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It’s Official: White Folks in Red States are the Biggest Food Stamp ‘Moochers’ in the Country!

In an ironic twist to the GOP’s war on the poor, it turns out that the people who are the most negatively affected by Republican cuts in food programs – are Republicans themselves.

Statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the SNAP program (a favorite target of the GOP) is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. Owsley County, Kentucky earns the lowest median household income in the country, but they are the most prolific government-takers in U.S. existence.

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According to a TIME analysis of county-by-county food stamp enrollment data, GOP politicians represent more districts that majorly participate in SNAP than Democrats.

From the TIME report:

While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats, many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program. In Kentucky’s 5th district, represented by Republican Hal Rogers, 1 in 3 people receives SNAP benefits. After the House passed its version of the farm bill, however, Rogers wrote: “Struggling children, seniors, veterans and families, clearly in need of assistance … compete against scammers, lottery winners, gamblers and others who may be able to work, but simply refuse.

Many economists agree that food stamps trigger economic activity when poor people utilize their benefits, which more than makes up for the cost. Republicans, however, take the opposite approach; they believe tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires is what stimulates growth, all the while cutting programs that help the poorest in society.

When ranking what methods help the economy, economists say that food stamps rank among the top three, while tax cuts to the rich rank about 12th.

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  • rejectrepublicanlies

    There are a lot of minorities in Kentucky and West Virginia? Have you ever been to either state? LOL.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Murphcon has learned Goebbel’s and Fox’s lessons when it comes to distorting and lying. Unfortunately, many of us are more intelligent and know how to correctly slice and dice data.

    • Murphcon

      Slice it any way you like, it doesn’t make my way less factual.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Start cutting Welfare to Red State rural whites and let the Republicans put their money where their big mouths are.



  • Robert

    Obama won twice, yes…and as Gruber said…stupid voters. Not something you should be proud of really.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    By the way, what a horrible week to be on the Right and watch your vestiges of hate and homophobia melt away into the tides of history.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    170,000 military families received SNAP–until the Republican Congress cut them. What patriots.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Math and statistics are not your strong suits, goober. Read Trulahn’s rebuttal.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Wrong, rural whites are the largest group of recipients. Don’t miss your cross burning, racist dirt bag.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Kentucky has the poorest county in the entire US, yet 95% of the resident vote Republican and 98% of them are white! The problem is Red State folks don’t put two and two together. They keep voting against their own interests, but blame Obama or Harry Reid. They’re just that thick.

  • democrat CockRoach

    Plus, STOP counting social security as an entitlement democrat IDIOTS it’s NOT. The worker PAYS FOR THAT HIS WHOLE WORKING LIFE


  • democrat CockRoach

    Send sleazy krugman (the democrats IDIOT) out to write a book and notice the JERKO used the WRONG FORMULA to figure this out and then he LIED TO HIS IDIOTS because it FIT HIS SLEAZY AGENDA.

    And he KNEW IT WAS A LIE when he published it. Notice his LIE is the ONLY quote the democrat DUMBOs can come up with when they quote anything.

    democrats are BRAINWASHED DUMB …………’s

  • democrat CockRoach

    The last article I read by Pew pointed out that

    democrats receive 60-80% of ALL WELFARE and 85% in urban areas
    democrats receive TWICE AS MANY FOOD STAMPS as Republicans

    liberal IDIOTS AND LIARS

  • Dr E

    Tell us something we don’t already know. LBJ was RIGHT! “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  • Get It Right

    So these people in a state that gets nowhere near the government money like all the big Democratpic zhit holes , Baltimore , Detroit , L.A. Atlanta , N.O.and list goes on, helps people and it’s a crime ? Hell Odumbass gave 1.8 BILLION to Baltimore alone , that’s just one city !!! Tell me where did it go since they still have 20 year old school books ???

  • Dennis Murphy

    Moocher is in the White House bring her mommy on a trip to Europe but you will not find obozo on the beeches this weekend thanking those brave men resting there. And it is Official Hillary is a lair too.

  • Sparky1313

    The numbers DOUBLED after 2008, so blame the Political parties all you want. I’ll blame the one who made it happen. Get you Obama phones here! Free internet coming up! I’m a conservative and I’M tempted to quit my job!!!!

  • Diane

    Yes get them of

  • CSWebber

    “…congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats” – Time Magazine
    With the exception of that one nugget of truth, this entire article is a clear case of manipulating data to create a satisfactory headline to appeal to the liberal bias. Even as Time tries to convolute the data to fit their narrative, they are still forced to publish that one, inconvenient truth.


    Attacking food stamp recipients is the hugest waste of time. 1…..why cut food out of people’s lives? 2. Even if we did cut the food stamp program, it’s such a miniscule part of the budget it would help none of us. 3. It actually MAKES more money for our economy than it takes. It’s so odd we keep trying to use this scapegoat. Waste of thought.

  • WampusKat

    Again. Did.not.read.article.

    And is happy to starve people… be they white, black, or medium. Duly noted.

  • Eric Van Bezooijen

    One question is, are Democrats and Republicans equally likely to ADMIT to having used food stamps at some point in their lives? That’s the question the Pew center study asked people on the phone. Since Republicans are prone to voting for politicians who promise very explicitly to cut benefits they depend on, you would imagine they may vastly understate their food stamp usage as well.

    Actual government statistics showing food stamp usage by district is more believable.

  • LusciousDC


  • larryg

    Racist much!

    • Murphcon

      paranoid ??????

  • Tim

    It’s not about race or political views. It’s mostly lazy, uneducated people. To lazy to work, and to stupid for not using birth control. If you can’t afford kids you shouldn’t have them.

  • woodyblack

    I don’t care if the moochers are Democrat or Republican, Black or White or GREEN for that matter. CUT THIS PROGRAM, I’M TIRED OF PAYING FOR LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHINGS!

  • BrooklynGal

    Sooooo, blacks that live in conservative states are typically poorer and uneducated? Sounds about right. You can’t get but so far in life if you live in the backwoods of Alabama. Those states aren’t exactly bastions of high paying jobs.

    And BTW, minorities ALWAYS tend to support the PROGRESSIVE party. Remember when that use to be Republicans?

    • Robert

      Blacks that are using more welfare and food stamps in southern states…yes.

      “Those states aren’t exactly bastions of high paying jobs.”

      Would you care to do some cost of living comparisons between red and blue states? You see, according to the CNN cost of living calculator and salary dot com, an individual has a far greater chance of having a higher standard of living while paying off bills faster and saving for earlier retirement…if they live in the average red state as compared to blue. The higher incomes in blue states, that you liberals love to tout so much, simply don’t make up for the exorbitant cost of living averages in blue states.

      Sure, ignore history if you like….minorities have been voting democrat ever since LBJ (D) famously said – ” I’ll have those n—— voting democratic for the next 200 years” (with his “War on Poverty”, that’s been an utter failure BTW).

      • BrooklynGal

        OR…maybe minorities vote overwhelmingly against the GOP because the party tends to cater to a-holes who believe that black people only vote for Democrats because the party “gives them govt handouts and freebies” (I see you edited that part out). And BTW, MOST black Americans are NOT on welfare. This may be shocking to hear but MOST of us actually…(face palm) WORK! What’s the matter, did your extensive Google research not unveil that fact? You certainly seem to have an exorbitant amount of time on your hands considering the amount of time you spend commenting on threads….like a typical welfare recipient.

        Oh….and as far as ignoring history goes….let’s ignore how the GOP went the “Southern Strategy” route for political expediency, which did nothing for the party except welcome in Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms. How’s that working out for the party today, considering ALL minority groups vote against the party (because ALL minorities are on welfare, I guess)? The shortsightedness of Republicans tickle me.

        • Robert

          You were the one that said….”Remember when that use to be Republicans?”

          And I do remember that…it ended about the time LBJ made his infamous quote and started his failure 22 trillion dollar waste of money – War on Poverty.

          I didn’t edit anything out.

          I never said most blacks were on welfare, but they do constitute the highest percentage user group of welfare in our country….even more than whites, yet whites out number blacks nearly 6 to 1.

          Face palm…too funny.

          And there it is, the typical Strom Thurmond liberal propaganda and half truth. DO you know why Strom converted over to the republican party? Probably not…

          Here is another history lesson for you…by two historians:

          According to historian Professor Larry Schweikart of the University of Dayton…

          “The idea that “the Dixiecrats joined the Republicans” is not quite true, But because of Strom Thurmond it is accepted as a fact. What happened is that the **next** generation (post 1965) of white southern politicians — Newt, Trent Lott, Ashcroft, Cochran, Alexander, etc —
          joined the GOP.

          So it was really a passing of the torch as the old segregationists retired and were replaced by new young GOP guys. One particularly galling aspect to generalizations about “segregationists became
          GOP” is that the new GOP South was INTEGRATED for crying out loud, they accepted the Civil Rights revolution. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter led a group of what would become “New” Democrats like Clinton and Al Gore.”

          Mike Allen, Professor of History at the University of Washington, Tacoma:

          “There weren’t many Republicans in the South prior to 1964, but that doesn’t mean the birth of the southern GOP was tied to “white racism.” That said, I am sure there were and are white racist southern GOP. No one would deny that. But it was the southern Democrats who were the party of slavery and, later, segregation. It was George Wallace, not John Tower, who stood in the southern schoolhouse door to block desegregation!

          The vast majority of Congressional GOP voted FOR the Civil Rights of 1964-65. The vast majority of those opposed to those acts were southern Democrats.
          Southern Democrats led to infamous 57 day filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

          The confusion arises from GOP Barry Goldwater’s vote against the ’64 act. He had voted in favor or all earlier
          bills and had led the integration of the Arizona Air National Guard, but he didn’t like the “private property” aspects of the ’64 law. In other words, Goldwater believed people’s private businesses and private clubs were subject only
          to market forces, not government mandates (“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”) His vote against the Civil Rights Act was because of that one provision was, to my mind, a principled mistake.

          This stance is what won Goldwater the South in 1964, and no doubt many racists voted for Goldwater in the mistaken belief that he opposed Negro Civil Rights. But Goldwater was not a racist; he was a libertarian who favored both civil rights and property rights.

          Switch to 1968.

          Richard Nixon was also a proponent of Civil Rights; it was a CA colleague who urged Ike to appoint Warren to the Supreme Court; he was a supporter of Brown v. Board, and favored sending troops to integrate Little Rock High). Nixon saw he could develop a “Southern strategy” based
          on Goldwater’s inroads. He did, but Independent Democrat George Wallace carried most of the deep south in 68.

          By 1972, however, Wallace was shot and paralyzed, and Nixon began to tilt the south to the GOP. The old guard
          Democrats began to fade away while a new generation of Southern politicians became Republicans. True, Strom Thurmond switched to GOP, but most of the old timers (Fulbright, Gore, Wallace, Byrd etc etc) retired as Dems.

          Why did a new generation white Southerners join the GOP? Not because they thought Republicans were racists who would return the South to segregation, but because the GOP was a “local government, small government” party in the old Jeffersonian tradition. Southerners wanted
          less government and the GOP was their natural home.”

          BTW…your comment about my being here…you do realize that when someone replies to your post it notifies you. I posted a fair amount on this thread about 7 months ago (in fact that’s how old the post is you initially replied to)…I have only come back since to reply to others who have replied to me….such as yourself. But nice try at acting as though you know me when you clearly don’t.

        • Robert

          BTW…you’d probably be shocked to know I am married to a black woman and we have mixed kids. She is a republican from California and thinks/feels the same way I do. She has seen the research and has family who lives in Chicago….most of them on the govt tit. She knows reality from the typical leftist spin on it.

          • BrooklynGal

            Yes, I am shocked to hear this. I thought you were going to say “I have one black friend so I can’t be a racist (even though I believe blacks are a bunch of welfare recipients that vote for freebies).

          • Robert

            All I can do is roll my eyes at the ignorance of that comment.

          • BrooklynGal

            Rolling my eyes is EXACTLY what I did when you wrote (then later edited out) this nonsense.

            “Minorities support, at least currently, the party that will give them govt handouts and freebies. But sure, ignore history if you like….minorities have been voting democrat ever since LBJ (D) famously said – ” I’ll have those n—— voting democratic for the next 200 years” (with his “War on Poverty”, that’s been an utter failure BTW).”

            Since you’ve spent the last 7 months responding to every comment, I’m sure you’re aware that email notifications do not show what you later edit. Have to go back to work now. Good luck spending the next 7 months of your life trying to change anyone’s views of the ever shrinking Republican Party.

            Oh, and one more thing, bringing up Chicago every time the subject of black people come up is lame and unoriginal. Because….ummm….you do know that all black people do not live in Chicago….anymore than all white people live in the ‘great’ state of Arkansas, Duggar style.

          • Robert

            I didn’t edit anything out…if it is not there now then maybe a moderator here didn’t like it.

            I do love the liberal spin on reality. I haven’t spent 7 months responding to every comment. I said I posted that original comment, the one you replied to initially, 7 months ago. You should work on your reading comprehension.

            I cant help that my wife’s family lives in Chicago. If you took that as some sort of slight then that is just another example of your lack of reading comprehension…because I made no negative comment about blacks or Chicago, simply stated her family is form there and the majority are on govt assistance…which is true..

          • Robert

            And BTW…”Minorities support, at least currently, the party that will give them govt handouts and freebies”

            That Is a factual statement. Minorities overwhelmingly vote democrat and democrats are the primary supporters of welfare and safety net….so the statement is factually correct, just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it untrue.

  • pjthelogan

    Trulahn I wanna high five you so bad! Everytime I have to argue with one of these idiots from now on I’m just gonna copy and paste your answer!

  • carloseg

    All that proves is that Republicans have the courage of their convictions where Democrats do not. Republicans do not believe SNAP is a helpful program and that the poor could be better help themselves with different tools. They are willing to make the cuts even if Republicans are currently on foodstamps. Democrats simply do not have that kind of courage.

  • Pack LaPorte

    You were able to refute his methodology but forced to agree (though you never conceded it) with the thrust of his argument.

    By your own analysis, relative to the percentage of the population-at-large comprised by each racial group, whites are underrepresented in terms of participation (51.5% of benefits vs 63% of the population) in SNAP, “other” is more or less proportionally represented, and Hispanics and Blacks are disproportionately overrepresented, the latter by nearly 170%.

    Guess you showed them crackers!

  • Jason Jermaine Smith

    That is comment of the f**king decade, right there. I am humbled by your prowess!

