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It’s Official: White Folks in Red States are the Biggest Food Stamp ‘Moochers’ in the Country!

In an ironic twist to the GOP’s war on the poor, it turns out that the people who are the most negatively affected by Republican cuts in food programs – are Republicans themselves.

Statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the SNAP program (a favorite target of the GOP) is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. Owsley County, Kentucky earns the lowest median household income in the country, but they are the most prolific government-takers in U.S. existence.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.15.41 PM

Click to enlarge.

According to a TIME analysis of county-by-county food stamp enrollment data, GOP politicians represent more districts that majorly participate in SNAP than Democrats.

From the TIME report:

While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats, many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program. In Kentucky’s 5th district, represented by Republican Hal Rogers, 1 in 3 people receives SNAP benefits. After the House passed its version of the farm bill, however, Rogers wrote: “Struggling children, seniors, veterans and families, clearly in need of assistance … compete against scammers, lottery winners, gamblers and others who may be able to work, but simply refuse.

Many economists agree that food stamps trigger economic activity when poor people utilize their benefits, which more than makes up for the cost. Republicans, however, take the opposite approach; they believe tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires is what stimulates growth, all the while cutting programs that help the poorest in society.

When ranking what methods help the economy, economists say that food stamps rank among the top three, while tax cuts to the rich rank about 12th.

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About Sky Palma

Sky Palma
Sky Palma lives in Los Angeles and has been writing about politics, current events and religion for over a decade. He's also the head editor and founder of deadstate.org.
  • Harleigh

    Just as long as they ‘keep yer gubmint hans offn mah soshal sekuraty an mah medikaid and medakare also too’! Now go recharge your medicaid scooter and oxygen tanks baggers. LMAO

  • Harleigh

    You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead!

  • J. Fischer

    We’re still paying off debt from WWII. Unless you can come up with a way to run the country without spending money, we’ll always have a national debt.

    You want to believe the nation’s falling apart because you’re mad about the black guy in the White House. You’ve been told all the ‘government IS the problem’ rubbish, and that only Republicans have American interests at heart (because outlawing gay marriage and abortion will goose the economy into overdrive).

  • Aneisa

    LOL I live AND WORK in Owsley County, KY. Population 850-1100 people. This article means nothing!

  • Buck Stodgers

    If you want to actually read the Time article, even the part they quote here, it clearly says: “While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats…” Meaning that more total people are on SNAP in Dem districts, which is logical since densely populated urban areas are typically represented by multiple Dems.

    But there are fewer Dems than Reps in Congress to begin with. The breakdown of those over 20% usage that have Rep vs. Dem congressmen is 43 vs. 33, which in terms relative to the number of total congressmen, means a higher percentage of Dem congressmen (16.5%) have high SNAP utilization than Republicans (9.8%).

  • krayziehustler

    That’s looking at percentages. This article is looking at sums. Since white people are the majority, 15% of whites is more people than 30% black. So in total there are more white people on food stamps. This article is still factual.

    • Murphcon

      Oh please, hustler.

      The article looks at sums in 1 county in the whole country.

      The headline is wildly inaccurate on every level.

      To say that Republicans are most affected is inaccurate as a percentage or a sum.

      • krayziehustler

        Fair enough. I was just thinking/talking about as a whole country not just the county.

  • Christine Cole

    Page not found. And what’s a His panic?

    • Murphcon

      Funny how links get blocked here.

  • YourMom

    How did you know for certain that it was fraud?

  • YourMom

    Or dry-humping. Wankers.

  • Kevin Crosby

    Do you have a map that breaks down food stamps by county? While eastern Washington is decidedly Republican, western Washington, especially the highly educated Seattle region, is markedly Democratic. Seattle also has a lot of homeless people in part because we try to treat our homeless better than many other places and word gets around.

    • David Mason

      Agreed. In general mapping at the state level isn’t particularly informative. County level is much better. California is also profoundly divided between “blue” coastal cities and “red” inland areas. I also suspect Mississippi is not intrinsically more “backwards” than neighboring states; it’s only more rural and so its statewide statistics reflect urban-rural differences through its multi-state region more than anything else.

  • Jaguar67

    These people will NEVER blame the Republicans. It’s all Obama’s and the Dems’ fault they’re unemployed, poor, receiving welfare (until the GOP cuts it off), and stupid as a box of rocks.

