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University Professor: Do Not Use Fox ‘News’ As A Source!

Tucked in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains outside of Wheeling West Virginia sits West Liberty University.  Founded March 30, 1837, the university has an average enrollment of about 2700, features more than 50 different programs, 30 of which are recognized nationally or have national accreditation. It’s a great choice for education for local residents due to low cost tuition, scholarships, financial aid, and reduced cost for bordering county residents.

West liberty university AATTP

Accessible, affordable, accredited education! Cool, right? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Stephanie Wolfe, a visiting professor of journalism at West Liberty University in West Virginia, banned her students from citing The Onion, (no surprise there). But Professor Wolfe, AKA Professor AWESOME banned her students from also citing Fox “News” saying,

“Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from The Onion.”

She’s right about that.  There is often more truth to The Onion’s headlines than those of Fox “News.”

After all, Fox lawyers argued it was their first amendment right to report false information.  And they WON!  They sued to be able to lie, and WON!

Naturally, local idiot TEApublican-types are outraged!  OUTRAGED!!!!

As WTOV 9 reported, “Upset students and parents have taken their concerns to local media, like NEWS9’s news partner Dave Bloomquist at WWVA, who shared an email from a concerned parent with us.  Parents claim it is unfair to the students to encourage some sources which lean in one direction politically, while discouraging those going in the other direction.”

Fox News’ “direction” is off the cliff of reason– to the pit of lies, insanity and ignorance.  To buy Fox News lies, requires the suspension of critical thinking, intellectual honesty and reverence for truth.  That’s not a direction any caring college professor should want to see his or her students travel.  That’s not a liberal view, or simply a liberal opinion either.


Professor Wolfe, Americans Against the Tea Party would like to thank you for doing the world a favor, not only for educating our young people, but also for keeping the insane, lying propaganda wing of the TEApublican party out of the classroom!

You definitely get a gold star for today!

gold star AATTP


Americans Against the Tea Party


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Eael Weaver

    You people are fools ! FOX News is the most legitimate and unbiased news available today.They are not democrat parrots just repeating the party line. As far as the Tea Party goes, either they or their principals are the only hope for saving this country from the destructive progressive policies of the last sixty years. If things continue as is we will be finished as a nation!

  • jpw

    Lets debunk the myth about Fox before we throw stones. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. http://www.campaignfreedom.org/2009/11/03/fox-lies-videotape-debunking-an-internet-myth/

    • AATTP

      There are more recent studies that conclude Fox viewers are more uniformed than people who watch NO news at all.



    • RLS

      Sorry man, but ANY news station that runs a segment about the russian meteor being a plot by Obama to prove global warming, is just unbelievable and completely ridiculous. Also anyone who believes such unbelievable reporting, really needs thier head examined. Thier logo that says fair and unbiased, is thier biggest lie, because its painfully obvious to those with a brain !!

      • Pauley Wallnutz

        “Fair and balanced”- when it’s really fare for the Mentally Imbalanced

  • z b gordon

    i am also a college professor that discourages FoxNews as a source. Instead i recommend conservative media such as The Economist or National Review for students looking for a more intelligent understanding of issues from a conservative perspective.

    Anneberg School of Broadcasting did a current events survey in which they asked students a series of factual questions and then asked respondents to identify their primary source of news.. The remarkable result was that those who indicated they got their news from FOX scored last – lower even than people who said they received NO news. Meaning that facts were so distorted on Fox that you had a better chance of randomly guessing the correct answer than if you watched Fox!

    The top sources of information for accuracy were NPR, the NYT, and Washington Post.

  • Jarhead68

    While I certainly oppose the tea party, I also oppose intellectual dishonesty from any source. When I teach evolution, I make sure the students have access to the Discovery Institute, the Institute for Creation Research, Answers in Genesis, etc. How else can one demonstrate the bankruptcy of so-called science if one doesn’t “allow” students to see it for themselves? Similarly, if one wants to teach proper journalistic techniques, what better way than to show examples of bad technique? Sorry – this professor shouldn’t have gotten any kind of star.

    • Allison

      There is a difference in having students find sources for opinion pieces and citing articles in research papers or essays that are considered “fact”. No one should be citing Fox News sources for fact, but in the same regard, most of my professors required sources from peer-reviewed journals or other respected academic periodicals. Network news organizations were not generally included in that.

  • lel

    All news stations have bias to a certain degree, fox news just gets more flak than others because it’s one of the few right wing mainstream stations, some other far left stations like MSNBC are far more biased but get nowhere near the flak fox gets

    • Jim

      No, Fox New gets more flax because it’s policy is to spread disinformation. If your idea of accuracy is you get from Fox news you’ve got a serious deficit of discretion. You have no idea what’s really going on.

    • rick

      you are right lel all news outlets are biased to some degree, this comes from the personal ideas of the reporters and editors. The main difference everyone is trying to get at here is that Fox is just a arm of the right wing propoganda machine and has no problem with lies if thats what it takes to scare its adience into beliving their point of view. Most other news outlets including MSNBC at least have truth based reporting!

    • http://None dave72

      I’ve been a working journalist for about 25 years and I would not use Fox News as a source for anything that is cited by their hosts or pundits. Instead I would check other credible sources to substantiate the fact or claim. I would do the same if I heard or read some allegation or disputed fact in a communist newspaper or any source that lacks credibility, a distinction Fox has and continues to earn. Just ask why Fox News has had such difficulties in Canada, which bans the broadcasting false or misleading items under the guise of news . Fox is not serving those who want factual coverage of current events and issues; it serves only those with a conservative ideological agenda.

  • Will

    Since when are tv shows considered legitimate academic sources in the first place? Hell, i remember when you werent even allowed to use the INTERNET as a source, you had to reference an actual, physically-published document. And im not even that old.

  • 60srad

    Unfortunately, the Onion is also more reliable than much of what appears on the REST of the corporate, so-called “liberal” media oligopoly.

  • Lynda Kamrath

    Never heard of West Liberty Univ. but I have now. Right on!

  • Perry

    Faux News slogan should actually read “Fair and Balanced, Wink, Wink.”

  • Jason

    Only in America can scholarship be dumbed down in the name of fairness.

    • GaLiberal

      The only thing being dumbed down are you Faux News watchers. But then you’re too dumbed down to realize that’s happening.

    • J.T.

      It has nothing to do with “fairness,” it has EVERYTHING to do with reliability of facts reported. The FACT that Fox News has EVERY SHOW listed as “entertainment” and NOT “news” per law, would tell the average intelligent individual would realize that this isn’t a reliable source of information. Of course when your demographic are the delusionally paranoid or incredibly stupid, you’re not attracting any level of intelligent individual.

  • Mal

    finally finally finally some non-brainwashed not ignorant wise minds in my homestate!! thank you professor!

  • eddie powell

    One statement…. God bless those who want to truthfully edify….

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