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UPS Allegedly Fires 250 Drivers for Supporting Union, Protesting Colleague’s Termination (Video)

On February 26, 250 United Parcel service drivers organized a protest against a former colleague’s firing. Workers at the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY walked off the job last month to voice their disapproval with the termination of Jairo Reyes, a 24 veteran of the company for allegedly clocking in early.

Workers say that the company’s abrupt termination of Reyes. without due process is in violation of the “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” clause in workers’ contracts.

After making their voices heard for 90 minutes, the employees returned to work and did their jobs.

“They delivered their message, then they delivered the packages,” a union source told the Queens Tribune.
UPS says that the firings were justified. “The employees in question abandoned their jobs and staged a protest after encouragement from the local union official, who chose to pre-empt the grievance procedure and organize a walk-out, rather than allowing a dispute to be resolved through mutually agreed upon contractual provisions,” the company said in a statement.
The union maintains that the mass firing was in violation of the contract between the union and the company, and is fighting for the jobs of all 250 workers.
A petition started by the Working Families Party has accumulated over 45,000 signatures to date.

“The tens of thousands of signatures on our petition reflect the strong disapproval of UPS’s underhanded tactics,” Bill Lipton, State Director for the Working Families Party, said in a statement.You can add your name to the petition by clicking here

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  • wkramer

    The piece that is missing from this story is why the original driver was fired. If the original driver was fired for a valid reason than the 250 deserved to be fired based upon the contract. Even if the driver was wrongfully terminated they could be terminated based upon the contract. The contract lays out in detail what rights a terminated employee has and a wildcat strike is not one of them.

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      “Workers at the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY walked off the job last month to voice their disapproval with the termination of Jairo Reyes, a 24 veteran of the company for allegedly clocking in early.”

  • Thomas Mc Niell Boots

    Corporations own Congress and worse the Judicial as well, trickle down economy has always been about how little the 2% had to trickle down on both groups to get their way.

  • Wayne Rizor

    Don’t forget, UPS is a Member of ALEC( American Legislative Exchange Council) and is a ALEC Private Enterprise board member. ALEC is funded in large part by the Koch brothers and it really hates unions. So, it there is a place where a line needs to be drawn in the sand, let it be at UPS. There are other package delivery services out there and I have been using the other guys now for some time. If you find their actions offensive to your way of thinking vote with your dollars. A corporation is in business to attract customers and earn profits for its shareholders, not to offend potential customers and drive away business.

  • Glenda

    I thought retaliation was illegal?

    • Ronald Nolette

      If the firings were for an illegal walkout/protest- it is not considered retaliation but right discipline- if it is in the contract.

  • masteradrian

    Hello UPS….. we live in 2014, no longer in the 1930s or 20s!

    I for sure will NOT use UPS for any delivery anymore!
    (only to deliver shit to their HQ)

  • Hooper

    One might conclude that UPS assumed that the contract was no longer valid since the workers didn’t seem to find it valid any more. So they got fired for not working. What’s unreasonable about firing a worker who doesn’t even try to work?

    • Comicus

      After reading your statement, I assume you have a tenuous at best grasp on logic. Had UPS honored the contract it signed, none of the following would have been an issue.

      • Ronald Nolette

        It depends. If UPS has a no early ring in policy then the person fired violated it. If he had gone through whatever disciplinary procedures in place then the termination was justified. It is then up to mgmt. and labor to try to work out a deal to reinstate him. This is done very often. The workers who walked off the job, performed an uncontractual job action and could be terminated without warning if the contract doesn’t have safety provisions. Before anyone passes judgment- one should see the provisions of their contract. If it was a wioldcat walkout- they simply are subject to termination. I am a union member of a UPS competitor

        • Kris

          None of the men who walked off the job that day was told that it was a “wildcat” protest. They all believed that this was a union sanctioned walk off. Are they not supposed to support their union? Only later was it found out by these poor men that the man in the video above took it upon himself to do this with no authorization from his superiors at the union hall. Now 250 UPS workers jobs are hanging in the balance because Liam (man in above video) got too big for his britches (On a side note this man was fired from UPS many years ago and then hired by the union as a business agent). UPS is now using this as a tool to get rid of who it sees as “troublemakers” (aka persons who actually know their rights under the contact) and as a scare tactic to discourage future protests.

          • wkramer

            If they were following the business agents instructions than their gripe is with the union not UPS. UPS was acting within the union contract when they were fired. They were warned once by an arbitrator not to pull this a second time and they did. They deserved the firings.

  • Madbunny

    Simply put: companies hate organized labor.

    • Ronald Nolette

      true –most do, unions have their plusses and minuses depending on how radical the union is.

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