  • shucky

    “Hate Whitey” should be your slogan. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are in the top 1%, or desperate to keep their kids from starving to death. All they want is the dignity of honest work in private sector jobs, not handout socialist slave labor from government masters. Since they reject your socialism, you prefer they all starve.
    As always, the left can’t abide anything they can’t control, such as the free market. If you get the chance, you will establish re-education camps and work camps as well. You are no different than every other dystopian leftist the world has already seen. You think you can bend human nature to your will, you don’t accept individual liberty.
    There is no bridge between your mindset and the Bill of Rights. America is neither a place nor a people but a set of ideas about liberty, none of which you share. You take the place of a billion people in the world who would risk death for those liberties. I would rather take all of them to be my neighbor, they are all Americans in spirit.

  • Zoe Smith

    More Liberal Lies Fabrication!

    You liberal go to any length to lie about God Fearing Right Wing Conservative.’

    All those moochers are the Blacks in those states, not whites.

    If the very few whites on welfare is because the Mexicans take the jobs for 1/2 of minimum wage.

  • Joel Hackbart

    The wealthiest 400 Americans control more wealth than the bottom 150 MILLION Americans.
    What the devil is “moral” about that??????????????????

  • Mistress Time

    Ask yourself why?? The red states probably have the lowest minimum wage. And the voters, don’t want to vote to raise the minimum wage. Why? Because then they don’t feel like they are poor whites. They are just “momentarily embarrassed white folk”. But tell ya what….If you are white and you are poor and you vote against raising the minimum wage…you are never going to be anything but white and poor. Help yourself. Quit listening to the TeaPoliticians. Help yourself. The He*l with them. They already got their own. What do you have?

  • chief_warrant

    Perhaps they should re evaluate their Morals ? and get away from the anti Jesus repubs

  • AnOuthouse

    Don’t worry, they’ll still blame Obama.

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  • ac456

    And I’m telling you they are not to be doing it. We were all told that if we had problem we had to go to the military first rather than go to snap first. The FSSP is so you don’t have to get food stamps and that is what you are told to go get first. As for these figures coming out, the commissary does not track who purchases with SNAP so you cannot say with any certainty that it is active duty soldiers who make up the bulk of it as Retirees are also allowed there.

    Now they can get WIC really easy. I see that all the time. Frankly, you have to be very low in rank with a few kids to even qualify. Most soldiers make too much.

    • Courtney Turner Urban

      Can’t tell the non-active member of that family what to do, and if they apply for food stamps and their spouse is active military, they can get them.

      • ac456

        Lol, try living on post. They will tell you what to do real fast. Everything from how tall your grass can get to what you can wear to the shopette (well these days, it’s gotten a bit nutty).

        I really don’t have problem with anyone getting food stamps. I’m just saying what I was told. If you weren’t then whatever, but I don’t think it’s worth fighting about. As for them not being able to tell spouses what to do, oh yes they can. There are rules and you can be banned from a military post if you break them. That’s why I always refused to live on post.

        • Courtney Turner Urban

          Right, and you don’t have to live on post. Also, food stamps are a right by citizens, and it isn’t allowed for the army to tell you that you can’t. Talk to a superior.

          • ac456

            I’m well aware I don’t have to live on post. Really, i’m not a mouth-breathing moron. Have a good life.

        • Robert Kennedy

          I have been out of the military for decades, but when I was in only officers got post family housing. It seems like that has changed?

    • chief_warrant

      Gee I think you just gave yourself away as being a lying troll ” most soldiers make too much “

      • J. Fischer

        The higher ranks do make good money. A Master Sergeant or Master Chief Petty Officer will earn far more than the E-1s through E-3s who make up the bulk of the cannon fodder. Officers make even more than enlisted.

    • J. Fischer

      Commuted rations. In other words, active-duty personnel can get extra money to buy food. I think this is more for personnel with dependents or who can otherwise show a need for it.

      People might be conflating SNAP and WIC, but either way, it still means that lower-ranking military personnel are underpaid.

  • dljen

    Hmm, that isn’t what they tell me…they’re not racists, love their guns, hate Obama, you know, real pieces of work.

  • George Yesthal


  • Invicta

    What a bunch of BS! Tell me, oh wise ones- where are the jobs that these “moochers” should be working in this county!?

    • Will Folden

      Are you making that argument in defense of all people who are on food stamps, or just those that live in red states?