  • Bob Harrow

    Didnt know you could bye alpo with food stamps…

  • Betty Martinez Arcadia

    Allow me to sum up the endless comments below…
    Whaaa whaaaa you’re wrong i’m right. Why? Because you disagree with my narrow minded point of view.

  • Betty Martinez Arcadia

    I say investigate each case (spend more time than money) and find the “lazy” ones and cut off assistance. I for one know a handful of white republicans who use, abuse and find loops to re-abuse the system.

  • Betty Martinez Arcadia

    If breathing was a government benefit. Republicans would claim black democrats do the most breathing.

  • RamboJohnJ

    Yeah but you have to remember, it’s Obama’s fault all these poor white people are on welfare… Those darn blacks and Mexicans are obviously taking away all those high paying jobs from these folks..

  • Shoes4Industry

    “There are only 2 types of Republicans: millionaires or fools.”

  • drdem

    It proves my theory , you have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to make under a MILLION DOLLARS
    a year and still vote Republican !

  • jim Whitson

    you get what you vote for maybe?

  • Robert

    So, you can cite the policies that Obama is responsible for that helped the stock market and your 401K…right? Likewise, can you point to the policies or legislation that Bush is responsible for that “crash the damn economy”?

    Or are both of those statements just partisan ramblings?

    • WampusKat

      Yes, some of us can do that. However, such lengthy comments get held up in moderation and never see the light of day. I tried it… let’s see if my comment posts or not. Meanwhile, playing dumb may work for Libertarians, so let’s turn this in your favor and see if you can manage to rub two brain cells together and tell us what you remember about the crash heard round the world and how that transpired.

      • Robert

        Funny, my “lengthy comments” never get “held up in moderation”.

        The “crash” had many causes and plenty of blame to go around. but here is a very basic list of causes for teh recent recession:

        Banking industry indirectly inflated home prices which led to poor speculation investment which eventually fueled to the housing bust.
        Credit crunch and fall in bank lending.
        Fall in confidence resulting from the financial instability.
        Fall in exports from global recession
        Collapse in housing markets leading to negative wealth effects.
        Fiscal austerity compounding the initial fall in GDP.
        In layman’s terms from the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commissions press release:

        “The U.S. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission reported its findings in January 2011. It concluded that “the crisis was avoidable and was caused by: Widespread failures in financial regulation, including the Federal Reserve’s failure to stem the tide of toxic mortgages; Dramatic breakdowns in corporate governance including too many financial firms acting recklessly and taking on too much risk; An explosive mix of excessive borrowing and risk by households and Wall Street that put the financial system on a collision course with crisis; Key policy makers ill prepared for the crisis, lacking a full understanding of the financial system they oversaw; and systemic breaches in accountability and ethics at all levels.”

        As I said…lots of blame to go around. Its not as simple and tidy as the Blame Bush crowd likes to think it is.

  • mollyjb

    What isn’t mentioned is that 900,000 veterans rely on food stamps and 25% of military families use food stamps (SNAP) So Republicans are LYING when they say they support vets when they cut their food stamps.

  • mollyjb

    Somebody needs to take a class in Statistics. That means you Murphcon.

    • Murphcon

      You’re out of your league, putz. Try living outside of your bubble.

      • mollyjb

        uh oh somebody is getting upset because they never took a course in statistics and don’t understand math.

        • Murphcon

          “and don’t understand math”

          Go back to school yourself.

          • mollyjb

            I am very well educated and in fact have taken several courses in statistics unlike you who clearly doesn’t understand statistics or math.

            Typical right winger who is miserably uneducated. And For your information the red states are the moocher states while the blue states are the ones that actually pay the taxes that the red states take.

          • Murphcon

            OK, bright one. You’re indoctrinated.

            How do you explain that blacks (96% Obamadrones) have double the rate of food stamp usage than whites and Democrats have a rate 2.2 times higher than republicans? The only answer your closed mind can come up with is that there are more white folks in the country, so even though their rate is half, their total usage is higher. That must make you some kind of Einstein. If you bother to check the stats, red states are not 100% GOP. They all have 40% or more democrats living within their states and we all know that that PEW is not right wing propaganda.

            Here you go, if a red state has a million residents…….

            40% of population with 22% usage rate equals 88,000 Democrat moochers.

            60% of population with 10% usage rate equals 60,000 GOP moochers.

            You lose every way you look at it when you consider all of the stats instead of the only one you want to see.

          • mollyjb

            Yes I am the bright one and you apparently are not. Obviously you are totally ignoring the fact that over 900,000 veterans rely on food stamps along with 25% of military families. I guess you don’t want them to eat either.

            It doesn’t matter how many or how few Democrats
            live in Red states. The FACT of the matter is that it is the GOP that controls the government there and their policies are what’s causing fiscal problems such that they need more tax money than they take in from the federal government. Apparently that doesn’t bother you. The
            FACT remains that it is the Red states that are the moocher states. Even politifact rates it true that the Red states get more federal dollars than they contribute. This makes the GOP hypocrites for bashing government spending while taking the governments money.

            This is also another reason for raising the minimum wage to a living wage. The last time the minimum wage was raised was in July of 2009! That means almost 6 years without a raise! Many of these minimum wage
            workers depend on government assistance just to get by. Meanwhile the average pay of CEO’s is now over $12 million a year which is 330 times what an average worker makes. Even though productivity has increased
            wages have not except at the top. That is grossly unfair. If you want to complain about moochers look no further than the executives of companies who depend on the government to subsidize their workers while
            they take home millions.

  • May flowers

    The question would be why?

  • harmonikasavingsbond

    White Racists seem to think that everyone other than their immediate family on welfare are all black people.
    White Christians seem to think that everyone on welfare BUT themselves are all evil black people.
    Meanwhile, White, Christian & Racist politicians play ALL these morons like a cheap fiddle.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Kentucky and West Virginia are two of the poorest states in the US and they’re white, rural and vote for Republicans. Let them get a taste of their voting habits.

  • JDunthorpeMD

    Thankfully blacks are finally starting to figure out that the Democrat party has been using them for their votes ever since LBJ …false promises and the subtle racism of low expectations … Hopefully they will start to vote their own interests as the left embraces their newest group of victims to milk for votes with their bad policies and other peoples money

  • JDunthorpeMD

    check out solid blue Oregon DOH!

  • dougtheavenger

    Poverty rate for whites is 10% or 20million people
    Poverty rate for blacks is 27% or 10million people
    The income threshold for food stamps is 130% of the poverty line.
    So tell your idiot Democrat congressman to cut food stamps and see where that gets you….morons.

  • dougtheavenger

    A high rise window washer in California earns between $23K and $24K. That qualified him for food stamps. Meanwhile, the same job in Indianapolis pays $37K. When adjusted for the cost of living the difference is greater : $23K vs $50K.

  • reasoning with facts

    Suck it up Blue State liberal socialist democrats , your free 0bama economic plans ain`t working ! Job Growth Twice as High in Red States…………………
    Each day between 2003 and 2013, an average of 830 Americans relocated to one of the nine U.S. states with no state income tax, while 944 people moved out of the nine states with the highest personal income tax rates.
    That’s one of the findings disclosed in a new report from The Heritage Foundation, “1,000 People a Day: Why Red States Are Getting Richer and Blue States Poorer.”
    States in recent years have divided into two camps, which the report’s authors call the “red state model” and the “blue state model.”
    The red state model is based on low tax rates, right-to-work laws, light regulation, and pro-energy development policies. The blue state model is based on high levels of government spending, high income tax rates on the rich, generous welfare benefits, forced-union requirements, higher minimum wage laws, and restrictions on oil and gas drilling.
    The nine states with no income tax gained an average of 3.7 percent of their population from domestic migration between 2003 and 2013, led by Nevada with 9.1 percent and Wyoming with 5.6 percent.
    The nine states with the highest income taxes lost an average of 2 percent of their population over that period, with New York losing 7.5 percent and New Jersey 5.6 percent.
    The job growth rate in the zero-income tax states was more than double that of the high-income tax states from 2003 to 2013 — an average of 9.9 percent compared to 4.3 percent. Growth was highest in Texas, 19.5 percent, and lowest in New Jersey, minus 1 percent.
    Of the nation’s four largest states, between 1990 and June 2014 the jobs growth rate in red states Florida (46 percent) and Texas (65 percent) was nearly triple the growth in blue states California (24 percent) and New York (9 percent).
    Report authors Stephen Moore, Arthur Laffer, and Joel Griffith point to two major examples of the shift in jobs. Toyota moved from blue state California to no-income-tax Texas; Boeing, which is based in Washington, a forced-union state, opened a new plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state.
    California has the nation’s highest top marginal personal income tax rate, 13.30 percent, and the top 1 percent of income earners account for 48 percent of all state and local taxes. New York is next with a 12.7 percent top rate, followed by Hawaii with 11 percent.
    The authors conclude: “Too many politicians on the left still pretend that taxes, forced-union laws, indebtedness, and heavy regulation do not hurt their states’ economies. This study shows that these policies matter a great deal.”
    Stephen Moore is distinguished visiting fellow in the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity at Heritage, and Joel Griffith is a research associate at the institute.
    Arthur Laffer is the founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research and consulting firm.

    • dougtheavenger

      Two facts that tell you everything you need to know about the “progressives” that have run California and New York City for decades.

      The average salary for High Rise Window Washer in Los Angeles, California is $23,739 vs $37,310 in Indianapolis, Indiana. When adjusted for the cost of living the gap is wider; ie, $23,739 vs $50,010.

      FACT #2
      Minimum wage in New York City is $3.63/hour when adjusted for the cost of living as compared to $8.49/hour in Memphis TN.

      • reasoning with facts

        Suck it up Blue State liberal socialist democrats , your free 0bama economic plans ain`t working ! Job Growth Twice as High in Red States…………………
        **Each day** between 2003 and 2013, an average of 830 Americans relocated to one of the nine U.S. states with no state income tax, while 944 people moved out of the nine states with the highest personal income tax rates.
        That’s one of the findings disclosed in a new report from The Heritage Foundation, “1,000 People a Day: Why Red States Are Getting Richer and Blue States Poorer.”
        States in recent years have divided into two camps, which the report’s authors call the “red state model” and the “blue state model.”
        The red state model is based on low tax rates, right-to-work laws, light regulation, and pro-energy development policies. The blue state model is based on high levels of government spending, high income tax rates on the rich, generous welfare benefits, forced-union requirements, higher minimum wage laws, and restrictions on oil and gas drilling.
        The nine states with no income tax gained an average of 3.7 percent of their population from domestic migration between 2003 and 2013, led by Nevada with 9.1 percent and Wyoming with 5.6 percent.
        The nine states with the highest income taxes lost an average of 2 percent of their population over that period, with New York losing 7.5 percent and New Jersey 5.6 percent.
        The job growth rate in the zero-income tax states was more than double that of the high-income tax states from 2003 to 2013 — an average of 9.9 percent compared to 4.3 percent. Growth was highest in Texas, 19.5 percent, and lowest in New Jersey, minus 1 percent.
        Of the nation’s four largest states, between 1990 and June 2014 the jobs growth rate in red states Florida (46 percent) and Texas (65 percent) was nearly triple the growth in blue states California (24 percent) and New York (9 percent).
        Report authors Stephen Moore, Arthur Laffer, and Joel Griffith point to two major examples of the shift in jobs. Toyota moved from blue state California to no-income-tax Texas; Boeing, which is based in Washington, a forced-union state, opened a new plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state.
        California has the nation’s highest top marginal personal income tax rate, 13.30 percent, and the top 1 percent of income earners account for 48 percent of all state and local taxes. New York is next with a 12.7 percent top rate, followed by Hawaii with 11 percent.
        The authors conclude: “Too many politicians on the left still pretend that taxes, forced-union laws, indebtedness, and heavy regulation do not hurt their states’ economies. This study shows that these policies matter a great deal.”
        Stephen Moore is distinguished visiting fellow in the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity at Heritage, and Joel Griffith is a research associate at the institute.
        Arthur Laffer is the founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research and consulting firm.

  • WIltonguy45

    I’m not at all surprised. I grew up in Wyoming 99% white then and 99% white now. All of the “poor” people I knew of in town were white and they on some kind of assistance the entire time I lived there 1967-1984. It’s still that way there. I think if they are going to cut food stamps they need to do it in rural Republican areas first as they have the land to raise their own food.

  • Dave Armstrong

    The use of this photo is VERY WRONG. You probably don’t have permission to use it. This photo is of a Vintage Trailer Rally and she is a member of a Vintage Trailer Group that is a world wide organization and is well respected and supported by all RV groups. I support your Facebook page BUT using this photo is VERY WRONG .

  • ColorsOfAlgebra

    The southern states prosper from Prison Slavery for the 1%,a group you may not have heard of.

  • Redheaded Stepchild

    Y’all are worried about the wrong thing. It’s welfare for the rich that should be a concern. Crony Capitalism is destroying the nation. QE is killing our Liberty. Corporatism is killing the Constitution.

    All this garbage about ordinary people is a distraction so you won’t be paying attention while the Banksters pick your pockets.

  • TheLight

    Blacks make up a disproportionate number of people on government assistance. They are 13% of the population but 49% of the beneficiaries. Whites are under represented relative their percentage of the overall population.

  • rialto55

    Never underestimate the ignorance of the republican voter.

  • Pingback: Blogging Blue | Who really are the biggest food stamp recipients?()

  • Ron Rankin

    republican trolls on this site so be careful

  • tr60

    Mine took a 36% hit in ’08. It was up over 33% in ’13. Please keep screwing up, Mr Obama!

  • Robert

    The snippet below is in the factcheck article you cite….

    “It estimated that the total net cost of the insurance coverage provisions of the law would be $1.35 trillion over 10 years, from 2016 through 2025.”

  • Robert

    Here Bill – – Google this…

    “Gross costs of $1,993 billion for subsidies forinsurance obtained through the exchanges and related
    spending and revenues, for Medicaid and CHIP, and
    for tax credits for small employers, and
     An offsetting amount of $643 billion in net receipts
    from penalty payments, additional revenues resulting
    from the excise tax on certain high-premium
    insurance plans, and the effects on income and payroll
    tax revenues and associated outlays arising from
    projected changes in coverage offered through

    That snippet comes directly from the latest CB report about the 1.35 TRILLION cost to US tax payers to fund the ACA over the next decade.

  • dionsius john

    That’s because you are an asshat….

