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Watch Frustrated Reporter Try To Find ‘Massive Rally’ Of Racist Tea Party Truckers! (Video)

It was to be a day of glory!  Between 3,500 and 6,000 truckers were purported to be headed to the DC beltway to…something, gas prices, something something Muslim something Kenyan Socialist something…get the dark-skinned guy out of office.

The movement, which has been heavily promoted by birther Islamophobe Zeeda Andrews–who believes that Osama Bin Laden is alive (and is our President), and that the world is secretly ruled by a race of shape shifting lizard people who are pumping aluminum into the earth’s atmosphere to block out the sun’s rays, originally claimed that they were going to shut down the DC Beltway, arrest members of Congress, and spoke heavily in support of “Libtard-hating” Mark Kessler, seems to have hit a bit of a snag.

Bruce Leshan of WUSA9 spent all day first trying to locate, then riding with the MASSIVE amount of extremist right wing fringe idiots on wheels.  While the movement does have some legitimate trucking-related issues, it has devolved into an extremist rabble with whom it is difficult for anyone but the most vile humans in existence to sympathize–and it showed!

Bruce’s frustration is palpable.  

“They call it the Truckers Ride for the Constitution but these guys don’t seem to have the fortitude of our founding fathers….We have been circling the beltway all afternoon and no sign of these truckers.  We did see some protesters up on some overpasses, but none of the truckers.”

While “a spokesperson” claimed there were 250 trucks out, this unfortunate reporter had trouble even finding a few–so much so, that he spent the day circling the beltway searching for our TEA-rucker friends!


They did, however, catch up with the gargantuan caravan of trucks that would be the driving force–that would make a statement to the nation that…wait, what?  You mean he found about six?


“You can see now the truckers driving three lanes abreast and doing everything they can to slow down traffic to make life even more miserable for people trying to drive the beltway in this rain….I saw about a half dozen of them when I was out on the road.”

What we basically had was a tiny number of nutjobs being jerks to everyone else because they can’t get their way.  Sound familiar?

“They are concerned about some trucking issues in terms of regulation, fuel prices, things like that…but they kind of veer into this far right screed against President Obama.  They actually at one point were promising to drive up Constitution Avenue and try and throw some members of Congress into handcuffs.”

He jokes about being able to move freely on the road, and taunts the movement’s claim that they would block the beltway and speculates that there was such a small turnout because their far right extremist attitude has turned off most of America, even those who would otherwise be associated with the movement.

I agree.

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
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  • Bigdolla

    Tea-jhadist’s like obviously never learned that math stuff either. The have a hard time telling the difference between their tens and hundreds. We already know they can read a birth certificate, or read past the 2nd amendment of our constitution. Now they beleive that government works best when it stops working. They make Honey-Boo-Boo look like Einstien.

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  • http://gravatar.com/tgrigsby7 tgrigsby7

    Truckers tend to be union (Teamsters), so they know all about the benefit of pooling resources for the greater good (job allocation, decent pay, pension, etc.). Why would ANY of them be against single payer healthcare? Seems to me this teabagger showboat effort was doomed from conception.

    • CJ

      Actually you do not find a lot of them union anymore. I can’t say I met a single driver while I was on the road that was.

    • Theresa Babers

      “Truckers tend to be union” I don’t know if you are uninformed, misinformed, or just making that up. Go check your facts and then come back and make an intelligent statement. The fact is that very few truckers are union these days. The majority of truckers work independently for companies or are owner/operators and all work for the wages we are paid. Why would you make such an assinine assumption?

      • Rajon DeMilo

        Why do you have to be so insulting?

        • http://kellyjdrummer.wordpress.com kellyjdrummer

          Why do you have to be so namby pamby? Nah, nah, nah.

  • D. Michael

    Poor Zeeda missed the party at Paula Deen’s house!

  • Drew

    I was wondering how this event turned out. For purporting to be such a massive demonstration I didn’t see anything on the news covering it, not even Faux. Now I know why.

    • CJ

      Oh well they are claiming Obama is controlling the news and highway cams to hide how well they’re doing.

      • Laura

        I bet they are claiming that CJ, but seeing as I have friend in the area I can guarantee no one had to control anything to make this a non-story.

        • CJ

          No doubt. I really wanted to see this “awesome convoy” and I checked the area highway cams including the one they kept linking to and never saw any groupings of trucks (which of course is what a convoy is…duh). Was kind of disappointed. As a former truck I really wanted to see that! LOL

        • Theresa Babers

          I bet the vets didn’t rally either. You need to do some research.

          • CJ

            Didn’t see anyone claiming they didn’t and there actually WAS media coverage on that.

          • Rajon DeMilo

            I bet the unicorns and the leprechauns didn’t rally either. If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there with an ax or chainsaw, it probably killed by Obamacare’s death panels stocked with baby killers and homosexuals!