      • Joel Hackbart

        He is saying that if you happen to be a poor Democrat, get off your lazy f–ing butt, get off of f–ing government assistance and get a job you moocher! On the other hand, if you are a poor republican, they can’t find jobs and of course that is all Obama’s fault so republican’s have no choice but to use public assistance!

        • Peter Williams

          But lazy Republicans are OK?

          • Joel Hackbart

            You do realize I was using sarcasm to make a point, right?

          • YourMom

            And your sarcasm was so good….fanned and fanned again (if I could.) Please continue posting.

          • DD

            Sarcasm is lost on the low information/ low IQ individual. Sarcasm is a second language that those who can’t master English will never get.

    • chief_warrant

      sitting on bohners desk as they have been for years ….why won’t he let the bill come up for a vote …..because it might pass and help the American people ?

      • Peter Williams

        But wouldn’t make Obama look like a failure. After all, they’ve vowed to make him a one-term President. Oh, wait a minute….

        • Molly NYC

          You bring up a good point (although I fear that the logic will be lost on our right-wing brethren): As President Obama can’t win any more elections, Congressional Republicans’ reason for destroying the economy and pretending that it’s Obama’s fault is greatly diminished.
          So at this stage, it’s purely out of malice–apparently directed at the American people, who voted him into office twice.

          • queenbee14

            Agree wholeheartedly!!! Aside from some with a true racial hatred, the most main aims for their non-action is to continue to exact their punishment for not follow them lock step for not voting for their presidential tickets. Forget the total unfitness of these people that ran, they truly thought that “we the people” did not have the cognitive ability to determine the smell of the sewage from the real thing.. All these side shows about the POTUS is just that, side shows. One realize after Bush/Tricky Dicky presidency it is all about money and power and all the rest of the reasons for their non-actions, outside some of those that are truly racists, follows the same route as used toilet paper, This fact stands clearly with this conclusion since the only other logical reason outside of pure insanity that S. Palin was tapped for a run for the VPOTUS. Being the hateful vengeful types they are and they will continue their ways even if it means the downfall of our nation.

          • YourMom

            Maybe–but probably more for the reason of claiming ANY Democratic nominee is closely tied to Obama, the “failed president.” Wankers.

        • Neoconsaredicks

          I know……FAIL !!

      • msshell

        Exactly!! The seething, partisan hatred of the GOP is keeping even the Republicans who are dumb enough to vote for them from finding jobs.

    • Skip Moreland

      Well most of those who receive snap do work, many are active duty soldiers and min wage earners(walmart & fast food industry), many of the rest are retirees and veterans who are disabled. It is the low wages that hurt us for the most part. We subsidize many businesses who make huge profits while paying very little to their employees. Also those businesses have many tax dodges available to them.

      • ac456

        Active duty soldiers are not allowed to get food stamps. Sorry, my husband was active duty for 14 years. I know that’s wrong.

        • Jess

          That must have been some time ago now, because my cousin’s husband is currently an active duty Marine, and his family receive food stamps.

          • Rayvyn

            Yes, Military can receive them now. And do. The way we treat our Vets is shameful.

          • YourMom

            Thanks for pointing that out. I wondered..because “Guest” was talking about the past—as if any institution, military or otherwise, remains static! Bottom line is it’s a shame how we treat our entry level military.

        • Baby_Raptor

          This is not true. My exhusband and I applied for foodstamps in 07. We were denied for being a few dollars over the limit, not because we were Soldiers.

        • DC325ix

          WRONG!! Active duty soldiers receive and use food stamps.

        • Susan Tague

          yOU ARE SO WRONG.

    • James K. Nelson

      “Moochers” is ironically being used because it’s a propaganda term used by Tea Party types as a criticism of these programs. Get it?

      • John Harmer

        I gather from the above, clueless remark, that the concepts of satire and irony do not register with you?

  • Jimmy Lin

    Okay, this article changed my mind. Let’s cut SNAP, if people on SNAP are mostly Republicans, this may be a lesson they desperately need.

    • J. Fischer

      It wouldn’t help the chronically mindless supporters of the GOP, and would harm innocent children.

    • Jezhar

      I don’t think they see the connection. It’s Obama’s fault, or ‘those people’.

    • Bill Healy

      they would only blame Obama and the Democrats, they vote republican because they are low information, low intelligence…fox news viewers.