  • http://batman-news.com My2Cents

    you know you are just confusing them…

  • John J. Stenberg

    Bunch of horse do foo, is the only response to this mindless dribble.

  • Steve Bonning

    Yea, I think the smartest people look at the population numbers. There’s more White’s in the country, so one would expect more on welfare in absolute numbers. Now look at PERCENT of Whites vs. Blacks vs. Hispanics vs Asians on welfare. Whole different picture.

  • sdsali

    Obama received a lot of votes from white people. Now you know where they came from

    • Harleigh

      Oh bagger puh-leeze! These are solid red state rural teabagging white people areas and they are the biggest moochers. Now they elected baggers to cut off their benefits! Brilliant!

  • momsense1

    Who did the study–The Center for Progress? If so , the result was a given.

  • Eric M. Kuykendall

    No sorry its white people! !! Sucl it in, your trying not to!

  • Steve

    Really Murph??????

    • Robert

      Gotta love that one cherry picked county out of the entire country that you liberals reply on s much….while ignoring the bigger picture…

      1 – According to Pew Research Center (liberal think tank based in Washington DC that our own govt uses) Democrats are over twice as likely as Republicans (2.2 to 1) to have ever received food stamps at some point in their lives.

      2 – Percentages of Americans (by race) that have ever received food stamps:

      White – 15%
      Black – 31%
      Hispanic – 22%
      Other (non Hispanic) – 18%

      Percentages of Americans (by party affiliation) that have ever received food stamps:

      Republican – 10%
      Democrat – 22%
      Independent – 17%

      Now, lets look at party affiliation % by race
      (according to Gallup):

      White Black Hispanic

      Republican 35 5 13

      Democrat 26 64 32

      Now of course there are some “others” factored in here but there were too many to list here so I focused on the races that make up the majority of the population in the US.

      So, according to the info above approximately 53% of those that have ever received food stamps are either black or Hispanic as compared to 15% white…and as you can see above it’s very clear that blacks and Hispanics typically vote Democrat…which makes sense because democrats are the
      biggest supporters of social welfare programs.

      3 – According to Statistic Brain who cites –
      US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce…as of Jan 2015.

      Welfare Demographics

      Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
      Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
      Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
      Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
      Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

      Again…we know minorities overwhelmingly vote
      dem and according to the above information minorities are using over 61% of all welfare in the US. Not to mention that over 25% of whites vote dem as well…so it’s easily fair to say that a portion of the white welfare recipients are most
      likely dems too.

      4 – Google – Food Stamp Usage Across the Country

      NY Times

      That is an interactive food stamp map by county from 2009. Yes it is a bit out dated but I cant imagine it has changed
      much since we are just now recovering from the recession and black unemployment is historically double that of whites (leading them to use food stamps at a much higher percentage than whites).

      So, on that map on the left you will see “Whites” and “Blacks”, below that you will see the color coding, pay attention to the darker shades of blue that indicate higher food stamp use for that county.

      Now, click whites, then click blacks…notice the locations of each and surely you cant deny the HUGE difference between the two…and as I already proved earlier…blacks vote dem.

      5 – I contacted Politifact regarding the “Red State Taker State” myth that you liberals love so much and asked them if the money that red states gets from the govt is primarily for
      food stamps and welfare and this this the reply I received:

      “No, this money includes everything — including federal dollars spent on highways, national energy labs, military
      bases, national parks, etc.”

      So, as you can see…a big portion of the money red states gets from the govt is to fund and maintain federal projects in
      those states. red states tend to have more of these than blue states because they have more open land…try building a military base in NYC for example. So unless you want to stop having all of those energy labs (green projects you
      libs love so much) then I suggest you reexamine your stance on red states.

      Now, taking all of those points into consideration…yes, red states receive more federal money…but it is in fact the democrats living in those red states that are the real takers!

  • Steve


  • Mary Brown

    dems wrote the laws forcing banks to make risky loans! That is why the economy crashed!

    And wall street is NOT the economy. It has been pumped by $85billion a month in WELFARE from the federal reserve via QE

    • EverTheGreen

      No, Mary, Democrats didn’t write that law. A Democrat signed it. PHIL GRAMM wrote that law, and the banks WEREN’T required to make those loans. Only Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had those loans. The banks made them, and then sold them as marketable securities.

    • tr60

      The banks couldn’t sign ’em fast enough so they started using auto-pens to speed things up.

      What you said is utter nonsense.

    • Adam B Cummings

      Thats not true … Clinton made deals with republicans in congress to balance the budget.. Most people at the time thought the banks wouldn’t put the entire economy at risk just to make buck …. sadly all involved were mistaken….Its kind of what president Obama is doing today with TPP AND with the ACA.. I am not an Obama fan but lets tell the truth and not Fox news Facts … Also stop with the fed stuff, while the fed needs to be audited and regulated better than it is … fractional banking is what allowed America to build the worlds largest middle class… The problem with the Fed today is DEregulation by republicans… Especially when they allowed banks to play in th emarket with people’s money.. This gave the banks to much power.. Mary you should read a book or two before you comment ..

      • Robert

        “Most people at the time thought the banks wouldn’t put the entire economy at risk just to make buck ”

        “The problem with the Fed today is DEregulation by republicans… Especially when they allowed banks to play in th emarket with people’s money..”

        So first you excuse Clinton for signing the bill that deregulated banks and then just a few sentences later you use that same deregulation to blame republicans…gotta love the spin you liberals rely on so much.

        • WampusKat

          Actually, the argument can be made that Democrats should under no circumstances ever trust Republicans:

          “Another David Koch project, Citizens for a Sound Economy—which launched the effort to repeal Glass-Steagall protections keeping banks from gambling in securities—helped fuel the fight for “free trade,” an unpopular policy in the 1980s.” (ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection)

          Not then. And certainly not now: See Koch/GOP model legislation at ALEC Exposed (dot) org

          Therefore, it would be very wise to keep a close eye on said legislation cropping up in the hands of GOP lawmakers. Should we listen to them when they start pounding the table, demanding Democrats support their legislation? No, I think not.

          • Robert

            You don’t have any better propaganda/talking points than something that is nearly 4 years old? Too funny.

    • peter

      The dems repealed Glass-Steagull, you know, one of those pesky regulations that the republicans love so much. So Mary, they didn’t write the laws, they removed a safe-guard.

      • WampusKat

        Do you know who wrote the legislation that repealed the Glass-Steagall act? Who proposed it? Any idea that Republicans passed it through Congress? Any idea that the very people whose talking points you’re parroting are responsible for it:

        “Another David Koch project, Citizens for a Sound Economy—which launched the effort to repeal Glass-Steagall protections keeping banks from gambling in securities—helped fuel the fight for “free trade,” an unpopular policy in the 1980s.” (ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection).

        And do you know what else Republicans did after that to ensure that there would be no oversight of the financial sector by anyone, anywhere? The Bush administration pre-empted the individual states from regulating those banks.

        So if this teaches us anything, it’s that Democrats should never listen to Republicans and their “Libertarian” “think tanks”. Ever.

        • peter

          It doesn’t surprise me to learn all of that background re Glass-Steagall.

          I keep on saying the following:

          If you are a Black person, a woman, an Hispanic person, a veteran, or if you make less than $100,000, per year and you vote Republican, YOU BLOW MY FRIGGIN’ MIND.

      • EverTheGreen

        How could the Democrats repeal Glass-Steagall, when the GOP controlled Congress?

    • WampusKat

      Your backward Ron Paul-isms are duly noted, thanks. Does Ron Paul have any advice about how an entirely unregulated Wall Street (as he suggests) will be held in check and prevented from screwing consumers up the arse?

      • Mary Brown

        Let them gamble and FAIL

  • Mary Brown


  • Mary Brown

    wow 1 whole county.. not a statistical sample. Now break it down PER CAPITA by race and blacks and hispanics use more PER CAPITA. You cannot compare 73% of the population directly to the rest. This article fails on every level and is a piece of garbage

  • illinoisboy1977

    I don’t care who they are. White, black, hispanic, asian, Democrat, Republican… If they CAN’T work, or can’t FIND work, I have no problem with them getting assistance. If they’re able-bodied and REFUSE to work, they shouldn’t get a dime. Hunger is a hell of a motivator, to make a person put forth some effort.

  • Wayne Moore

    there is only 4500 people in that county lol way to try to disfigure facts. lol bad job

  • michaelt47

    If liberals can do it, why not everyone quit and get on the dole. you will see who cries the loudest when this crap all ends/runs out of other peoples money.

  • Steve Bonning

    Of course there’s more whites in these programs, whites are the majority race, so that would be expected. Let’s look at this by population: Blacks account for approx 13% of the U.S. population-what percentage of them receive welfare of some sort? 77% of the population is White-what percentage of them are on welfare? The remaining is Hispanic, Native American, etc.-what percentage of them are on welfare? Take this logical progression one step further and determine the percentages of each race with multiple GENERATIONS receiving welfare. Answer those questions then make rational conclusions.

  • JeffWest

    They followed Republican economic policies. That’s why they’re poor.

  • Shawn Johnson

    Its not just about the cost of the benefits they are getting. Its the fact they aren’t contributing anything. They would be putting the sand money into the community, with a job, while paying taxes and help take the heat off of hard working Americans working shorthanded at their jobs.

  • Bob Harrow

    Hamburger helper?? Shake and bake or hush puppy. Your choice

  • KiloJuliet

    As a liberal I hate the tea party. It’s OK its politically correct hate.

  • James Smythe

    Damn, you got owned son by Tulane … plus your post seems to suggest republicans aren’t smart enough to come up with plans to fix the issue …

  • Kaytup

    Thank you Trulahn. I hope enough people are able to understand your explanation to stop the stupid responses we get from any informative post. One can only hope.

  • Guest


  • fewiz

    So much BS distortion. Here’s the lies:

    “Statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the
    SNAP program (a favorite target of the GOP) is 99.22% white and 95%

    What’s the name of this city? He doesn’t say. It’s a lie.

    The next sentence is senseless:
    “Owsley County, Kentucky earns the lowest median household income in the
    country, but they are the most prolific government-takers in U.S.

    Why wouldn’t the county with the lowest incomes have the highest participation? It’s just a stupid thing to say.

    “many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans”

    Meaningless. While there is certainly overlap between the people who vote and those who get welfare, they are definitely not identical groups. This statement tells us nothing about who gets welfare in those districts.

    “In Kentucky’s 5th district, represented by Republican Hal Rogers, 1 in 3 people receives SNAP benefits.”

    Whatever. A ratio doesn’t answer the question implicit in his headline. How many people are there in the district? I seriously doubt that there are more people in his district on welfare than there are in Charles Rangel’s Harlem district, for example. It’s just more despicable distortion from this liar.

    “Many economists agree that food stamps trigger economic activity when
    poor people utilize their benefits, which more than makes up for the

    Just stupid. First, economists are not credible. It is not an exact science because too many variables are subject to the whims of politicians. When the value of currencies rise and fall based on politics, when interest rates rise and fall based on politics, when financial regulations are constantly changed by politicians, there is no way to predict economics and any “economist” who tries is a fraud.

    Second, “many” is vague and unsubstantiated. By that term, he may refer to only 3 or 4 economists. Who knows? There’s a reason why he didn’t make a more precise statement – because the truth does not support his lies.

    “Republicans, however, take the opposite approach; they believe tax
    breaks to millionaires and billionaires is what stimulates growth,

    BS. First, he uses the biased term “tax breaks” which implies Republicans want to lower taxes unfairly for rich people. That’s a lie. When taxes are too high, lowering those taxes is not a “tax break,” it’s just doing what’s right.

    Secondly, another biased, untrue term: “what.” Republicans don’t think it’s “what” stimulates growth, as if there is only one thing that can do so.

    Thirdly, Republicans believe lower taxes overall stimulates the economy – and it does. Anything that lets people keep more of their money rather than throwing it down the black hole of government stimulates the economy. Compare that to his belief that food stamps create “economic activity,” whatever that means.

    Economic activity created through taxation does not stimulate the economy any more than paying one’s son to mow the yard increases a family’s income.

    “When ranking what methods help the economy, economists say that food stamps rank among the top three,”

    There is goes again, quoting unnamed and unquantified “economists” making nonsensical statements. How about Bozo the Clown? What does he think. It’s just as relevant.

  • TBone Ryan

    Good point! 1%ers love Obama! Keep pumping that money into the system! Wall Street loves the free money! Gotta love this democrat non-trickle down plan.

    • WampusKat

      Well, since republicans are gutting public pensions and are looking to privatize Social Security, I don’t suppose people have much choice but a 401K if they ever want to retire. *IF being the operative word.

      • TBone Ryan

        You mean public pensions like the ones in Illinois and Chicago that are beyond broke? Now who runs those……. LMAO!

        • EverTheGreen

          Who runs those? Republicrats who have no guts to tax the rich, nor the desire to arrest the pigs for tax evasion when they tried to leave.

  • TBone Ryan

    OMG! Why aren’t those people using their white privilege!

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  • Socialism4Losers

    As for why some red states have high levels of welfare/SNAP use — since we already know that:

    1) Dems are about twice as likely as Repubs to be on welfare/SNAP, and
    2) Minorities tend to be more likely to be on welfare/SNAP, and
    3) There are at least as many Republicans as there are Democrats in red states, based on voting results

    The most logical conclusion is this: southern red states have high welfare/SNAP rates due to high minority populations.

  • Vernon Hampton Jr

    “..they have twice as many……b.l.a.c.k.s.”

    Basic Law Abiding Collegiate Knowledgeable Students?

    …thanks for the compliment! I knew engineering would suit me! LOL!

  • Cmac

    Helping the Fox viewer actually understand the statistics they have mangled. Well done.

  • Red_Pill_4U

    If life is so tough on the street, we should put all government dependents into government compounds where they will be safe.

  • PunjabiPete

    The sequester Republitards forced while also shutting down the government and putting 800000 workers in jeopardy for nothing but partisan politics?

    If any of the stuff in your little screed had happened during the Bush years you’d be puttying over Washington’s face on Mt. Rushmore TODAY.

    If all the stuff Obama did was so easy, why didn’t Bush do it?

    We do research things happening in our country, not just reading what’s on Rush Limbaugh’s underwear waistband on the way down to “pay” your weekly tithes… That’s WHY we watch MSNBC.

