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UH OH! Occupy Wall Street Leaks DAMNING Walmart Anti-Union Scripts

Recently, Occupy Wall Street released some interesting Walmart management training slides regarding unions–and how to skirt the law in gently nudging workers away from organizing. However, some of those slides were missing. Now, the missing slides have been released as well to paint a full picture into how much the idea of a union scares the living hell out of the corporate giant.

Walmart claims to be pro-worker, but given that management is required to monitor and report union activity, those claims seem overstated at best (especially given Walmart’s recent encounter with accusations of some pretty awful labor violations). The company whose underpaid employees felt it necessary to hold a canned food drive for other employees over the holidays discussed in the slides “legal” methods of anti-union intimidation and scare tactics.

You might notice some blank spots in those slides. Well, OWS was nice enough to fill in the missing blanks with some shining examples of how to dissuade employees from taking interest in unionizing.

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John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • Bobby

    After reading this I have to say I got a good laugh at the anti union documents they are presenting to their employees. I belong to a union. I get a fair wage. I have job protection. I am ensured that I have full time working hours before anyone else is hired. When my contract is up.. Negotiations take effect and a new contract is signed without having to go on strike ever. Now you people ask yourself one thing. if the union is sooooo bad… why does the NFL have one… Why do Steel Workers have one.. Why do Electricians have one.. Why do telecommunications and Airlines have one… you want to know why Walmart doesnt have one.. here is the real truth. With unions they will have to guarantee your wages, they would have to guarantee hours.. they would have to guarantee seniority, they would have guarantee benefits.. and…………. the most important thing.. they would have to have a good reason to fire or punish you. As a working person dont you think you deserve that. Ask one employee from walmart if they get that now and besides the sheep led managers all of them would say no. The average employee at Walmart are over worked and underpaid and hours cut immediately if they make a manager mad. Walmart should be sued for slander and lies making employees read and believe this nonsense.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/MaryPat0629 Mary Pat

    first off, I never said I wasn’t grateful to have a job – but at what expense do these jobs come into our communities? As a taxpayer, I am outraged to know that in the state of WI every WM Supercenter that employs approx.300 associates, costs the taxpayers over $900,000.00 in subsidies each year it is in operation = WM thanks each and everyone of us for flitting the bill, so they can continue to pay poverty level wages and these associates can continue to be on state aid and being able to take advantage of other government programs, programs that our tax dollars are used to support – so, now you tell me that WM doesn’t effect our economy? Remember this is the largest private employer, most of us have a family member or a neighbor or a friend that works or has worked for this company = again, you tell me it’s not effecting our economy? It’s an older video but if you haven’t seen it, please watch The High Cost of Low Wages

  • CJ

    Less employees mean more cash in the companies coffers. If you find social security, medicare and all those other regulations then feel free to not take advantage of them yourself. They are not there for the benefit of the CEO’s…they are for the protection of the employees. Regulations are needed. Without them we’d still have child labor, deeper poverty than we see now and and elderly with no social security to survive during their remaining years after retirement (which I’ll probably never get to do thanks to the government which has incessantly robbed the ss system for decades).

    And those fear of asking questions…they protect employees from being asked questions that should have absolutely nothing to do with employment (are you married? do you have kids? are you a conservative or liberal? are you pro-life or pro-choice? What is your religion? Do you have a facebook page and if you do login and let me see it, etc etc etc).

    • Jack King

      Here’s the problem CJ. All these mandates taken individually or good. But as one piles on top of another, the cost of hiring a full time employee becomes confiscatory. You ask why companies are not hiring. I’m giving you the answer. Don’t shot the messenger.

  • CJ

    oh yes…they push the anti-union stuff on ya big time at Wal-mart. been there…done that. there was nothing else available except fast food (and sometimes fast food pays more than Wal-mart). This old body can’t handle 8 hours on my feet anymore (thank you father time for blessing me with arthritis in my knees and ankles to remind me of my increasing age). Luckily I finally managed to get in with a company that I don’t have to stand all day and kill my back and joints for minimum wage (totally not worth it).

  • boB

    ” to trant a full picture” Ummm, okay, whatever you say.

    • Dixie McLean

      Hello, typos happen- it’s the message that matters.

  • Dixie McLean

    I think prosperous employers need to be compelled to pay workers a living wage, and they also should be compelled to hire enough workers so the employees only work the job of one person and not any more. Otherwise, these employers are exploiting people to gain or retain extreme, unnecessary, unworthy wealth- and that’s this era’s form of slavery.

