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Tucker Carlson and Daily Caller Reporter Forced to Apologize for Sexist Tweets

Sometimes, the right dog whistle can be so hard to find. As is so often the case with conservatives, generally noted for hiding their inherent bigotry in more couched terms, it took but one slip of the Twitter to reveal the sexist douche hiding just inside.  Such is the case with Fox News Commentator and Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson, and his thrall Patrick Howley.

Recently, someone over at a progressive site known as Firedoglake has apparently been combing through the back issues of BuzzFeed, and uncovered an apparent snake in the garden. Rosie Gray, a writer for former GIF-factory Buzzfeed, posted in an article in 2013 the story of former Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal, and his defense of his son’s anti-Israel book from a liberal critic.

The Buzzfeed article attacked Rosie Gray as being a “stealth neo-conservative,” claiming that she was sexually involved, maybe even dating, her source Eli Lake. It also stated that “Lake may be pumping more than stories into Gray.”

Now, this sort of thing, while not exactly becoming of a progressive site, isn’t exactly unheard of in the notoriously catty blogosphere. That’s not an excuse, but it is a reality of blogging. Apparently, though, even progressive blogs have their fans on conservative sites like The Daily Caller. Reporter Patrick Howley, sublimely screenshotted by the Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly, Tweeted:

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The HuffPo got hold of Tucker Carlson, Howley’s editor, and notified him of the drive-by screen-shooting. After hearing of Reilly’s intentions to re-post the screenshot, Howley was not only unrepentant, but taunting toward him:

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True to his word, Reilly re-posted the screenshot, along with the words: “The tweets that will hopefully haunt @PatrickHowleyDC for awhile. Team @RosieGray, obviously.”

Howley’s comments were lambasted as “appalling” and “disgusting,” and none other than Tucker Carlson himself, along with Howley, were forced to apologize to Rosie Gray. Carlson notified Reilly by email, and he confirmed it with Gray:

Reilly: “@TuckerCarlson tells me Patrick Howley has apologized to @RosieGray

Gray: “.@ryanjreilly @tuckercarlson he has. I accepted his apology.”

Here’s hoping Ms. Gray has learned a little something from this encounter — that the people who hate you aren’t always on the other side.

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