    Republimolesters also LOVE low wage jobs, that was one of their main reasons for hating the ACA, because rather than provide insurance to employees, they cut hours and pay to “subsidize” what they should have been doing from the start. If decent wages hadn’t been an epidemic, there would have been no reason for the ACA, because people would have been able to pay their medical bills and the prices wouldn’t be as eye gougingly high as they are right now.

    So, on the other side of the aisle, the dumber side where your group holds slobber meetings, everything bad that happens is because Obama. Everything good that happens is because “of outside forces”… hypocrite much bro?

    Also, explain to me how Obama can be limp wristed and weak, but also an iron fisted tyrant, depending on which FOX news segment is currently airing?

    • Robert

      The sequester was a two way street, republicans didn’t “force” it at all, I simply showed how it was related to teh deficit reduction. In fact, Politifact said Obama lied when he tried to say he didn’t cause the sequester but that it was republicans fault, Obama could have compromised too but he didn’t so nice try at the typical liberal spin but that’s simply NOT true! In fact, Obama put the DOD cuts in the sequester in the hopes it would force republicans to cave to his demands and when they didn’t he later tried blaming the DOD cuts on republicans…typical of his style of leadership, more lies stacked upon lies…just like Gruber said about the ACA!

      The fact is you are crediting Obama with things that simply weren’t his doing. The Fed masterminded QE which helped the stock market, Obama didn’t do that but you libs love crediting him with anything you can…which is no surprise since you also never want to hold him responsible for anything either. I cant help if that you libs choose to ignore his true failures and all his lies…all 116 just while campaigning according to Politifact, but hey, again no surprise that Obama is a known liar….just look at Grubers comments about how Obama and the dems passed the ACA and lets not forget Obama’s Lie of the Year award from Politifact either….”You can keep your plan”….LOL, that one cracks me up every time I think about how he sold the ACA to the public on nothing but lies.

      Your petty insults and name calling show why you are truly here (just to troll) and your lack of knowledge shows you are nothing but

      So you are saying that republicans cut hours on workers, not business owners BECAUSE of the ACA….you do realize democrats are business owners too right…LMAO..you are clueless and it is amazing that you try to blame every single thing on republicans…too damn funny! Like a republican in congress has any control over a business owners decision regard his/her employees hours…..yet you cant see how a law that has mandates related to worker hours and numbers could directly affect those things….you sir are truly obtuse!

      “Outside forces” are a fact of life, the point being is that neither side controls everything…in the liberals case you guys love crediting Obama with those outside forces (such as the Fed and QE) when he had absolutely nothing to do with it…it’s typical though, as I have already said, your liberal motto…credit Obama with everything hold him responsible for nothing…then add to that the fact that Obama himself has been playing blame Bush politics since day one in the WH…it truly is pathetic on his part as a leader and your part as a blind supporter. BTW, your understanding of the word hypocrite is a bit off…had I said republicans were responsible for the outside forces and gave them credit for everything good while holding Obama responsible for all that is bad then that would be different, but I didn’t…however, you have been trying to do just that for Obama (credit him with everything you possibly can, including things he has nothing to do with)…so as you said, hypocrite much?

      I don’t watch Fox or listen to Rush but to answer your question…he is no different than any other person…it’s not hard to see how someone can be weak o one issue but over bearing on another….if you cant understand that simple concept then I dot know what to say for you other than you need more life experiences than just what the Huffington Post teaches you.

      Before you come back trying to spread more liberal lies and passing all responsibility on to republicans (in the hopes to deflect from Obama’s lies and failures) you really do need to do some research and get your info straight…the typical MSNBC and Huffington Post talking points simply won’t cut it with someone like me who actually researches and can cite sources to support their claims!

  • PunjabiPete

    With your permission I would like to copy and paste this very passage multiple times when someone references that Pew poll, as it’s done multiple times on a daily basis.

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  • SalZel

    Why do comments have to be moderated first before sources are allowed? Makes this site really biased.

  • Robert

    And you really think it changed much during a recession…yeahhhhhh right, LOL

  • Robert

    So you took the long way around saying a higher percentage of dem’s use food stamps than republicans….that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

  • Rob Bixby

    You should look at the percentages of the different ethnic groups on food stamps. Its overwhelmingly white.

    • Murphcon

      Not if you’re talking percentages of each ethnic group.

      Pew says the white rate is 15%, the black rate is 31% and Hispanic is 22%. Google search……….

      The politics and demographics of food stamp recipients

      • KT Watkins

        Great debate here! Wanted to chime in.

        Murphcon, I’m going to use your set of figures so we don’t get into an argument of numbers.

        Black Rate is 31% , Blacks make up 13% of the population. Let’s pretend the US had only 100 people total living here. So, out of 13 people, 4 people are using food stamps.

        White Rate is 15% and they make up about 70% of the population. So out of 70, 10 of them are using food stamps.

        I think when you look at it from a nominal standpoint, you can see where the debate over statistics come in. There are more than twice as many white people on Food stamps then blacks – however, the spin has always been to point at minorities, especially in metro/urban areas as the abusers of these programs. Can we agree with the #’s stated above and also agree that it’s not a race issue, it’s a poverty issue and we should be working to ensure these people are waned off federal assistance and given better opportunities to make it on his/her own?

        • Murphcon

          I’m haven’t disputed the numbers. I’ve disputed the accuracy of the headline which is false outside of the one county. It’s not even close when you look at national numbers.

          15% of whites is more than 31% of blacks. I’ve been arguing that the rate of usage is the real issue when talking about who is more affected. If you had a minority group of 5% of the population who had a 100% food stamp rate, they would only represent 5 people out of a hundred which is less than the 10 white folks. So who would be most affected by food stamp cuts, the group of 5 that all lose their food stamps, or the group of 70 of whom 10 lose theirs? Which group are the biggest moochers? Obviously the group with the 100% rate.

          • KT Watkins

            If you are talking rate of usage, you are right.
            But if you’re talking about number of people you are wrong. Rate of usage isn’t meaningless but using your example the cost of supplying welfare and foodstamps is more funded to assist non-minorities. Which is what the article is alluding to. If you took all white people of food stamps, you would theoretically cut the expense for this program by more than half :)
            The rate of usage for blacks are due to more systematic issues, which is pointless to discuss as that’s just another rabbit hole I’m sure would disagree on. And I agree statistically those with education and having children later in life do well (not necessary single parenthood) but there’s some caveats to that. Good points though.

  • Jskinfan

    only democrats trying to avoid blame break out the old they switched platform rhetoric.you keep on believing that corporations are the bad guys and politicians are the good guys.that kool aid must taste really good!

    • synapse13

      According to your thesis, the entire populations of the South and North would have had to switch places. The north during the Civil War was Republican and the south was Democratic, and now those demographics have fully switched. Unless the entire populations moved, the only other answer to why this is would be the Southern Strategy (which is well historically documented.) I have a really hard time seeing the entire population of northern, abolitionist, progressive Republicans moving south and becoming southern, conservative, segregationist Republicans and vice verse. The people who live in the south and have always lived in the south used to be Democrats (Dixiecrats,) and now they are Republicans.

  • dadicus

    Ho hum. Libs dredging up this old disproven myth once again? You guys must be getting desperate with only a week to go. See you at the polls!

  • danielistical

    When Veterans Get Food Stamps
    Cut, It’s Time to Prioritize Our Budget

    House Republicans voted to pass a
    multibillion-dollar subsidyfor agribusiness while eliminating support for food
    stamps.This wasn’t intended as legislation. It was a declaration of identity.
    This is who they are. We knew Republicans fight to block any tax hikes for
    millionaires. We knew they want to privatize Social Security. Now we know they
    are ready to take food from the mouths of hungry people. ,,,,, Amount
    the House of Representatives spent on food and coffee in 2012: $2 million

    Average per member of Congress per month: $383

    Average SNAP (Food Stamp Allowance) benefit per household per Month:
    $278.48 (per the USDA) ,,,,,,,,,,,a week’s worth of the Bush tax cuts could
    fund the program that feeds poor women and children for an entire year.”””

  • BrowncoatVoter


  • lheurebleue

    You obviously believe that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes true. Well, Dr. Goebbels, you’d have a lot better luck if you find a pack of southern white KKK inbreds who’ll be more than happy to cheer you on.

    • Murphcon

      Don’t be a fool like everyone else on this site. The big lie is the headline above and you’re all swallowing it while goose stepping in unison. Black is still black and white is still white. 2 plus 2 is still 4 but your mind is in reverse. You’re living in a tiny bubble.

    • Jskinfan

      you actually sound like a huge racist.

  • Jskinfan

    technically your hate for the white man makes you a racist

  • Deacon_Sam1

    I don’t care what color you are, if you need it, you need it. Just don’t abuse the system.

  • Holygigidy

    Not to be a nitpick, but having a high IQ does not mean you know how to do math correctly.

    Case in point, 12% of 318 million is 38.16 million, not 32 million.

    Otherwise though, I agree with you

  • meonthissite

    unfortunately cutting the benefits will only be blamed on Obama so that wouldn’t work Jimmy. What we need is a more progressive congress. If we can get progressives in office to replace these old head GOPers and these pretend democrats, this country might have a chance.

  • Steve Johnson

    Of course…anybody with a brain knows we had to spend money to pump some capital back into a system in which the last guy (you voted for twice) completely deflated. Or did you forget the 700,00 jobs a month we were losing by August 2007 dumbphuck. And don’t get me started on foreign policy you monday morning quarterback. Isis was created because of the vacuum left by removing Saddam. Remember him? The guy who supposedly had STOCKPILES of WMD’s…..that magically couldn’t be found anymore once we displaced 1 million Iraqis and disbanded their military. WAY TO GO TEX-ASS MORON!! Here’s a little homework for your ebola deluded brain of yours. Find out what our Debt to GDP was after WWII and how we managed to reduce that from 123% to what our Debt to GDP is now. You will quickly find out that deficits aren’t as important as pumping back up the economy. Class is out for now my uninformed red neck.

  • olinross

    You must have gotten those statistics from pewlimburger or Incredible Faux No News the news that broadcast from 10900 S Cesspool Circle… Now I know why their news stinks……..lolololol

  • bigkahuna9

    Tell that to republicans now dumbass

  • Robert Kennedy

    No, Bush was just over 30% and he didn’t have liberals posting lies about him. “Obamacare” which is hardly an ideal thing is the best thing the federal government has ever done for health care in America and it still has a below 50% polling %, but that is because of 400 million dollars of Koch ads, everyone of which was an outright lie, but as Mencken said, nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

  • Robert Kennedy

    And that debt increased because he put the Bush war bills on the budget. Reagan tripled the debt, Bush doubled it and the % of debt added each year pales in comparison to the Bush/Reagan debt. And it’s been falling for his entire presidency.

    Republicans are the problem and almost the only problem.

    • Murphcon

      If you recall, Obama supported the Afghan war.

      Anyway you cut the numbers, you can’t hide Obama’s 7 trillion share which when adjusted for inflation is close to double what Reagan rang up in 8 years. Reagan inherited a worse economy than Obama and his policies gave us 25 years of the kind of growth you will never get from Obama. Clinton was smart enough not to kill it. Real job growth, not fake government temporary “jobs bill” jobs which are all that liberals understand.

      • Robert Kennedy

        Not even close buddy. The Bush mess is the worst economy left since Hoover and the second worst in history. And nearly all of Obama’s deficit has been run up fixing the damage he left.

      • Robert Kennedy

        We were already in Afghanistan when he was first elected. And if you’re talking about approving funding for it when we were there, so what, but if you can remember that far back, he ran on getting out of there in 2008.

      • David Shaw Jr

        The blame belongs to congress. The president can’t spend what congress doesn’t appropriate.

  • Robert Kennedy

    Couldn’t possibly be connected in any way to the roadblocks Republicans have thrown up to prevent blacks being treated equally or getting schools equal to white schools or any of a million other piles of racist crap they have thrown up to prevent blacks from getting equal treatment, could it?
    The only Koolaid out there is on the right. As Will rogers asid, “I don’t belong to any organized party, I’m a Democrat.” Or the fact that Republicans fall in line like sheep while trying to get Democrats to work together for a single purpose has been compared to herding cats. The utter dishonesty of the right knows no boundaries.

    • Murphcon

      Republican roadblocks to equal education for blacks ?????
      What universe are you living in? I can only remember back 45 years but racial “preferences” for blacks are still in place everywhere. To you, a roadblock is an equal opportunity instead of racial preference.

      You wouldn’t be a typical liberal parrot who only knows how to repeat the same old tired cliches you hear every day in the liberal bubble you live in, would you? Step out of your bubble and try other news sources.

      • Steve Johnson

        Nah. Us Liberals aren’t the ones that can’t think out of the box. Thanks to those Liberally minded people in history like Lincoln, Washington, Eisenhower, both Roosevelts and many others….we have ended slavery, given equal rights to all minorities including women, created social security, built the interstate highway system and a whole slew of GOOD things for our society. ALL of these things I just mentioned were fight tooth and nail AGAINST by those time periods “conservatives”. Yep….you didn’t see a bunch of “Liberals” burning witches no did ja?
        “As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.” — George Washington

        • Jskinfan

          you do know Lincoln was a Republican right? And who exactly passed the Jim Crow laws?

          • lheurebleue

            Trotting out that tired old line brands you as ignorant. The Republican party, over time, became allied with big business interests and also became more conservative and racist. When the Democratic party championed civil rights, white southern racists saw that as a betrayal and flocked to the Republican side, and that’s where they and their descendants stayed.

          • Jskinfan

            how mature of you to start with the name calling when facts are presented.Everything you stated is your opinion and frankly you come off as a typical liberal parrot repeating talking points that have been repeated over and over!

          • Jskinfan

            wow,that’s a nice story.I love how you libs twist the world into your views and ignore the damage that democrats have done.keep on drinking the kool aid!

          • PunjabiPete

            And if you had 2 functioning brain cells you would have comprehended when Steve Johnson wrote “those time period’s ‘conservatives'”… You know the Southern Strategy and them flipping parties, you are either grossly misinformed or willfully ignorant, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to tell the two apart.

          • Jskinfan

            I could care less what a moronic liberal thinks!

          • PunjabiPete

            Mostly because you don’t understand the concepts.

        • Murphcon

          You left out Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung. All socialist liberals. Liberals don’t own every new idea. You’re really stretching it by calling Washington and Eisenhower liberals. You can have Lincoln, the white supremacist. He was the president who crushed states sovereignty. He only wanted to free the southern slaves. Northern slaves were freed after his death. He was hoping to recolonize the blacks to Linconia in Panama. Take him. He’s yours.