  • Hghlander

    Yes, by no means atempt to improve your working conditions, just suck it up and take it. If we all thought like that we would still have working conditions like we did in the industrial revolution. Children working, 16 hour work day, 6 days a week. But say nothing, just be happy you have a job.

  • Jack King

    Two times in my career I worked for horrible employers. Both times I quickly found another employer who better appreciated my skills. Rather than whine and complain, start canvasing other employers in the area. If no one is hiring, or if they are hiring but even have lower pay/benefits, then count your lucky stars that at least Walmart thought enough of you to hire you in the first place.

    • Comicus

      Count your lucky stars that Master Waller thought enough of you to buy you in the first place, Kunta Kinte.

      The only thing Walmart thinks of it’s employees is how desperate they must be to work for them. They don’t even pay them enough money so they can afford to buy food at Walmarts already low prices. Even the slave could expect better.

    • Benji

      The economy is crap, people don’t have a choice in what jobs are available. So why do employers get to treat their employees’ like shit? I don’t disagree that the lower you are on the food chain the less you should get paid, but at what point is greed too much?

      • Jack King

        “The economy is crap”

        Correct….and it will stay that way as long as we stick with the same failed policies.

        “people don’t have a choice in what jobs are available.”

        Correct again…there are so few jobs because “the economy is crap” that instead of whining they should thank god they at least have a job.

        • Highlander

          Actually, the economy is not crap. The Dow is higher than it has ever been, as are corporate profits. What it shows is that trickle down economics is crap. Remember Jack, even if your employer is doing illegal things to you, and generally treating you like crap, be happy that you have a job. Don’t do anything to change it.

          • Jack King

            It IS true that many of the mid-sized to large companies are flush with cash. Why, then, are they not hiring?

            Over the years, the cost of hiring an employee has slowly but steadily risen. It is more than just a salary. There is Social Security (FICA), Medicare (MICA), Unemployment Insurance, Workman’s Comp, and now Obamacare. There are minimum wage rules, required sick days, overtime laws, union requirements, paid maternity leave, etc. By the same token, there are a legion of anti-discrimination laws that a hiring company must tip-toe around. God help the employer who happens to ask the wrong question to a potential employee. The result of all this is that in 2014 an employer must think long and hard about hiring even one more person. In Europe, it is even worse. The dark side is that for decades the unemployment rate in the Euro Zone has been about twice that of the US……but we are catching up.

            The second problem is that government is sucking up potential investment dollars to finance the federal debt. That giant sucking sound is potential private investment dollars going to finance the federal government. Don’t expect anything to change soon.


          • Highlander

            Ah yes, the age old call of the Republican Dalek, “DEREGULATE!!”. Liisten if trickle down were such a powerful force it would would work even through this. What it is is that the rich take their money and sit on it. Or they place it in the Cayman Islands. You give the poor more money, and it goes directly into the economy, because they have a tendency to spend it all on necessities. The rich have gotten richer from the hard work of their employees, and not shared that with the employees who have see their spending power shrink. One party has seen al the gains, but hasn’t done all the work. I don’t begrudge a CEO from a high salary, his job is stressful. But when his (or her) employees are living hand to mouth, and he’s making more in an hour then they do in a month, I’m gonna call him out on that.

            Here’s the basic difference between the parties. Republicans feel sorry and work for the rich, the Democrats feel sorry and work for the poor. Is there some bleed over between the two? Yes, but for the most part it’s true.

          • Jack King

            “What it is is that the rich take their money and sit on it. Or they place it in the Cayman Islands”

            Highlander…what the rich do with their surplus is invest it. That is, they take a risk. That risk taking when it is successful creates jobs. If you are going to punish people for taking risks, you can be sure there will be less of it.

            ” I don’t begrudge a CEO from a high salary, his job is stressful. But when his (or her) employees are living hand to mouth, and he’s making more in an hour then they do in a month, I’m gonna call him out on that”

            What you apparently do not realize is that most of CEO compensation today consists of stock options, perks, variable bonuses, and long-term incentives…all of which track to the success of the company. It is not a zero sum game. You are getting these pathetic talking points from web sites that have axes to grind who have no idea what they are talking about.

    • http://mdphotoart.com Miguel Dominguez


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