co-workers disappeared to go gossip in the backroom and left her to try to handle the store alone….

    Wal-Mart has never been one to disappoint me, or let me down. The store itself and the policies often have helped me. I’ve often heard people refer to how we are supposed to treat each other with kindness, using the ten foot rule as ‘Nazi’ like. But I’ve never actually experienced anything that wasn’t the fault of the employee. Or, was not clearly stated when being hired.

    Yeah you wont get overtime. It’s explained when your hired NO one gets overtime. You in fact have two mandatory 15 minute breaks and a mandatory hour lunch for a normal shift, and must leave and arrive within a fifteen minute window or risk being given a talk about tardiness. I think people are ignoring the beauty of the fact that they make you take a break, that you get a bonus based on how much the store makes every quarter. MY store, 1522, every employee on the lowest grade once got a 250 dollar bonus on a pay check because of the profit the store made.

    Yeah there are horror stories. Mostly human errors, and most on a local not corporate level.

    • AATTP

      That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

    • http://gravatar.com/whiskykitty whiskykitty

      Not sure I believe that you’re just a worker. Your story sounds too contrived for me. Sorry.

    • Taylor

      Found the Walmart CEO.

      • http://acancerwithcancer.wordpress.com thesalzereffect

        Stole my comment :P

    • array528

      Are you like a paid shill?

      You HAVE to be…

    • http://www.facebook.com/Debbie.Vargas.1976 Debbie Vargas

      Alright, what I want to see is the numbers of people in your store that are working part time only versus the amount of people getting full time and insurance. Numbers are proof.

      • Kym

        That is almost easy… in the store I was at along… about 25% were full time and that was mainly management positions… around 75% part time. Reason they said was because the store wasn’t meeting the respective margins in sales every month.

    • Bam

      They make you take the breaks because they get fined by the Department of Labor if they don’t. It isn’t because they like you but are protecting themselves against fines.

    • Roger

      Your breaks and lunch hour are REQUIRED by law !! Thats wht they MAKE you take your breaks.

    • Nate

      haha, what a made up joke, you HAVE to get those breaks they are federally mandated, the fact that you would make a big deal out of breaks required by law shows what a load this is

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.ryland.14 Michael Ryland

      Wait, you say “blame the people, not the Corporation”? But, I thought Corporations were people, too.

      • http://gravatar.com/shifflett shifflett

        Well played, Mr. Ryland. Well played.

    • CPST_Jim

      The only Eric Rollins who lives in the state of West Virginia where store 1522 is located, according to the White Pages, is some 98 miles each way from your supposed store in Elkins, WV.

      I’m going to call shenanigans without further proof from Mr. Rollins. I’d also love to know what his job description is, because he talks about having health insurance, and only full time employees at Walmart are eligible for health insurance the last time I looked. The only folks with full time positions at almost every Walmart in the country are those in management, and so I’ll call double shenanigans on this post.

      • Tom

        And you sir, are an idiot as well.

        EVERYONE is entitled to benefits. Only FT are able to receive dental insurance.

        The completely stupid comment you made that most of the FT employees are managers, is again, stupid, and would make no logical sense to business what so ever.

        In a typical Super Center (Or as you might call it, a food and gun store) there are roughly 350 to 450 total associates in the facility (including salaried management)

        Let’s break this down shall we:
        1 Store Manager, 4 Co-Managers, and 8 Assistant Managers, plus 1 Asset Protection Manger, and a Pharmacy Manager. These are your only salaried managers. Add it up if you can….. OK, figured you couldn’t. The answer is: 15 employees.

        There are roughly 45-50 hourly supervisors in the facility combined from all 3 shifts. That brings our total to 65 roughly.

        That still leaves anywhere from 285 to 385 associates in the facility (based on the volume the store does in sales). SO you are expecting people to believe that there are 285-385 PT employees running this store? 50 of those are overnight assoviates. About 10-12 of those are the truck unloaders, and maybe 20-25 are cashiers, and let’s not forget the fresh area (Produce, Bakery, Deli, Meats, Frozen, Dairy, etc) they mostly are FT employees as well. So, your comment is absolutely stupid as hell.

        Here is a realistic number. About 40-45% of a stores staff are FT employees, with another 40-45% being PT, and the remaining 10% are Temporary associates.

        Try again. Get your facts straight first there, son.

        • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

          This pro-company propaganda bought and paid for by Wal Mart.