          • Heidi Hanson

            Hitler a liberal socialist? Now that is a joke. If so then why did he outlaw the SPD, the SOCIALIST party of Germany, outlaw independent labor unions and put the socialists and communists and labor leader in his concentration camps as forced slave labor for the German industrialists? You just showed how totally ignorant you are of actual history or economic and political labels.

          • Murphcon

            Please Heidi. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party combined socialism with facism. They opposed full communism. They were anti capitalist and anti business. The state controlled everything. Their economic system was closer to what Liz Warren would do than any conservative in this country would do.

          • Heidi Hanson

            You are a total idiot. Hitler was bankrolled by the Big German industrialists. He admired big business and especially admired American business men. Henry Ford was given the highest civilian German medal by Hitler for his helping with German production. Farben, Krupps, Seiman, Thyssen, all industrialist were put on trial for their OWN war crimes in using SOCIALISTS and Communists as slave labor in their forced labor camps. One of whom was my own Grandfather. He was a Catholic but was also a member of the SPD. Hitler was NOT a socialist and if you had ever read any history or especially Mein Kampf you would know how much he hated Socialists, Marxist and Communists. National Socialism was an Extreme form of NATIONALISM. What it meant was that the German Nation came before any other ideology. You are too uneducated about history or about economics or about politics to even understand what the basics of Fascism are. You really do not have a clue. Before you embarrass yourself even further you should do some reading. And NOT Jonah Goldberg who is a schill for the Kochs and the right wing fascist apologists.

          • Heidi Hanson

            Here this might help you to not be such an idiot. Martin Neimoller was a pastor during the Third Reich

            Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

            First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.

            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

          • Heidi Hanson

            Hitlers own words to the industrialists
            “In fact, on 26 January 1932, Hitler would even address the Industry Club, Friedrich writes, “and tried to assure them that they had nothing to fear from his party’s economic policies.” In his two-and-a-half-hour speech he gave a very Social Darwinist, Republican justification for capitalism and private wealth, that those who have wealth have it because they deserve it and because they deserve it they’re better than everybody else:

            “I am bound to say that private property can be morally and ethically justified only if I admit that men’s achievements are different. Only on that basis can I assert since men’s achievements are different, the results of those achievements are also different. But if the results of those achievements are different, then it is reasonable to leave to men the administration of those results to a corresponding degree. It would not be logical to entrust the administration of the result of an achievement which was bound up with a personality either to the next best but less capable person or to a community which, through the mere fact that it had not performed the achievement, has proved that it is not capable of administering the result of that achievement. Thus it must be admitted that in the economic sphere, from the start, in all branches men are not of equal value or of equal importance. And once this is admitted it is madness to say: in the economic sphere there are undoubtedly differences in value, but that is not true in the political sphere.”

          • Heidi Hanson

            You have no idea what fascism was and is, you have no idea what German National Socialism and actual Left wing socialism is and or was. You know nothing of history and you understand nothing about what happened in Europe in the 1920s-40s. You are the typical example of a right winger who has attended Glen Beck University and Hannity school of economics. You are the kind of people who goose step to a pack of lies and swallow misinformation like a potato dumpling. Try reading Mein Kampf and you might actually learn something about what NATIONAL Socialism was. Believe me is was NOT about worker’s rights. Workers had no rights under Hitler. It was NOTHING like Socialism of that time or of today. National socialism took German citizens and made them into free slave labor for the industrialists to make huge profits with.

          • PunjabiPete

            OMG… there is so much wrong with this phrase that the utter stupidity is causing me to lose motor function. Your racism is also as pathetic as your avatar. Did you come home to a black man in your wife or something? I’ve always wanted to interview a white supremacist, can I interview you?

          • Murphcon

            Read up on Lincoln if you’re looking for a white supremacist, jackass.

      • PunjabiPete

        As opposed to a conservative parrot who can’t even repeat theirs correctly 2 times in a row?

  • William Head

    Oh…Enjoy losing control of the Senate.

  • William Head

    All this proves is that Obama’s stupid economic policies hurt everyone. If Obama had actually done something to get our economy back on track, instead of worrying about the next election, everyone would have benefited. The current unemployment rate for young black men is 38%, which is the highest percentage ever recorded since they have been keeping track. The reason why poor white folks in red states are the biggest food stamp recipients is because there are more of them than any other demographic. (I just love the way liberals take a statistic like this, and try to spin it to play “gotcha” with Republicans. If they devoted that much attention to govening well, they’d never lose an election)

  • Batman in Arkham

    Yeah well, it’s their page. They can ban you if they want. Find somewhere else to troll.

    • PersonaNonGratified

      Nobody is “trolling”. Sorry but disagreement isn’t “trolling”. Neither is pointing out factual, logical, or moral inconsistency. Bai!

      • Batman in Arkham

        You have not pointed out any facts whatsoever, and your “disagreement” is purely for the purpose of stirring up sh!t rather than having intelligent discussion. That’s the definition of trolling.

        • PersonaNonGratified

          Sure I have. The 6% unemployment figure is dishonest/insincere, is from one of those crazy Reagan era unemployment “classifications” and is otherwise ridiculous.

          I never said it was about this article. The only intelligent discussion your kind care for are the discussions that agree with you, or otherwise, they are naturally unintelligent.

          You are pompous.

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed.

          • PersonaNonGratified

            Google it. There are an equal amount of sources that say that is using a “U -whateverthenumber is” figure.

            That figure of course includes part time laborers, and does NOT account for UNDERemployment OR the long term unemployed.

            You will however of course beg for “citations” only to attack the legitimacy of the sources anyway because, they are not, Huffington Post, or some far left think tank.

            You are as bad as the far right wing, and a toxic plague to all who reside in this country. Found your own already, and take the far right with you.

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed.

          • PersonaNonGratified

            Redundancy not needed. Besides you will pick apart or claim bias to any statistic which states you are in error.

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed.

          • PersonaNonGratified

            You know how to do something other than parrot “citation needed” on things that can not possibly be cited.

            You damn well know the “U” figures have varying brackets and that it is deceptive to use the “U-6″.

            Get over it. Oh wait, you can’t you’ll use my lack of ability to cite (basically overly proper google fu) which is really your laziness (logical fallacy btw I challenged YOUR argument – the onus is on YOU to prove your argument isn’t flawed according to my challenge not mine)

            To use a U-6 that, even if you disincluded seasonal workers, still includes part time workers and the UNDEREMPLOYED.

            For liberals you sure are being shady and disingenuous… and snooty. Oh gee, where have I heard THAT kind of tactic before… wait… I know this!…. That guy.. that brit one that owns like the tabloids… whatshisname… I actualloy forgot it but I know he owns FOX news! :)

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed.

          • PersonaNonGratified

            That is the only thing you know how to type – and you don’t care about the citation. You already know I’m correct. You just want to say citation needed constantly to sound intelligent.

            PS Onus of proof is upon YOU.

            You are panning someone who is calling YOU out on not being progressive enough on a REAL issue because you’re too busy gun grabbing and trying to seem more educated than your opposition.

            #leftlibertarianism > you.

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed

          • lheurebleue

            One thing I’ll say for batman, he is consistent in his stupidity. And he’s well named…he truly is BATS.

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed

          • PersonaNonGratified

            PS It is impossible to find out – let alone cite how many of us have given up, or been long term under/unemployed. Your repeated begging for a citation is absurd.

            Now cram it. You knew exactly where your citation was and you know it.

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed.

          • PersonaNonGratified

            In otherwords: You have no metric for the UNDERemployed and thus are being disingenuous. Are we clear now. #libtardation #AATPareBiashedShills #FOXNEWSoftheLeft

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed

          • PersonaNonGratified

            Wow gets his citations – still regurgitates citation needed.
            Definitely a troll.

            Try learning an actual argument – or you know – admitting you’re wrong.

            Wait that’s right opinion has no citations, and facts with citations annoy you and get ignored. NICE!


          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed

          • PersonaNonGratified

            Okay so the only thing you know how to say is citation needed? Are you as incapable of coherent thought as Glenn Beck, or just unable to admit being incorrect to such an unfathomably obscene degree that your brain has trouble stating anything more than insipid regurgitation?

          • Batman in Arkham

            Citation needed

  • Real Michaud

    Its hard to educated idiots, especially with statistics Tru….

  • Murphcon

    “One trillion added debt since he took office”

    7 trillion.

    • Read A Book

      Yes, thats what happens when you inhereit two wars, both of which Bush kept off the books. Obama insisted the costs of both wars be included to give an accurate depiction of where the country stood financially. Its called integrity. Idiot.

  • Murphcon

    No Byron. Pew says their rate of use is more than double. Double of 12% does not make them the majority. By only looking at totals, without adjusting for percentage, you’re ignoring the rate of minority usage.

    • Chris Riordan

      Dude, you aren’t very bright. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, there are 10 democrats in a city and 100 republicans. If 3 of these democrats are on food stamps, that is 30 percent of the democrats. If 20 Republicans are on food stamps, that is only 20 percent of the republicans – but they are still taking more in food stamps. Do you get it now? Numbers are easy to play with and the person who wrote this stupid article was manipulating the numbers to try and make his point.

      • Murphcon

        DUDE, he manipulated the numbers of one county in the USA to spread a ridiculous assumption. Here’s a clue, dude. 22% of democrats have used food stamps while only 10% of Republicans have. There are at least as many democrats in the country as Republicans so the headline above is false outside of that one county.

        DUDE, are you too stupid not to recognize what he’s trying to do with the numbers? Go smoke another joint in your parents basement, dude.

        • Chris Riordan

          Idiot, that’s what I just said – the numbers in the article were cherry picked and manipulated. But so were the numbers you responded with. And what’s this about smoking a joint in my parent’s basement? I live with YOUR mom!

        • Jeff Johnson

          You’re an idiot. Why on earth would you even post a comment about something that you very clearly have absolutely no understanding of whatsoever?

          Lemme guess…you vote republiCON, right? Thought so. Probably on welfare yourself as well.

          • Conservative Country Boy

            Little Jeffy Johnson still thinking he’s smart I see. What a dumb fu*k

      • Robert

        Google – Food Stamp Usage Across the Country

        Look at the map there…it shows demographics and percentages. That map tells the whole story where as the one here is just half the story,,,imagine that.

  • Murphcon

    I haven’t made a mistake. What I wrote was correct according to Pew. You just don’t want to look at it the way I wrote it. If 22% of Democrats and 10% of Republicans have used food stamps, then the percentage of Democrat usage is 2.2 times greater or 220%. You want to look at the total of each ethnic group without factoring in their percentage of the population. It’s really meaningless to figure it that way. Your way, you could have 1,000,000 people of one group with 100% usage but you wouldn’t care because they’re less than .33% of the population and only 2% of food stamp users.

    You’re looking at it through blinders.

    • Bleeding Kansas

      You really don’t understand math, do you?

      • Murphcon

        I know the difference between gross totals and percentages. Do You? Why don’t you explain it, genius?

        • ryotan22

          The Pew study states 10% of Republicans say they have used food stamps. Republicans lie.

          • Robert

            Coming from someone who voted for Mr. You can keep your plan and Dr that really doesn’t hold much weight.

          • fifthdentist

            What about the “We will be in Iraq a matter of months, but it will by no means take years”* or “Iraqi oil money will pay for it”** or “There is no way 400,000 troops will be needed to secure Iraq”***?

            * At that time, the generals were telling the Bush administration it could take 30 YEARS in Iraq to stabilize the country.

            ** We are in for $3 to $4 trillion of U.S. taxpayer money, and Iraqi oil isn’t paying one dime of it.

            *** Interestingly, the “surge” that was the last desperate attempt to fix the clusterfu*k, brought U.S. troop levels to, wait for it, 400,000. That’s not to mention the tens of thousands of private security that was hired to provide security and other functions in the country.

          • Robert

            Funny how you seem to have a real good sense of the things you consider lies by our past president yet you cant seem to come to grips with the FACT that Obama is a habitual liar himself…in fact Politifact awarded him Lie of the Year for “you can keep your plan” …add that to his other 115 Politifact confirmed lies (just while campaigning alone) and it’s plain to see he was elected based on lies that people just like yourself bought into….that would be those that Gruber called “stupid” and it appears as though he was right as you blind followers of Obama fit that to a T!

            But let me guess….Obama hasn’t told one single lie…it’s all been Bush’s fault somehow right? I mean after all, you dims have relied on Blame Bush politics since the first day Obama stepped foot in the WH…so why stop now.

          • synapse13

            Not keeping campaign promises (something every president has done) is not the same thing as lying. Grow up.

          • Robert

            Typical reply from Obama loving democrats..shame you cant refute a single thing I said with anything other than your obviously liberally biased personal opinions. Based on Politifacts findings Obama lied a little over 1/4th of the time he opened his mouth to make one of those so called “promises”…most would think that’s pretty telling about his character…most except liberals such as yourself that is.

            Obama’s Lie of the Year (you can keep your plan) award was one of his so called “promises” (as you put it)…and Politifact is pretty well known for leaning left…just because you don’t want to accept their conclusions about his honesty )(or more appropriately lack there of) that’s not my problem…it’s yours…for having a bad case of partisan blindness.

          • Sambo Caesar

            You’re talking to people with the IQ of a dogturd.

          • jvaljon1

            You’d be the expert on dogturd IQ.

          • EverTheGreen

            Actually, those are Heritage Foundation numbers, not GBO. Stop lying.

          • Robert

            Google this snippet taken directly from the latest CBO report about the ACA:

            “Gross costs of $1,993 billion for subsidies for
            insurance obtained through the exchanges and related
            spending and revenues, for Medicaid and CHIP, and
            for tax credits for small employers, and
             An offsetting amount of $643 billion in net receipts
            from penalty payments, additional revenues resulting
            from the excise tax on certain high-premium
            insurance plans, and the effects on income and payroll
            tax revenues and associated outlays arising from
            projected changes in coverage offered through

            That results in a 1.35 TRILLION cost to US tax payers over the next decade.

            So much for your assumption that my numbers came from the Heritage Foundation.