  • https://www.facebook.com/gabe.davis.10 Gabe Davis

    why does the press even cover nut jobs who believe in lizard aliens and aluminum blocking the sun? Damn, in the real journalistic days, these crazy fuckers would be put in the nut house and the press wouldn’t even pay any attention to them. Maybe they love they to report on crazy fuckers for laughs.

  • http://twitter.com/LiberalTexasDem LiberalTexasDem (@LiberalTexasDem)

    What do I think? I think there’s probably better ways to make your case than to get in front of me on a limited access highway and cause me to slow down. I’d explain it to these guys, but that would be as productive an endeavor as nailing Jell-O to a tree.

  • emerald eyes

    Someone’s pumped aluminum, lead and some other noxious substance straight into this hateful bigot’s brain. Karma will bite her in the a$$ have no fear!

  • Sarah W

    This Website proves the effectiveness of the Tea Party and the fear and terror it instills in you progressive nuts!

    • Mike in TN

      Bwhahahaha! That was funny. Tell us another one! :)

    • CJ

      Actually it provides us with something to laugh at as we watch the antics of the Tea Party. Of course some of the crap coming out of Cruz’s mouth make me just feel like doing a facepalm. But the Tea Party only scares me in the facts they are extremists who, if they got their way, would totally destroy our great nation.

      • charles coker

        cj, you have it completely backwards, the tea party is trying to save and restore america to it’s rightful greatness, obama is trying to destroy america.

        • Grady

          We need to save this country from the tea party…

        • CJ

          Quite honestly if Obama wanted to destroy our great country he’s had plenty of time to get ‘er done…and yet…he hasn’t.

        • https://www.facebook.com/lynn.weyts Lynn Weyts

          1.) Exactly WHAT has the Tea Party ever done to “restore America to it’s rightful greatness”?!
          All I can see the TP doing is stirring up racism & hatred while spreading lies & insanity!
          2.)WHAT has PRESIDENT Obama ever done to DESTROY America?
          All I can see him doing is trying to help Middle America get back on it’s feet after all the CRAP the Republican administration put them through!
          Feel free to come back with ANY FACTS you may have to support YOUR statement!

        • Rajon DeMilo

          “Rightful greatness”? What the hell does that mean? Nobody asked you to do anything to restore anything. Your puppet masters at Koch Industries have been pulling the stings behind the curtains like the Wizards of Oz, but they couldn’t give a shyt about you, your family or community, and the “values” you claim to fight to restore. At what point will you realize that all the hysterics, rantings and ravings or the Tea Party leadership, media outlets, talk radio shows, and the congresspersons are highly paid promotional performances…and the Koch brothers are paying them for their antics while you’re carrying the trash bags full of animosity that they fed you everyday for the past 4 1/2 years. It’s absolutely ridiculous to pretend that Obama’s your enemy…You are your own enemy, because you’re allowing Koch and the Tea Party marionettes in Congress to feed you a load of bull while then you eat it up like it’s crumpets and regurgitate it like it will turn into something other than human waste.

        • https://www.facebook.com/Love2Surf Tracy Gomis

          OH WOW! Charles Coker, I’m so sorry about your botched lobotomy, Dude. That’s tragic. You hang in there, you little trooper! We’ll work on getting you that whole “brain, heart, soul” transplant. Your lack of an iota of intellect or common sense is destroying your pathetic, miserable, hateful little world and existence. Your current mentality, well, it just makes you a gargantuan liar and a repulsive, deplorable excuse of a creature. If you don’t like the United States of America, OUR COUNTRY, and feel disappointment in our greatness, than feel free to get the get the heck OUT of our country. Please let the door hit you in your idiotic, brain-washed, Teabagging rear end on your out!

        • CJ

          Our country was already great. But with this shutdown and the inner party fighting countries like China are seeing a chance to bolster their own political agenda.by pointing out how our government is failing. They are taking advantage of the fact that POTUS is stuck in Washington trying to deal with the shutdown.

        • http://gravatar.com/buschguystl Paul

          I don’t want to hear any crybaby bullshit when the Kock suckers take everything you have and we become a communist nation run by those Teabagging idiots.I’m sure it is a matter of time before they try to change the constitution so if or when they ever get another dumbass Republican President they will try to make it so that he wont ever have to run for reelection,it will be like Russia where he will be the ruler and there will be nothing we can do about it.Just keep thinking that the Kock suckers care about you or me.So keep rooting for those SORRY SONS A BITCHES Charles Coker.

    • http://twitter.com/ihatepundits I hate pundits. (@ihatepundits)

      I do fear fascist populist movements like the Tea Party, so you’ve got one thing right.

    • Drew

      Fear and terror? I think not. This website proves the effectiveness of the Tea Party’s absolute utter ridiculous ideology and nonsense. It is more laughable than anything.