  • Pay Forward


  • Steve Johnson

    @James A. Ritchie. You are most certainly a retard. I’ve lived & visited more of the Southern states than I care to remember. Arkansas is one of the poorest states in the union. And I can drive almost ANYWHERE in that state & find a bunch of trailer parks or backwoods dumps where TONS of SOUTHERN WHITE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS are smoking crack, having sex among their relatives & squeezing the govt for everything they can. So please. STFU. If you were being 1/2 way intellectually honest, you’d agree with what I just said. Either that….or you’ve never been to the south.

  • Sal

    This is pretty laughable commentary. All one has to do is look at the total counties represented by food stamps to get a clear picture. This does it: http://www.youargue.com/c/55ran-the-biggest-moochers.html

  • Samantha

    Oh, and have you ever been in the military ??

  • Samantha

    Idiot the military is not where it needs to be cut! Who’s gonna protect you when another 9/11 happens or worse!!!! Maybe Obamacare for one, it need to go!!!! Oh my I’m not getting way into this because it will be a big argument!! You can never say how you feel or think anymore without everyone getting their panties in a was and lashing out in bad ways!!

  • Eric

    Anyone even think that maybe the due to low voter turnout in rural areas, that maybe the demographics referenced in this article aren’t inclusive of each other? If rebublicans voted in a high percentage of a very small turnout, maybe the democrats don’t get out to vote. I can see that if there are 1000 people in this county and 100 voted, hence 95 of them were repubs. Could it be maybe they are the better educated and more involved people in the county and possibly the other 90% of the county isn’t going to waste expensive gas to go do something(vote)that many feel doesn’t matter. So 1 in 3 are on assistance, but that doesn’t mean because 95% of the county are registered republicans that 95% of republicans are on assistance in this county. It could mean the county is actually 50% republican but more vote, and the 33.3% on assistance are predominantly democrat but fail to vote. Just a thought.

  • http://none marc

    What’s funny and galling at the same time is that these moe-runs still vote for the Righties and are smart enough to see that they are actually the moochers – the same with sex/adultery/and christian values – only the ADems who stray are evil hypocrites but or Repub/teacants are above it all – it doesn’t pertain to us and ours. It all goes back to that biblical line “brother, how come you can see the speck in my eye but you can’t see the stone in your’s???? Mighty christian of them…..

    • https://www.facebook.com/jim.daly.10690 Jim Daly

      Where is the like button?

  • Nicole

    I’m racist against white people because I want major welfare reform.

  • Vera house

    I am sick of these reps and there nasty attitudes toward people I know reps who vote reps and take hand outs and there cheating the system working under table and Colecting benefits work man comp and able to work disability benefits yet it’s ok for them

  • Emmett Williams

    Can I put in my 2cents (if it’s worth that now) just in my humble opinion it’s all misdirection. What is truly hurting this country is military spending and corporate welfare. These are billion dollar companies that pay little or no tax. They hide money in offshore accounts while they outsource American jobs. They own congress and I mean both parties. They own the media and probably laugh while we argue among ourselves.We need to (and I mean everyone of us) clean out congress and work on taking money out of politics. I know that’s a tall order but maybe then we will have a chance.

    • Joy

      I agree. That is what makes the Republicans war on welfare so ridiculous.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ahubbard44 Al Hubbard

      Agree 100%

      • http://bitterlymad.wordpress.com imaknowital

        Agree, 30 – 40 yrs of dedicating the bulk of financial resources to a war machine at the expense of improving the quality of life for the citizenry has drained America….has driven people crazy enough to turn on each other like cannibalistic rabid dogs

    • Brian

      100% agree.

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  • Realist

    That’s a funny article. It’s funny because when you look at income inequality across the country, cities in more blue regions fare far worse than cities in more red regions. From Brookings:


    Most Inequality:
    1. Atlanta
    2. San Francisco
    3. Miami
    4. Boston
    5. DC
    6. New York
    7. Oakland
    8. Chicago
    9. LA
    10. Baltimore

    Least Inequality:
    41. Oklahoma City
    42. Raleigh
    43. Omaha
    44. Fort Worth
    45. Colorado Springs
    46. Wichita
    47. Las Vegas
    48. Mesa AZ
    49. Arlington TX
    50. Virginia Beach

    Those top ten cities also remind me of places with high concentrations of smug, rich, liberal elitists. Funny, huh? #Demsdirtysecret

    • dny

      Wowwww, the cities with the highest concentration of industry leaders has the highest income inequality? That is some mind-blowing information. New York, home to Wall Street, all the major banks, and Fox News HQ? San Francisco, home to numerous technology giants, has more inequality than a one-street town like Omaha? You’ve really done some groundbreaking investigative journalism here. But don’t worry, our taxes go to prop those cities up, so it all evens out, Funny, huh ;)

      • Realist

        What you claim to be a “one-street town like Omaha” is actually home to 5 Fortune 500 Company HQs and has low income inequality, pretty impressive for a metro region of 885,000 people.

