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Vindication: Gun Safety Laws Prevented Potential School Shooting Massacre In Connecticut

Natalie Carpenter’s name and face are not likely to be plastered all over our TV and computer screens; but for those who do read stories about her and know her name now, she’ll mostly likely be forgotten in a short time. We won’t remember her in 15 years the way we will always remember Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. And that’s, in part, thanks to gun regulations doing their job.

Carpenter, an 18-year-old from Torrington, Connecticut was arrested last month after making threats to conduct Columbine-like shootings at two different schools, Danbury High School and her own former school, Stratford High School. The arrest warrant, which was just unsealed this week, revealed that Carpenter had an obsession with Harris, Klebold, and the Columbine shooting.

Carpenter was receiving treatment at Hope House, a group home for people with mental health problems. According to court documents, she needed the treatment for a personality disorder, attention deficit disorder, and depression. The 18-year-old also had a history of self-injury and attempted suicide. She was able to “come and go as she pleased” at the group home.

Police found disturbing entries in Carpenter’s journal describing her admiration for Harris and Klebold.

“I can’t even stop thinking about Columbine and Eric and Dylan. I don’t know how but I miss Eric and Dylan. I never knew them but I miss them. I went though [SIC] everything they went through and I wanna follow in their footsteps. . . . . If they were still alive today and didn’t kill themselves, I would go find them and hug them and tell them how much I love them. That’s what nobody did and that’s how they ended up this way and why they shoot [SIC] up their school and yet people are still so rude and nasty and there’s still bullying going on and it’s getting worse. I mean HELLO PEOPLE OPEN YOUR (expletive) EYES.”

Along with a 19-year-old accomplice, Peter Thulin (who lives in the same group home), Carpenter planned to emulate her “heroes” by holding students and staff hostage and then shooting until they were all dead. Fortunately, another patient was able to inform the staff at Hope House of their plan before they were able to purchase the guns they would need.

Carpenter first tried to purchase a 12-guage shotgun at a city gun store, Tactical Arms. When that was unsuccessful, she tried Walmart. She filled out an application, but there was a 2-week wait for paperwork to be processed, which thankfully left enough time for her to be caught.

According to the right-wing gun nuts, Carpenter should have been able to walk into any gun store and buy whatever she wanted, no questions asked. Fortunately, there were common sense gun regulations that stopped her from doing that.

This is why we need to keep having this conversation. This is why we need to close gun show loopholes and ensure waiting periods and mental health screenings across the board; because instead of this post, I could be writing about another devastating mass murder.

Carpenter has been charged with attempt to commit first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit assault and is being held at Niantic Correction Institute.

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Dayle is a proud liberal, writer, and former special education teacher from Philadelphia, PA. She has strong opinions and an even stronger desire to express them. When she’s not ranting about her left-leaning, feminist, equality-seeking views, she’s spending time with her daughter and boyfriend, reading and watching all things sci-fi/fantasy, or chasing her ferrets around the house. Dayle blogs about anything and everything important to her at ishallbeatoad.com.
  • jeremy

    I guarantee that this girl was taking SSRI Antidepressants such as Prozac or Zoloft, which have been directly linked to violence and mass murder. There are more than 1 million adolescents prescribed theses drugs in America today. http://www.ssristories.org/archives/ This website archives all of the mass shootings and other acts of violence that’s happened in our country, please read some of the cases on this website. All of the Columbine shooter’s where medicated and one was taking SSRI’s as was the Aurora shooter, Newtown shooter, and the most recent shooter at Ft. Hood. The media will not report this because of the potential loss of millions in ad revenue, that’s why it is our responsibility to spread this as much as possible. If you truly want to help stop the violence especially mass shootings please read up on this website and talk to people about SSRI Antidepressants.

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  • http://www.softgreenglow.com/wp/ Phil

    Of course, you forgot to mention that the staff at Hope House knew she wasn’t taking her required maintenance medications and yet still let her “come and go as she pleased”.

    Mayhaps putting her back in an appropriate mental facility would have stopped her from ever visiting both the gun shop and the Wal-Mart?

    But instead you profess you would rather delay the Constitutional rights of law abiding, mentally stable citizens. Apparently, a right delayed is not a right denied in your world?

    Once again, you all side with letting the obviously mentally unstable roam the streets and instead seek to punish those who have done nothing wrong.

  • Susie Sotar

    Two things not reported here: California Democrat Leland Yee’s involvement in gunrunning and Eric Holder’s involvement in gunrunning.

  • joebbz2

    This will never be reported on FOX NEWS, unless to call it a lie or an intrusion on second amendment rights

  • https://www.facebook.com/caroline.b.hall Caroline Burkat Hall

    I live in Danbury and am very grateful that this did not happen.

  • Jim Oravetz
  • Jim Oravetz

    There is an article in the Hartford Courant about a report from the CT based National Shooting Sports Foundation regarding the gun industry in CT and employment. http://tinyurl.com/lyogcg2

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