          • Mississippi Truth

            I gotta Lear you brand of cut and paste! I just read an article about how the CBO has had to Backtrack on all of their estimates! But, I think you know that! Folks you need to Google and Ving this! The CBO made all these terrible predictions about Omamacare! Each time nothing happens, the CBO makes another prediction! Several papers have called the CBO out on this, they keep saying they are unbiased! The latest, premiums will go up! Since my state does not have exchanges and nobody wants anything from Pence, I know these cats are lying! Here is the crux! Out Anthem policy at work has changed for the better! They tried to get us to leave Allied with bogus policies and reasons for not covering anything! After Obama care, I get letters from Anthem saying that my policy will change! I call the office and find we still had Allied at the time! I call the number on the letter and get a script of rants about Obamacare! I rudely tell the caller that I do Not have an Anthem Policy and that none of the things she said have happened! Like Robert she quotes the CBO! ( Congressional Budget Office) Again, I say Grab the ASI Index, you will see a whole lot of predictions form the CBO that don’t pan out! I told missy as much , good news, she slammed the phone, a year later, Anthem offers a great policy with coverage for preexisting conditions and hospitalization! It is not two hundred a month for a single person anymore! You can find their junk policy: Mike Pence is offering it as an alternative to Obamacare! Four Hundred a Month, covers nothing but cancer! I hate subsidizing CEOs!

          • Robert

            Yes, they did have to back track, because before they didnt realize that the subsidies wouldnt be covered by the ACA’s internal taxs that were supposed to pay for the program…as Obama promised the public. That is why they came out with the latest report stating the 1.35 TRILLION cost to tax payers…back tracing from their previous statements.

            You keep mentioning the ASI yet dont say what it is you are talking about from it….you do realize that means absolutely nothing right?

            Funny how you liberals loved the CBO predictions when they were kind to Obama and the ACA but now that they aren’t you whine about them….too funny.

            I hate subsidizing the millions who signed up for the ACA,, proving once again that it is nothing but a shiny new democrat welfare program…so I guess that makes us even.

          • Mississippi Truth

            Now that is the lie! What they didn’t know was that a lot of insurance companies stopped subsidizing their CEOs and started offering good coverage! When pressed for answers, they’re like you: “well the options for future underwriters will be fewer” . Translated: no more screwing old folks! See Ya loser! Gotta go to work! You remember what that is: don’t you?

          • Robert

            I guess you haven’t read the recent report…either that or you simply (as with most liberals) like to make empty accusations without supporting them. Simply claiming something is a lie and then not proving that claim makes you look like a fool and a troll.

            I most certainly remember what work is, I pay a fair amount of taxes each and every year to help support all those democrat voters on welfare and safety net…and now to help cover all those ACA subsidies as well.

          • Mississippi Truth

            You mean the nonsense written By Fox! You know what the patients in my doctor’s office ask? They want to know how. subsidy can be denied ! If a state can deny it or refuse it, it is NOT a subsidy! Take off the tinfoil hat and understand that fact! Case in point: Indiana. Pence refuses the exchanges and yet wants more Medicaid money! He wants the rest of us who have employer insurance to pay money into his plan although the insurance covers nothing! Please!

          • Robert

            And again….gotta love those baseless accusations. With you liberals its always Fox this Fox that…blah blah blah…means nothing to me, I dont watch Fox or listen to Rush or whatever other pathetic typical leftest claim that you liberals rely on. I do my own research on the issues that interest me….something you seem not to know anything about.

          • ColorsOfAlgebra

            I hate paying for military cop gear and the bombs that kill children.

          • Robert

            Yeah, cause we would never want our police to be properly equipped or anything. As for your bombs comment….give me a break. You obviously don’t know that the cost for welfare and safety net every year far exceeds what we spend on the military.

          • peter

            I’m going to assume that you agreed with the cut in Food Stamps. Am I correct in that assumption Robert?

          • Robert

            Yes I did. I dont think all snap should be stopped but I do think the entire welfare/safety net system needs a dramatic over haul. We have become a welfare state and an entitlement nation…that needs to be addressed.

          • Bill123

            When Obama said “you can keep your plan,” the media, including Fox News, had already reported extensively on the fact that the ACA was going to shitcan policies that did not meet the minimum requirements of reasonable coverage.

            That was in all of the news, long before Obama made the statement. This explains it well enough, using the sale of dangerous cars as an example–

            Nissans are good cars, but some models of Nissans are sold with cheap brakes that blow out the first time they are needed in an emergency. That kills Americans who thought their Nissans were safe. That is a problem.

            So the president promotes a reform bill that will remove the Nissan models with cheap brakes from the road and make it illegal to sell new Nissans with defective brakes.

            This is what the ACA was. Do you see that? Don’t go to sleep.

            All the news media reads the new law and talks about how people driving defective Nissans will have to buy new ones. Fox News in particular gives that facet of the law a lot of airtime. The president’s Transportation Secretary holds news conferences on C-SPAN and affirms that people with defective Nissans will, under the new law, have to replace their deathtraps with a safe, legal Nissans.

            So the president says, “If you like your Nissan, you can keep it.” He assumes the same media that reported extensively on the law’s requirement to remove deathtrap Nissans from the road will make it clear that he means the people who own SAFE, LEGAL Nissans can keep their Nissans if they like the cars they owned before the law was passed.

            Now, Robert, knowing how you to quote Politifact only on the negatives about Democrats, you will find it hard to review the facts and events which accompanied Obama saying people can keep their policies.

            I don’t mind saying Obama should not have phrased it like he did, if you don’t mind admitting that even FOX NEWS reported before Obama ever put his foot in his mouth that the law would require many people to buy different policies.

            What’s the chance of you admitting that? What’s the chance of your balls being bounced by the Harlem Globetrotters?

          • Robert

            BIll – Why is it you liberals ARE ALWAYS MAKING EXCUSES for Obama’s lies? He either misspoke or was misunderstood or some other whiny BS. Fact is he lied…period!

            I have no issues accepting Politifact saying a rep lied, if they lied.

            To be quite honest I didn’t read your BS about cars…Ive seen all the different examples of excuses you liberals love to use to cover for Obama’s lies, don’t need to read your version of one of the many.

            The funny thing to me Bill is that you seem at least partially focused on the fact that news stations were reporting the effects the ACA would have before Obama made that promise…you’d think if the news stations knew it then our own president should…right? So basically he is either ignorant about his own law and the effects it would have or he lied…take your pick.

          • Mississippi Truth

            Now! We’re getting somewhere! Why do you conservatives try to defend the lies you tell! I read her explanation using card! Since when did it become BS! The real thing is when all these folks showed up with their supposed cancelled policies and were confronted by folks who had not gotten such a letter and cancelled their bogus policies, where were you? Oh I forget, Conservative watch Fox and their affiliates only, they never watch MSNBC or read Time Magazine. So do us all a favor! Until you get rid of the tinfoil hat STFU! By the Way! You Google MSNBC!

          • Robert

            I haven’t defended any lies told by anyone and I haven’t told any…so your comment means nothing to me. And I have no idea what you are talking about when you refer to some “explanation using card”…what ever that is.

            Where was I when my policy was cancelled? I was in Iraq at the US Embassy in Baghdad. Sorry, couldn’t make any rallies or whatever it is you are referring to, was a little busy at the time. My wife informed me of the cancellation via Skype.

            And there you go with the typical liberal Fox news comment, too funny. I believe I already told you I don’t watch Fox news. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions on the topics that matter to me. I could just as easily accuse of you being an MSNBC or Huffington Post bot…see how easy that is.

            BTW…do you actually have something of value to add to this discussion or are you just here to insult people?

            Do you have any actual facts to refute anything I have said here?

            Do you have anything other than the typical liberal – “because I said so” defense/excuse to support anything you have said here?

            I imagine the answer to all 3 questions is no….I would be very shocked if you said yes and actually produced something worth while here.

            Once you actually provide something worth talking about then I might take you seriously…until then you are proving you are nothing but a troll

          • Mississippi Truth

            Why do you Republicans Lie, you are like the Robomailings that came out when the law passed! Do you idiots know how many of the Elderly you scared with that BS! I could at least contact my Insurance company and see that iit was a ?Hoax! My neighbor had a fit! Her children were shocked to see such blatant lies!
            I should have called that lady again and cussed her out!

          • Mississippi Truth

            Her children called her company, it met the standards, no changes will be made! Bill, how come Fox never talks about that!?

          • Robert

            You do know that when you accuse someone of lying that you should actually post their so called lie and proof that it is in fact a lie….otherwise you are just making empty accusations.

            All of your ramblings mean absolutely nothing without any facts or proof to support your assertions. What about that don’t you get? You act as though everything you say is supposed to be accepted as pure truth yet you post nothing to support your ramblings…just the typical liberal – “because I said so” defense…..too funny.

          • Adam B Cummings

            how come you use the word liberal, like its an insult ??

          • Robert

            If you feel the word liberal is an insult then maybe you should reconsider your political beliefs.

          • J. Fischer

            Because, to people like him, anyone who does NOT want the United States to return to the Gilded Age is a disgusting leech on society who wants to punish success.

          • ColorsOfAlgebra

            It is better to eat better,but every one, if any one, deserves the same acces to good health care. Tax pay for student loans for dr and dentist also. In Ca required to have car insurance to cover corp lost. Now we have health insurance and Ca pays most fed tax in US. It is CA money that is used to pay for redState healthCare. Red States don’t pay fed tax, at all.

          • Michael Peterson

            Where do you come up with all these lies??

          • Robert

            So you are saying you have a reading comprehension problem…is that it? I posted the source for my claims, can you refute them with something other than your personal opinions? Can you refute anything I have said here with any legitimate fact or statistic from a non partisan verifiable source? Please feel free to do so…then we can talk more.

          • tr60

            If you didn’t get to keep your plan you should thank God and President Obama because you would need God’s help if you had gotten catastrophically sick or injured and then discovered your plan wasn’t worth a damn. Then you would need medicaid because you’ve been totally wiped out and Obama saved it from the Republicans.

          • Robert

            Only according to you. I had a good plan that I was totally happy with. It isn’t up to you to decide if or how well my plan would have covered me in a hypothetical event and it shouldn’t be the govts job to do that either. I had actually already filed a pretty expensive claim through my insurance for my wife…and it covered her just fine. But sure, you and the govt know whats best for me…right?

            Obama did nothing more than lie to get elected and lie to get his worthless “healthcare” law (that is really nothing more than welfare) passed.

            You can fool yourself all you like. You obviously bought into all that is Obama and the ACA so you’ve already proven yourself easily fooled…but you wont fool me. I know the truth and so do millions upon millions of others.

          • tr60

            Yet millions and millions of others…RE-ELECTED OBAMA!

            Well, did you get to keep that plan? If not it was lacking somewhere. I’m happy that your wife’s claim got paid but those companies are always looking for ways to skate out. Blue Cross paid me $1081.01 on a $30K bill, which they couldn’t of if I had waited 6 months. I had no idea how GOOD the ACA could be.

            Bob, you remind me of the little boy who goes whistlin’ past a graveyard. In your heart you know it will get you eventually.

            As for the government deciding what’s good for you, well it goes on everyday. Just see what happens if your neighbor decides to start keeping hogs in his backyard and you’ll be running down to city hall.

          • Robert

            Yes they did, there is no accounting for (as Gruber called them) stupid voters.

            No, I did not get to keep that plan. It was “lacking” (as you put it) in things we did not need so it was deemed “substandard”.

            tr – you can keep your govt welfare insurance and socialism…I don’t want and neither do millions of others.

            There are certain things the govt should be involved in, just as there are things they shouldn’t. It isn’t for the govt to decide what those things are, that should be for the people and this is nothing but govt over reach at its finest.

            The few things that the ACA has taken care of that were problems in our old system could have been addressed directly without upending our entire insurance system. It did not need the sweeping changes Obama imposed, he only did that to build his legacy and in the process it cost millions policies they were happy with and the end result is that is has insured less than 5% of the nation at the expense of the other 95%….not sure I would tout that as some resounding success.

          • WampusKat

            So the plan you had was one of those cherry picker plans that covered next to nothing? How does one go about predicting what sort of medical procedures he’ll need in the future? Crystal ball? Which is why it wasn’t an approved plan under the ACA.

            As for keeping that “government welfare”… it’s hardly welfare if we spend our lives paying into a system in order to reap the benefits when we retire or need medical care. Meanwhile, you and every other idiot libertarian out there is going to be needing that “government welfare” at some point (everybody does)… in fact, you’ll be begging for it. As I’ve come to realize, pretty much every “libertarian” out there screeching about other people on “government welfare” is benefiting from some sort of government program anyway, but wants to pretend he’s all boot-strappin’ it, so HIS “welfare” doesn’t count:)

          • Robert

            Well, my previous plan covered my wife’s surgery and took care of all of our standard Dr’s visits as well as those of our children. We had no issue with it at all…but I am sure you wont believe that as it doesn’t fit your leftist agenda or narrative.

            “everybody does”…so yo can cite some actual verifiable source to prove that ridiculous statement…right? You have no idea about my personal finances or my retirement plans.

            You have replied to 5 or 6 of my other comments so far (nice to see I have a stalker) and not once have you provided a single fact or source to confirm it…basically your entire rant here is based on nothing more than the typical liberal propaganda talking points and your own personal opinions…which mean absolutely nothing….too funny!

          • peter

            All I know is that when I found out that 40,000 people die every year because they can’t afford a Dr. I thought it was a mistake and I looked it up. It was true.

            All I could think of at the time is “why don’t both parties consider this an emergency?” I was incredulous.
            In, what I was taught is the greatest country in the world and in what I know is the richest country in history this fact appalls me.

            What happened to our humanity?

          • Robert

            I am all for helping people that truly need it, but it shouldn’t become a way of life. Somewhere along the line, I would say as far back as LBJ’s War on Poverty, we as a nation started to foster a dependency attitude…and it has grown by leaps and bounds. At some point the “haves” run out of money to support the “have nots”…then what? What happened to our self responsibility?

          • peter

            So, am I to understand Robert that in the richest country the world has ever seen and in this same country that I was told was the best in the world, it’s gov’t allows 45,000 people to die every year because they’re too poor to afford a doctor? You’re OK with this? What happened to ethical behavior?
            We can go to war where almost 4,500 Americans die and 10’s of thousands come home horribly disfigured and brain damaged, putting it all on a credit card (upwards of 3 TRILLION dollars) yet we can’t afford to make sure everyone gets to see a doctor. I can’t, morally, reconcile those 2 facts.

            This is all on top of the fact that the war was started with lies. This is no secret. I don’t know why Georgie hasn’t been charged with war crimes. I don’t expect him to be charged with 4,500 counts of murder, but he should be charged with something.
            I apologize if I don’t get too excited over Obama lying about keeping your coverage when a few hundred thousand people’s lives have been shattered because George wanted to get revenge on Hussein for sending out a death squad on his daddy. Or whatever reason Dick/George had for sending troops into Iraq. So while a lie is a lie; there is a definite difference between the two.