      • Rajon DeMilo

        What’s so effective about the Tea Party? They raved and ranted, protested and prophesied, hooted and hollered, and marketed the doomsday consequences of Obama’s Presidency from the moment he was elected in 2008….And guess what? He was RE-elected by an even larger margin of Electoral & Popular victory in 2012 than his first campaign. You threw everything but the kitchen sink into defeating every policy that he was elected to implement, and when you couldn’t marshal enough support from the majority of Americans who elected him TWICE, you threw a temper tantrum like rotten children who soiled their pampers and refuse help because you have a diaper rash…and supported idiot representatives who’re paid more than every other congress to do absolutely nothing. You’re literally supporting congresspersons who are collecting paychecks and they are not passing laws or doing any of the work that they are elected to do, and they’re screaming that government is the problem…Of Course it is, because THEY are in the government!

  • http://gravatar.com/russklettke russklettke

    If you follow the money on road maintenance, it’s the right wing that keeps highway maintenance at half of what if should be. This is fiscal incompetance, because every dollar not spent today causes $7 in bigger repairs necessary five years later. That translates into much slower highways in the future. But the GOP obstructionists will hear nothing of infrastructure investment.

    • John

      Good point solidly-Red Texas has begun replacing blacktop roads with gravel.

      When the Conservatives talk about the “Good Old Days” it’s pretty clear they’re talking about the Dark Ages.

  • CJ

    Huge waste of their money and time. Trucks should be earning money…not burning money. I’m so glad they can afford it. But let’s remember…if they run out of fuel….ALL those donations Zeeda suckered people into sending her will help pay for their fuel to keep going around in circles. I wonder if they feel like Nascar drivers (and they’re going left…and left again…and left again).

    • emerald eyes

      Too many extremists at their little planning committee – can you imagine if 3,000 truckers [with guns] got into DC with the president and his family there? It would never be allowed to happen. The National Guard and the army would be called in and there would be blood shed. These are Rednecks and Good ‘ol boys with their Confederate flags waving!

  • https://www.facebook.com/kellyjamescowan Kelly Cowan

    I hope the press got these guys on camera talking. They will make for great late night comedy and further damage the Absurdist Neo Confederate Insurrectionist Tea Party’s public image. It is ironic that every penny these truckers make is made on a federal highway system, built by the government, with the peoples money. I couldn’t care less. If these truckers are ignorant enough to perform this absurd stunt, so be it. If they are just providing another example of how easily people can be lead by liars and manipulators into anarchy and despotism. They aren’t protesting low wages and regulations, they are asking for impeachment of President Obama, and the arrest of all Democratic Congressmen and Senators. A little over the top, as far as expectations go, reminiscent of repealing/defunding the ACA.

  • Arctic Lion

    Zeeda is ugly and fat. No wonder she turned off all of the “participants” on the “truckers rally.” What an idiot the woman is. Get a life!

    • http://aattp.org erinz

      While I agree with the sentiment, I must point out that only a douchebag would start with “ugly and fat.” Asshole.

      • http://gravatar.com/crashman1203 crashman1203

        I second that.

    • MimiLou

      What a Neanderthal approach to a comment. A person’s appearance shouldn’t even be a part of a discussion of any sort.

  • Teabaggers Swallow.

    They just grow more laughable by the day, oh, I’m sure it will be much bigger tomorrow. And to compare the lack of support of their lunacy to the Founding Fathers, who didn’t take treason and sedition so lightly, is priceless. When you’re an ugly as shit, talentless hack, I guess horrible publicity is better than none, oh and the hideous bulldog looking beast is a joke too. I was talking about Glenn Beck in the first part.

  • Juliet

    Do none of you understand? A couple of truckers showed up! That means the rally was a success, and Obama is shaking in his turban!

    The above sentence is how people on the TP side currently think.

    • emeraldeyes

      Not funny… it makes matters worse. Bigots can’t see past their racist hatred… for what? They can’t even explain it! AND it riles up the bigots even more – they salivate on that kind of thing!

  • https://www.facebook.com/douglass.marsh.9 Douglass Marsh

    Tea Party ( RACISTS ) with Trucks!!! They don”t even know what their protesting!!!! OR is simply the Presidents ( COLOR ) !!!!! He”s BLACK, Go find and load your GUN and read your BIBLE !!!!! Fucking IDIODTS !!!

  • http://twitter.com/diegueno Ken (@diegueno)
  • labman57

    Looking for a tea party rally? He should have checked the local sewers.

  • iodine9

    all talk and no cock? quelle surprise!!!

  • joebbz2

    Those were not “grassroots protesters” they were out of work extras from the Honey Boo Boo reality show

  • https://www.facebook.com/chrisbrian.shifflett Chris Brian Shifflett

    I thought it was his policies they didn’t like, not his color. Now, Tea Party racism hits the forefront, and it can’t be denied now. Although, to be honest, I don’t see how anyone can take this idiot seriously.

    • https://www.facebook.com/chrisbrian.shifflett Chris Brian Shifflett

      I apologize. I was going through multiple AATTP aticles, and thought this was the Joe the Plumber article until I scrolled back up to realize I’d already closed it out.

      • John Prager

        It fits with this one, too. :P Only the true extremists will actually participate.

  • Paul

    Teabillies are assholes

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