        To me it’s ironic that all these big cities that claim to enact policies that address income inequality and work hard for the little guy actually have the highest rates of income inequality. Perhaps during the summer months when all the wealthy liberal elitists inhabit their second homes in the Hamptons does NYC’s income inequality rating improve.

        • https://www.facebook.com/patsy.pirillo Patsy Charles Pirillo

          they also have the population

      • M

        Realist left out a crucial point cited in the Brookings study “Southern and Western cities with expansive borders, and either include many “suburban” neighborhoods alongside a traditional urban core, or are themselves overgrown suburbs like Mesa, Arizona and Arlington, Texas (what UNLV’s Rob Lang calls “boomburbs”). Upper-end incomes in these cities range from $150,000 to $200,000, while lower-end incomes mostly register between $19,000 and $24,000″.
        Heavy duty suburban sprawl uplifts the lower income accounted for in traditional urban neighborhoods. If metropolitan areas in the northeast included surrounding affluent suburbs, or the boomburbs were excluded the desperate ratios of inequality between regions would be more similar.

    • Tim

      Uh, no sh*t, how many rich people want to live in Tennessee or Montana?

      • Peter

        Montana is FULL of rich people. Lots of celebrities live there.

        • http://gravatar.com/kilkee526 kilkee526

          No. They own homes there. Big difference.

          • http://bitterlymad.wordpress.com imaknowital

            Regardless if you live in the jurisdiction or own a home, still must pay property taxes that contribute to the tax base of the area.

    • Steve Johnson

      Wow! You’re telling that a bunch of rich people live in a place like L.A.!!?? Where Hollywood would be!!?? Are you serious!!?? I would have NEVER thought that. Gee!! And are you saying that the majority of people don’t make as much as all these movie people, stars, starletts & the such??? Really!!?? Lol. No shit Sherlock. What an assclown. OF COURSE there would be a TON of income inequality among ANY major metro area you idiot! But THE MAIN argument of today’s “income inequality” is the fact that these Wall St criminals & uber corporations have their own private Batphone connections to the politicians….which average everyday working people DONT HAVE!! You are a typical conservatard ahole that is making the argument AGAINST the kind of economy WE USED TO HAVE after World War II, which gave us THE LARGEST middle class & wages this country has ever seen.

    • themed

      I lived in Virginia Beach and it is blue not red!

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  • K

    How is “white” defined here? Is it from the application? Which races or ethnicities or nationalities are listed? This is crucial to know before giving an opinion.

    • Anthony

      Why it that so important to you?

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  • Joules

    I live in Houston and I work a job that pays decent money but it’s based on taxes so you can support yourself but you can’t really support a family of more than you and a small animal on your paycheck.

    Point being, I have several coworkers on various form of assistance, mostly medicaid or food stamps, and they all vote Republican while telling you that everyone but them on assistance is doing it to get out of working. I tried pointing out to them that they’re probably not the only person working on food stamps because they don’t get paid enough to live, eat and feed their kids and it turns into this “I ate the GOP jello about poor people and they’re all lazy evil mooching bastards that have kids to get more of my tax money… except me. And my neighbor.” And that’s what life is like in a red state.

    • https://www.facebook.com/tony.stark.908 Tony Stark

      Yeah i live in Houston and this is the dumb contradictory stuff i hear as well. Sometimes i wish all the assistance would get cut out so these idiots can see they’re shooting themselves in the foot. It’s funny I’m the one that doesn’t need welfare but i fight for their right have it.

      • Michelle

        I’m with you on that Tony. I don’t want to see people get hurt, but I sometimes wish people would get what they are asking for and experience the GOP policies they support with their votes. It would be a rude awakening to say the least. I read a good book years ago on this problem, What’s the Matter With Kansas?