            When I found out how many of us die every year due to a lack of money, I was incredulous. I thought that the numbers must be wrong so I looked it up and sure enough, 40,000 die because they can’t afford to see a doctor. I was in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe it.

            In my opinion, 40,000 dying every year should be a national emergency. This stat should have been met with bi-partisan bill writing. It should have been treated as the emergency it is.

            I’m no big fan of Democrats but the Republicans take the cake.

          • Robert

            I dont agree with the war on the principle of WMD but I do think we did the right thing entering Iraq. I have worked there supporting the State Dept for may years and I can tell you from first hand knowledge that the people of Iraq needed us to intervene.

            As for the 40K a year, no one likes to see that…obviously. Having said that, we could have accomplished the few good things within the ACA without an entire overhaul of the insurance system. Obama lied to get elected (I know they all do but he literally built his campaign around the ACA…nothing but lies) and continued lying to build his legacy on the backs of the American taxpayer (who will now foot the bill for over 1 trillion in unpaid subsidy costs for a program that was supposed to pay for itself…another lie..according to the CBO’s latest report) You will have a hard time convincing me that the ACA is what is best for our country…regardless of how you cherry pick stats to increase its importance. Lets not forget that it has succeeded in insuring less than 5% of our population…at the expense/detriment of the other 95%. Talk about not being able to reconcile / wrap your head around something…that simply blows my mind.

          • YourMom

            He’s probably a paid troll. Putin uses them, and we all know how much the Tpubs love them some Putin.

          • Ron Rankin

            Robert not only are the liberals as you call us blinded by our partisan politics so are the republicans

          • Robert

            That may very well be true Ron, but at least the republicans are open to the full picture most of the time. Liberals, or democrats…or whatever you prefer to be called…often rely on half the story to spread your propaganda. I have seen it far too many times.

          • Ron Rankin

            Then you have seen it on the republican conservative or christian what ever you want to call it also

          • Robert

            Partisans politics? Yes, I have…but as I said, being as objective as I can be, liberals tend to rely on half truths far more than conservatives. The red state taker state propaganda is a perfect example of this. I don’t know how many times I have heard liberals run with that nonsense and it is so easily refuted it isn’t even funny. And in the face of irrefutable facts most liberals will just ignore it and continue spreading that BS. Or when it comes to Obama, liberals ALWAYS avoid assigning him responsibility for anything and have played Blame Bush politics since he’s been in office, yet credit him with things he had absolutely nothing to do with….again, half truths and propaganda.

          • peter

            Now you sound delusional. (tongue-in-cheek). The truth is Robert, ethical behavior has a liberal bias.

          • Robert

            “The truth is Robert, ethical behavior has a liberal bias.”

            WTFE…I can’t even roll my eyes hard enough at that blatantly bias comment.

          • Adam B Cummings

            hmm, but it isn’t it also true that most of people who couldn’t keep their plans, were able to get better coverage for less cost ??? again, just saying ..

          • Robert

            No, that is not true. Why do you think people are in such an uproar over it? Cost have risen dramatically, especially deductibles…so that assertion isn’t factual at all. In fact, there are several states who have received requests from insurance companies to raise premiums up to 25% next year…a simple google search will show this. And what ever happened to Obama’s promise of the average family saving $2500 per year? The only people “saving” any where near that are those being subsidized…which the CBO says is roughly 85% of those that signed up…making the ACA nothing more than a new welfare program disguised as healthcare reform.

          • Robert

            BTW…according to NPR dems lie more than republicans and they are OK with their politicians lying as long as they support their political views….

            NPR – “Campaign Sound Bites: Does Truth Matter?”

            “DAN ARIELY: And we recently did a study on this. We just asked a few hundred people online to what extent they think that their candidates could be dishonest if it promoted their political agenda.

            SHAPIRO: He found that people were totally comfortable with politicians of their own party being dishonest to get elected.

            ARIELY: And by the way, for Democrats, this was a slightly more endorsed position than for the Republicans. So the Democrats are more willing for their politicians to lie to a higher degree than the Republicans.”

            No wonder so many of you lubs blindly support Obama…after all, he’s known for being an habitual liar. In fact, accodring to another poll by CNN 53% of Americans think Obama is dishonest nad untrustworthy….that marks the FIRST TIME a CNN poll has had a clear majority that thinks that of our President.

            Google – “President’s marks as manager take hit in new CNN/ORC poll”

            “Only four out of 10 Americans believe President Barack Obama can manage the federal government effectively, according to a new national poll.

            And a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday morning also indicates that 53% of Americans now believe that Obama is not honest and trustworthy, the first time that a clear majority in CNN polling has felt that way.

            Obama’s woes are not limited to honesty and his managerial skills. Fifty-six percent say he is not a person they admire, and an equal number say he does not agree with them on important issues. Fifty-six percent also say he does not inspire confidence, and 53% don’t view him as a strong and decisive leader. All of those figures are all-time records for Obama in CNN polling.”

            So sure…continue to focus on Bush…anything you liberal trolls can do to draw attention away from the FACT that your president is untrustworthy and the majority knows he is a habitual liar!

          • Bill123

            Oh Robert…

            You should not conflate quantity with quality. When Republicans lie, masses die.

          • Robert

            LOL….as if democrats are squeaky clean…give me a break. You are too funny!

          • EverTheGreen

            Squeaky clean, no, but at all times very much in a position to rake you SCUMservatives over the coals 24/7/365.

          • Robert

            When all else fails and you have nothing of actual value to support your political views and agenda….liberals ALWAYS resort to childish name calling.

          • Adam B Cummings

            Brother your post before resorted to “well they do it too” …. just saying ..

          • OUR12

            Neener, neener!

          • Robert

            How so?

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            Don’t end a sentence with a preposition.

          • Robert


          • WampusKat

            Personally, I resort to name-calling as a first resort these days… because frankly I’ve seen enough out of you folks and life is just too short.

          • Robert

            That’s typical for those that have no actual facts to support their claims.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            Facts have that famous liberal bias.

          • Robert

            Only in your own mind.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            You must have not read the proceeding comments or visit Conservative Facebook pages much. I routinely see the N word, blacks called apes, monkeys, all kinds of nasty terms for gays, etc. You folks are not being persecuted; it’s you that are doing the persecution.

          • Robert

            And again, you post your personal opinions as though they are fact. You seem to do that a lot, shame you cant support those assertions with any actual facts.

          • Richard S

            Robert, I have never seen a Republican post any type of evidence or facts backing up their post. Just like your post NPR – “Campaign Sound Bites: Does Truth Matter?” you have no references where you got that from information from. For all anybody knows that was made up stuff. Before you start spouting off about supporting facts support them the right way, with references, other wise it is called plagiarizing.

          • Robert

            I understand it is pretty difficult to copy paste any of the info I quoted into a search engine but I thought most adults who know how to use a computer could do that….guess not.

            Speaking about spouting off….I haven’t seen you post one single fact here to support anything you have said…oh wait, that’s because you really haven’t aid anything that matters here.

          • Patryck F. Buckley Smith

            Democrats are not squeaky clean–they have their share of miscalculations. Fact is, no one is perfect. It’s the Republicans that attempt to convince everyone that they are, when it has been proven that they aren’t at every turn. Do something for America. Create jobs bill, do something for the people you continually put in harms way (Veterans), and stay out of the rest of the world’s affairs. Do these things and start promoting peace or STFU and stop trying to tell everyone that liberalism is a disease. Because conservatism doesn’t work as well as you claim.

          • Robert

            I love how when democrats do something wrong it’s a “miscalculation” or when they lie they actually “misspoke”…but when the other side is guilty…well you see where I am going with that. Also, I don’t know any republicans that try to claim they are perfect, that statement is nothing but your personal opinion just like your “every turn” comment…nothing but personal opinions.

            You say “do something”…funny liberals cried about obstructionism when republicans were blocking bills but now that dems are doing it and Obama has his veto pen at the ready it’s OK…because your side is doing it. Gotta love the hypocrisy.

            Your entire rant is based on nothing more than your personal opinions and partisan blindness.

          • Patryck F. Buckley Smith

            Seems to me the Republicans are the party of always being caught. Not to say that Democrats aren’t doing their fair share of dirt, they just seem to be a bit smarter. This may be my opinion, but my opinion seems to be pretty close to what’s happening. So, you can spin this any way you’d like.

          • Robert

            And still…your argument is based on nothing but personal opinions that you support with statements like “this may be my opinion” and “seems to me”, no actual facts at all, it means absolutely nothing.

            I don’t have to “spin” anything…you just admitted yourself that your statement is nothing more than your personal opinion. And that means you are the one “spinning” reality to suit your agenda and narrative…not me.

          • Patryck F. Buckley Smith

            There is no spin, as you put it. If you are paying attention, you can see what’s going on. Your problem appears to be that you have allegiance to the Right, and that’s what seems to have your bias. I am an American, first and foremost and my allegiance is to America. Those on the Right seem to be a tad bit insane.
            If the Right suits your ‘narrative’ then your problems are quite a bit larger than anything that you can say to anyone else. For whatever reason, you have an opinion that is laced in fantasy and delusion. This is merely an observation, not my opinion ….

          • Robert

            And again, nothing but personal opinions. I could just as easily say that those on the left “seem to be a tad bit insane”.

            As for the rest of your babbling, means absolutely nothing as it is once again based on your personal opinions and nothing more….even though you try to pass it off as an “observation”…too funny.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            Don’t forget Republicans lauded Putin over our own President and invited Netanyahu to Congress to make our own President look bad. They should all have been prosecuted under the Logan Act. Traitors. They also may have colluded with Israel in bugging the talks between America and Iran. Some patriots you folks are on the Right. Can you imagine how Fox and The GOP would howl if Democrats did that to Bush.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            What’s really funny is both Bush and Cheney said they made no mistakes and they wouldn’t go back and redo anything….

          • Robert

            And Obama didn’t lie about the ACA either….right?
            The difference is I can admit Bush and Cheney were wrong, I’ve never heard a liberal say the same about their beloved Obama…or any other democrat for that matter.

          • Richard S

            Robert where are your facts backing your opinion that President Obama lied about the ACA?

          • Robert

            Politifact, who undoubtedly leans left, reported 120+ campaign lies from Obama…including several about the ACA. And they awarded his infamous “You can keep your plan” lie the Lie of the Year. It’s common knowledge he is a pathological liar…regardless if you liberals want to admit it to yourself or not.

          • Richard S

            I hate when Republicans lie they always say it was a joke!!!!

          • Robert

            And again, typical of liberals on these boards….trying to pass your personal opinions off as fact without actually supporting your biased claims. Talk about a joke.

          • Jonathan

            Meh, dude. Both parties are cut from the same cloth. They BOTH lie to such an extent that’s it’s meaningless to say one lies any less than the other. Don’t be such a suck up. You know damn well that while Democrats definitely try to more good for this country and more importantly, for the average Joe and DO typically have far more successful, LONG TERM programs than Republicans that that doesn’t mean they don’t lie or distort truths. Don’t commit fraud, don’t take money from corporations, don’t gerrymander, aren’t apart of ALEC (though FAR higher percentage of Republicans are part of ALEC and the selling out of our laws to the highest bidder to benefit from such laws) etc. They both play the same game. It may not be a game of thrones but it’s a game of deceit and manipulation.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            They are not. The false equivalency argument is tired and invalid. Elizabeth Warren is not the same as Ted Cruz.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            We don’t claim to be squeaky clean, but when it comes to Republicans, it’s not even close. You folks have more affairs, commit more crimes and govern very poorly. You can’t solve big problems or improve the lives of ordinary Americans. That, we know for sure.

          • Robert

            Yeah…according to you and your personal opinions, you cant possibly support that idiotic statement with facts.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            It’s can’t or cannot, not cant. Who is the idiot, illiterate?

          • Robert

            LOL…when all else fails resort to be the grammar police approach. Too funny!

          • Richard S

            Robert, no politician is squeaky clean, but when you mention about how bad President Obama lies you need to look in you own political back yard. The GOP started this hate against Obama way before he was president, and know he has done good for the Country the GOP is angry because they have not been able to do what they promised. That was make sure he was a one term President.

          • Robert

            Obama lied 120+ times, just while campaigning, according to Politifact. He was awarded Lie of the Year with his “you can keep your plan” lie. He wouldn’t even have been elected if he didn’t sell the masses on his lies about the ACA.

            I have no anger about not being able to do what the GOP promised, after all, Obama has said many times he has his veto pen at the ready….but when that sort of blocking came from the right you liberals whined about “obstructionism”.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            There were 13 Benghazis under Bush. Between 2000-’08, there were 13 deadly attacks on US embassies and consulates. 60 people total died and 12 of them were Americans. Which is greater: 12 or 4?

          • Michael Peterson

            Such BS Garbage you make up

          • Robert

            Typical reply from a liberal that has nothing to refute what I have posted.

            Please, enlighten us all…what exactly is “BS Garbage” that I have made up? Please be specific and post something other than your personal opinions to support your claim. Some sort of verifiable non partisan source…like the one I cited to support my claim.

          • Mississippi Truth

            It’s Robert who name calls and expects us to believe him! Herd you on think progress! You’re still lying!

          • Robert

            Please point to my so called lies and post something to support the fact that they are actually lies and not just something you don’t like because it doesn’t fit your political agenda.

            I try very hard not to name call but at some point the ignorance of others brings it out in me…but at least I don’t lead with it as most liberals I run into tend to do.

          • Robert

            Shame you cant actually prove I am lying about anything…but I love seeing liberals make that accusation without actually backing it up.

          • Mississippi Truth

            already have! Too Bad you can’t accept facts!

          • Robert

            And again…baseless accusations mean nothing. If you are going to call me a liar then prove it…otherwise stuff your false accusations up your ass.

          • Mississippi Truth

            You sir have the proof, take off the tinfoil hat! Better yet apply for healthcare in Indiana and Mississippi! When you do that, I will believe you!

          • Robert

            LOL tinfoil hat…all you liberals are the same…too funny.

            I am originally from Indiana, dumb ass. I paid for my own insurance for years when I was self employed…but I know that concept is foreign to you liberals…self responsibility. If uncle sugar doesn’t give it to you then you have no idea about it.