          • Tom

            Typical nut job response. You probably are a huge fan of the Superwoman movie too.

            Whenever someone is able to back up their stories, and provide facts, they HAVE to be propaganda. Sure. Because the world is ALL about secrets and mind melting from little aliens right?


          • Greg

            Boy you can’t seem to hit ANYthing, can you? Not the broadside of a barn with a shotgun, and not claims about my attitudes. If you are referring to the most recent Superman movie (“Man of Steel”), I frankly didn’t like it. Man of Steel was a callous, cynical perversion of the Superman mythos, much like WM is a callous cynical perversion of a corporation.

            You haven’t provided a SINGLE fact to support your lies.





            Next fail?

      • bonnie

        I have been at Walmart 10 yrs, first year was part time, then I got a full time position as a sales associate with benefits. Still full time and our part timers can get insurance – what store are you in, better check it out. Sure lots now are hired in at part time, like most retail stores, but a lot of us are still full time and we are not managers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bonzai37 Steven’s Page

      This people is what a troll or a shill looks like. This post is so out of the norm as to be totally unbelievable and worthy of no consideration at all. This poster is obviously a Walmart exec or the biggest brown nosing ass kisser on the face of the earth.

    • R. B.

      Everyone is so eager to call him a fake, but my experience has been very similar to his, and I have worked for the company for 7 years. I’m sorry for the people who have had a bad experience, but maybe not every store is the same.

      • Greg

        You and Tom must be in the only two decent stores in the system then…WM is one of the most-sued corporations on the planet for wage/hour violations, discrimination, liability, etc, and it’s the worst sort of foot-dragging, obstructionist litigant ever to curse the legal system with it’s presence.

        That tells me everything I need to know.

    • frank scigliano

      This is obvious someone in high Walmart management trying to put out propaganda. You are not fooling us you lying fucking pig!!

    • Nina Holloway

      OMG I couldn’t stop laughing after I read your paid testimony. Wow! I’ve never worked for that sweatshop, but did inventory for Walmarts through RGIS and every single store we went to, we saw some of the most miserable human beings in the workforce. I got to see 1st hand how your lousy loss prevention people operate. I hated working for RGIS, but was thankful I wasn’t working in any Wally World we did inventory for. You must be up for a promotion or just got one and was TOLD to do this. I have one family member that is a store manager and they treat her like a dog. I had another family member that worked there when Sam Walton was alive and a few years after he passed. She quit and never went back because she said it all went to hell after Sam died. I don’t even shop in that store after I quit working for RGIS and that was back in 2008. During many inventories we had to deal with rotten meat that was still on the shelves to be sold. Bad produce and filthy stores. So I have nothing to gain or lose by my statement, but what did you gain by selling your soul?

    • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      Oh look…”astroturf”!

    • Savona

      Wow…this is just sad. I think a company that pays its employees so little that they need food stamps to survive has some MAJOR “corporate errors” ~ intrinsically ~ through and through. Not only would I never work there I would never give them a dime of my money…

    • momofthree

      You type really well, considering you have some Wal-Mart upper management’s c*ck in your mouth.

    • bonnie

      Thanks for telling a good story and true. We get quarterly bonuses at our store and they are pretty good. There are the complainers too, but it still depends on your store. I have many good friends there and happy with most managers. The sad part is the ones we really like and who work hard, get sent to another store, usually for a promotion so good and sad. I am full time and some of us are still. true most now are hired part time, but most retail stores dont offer anyone full time and pay minimum wage. So it all depends on where you work.

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  • http://gravatar.com/jimrue Jim

    I have never spent dime one at Walmart and I certainly don’t see any reason to start. I’m just so glad there are still places to live where there are choices!

    • Tom

      Probably because you are unemployed, and can’t even afford to shop at Wal*Mart

      • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

        Very classy, Tom…

        (yes, that is sarcasm)

      • Nan

        You obviously feel very positively about Walmart and it is nice to hear that people can truly do well there. But I think part of the problem with Walmart, as being discussed in this forum, is a general disregard for people as humans While you are able to provide numbers and data to back up your statements, you exude the characteristic demeaning attitude of corporate Walmart in your unpleasant comments such as the assumption that someone is unemployed and poor simply because he has never shopped at Walmart.

        • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

          “Tom” (if that’s his real name” hasn’t provided DIDLY SQUAT in terms of “facts and data” to back his claims that WM workers are treated well. In fact, his claims run exactly counter to those made (AND backed up) by just about everyone else.

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