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Vulgar Pig Rush Limbaugh Gets STOMPED By Republican Caller! (audio)

It’s not hard to destroy Rush Limbaugh. All one needs are facts. This caller, though a Republican has control of the facts. He even calls Rush a “brainwashed Nazi!”

Listen Here!


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • http://www.facebook.com/Pat.Kemm.Mann Pat Kemm Mann

    Richard R – Thank you. Just because someone calls themselves a Christian doesn’t mean they are. If they were, they would be following the teachings of Christ – to care for the poor, feed the hungry, love their neighbor, etc. Hey… I can call myself a refrigerator but that doesn’t mean I am one!

  • Mark Jasinski

    Sorry, Charles. Playing the Hitler card violates Godwin’s Law. You lose.

    • Steve

      By that logic, rush has lost most arguments he as ever put forth, especially his thoughts on women. He coined the phrase, “feminazi”.

  • GW Smith

    Sorry, Charles presented no “facts,” only accusations, and Rush let him have his say, like a gentleman. Shis shows desperation on your part to ad homenim Limbaugh whenever possible. And you preach objective judgment? Try again.

  • Terry King

    even if this is an old tape it is nice to hear a republican bust Rush’s chops.

    • john wallerich

      For Limbaugh to engage with this guy proves he is a simple-minded low-life, unable to defend himself even against a somewhat un-educated yet right-winged caller. Limbaugh got called on a stunning lack of class, ethics, morals and apparent ability to even put up a defense. Why? Because he’s a big fat phony. It’s his listeners who are the true suckers, the people who simply lack enough education and critical thinking to see through this hate-monger. Down with Limbaugh and his efforts to tear this country apart.

  • Shaundra

    Notice how he was quite most of the call? That’s because he was trying to understand that a fellow Republican was criticizing him. I’m sure it hurt his sad ego. As least he’s heard truth once! Limbaugh is such a sad excuse of a human being.

  • A Green

    I like this caller. But the call is over four years out of date. He’s talking about the McCain-Obama election as just having happened. Surely there are more recent things to say about Rush than this. On the other hand, I suppose it’s difficult to get past his screener, as one thing you can always say about Rush, he doesn’t want to hear from anyone who disagrees with him as he knows full well his positions cannot withstand debate.

    And that’s where to hit ’em and keep after them: THEIR POSITIONS CANNOT WITHSTAND DEBATE. Romney “won” that first debate because he changed all his positions on virtually every topic. When forced to confront verified facts, and stand by their own claims there isn’t ONE OF THEM who’s position can stand true scrutiny. Especially true for the TEA party folks who’s every opinion is a straw-man argument based on anecdotal evidence of dubious origin. Let’s do even better next election, let’s get back the congress, and a few of the statehouses too.

  • Jeremy

    John is right, pigs are actually very intelligent animals. Limbaugh is more like a retarded chihuahua

    • Alex Contreras

      Chihuahua are a very intelligent breed. Mine know the names of all 18 of his toys and will pick out the new one if I call a new name. He responds to verbal commands and knows how to push open doors instead of stare at them as if they were walls. We shouldn’t be insulting animals by comparing them to Limbaugh, he is willfully ignorant.

    • TeaPartyPat

      Republicans and Democrats both despise the Tea Party because we are standing in the way of their Big Government control. We are taking our country back. You are either a subject to the government or a Tea Party Patriot, take your pick….

      • LiberalLarry

        America has chosen Tea-Twat.
        Tea-Nut House 19% approval rating and falling
        Tea-Nut Asylum as a whole 23% and falling
        President Obama’s approval rating Nov 7th 2012(day after election) 52%
        President Obama’s current approval rating 60%
        Democratic Ticket approval rating 57%

        The Tea-Nut Nation is inflames and every single time a Nut politician spews driveling sh*t you lose more vote.Your on fire and pissing on yourself with gasoline and we progressives are fanning the flames by amplifying your deluded delusions…Tea-Nuts are done you “goose steppin’ ” fascist NAZI

      • Penny Wimer

        The sad thing is you really believe that crap you just typed…

      • Will

        HAHAHAHA, you people are such idiots it’s impossible to know if you’re that dumb or trolling. You are no less a subject of the government than I or anyone else is.

      • RichardR

        Oh, yes…I agree. Those are definitely the only two things that a person could possibly be. Thanks for clearing everything up.

      • http://gravatar.com/shifflett shifflett

        Really? What has a Tea Party politician done that has helped America as a nation? Obstructing everything to the point where the nation’s credit rating is downgraded? Even the established Republicans are realizing what a mistake it was to let the Tea Party ride their coattails. Taking the country back? The Tea Party will be nothing more than a fringe party no one pays attention to by 2020. I guarantee it.

