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Siberian Percussionists Turn Frigid Lake Baikal into Giant Drum Kit (Video)

Those who live in places where the winters are especially harsh learn to make the most of what nature gives them, but a group of Siberian percussionists discovered that nature has created gigantic musical instruments for them in the form of frozen Lake Baikal. (At 25 million years old, Baikal is the oldest lake in the world, but also the deepest, and it freezes over every winter.)

The percussionists discovered the naturally occuring percussion while out walking on the lake – one of the musicians’ wives tripped and fell onto the ice, and her husband (who has a very good ear) heard what he described as “…a very musical ‘boom.’”

Listen , and be amazed by these musicians who brave -20 C (-4 F) to make this beautiful and singularly unique music:

They have been accused of somehow hoaxing the sounds, but insist that the sounds you hear are coming from the ice. They also say that this is the only spot on the lake that elicits these unique sounds.

h/t:  SnowAddiction.org


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  1. i dunno if this is real. what does a cranky old man think?

    • I absolutely think that it’s real, Mac. I’m a musician myself and I know that music can be made with a lot of objects that you would never think of using. There was a report a couple of weeks ago on 60 minutes about a whole symphony orchestra put together with instruments made from trash picked from the local dump.

      • thanks for your reply. yes i am aware many objects can be used as a musical instrument. frank zappa once used a bicycle as a musical instrument. i havent found anything on the net yet that disproves this frozen lake thing. it sure is an interesting discovery they made

  2. lol -4? that’s not even cold!

    • Maybe you think it’s nothing, Minneapolis, but you won’t catch me out there banging on the ice with bare hands at -4, and I am a musician and as such love music. What these guys did with ice was phenomenal.

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