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  • Amanda

    I just needed to make a slightly off-topic point here, based on some of the comments I have read (not that it will make any difference). Not everyone from a red-state is an uneducated, bigoted, moocher. I am utterly exhausted by the sweeping generalizations I see people constantly make about people from the South (especially). Those of us who are white & liberal are certainly in the minority & know that (trust me), couple that with this idea that everyone in a red state is a tea party automoton and after a while you get the feeling you don’t fit anywhere.

    • tim

      Nobody said EVERY person from the south is an idiot. You included yourself in that generalization. This story just says that the area using the most food stamps is 99% white and 92% idiots, I mean conservative

  • http://thearmourofgod.wordpress.com thearmourofgod

    So, Republicans taking assistance are moochers but nobody else. Fascinating way to look at the world. No wonder we keep getting unfit politicians elected.

    • http://trailerparkshow.com James Ritter

      thank you thearmourofgod They found one of the least populated counties in America has if it’s a example of all Red state counties. I’ve seen far left blogs before but this is solely aim at the lowest of low information voters.

      • tim

        The phrase ‘moochers’ is being paraphrased to mock the scum bag Republicans who attack families on aid. You’d do yourself a huge favor to educate yourself and read things in the proper context instead of giving it the old fox news spin

    • Alex

      literally who said that please point it out to me I would very much like to know.

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  • Mark Schmidt

    Republican controlled states have the worst health, fewer jobs, fewer work place protections and rights, lowest wages and benefits, most people living below the poverty line, most hungry kids, worst social services, worst environment, worst infant death rates and worst education… This is the REALITY of the GOP “ideas” and this is what they want to do to the rest of us.

  • Orus Delaney

    It’s who they put in to represent them over the past 30+ years and whose raised them with the lies & ignorance that was around well b4 an actor aka Ronnie the Veggie was president. Big Business has been their boss. Has gotten so bad down there they honor their gospel through GOP reps b4 the word of God. Even HE aka GOD says to make your own choices while you honor his word. Big Business isn’t using it. GOP/Tea Party followers have been brainwashed so bad down there they don’t know who was in office and when things like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina happened. They just hear lies about now, then aka Bush-43 ‘ s days and take it as gospel. Not too Christian to honor lies is it? Find out for yourself (and others) out of good will what the truth is. You know who asks for that, don’t you?


    Total lie
    Vote repuglican live the lie.

  • http://www.backyardbabble.com.blogspot.com irishconnell

    I do know for a fact that my relatives in NC are Repubs and most of them are on welfare. Me I’m just a liberal Dem, and not on any fed. help.

    • Navyveteran

      IrishConnell, You gave me a smile. All of my family back in western NC are also Republicans and I am the only Democrat! They are not on welfare, as all rich (compared to me) but still don’t get it! Very few blacks here in Oklahoma, where I am at, are on food-stamps, but the whites certainly are, and most here vote Republican. Love to complain about handouts, but take FEMA and anything THEY can get!

  • Andrew Rei

    “While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats, many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program. In Kentucky’s 5th district, represented by Republican Hal Rogers, 1 in 3 people receives SNAP benefits. After the House passed its version of the farm bill, however, Rogers wrote: “Struggling children, seniors, veterans and families, clearly in need of assistance … compete against scammers, lottery winners, gamblers and others who may be able to work, but simply refuse”
    It’s also been proven that nine of the 10 states that get more in federal help than pay in taxes are the “Red” states…A fact that invalidates Second and Goal’s Fascist GOP propaganda…

  • Second and Goal

    “While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats…”

    Yup, we’ll just ignore that part of the study this article is based on…

    • Perry

      Second and Goal, did you learn that trick of truncated quotations from Faux News? What you really are ignoring is the second half of that sentence which reads, “…many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program.” Kinda changes the whole intent of the quote from the Time report, doesn’t it? Nice try. I’m starting to get the feeling you and legendzero are Teapublican trolls.

      • Second and Goal

        1. My entire point is that this article very conveniently ignores the first part of the quote, and basically pretends it doesn’t exist. Exactly what you accuse Faux News of. Sorry, did you want to be the pot or the kettle today?
        2. I don’t watch Faux News. Nor do I watch any mainstream news program. They are all equally horrible as you believe Faux News to be.
        3. The Tea Party is equally as offensive to me as hyper-contentious uber liberals. While both groups have some good ideas, they are both equally responsible for the problems this country faces. Extremism is never the answer. Moderation, cooperation, and compromise are. Until we marginalize both those groups to the point of irrelevancy, we will never be able to restore our country to greatness.