    • Peggy M

      Hey, My chihuahua resents that! lol

  • Brett

    This video is from 2009, fallout from Obama vs McCain. Why are you wasting time and energy posting 4 year old nonsense? This would be worthwhile if it was occurring now, especially with Fox News posting its lowest ratings in 12 years, but for right now, it’s doing no good whatsoever.

  • Charles Wright

    The caller said he “voted for McCain”. Going to YouTube the description says that the audio is from 2009. That’s a bit of information people should have to keep everything in context. I would like to see this as a sign of Limbaugh’s downfall, but it really isn’t since he has made plenty of money since that time.

  • http://facebook.com Jane

    That has always been my complaint about Limbaugh…he accepts only “ditto” calls! Nice to see a non ditto head snuck in on him.

  • Cathy

    well that’s a ‘re-share’ on Facebook!

  • LiberalLarry

    The caller is 100% correct.The likes of Limbaugh,Hannity,Ann C,Beck and publications like RedState.Com,The Blaze and The Drudge with Faux Noise being the base to rally behind have obliterated the GOP single handily by promoting Tea-Nutology.Conservatism as an ideology is wrong,nothing more but Corporate Fascism.Tea-Nutology takes a Fascist ideology and places it on steroids to produce nothing short of a new Third Reich.Corporate Fascist,Theocratic Fascist and one can not deny their Aryan base,not “white” people rather the Aryan Brotherhood.They are not just wrong,they are frightening.There is good news however.A week and a half ago I saw new poll #’s.The Tea-Nut House has a 19% approval rating and falling.The Tea-Asylum as a whole only posses a 23% approval rating and falling.President Obama’s approval rating has risen from 52% to a huge 60%.America is beginning to reject “piss down your leg economics”,and we have rejected being forced to “goose step” into Church to worship Tea-Nut Jesus.America is also rejecting the concept that one is superior because of the color pigment of their skin,what “hangs” between ones legs or who you fall in love with.Concerning Tea-Nut Jesus,well he is fake and plastic.His is a creation of the created,he always seems to reflect the same deviant sociopathic behavior as the deluded Zealots…….Thank God for Tea-Nut Media,they have burned down the Nation…the Tea-Nut Nation.

    • Colleen

      If there was a “Like” button for your post, I would have used it. You are spot on.

    • TeaPartyPat

      You are a useful idiot for the government and you don’t even know it. Pathetic. Nothing but hate, lies, and vitriol from the Left, as usual.

      • LiberalLarry

        I assume your a Jesus Junkie Fascist Theocratic.I doubt your uneducated a$$ posses any money to make you a valid Corporate Nazi…Just another ignorant White Trash Aryan…….Yes I am white you bigoted misogynistic,homophobic deluded plastic Christian.You lose Pitiful Pat………Stupid Stupid Irrelevant Tea-Nut



      • Penny Wimer

        I am always amazed about how the so called Christian right use the most negative statements when referring to liberals. The truth is liberals are not unGodly. I am a Christian. I just don’t use God as an excuse to rob people of their rights. I cannot stand the thought of legislating laws based on a so called religious stand. The right has turned liberal into a dirty word under the most heinous name calling and lies that it is hard to remember that our very existence as a country is based on the very real liberal ideals. The left is not perfect, but the right..ah the right is so beyond endurance sometimes is sad to think is the only way they can communicate…Fox in itself is totally horrifying to watch. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the head…sad…you want to talk about hate..those people have it down to a science. Fortunately most of America does not fall for their toxic caterwauling .

        • RichardR

          Well, technically speaking, Jesus was a screaming Lefty. He believed in overturning corporate parisites, liberal equality for all and care for the poor. It’s amazing how the right has hijacked Christianity and twisted the religion’s core concepts to its own designs. As Jesus might have said: You’ll know the end days when the people mistake good for evil and evil for good, Christ himself for antichristian and the Antichrist for Christ.

      • Will

        Well you are a useless idiot.

  • Perry

    I think the Teapublican Party should take this as a lesson of what is occurring in their base. People are starting to realize extreme rhetoric has a consequence. I would hope Democrats in Congress would also take note and point out to the Republicans (as opposed to Teapublicans) that this country was built on compromise. Getting away from the current extremes is the only way to fix this country and bring back sanity.

  • http://jomasom.webs.com John Oliver Mason

    Calling Limbaugh a pig is an insult to pigs.

    • Adrian Howley

      Well said, John Mason!

    • Alex Contreras

      Limbaugh is the only part of the pig that isn’t useful, all squeal no substance.

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