        • http://gravatar.com/alexkaplanpeacecorps alexkaplanpeacecorps

          i agree

        • JCSly

          Second & Goal – You rock. Couldn’t have said it better. So many of these studies on both sides of the isle are so biased it is offensive that they were probably paid for, at least in part, with tax payer money.

          If you look to Fox, CNN or MSNBC for anything more than entertainment, then you have serious denial problems.

          This story could be twisted the other direction to argue that Republicans are pushing what they think are right, even if it negatively impacts a portion of their voting constituency.This article belongs here, as this is my first visit to this site and I find it hilariously bigoted and biased.

        • Dave

          I don’t think so, 2nd and goal. I think you are a Nazi troll who watches the Fox Nazi Channel all day long. It represents who you are, a tea party Nazi.

          • Perry

            Dave, don’t bother trying to deal with these Teapublican morons. I figured I wouldn’t waste my time after I read Second and Goal’s second point above. He said he doesn’t watch Faux News or mainstream news but he talks the company line pretty good. So I figure he is either a Koch brothers troll or not smart enough to realize when he has been lied to.

        • http://yahoo.com joel hackbart

          But second and goal you conveniently left out one very important detail! It is the right that has refused all compromise. It is the right that has refused to work with the president on anything. It is the right that has shot down Obama’s attempts to find a middle ground NOT the left. Gee, enlighten silly little me. I was always told that cooperation and compromise was a TWO sided thing.

  • radpat_USA

    Can we talk about the predominant race that buries their heads in the feeding trough that is the 650 billion dollar defense budget…….welfare at its’ best!

    • http://gravatar.com/thehummelr thehummelr

      You are so right (correct). As a thoroughly convinced believer in president Eisenhower’s warning to America about the “military industrial complex”, I could see quite clearly as a 27 year veteran just how that bloated budget came into existence. Today we had Cheney out downgrading Obama for the reductions he plans to make in the military. We don’t need the force we have today and we sure don’t need to send our kids out on these fool’s errands we have been engaged in since WWII. We need to vote out senators and congressmen/women who vote for weapons systems that have more to do with employing civilians in their districts than keeping America safe. If unrestrained capitalism is as great as the Republicans seem to think it is, they shouldn’t need the crutch of the military to keep people employed.

  • http://capturednostalgiadotcom.wordpress.com tammyschmuelgen

    The only thing this proves is that there are still more whites in this country than any other race and more whites in each state that is listed. Stop reporting statistics without giving the WHOLE picture.

  • legendzero

    That is why the workers in those states want the program reformed. These people will put $50 on their EBT than turn around and buy $50 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

    • Perry

      Legendzero, you’ve been listening to Faux News. We can tell. Have you ever tried to stop and think how stupid some of these quotes from them sound? And what their motivation is for telling you those lies? Widen your information sphere. Learn to distinguish between truth and BS. Because if you don’t, someone will try to sell you a bridge or Glenn Beck will try to sell you gold. Yeah, we all knew that was a scam. Did you? How about those fallout shelters? At what point do you start to think they figure you’re an easy mark?

      • http://gravatar.com/thehummelr thehummelr

        Well said but I’m afraid it fell on deaf ears.

    • Jonathan Todd

      With respect that is bull, the article is about the FOOD STAMP program not general ‘welfare’. You cannot spend food stamp benefits except on food (specifically groceries not liquer, not hot food from the deli and not restaurants) and sure as sunrise NOT lottery tickets.

      I lack the information to agree or disagree on the # of SNAP recipients that are dem or repub but I do know that much.

    • http://www.backyardbabble.com.blogspot.com irishconnell

      except that you can’t use the money for anything other than food and not all states offer lotteries.

  • Pingback: White Folks in Red States are the Biggest Food Stamp ‘Moochers’ in the Country | Newspoodle

  • Art Cat

    So how does the one guy on here know if a Democrat or Republican is on Welfare? When you sign up for food stamps does the application have a section that asks what political party you align yourself with? I do have to say by observation whenever I travel around the Country during election time the places with the most welfare recipients tend to vote republican. You’d think these four wheel’n, gun loving, trailer dwellers would vote Democrat.

    • chrisgurl30

      I think they maybe using election results om how that zip code votes. For example, zipcode 12345 (a real zip code in New York) may bote as democrats and that is tied to the amount of people applying for food stamps..

    • Dave

      That’s because they are ignorant and believe whatever the Fox Nazi Channel tells them. If you drew a line from Arizona to North Carolina and let everything to the south become it’s own country, the world would have a new 3rd world nation to deal with. Probably somewhere similar to Somalia but that would be an offense to Somalians.

  • Alvin Otter

    I like that “ironic twist” part. Because GOP opposition to expanded welfare entitlements has always been race-based, right? File under: Delusions of the Progressive Mind.

    • JFischer

      Please: we all know what the Right means when they talk about Welfare cheats. They’re talking about non-whites, Latinos, and Asians.

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  • http://facebook Craig

    Redneck motto.” We may be poor white trash………but at least we’re white.”

    • JFischer


  • http://gplus.to/novenator novenator

    Not really surprising. Fiscal conservatives suck at economics. Part of the reason why Republican states are such moochers from more prosperous Democratic states that practice progressive economics.

    • James A. Ritchie

      What nonsense. I live in a red state, and we have a huge number of white food stamp recipients, but almost all of them are democrats. What idiot thinks red states are 100% Republican? We have an immense number of inner city food stamp recipients, but better than 90% of them vote democrat. Why? Because they want more freebies, and know democrats will exchange taxpayer money for votes.

      • TomG

        Did you even read the article? Good right winger, don’t let facts stand in the way of your opinions.

      • https://plus.google.com/101434817290945926121 Stanley White

        Actually, West Virginia and Kentucky, which are in the top-10 of food-stamp usage, are predominantly white and Republican. Oh, and 38.8% of those on food stamps are white, which means there are more whites than blacks or Hispanics on food stamps.

      • http://twitter.com/Estproph Estproph (@Estproph)

        No, I am certain that almost all of them are republican.

        How do I know? How do you?

      • https://www.facebook.com/majichappens Keith Dickerson

        Are you blind……. I know people who work for social services who see cases daily of white people who always vote republican that are on food stamps and it’s been this way for years, it’s a dirty little secret and a manipulative tactic. YES ! there are democratic white people on food stamps, Blacks, Hispanics etc…… go spend some time out in the country at in any government run food stamp office and you will see the majority of the people are poor and white. black people only comprise 12 percent of the populace, white 70 percent….. the very wealthy in the low percentiles, it does not take much to figure this out.

      • Perry

        You’re an idiot that is trying to make your point by quoting percentages. Nobody thinks that red states are 100% Teapublican morons. We all know that normal people suffer in red states. The rest of your statistics you’ll have to prove because I have a feeling you got it from Faux News and they are well know for lying and misleading information.

      • https://plus.google.com/115252407493187856694 Barry Kevin

        Do they have POLITICAL TATTOOS?? Because they receive food stamps, you innately KNOW they don’t vote that same as you? Do you have reliable polling data to support your “90% ” claim or your statement that “they want more freebies”? To quote YOU… “WHAT NONSENSE”!!

      • http://gravatar.com/marthavlinn Martha Linn

        Where is your proof that “almost all of them are Democrats”? Do you work for the Health and Human Resources Dept? I’d like to see your proof, please.

      • MonaR

        How exactly would you know the voting or political affiliation of the individuals collecting food stamps in your state? By your logic, blue states should be the biggest moochers since we have a whole mess a’ Democrats!

        All you guys ever do is make excuses when facts are presented. You do everything to dismiss what is a fact. Red states are moocher states; always have been. You people have never paid your fair share when it comes to running this country, but you like to believe we “liberals” have our hands out. Meanwhile, I probably pay more in parking garages per month than you people pay in taxes per year.

  • kim long

    Agreed I no longer read comments section on many websites due to the racism and bigoted nature sad horrible ppl

  • Perry

    Giving tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy is actually detrimental to the economy. They are most apt to hide the tax break in overseas financial institutions instead of spending it here. This will hide their foreign investment profits and therefore the profits are not subject to federal and state taxation. Federal and state assistance, such as food stamps and unemployment benefits, are spent in the local economy and reduce unemployment while helping local businesses thrive.

    • Joseph hutchinson

      Everything she said ^****^^*^^^^^ it’s sad but these people are the worst kinda republican without them the democrat would win every election Hilary 2012

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