          • Richard S

            Robert, you can not prove you are telling the truth!!!!

          • Robert

            Richard, you can not prove I am lying, about anything. The only thing you liberal trolls have is baseless accusations with no proof to support them. Typical.

          • Robert

            Yeah, most liberals consider facts “BS Garbage”.

          • Mississippi Truth

            Which group pn NPR According to the staff of All Things Considered , a prominent NPR show it is the Republucan party that lies the most! They did have a guest that tried to argue otherwise! However, that was not all of NPR! I think they would be surprised to know about this study!

          • Robert

            So that group you mention did an actual study then? They have some concrete evidence to point to I suppose? If not then it is nothing more than some talk show hosts personal opinions.

          • Mississippi Truth

            ASI is a government Index! Google it! It! And stop lying!

          • Robert

            I assume you are referring to the American Statistics Index but beyond that I am not sure what “lie” it is you think you have exposed. I welcome you expanding further and pinpointing my so called lie (and posting proof to support that it is an actual lie) instead of simply making empty accusations.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            Robert, simply watch any broadcast “Fox News” and note certain “facts” or arguments they make. Then, go verify them and compare them against the actual facts. You will find that Fox rarely, if ever, tells the truth or doesn’t propagandize. They’ve been caught, many, many times doing just that.

          • Robert

            I so love the “Fox” comments from liberal posters…too funny. I don’t even watch Fox you ass hat.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            That’s too funny, I guess I meant “Alex Jones,” “The Blaze,” “Breitbart,” the “Weekly Standard” or Rush Limbaugh. LOL, ass hat. Or, are just some citizen journalist cum blogger?

          • Robert

            And again….same old idiotic leftest babble. Typical.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            No, the habitual liars are folks on the Right. You folks are constantly caught in lies, distortions and fabrications.

          • Robert

            And more baseless accusations with no proof…gotta love the liberal deflection you trolls are masters of.

          • jelun

            Which I suppose is why conservatives are so adamant that their favored pols and news sources would never lie.

          • Robert

            Had the survey I cited been from Fox news then you might have a point…but NPR is known to lean to the left.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            Cite your polls and facts then, Robert, and quit deflecting.

          • Robert

            I already have cited polls and facts here, it’s not my problem if you have reading comprehension issues. Seems you are the one deflecting, I have yet to see you cite anything other than your blatantly leftest bias opinions.

          • Richard S

            Robert, you need to learn how to properly cite. When you are citing a statement you include the source where you got that information, as in a book, magazine, or web page. You are not citing if you do not have where you received your source from.

          • Robert

            I have cited sources, if you cant read or do a simple Google search with quotes that is not my problem it’s yours. Last I checked you mean absolutely nothing to me and your opinions about how one should or should not cite a source means exactly that….nothing.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            Boy, you mangle things, don’t you?

          • Robert

            Yeah… if you consider posting supported facts “mangling”.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            I rarely find any ‘facts” in any argument from the Right. Sure, there’s emotion, obfuscation, distortions and straw man arguments, but facts are in short supply. Then again, I’m not a scientist…

          • Robert

            I could just as easily say the exact same thing about liberal posters…except I would be telling the truth where as you aren’t.

          • peter

            Most americans can’t pass a simple 10 question civics test. So that fact begs the question “How much attention should I pay to polls of the general population”?

          • Robert

            Especially when the poll doesn’t favor your side…right?

          • Tim

            Your absolutely right

          • Charlotte Johnson

            They are all a bunch of liars. Democrats and Republicans. Find one you rather hear lie and go with it. That’s the American way.

          • WampusKat

            According to the fact checkers of the world, Republicans can no longer see the ends of their noses, mostly because they no longer accept science, math, and reason of any kind (thanks to the twisted bible beating) and are even ideologically opposed to the teaching of critical thinking skills. In a way, that somewhat makes you a victim of your own “success,” doesn’t it?

          • Robert

            According to anyone with any common sense your statement is nothing more than leftest rhetoric. Your bible beating shtick means nothing to me.

            Do you have any actual facts to add to the discussion or just your silly biased personal opinions?

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            That’s funny, for a part of the political spectrum that believes in Guardian Angels over climate scientists.

          • Robert

            Yeah, those scientists have said teh temp has raised a whoppping 1.5 degrees over the last 120 or so years….at that rate we will really need to worry about throwing away those winter coats real soon huh….give me a break.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            We will continue to focus on Bush, Republicans and the Tea Party. You are the folks that set in motion destructive policies and you continue double down on stupid. Do you have any polls about Bush lying us into war, not protecting us on 911, or selling out our government to lobbyists?

          • Robert

            And again, no actual facts here…just leftest propaganda. I have asked every liberal I have come in contact with to substantiate ignorant statements like you just made and they never seem to be able to with anything other than their personal opinions. You need to do some research on your own parties actions and policies throughout the last 70 years…especially since dems have controlled congress for the majority of that time.

          • Jay Cee

            Didn’t Obama add 7 trillion to the debt in his first year in office?

          • Bill123

            You have to be joking, or you have to be as ignorant as a cow.

          • tr60

            What Obama did was to properly account for the 7 trillion in debt that Bush racked up on the “credit card.” By doing so we could start to pay down on it.

            Think about it, his first year’s budget was created by the previous year’s administration.

          • badphairy

            You forgot “They will welcome us with flowers.”

          • Charlotte Johnson

            And let the bigots tell it, it is all Obama’s fault. Weird how things that have been going on for decades is the fault of the current President, but hasn’t been any fault of his predecessors.

          • rhetoricus

            Lol. Yet the program has almost 12 million people participating now–apparently a lot of people like it. Really don’t hear the GOP whining about it anymore, do you? It’s because it’s a success. Talking points ain’t much against the raw numbers.

          • Robert

            There aren’t 12 million, there are less than 10 million…but it doesn’t surprise me that a supporter of the ACA would exaggerate it. I am sure a lot of people do like it, especially considering (per the CBO) that 85% of those 10 million are receiving subsidies….it’s basically just another social welfare program…of course those getting nearly free insurance would “like it”. GOP doesn’t have to “whine about it”…the SCOTUS is about to tear it to shreds…or have you not been paying attention to the news lately? Raw numbers huh….how about these raw numbers…

            ACA has insured so far roughly 10 million (not 12), there are 320 million in the US….so basically it has insured less than 3% of our population (and the bulk of those are being subsidized) at the expense/detriment of the other 97%….yeah…what a great program you support there….LOL

          • Robert

            Google – “Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance, says bombshell budget report” –

            “Stunning figure comes from Congressional Budget Office report that revised cost estimates for the next 10 years
            – Government will spend $1.993 TRILLION over a decade and take in $643 BILLION in new taxes, penalties and fees related to Obamacare
            – The $1.35 trillion net cost will result in ‘between 24 million and 27 million’ fewer Americans being uninsured – a $50,000 price tag per person at best
            – The law will still leave ‘between 29 million and 31 million’ nonelderly Americans without medical insurance
            – Numbers assume Obamacare insurance exchange enrollment will double between now and 2025″

            And from Forbes – Feb 18th 2015:

            “Contra White House, Obamacare Exchanges Enroll Roughly 5 Million Uninsured, Not 11.4 Million”

            “Last night, the White House tweeted that “about 11.4 million Americans are signed up for private health coverage” through Obamacare’s insurance exchanges. President Obama claims that this figure proves that his health law is working. But once you unravel the spin, what the latest numbers show is that the pace of enrollment in Obamacare’s exchanges has slowed down by more than half. If previous trends hold, Obamacare exchanges have enrolled roughly 5 million previously uninsured individuals: a far cry from 11.4 million.”

            I so love liberals latching onto any little bit of good news they can about Obama and the ACA while totally ignoring the facts surrounding both that you wont see on most leftist news/media. It’s time you liberals woke up to reality!

          • Bill123

            You quote public bathroom tabloids, Robert. The Daily Mail of London. Have you ever tried to read one of those when it is stuck to the restroom floor? Or is that how you got your “$50,000 Obamacare cost” lie?

          • Robert

            Have you seen the most recent CBO report that states the ACA will cost taxpayers 1.35 TRILLION over the next decade because its own funding cant cover the cost of the subsidies…yet another lie from Obama…so much for it paying for itself through the not a tax tax (per the SCOTUS).

            Bill, do you actually have any facts to cite, sources to list…to support anything you say on these boards? I have yet to see you cite anything…you rely entirely on your personal opinions as though that is supposed to mean something to anyone….interesting.

          • Bill123

            Here is your Daily Mail “source,” Robert.

          • Robert

            Actually…my own research found that tasty bit of info….but thanks for showing your ignorance in making assumptions.

          • Robert

            The truly funny thing is that this snippet was in the source you cite….

            “It estimated that the total net cost of the insurance coverage provisions of the law would be $1.35 trillion over 10 years, from 2016 through 2025.”

          • YourMom

            Aaaaaaand….pot meet kettle.

          • Robert

            Please enlighten me to the facts about the ACA and or Obama that you think I am ignoring. Talking about either is no problem for me.

          • YourMom

            You’ve been camping out on this thread for months? Hahahahahahahaha…

          • Robert

            So you don’t actually have anything of value to add here then….go figure.

            The post you replied to was from 3 months ago and the commenting system here alerts you when someone replies to your posts…but sure, spin reality any way you like…liberals are good at that.

          • TBone Ryan

            12 million participating….. Because they are forced to…. Because the IRS will be after them if they don’t……. Because they get “subsidies” which are in fact health care welfare… And the GOP establishment won’t whine too much. Like democrats, they are about power. GOP’s only real complaint is that they aren’t running it for their buddy’s benefit….

          • Bill123

            “12 million participating….. Because they are forced to…. Because the IRS will be after them if they don’t…”

            The number is 16 million, and your whining is irritating.

            You’re not GOP, you’re not Democrat. You’re the Phuquetard Party, dancing with your fellow party ‘members’ in a circle in the dark.

          • Robert

            That 16 million includes medicaid expansion and young adults staying on their parents plan…if you are going to cite a so called fact at least make it factual and accurate….tell the whole story, not the typical liberal half truth we often see.

          • YourMom

            Well…where do you think the young adults would end up if not on their parents’ plan? We are glad we can include our son while he gets his footing. WE got nice employer-paid plans when WE started out—which have all but disappeared. And just so you know, we end up paying medical costs for the uninsured in most states.

          • Robert

            I am not sure what your point is other than to highlight “WE” a couple of times….

            The point I was making is that when you subtract the young adults staying on their parents plans and those that qualified for the medicaid expansion then the actual ACA signups aren’t nearly the numbers they are advertising….which is actually worse than it sounds considering the CBO’s most recent report say the ACA will cost US tax payers 1.35 trillion (with a T) over the next decade.

          • YourMom

            Still..young adults are an important number in terms of counting who benefits. But-the fact that you have the time to camp out here and have all of your numbers to support a certain viewpoint tells me you have quite the agenda. I’m married to an economist with OMB experience…so I can draw conclusions based on his unbiased analysis thank you very much.

          • Robert

            You dont seem to get the concept of how the system here works do you?’ As I explained to you before, and as you probably know already, when someone replies to your post it alerts you via email. If you want to refer to my returning to the thread to reply to those who reply to me as “camping out” thats fine…I prefer to call it not being rude…but whatever makes you fell better.

            What my numbers should tell you is that there is always more than one side to every discussion. What they should tell you is to not always believe the propaganda the administration puts out to the public.

            To be quite honest I don’t care who you are married to or what his “experience” is. I draw my own conclusions based off of my own research…and I honestly don’t care if you agree or not. The funny thing here is that you cant refute anything I have said here with anything beyond your own personal opinions that are biased because you like having your son on your insurance…well good for you…so glad it helps you and your son while the ACA screws millions of others.

          • YourMom

            Oh…I totally understand the system. I do understand about the email notifications. I get them. And I can predict with absolute assurance that you’ll return to this site six months from now to tell anyone who disagrees with you that they are stupid, or cannot refute your “facts.” Nobody has the time. So…big whoop. And, of course, you don’t care about who anyone is married to or their experience or opinions. Nicely sums up what I suspect. You have an agenda. Big whoop.

          • Robert

            Just as you are returning now…yet offer nothing of any actual value to the discussion at hand here. So, basically you are only here to troll and argue.

            Why do you care if I come back 3 years form now or even tomorrow? If you disagree with the facts I have posted then post something in contradiction. If you don’t like my so called “agenda” then refute the things I have said….otherwise you are proving you are nothing but a troll with nothing to offer here worth reading.

            You talk about me having an agenda…what are you here for if not to spread your pro ACA agenda?

          • YourMom

            In 3-2-1….he’s baaaaack. You’re amusing…but I have a life. Bye, bye keyboard hero..fighting for your truth.

          • Robert

            And just as I thought, nothing to offer of any value at all. Bye, bye troll.

          • Mississippi Truth

            Seeing that We did keep our plans, you can understand your factual deficiency! Watch Fox much?

          • Robert

            So since YOU kept your plan then that means everyone did…right?

            I don’t watch Fox….or listen to Rush. I do something most liberals are completely lost on….I do my own research to come to my own conclusions. Liberals like you love falling back on that Fox news blather while ignoring just how partisan “news” stations like MSNBC or “news” sites like the Huffington Post can be all while you regurgitate their leftist propaganda and half truths. Pot meet kettle.

          • Mississippi Truth

            Sure, since you seem to believe that one person losing their plans means everyone loses their plan! Perfectly logical: in a pig’s eye!

          • Robert

            Sure, since you seem to believe that one person keeping their plan means everyone keeps their plan. Perfectly logical, to a liberal.

          • peter

            All of this talk about how much it costs. Do any of you even care that people are able to see doctors, finally? I can’t believe the indifference. Cost/benefit analysis isn’t being discussed here, at all. People’s lives are presumably being saved here and not one person talks about it. Are you all a bunch of socio-paths?
            Let me tell you; I grew up poor and collecting welfare is the most humiliating thing I’ve ever been through. It’s completely emasculating. Doing ‘without’ while growing up was horrible. Nobody WANTS to be poor. Are there those that will try to take advantage of the system? Of course. There always will be. The statistics regarding fraud are so small, they are insignificant.

            People who have little or no conscience nauseate me, Robert. How about you?

          • Robert

            Someone has to pay for it, nothing in life is free…unless you vote democrat that is. It isn’t a matter of indifference, its a matter of self responsibility VS the entitlement mindset that liberals foster.

            I grew up poor too…but I busted my butt and have a good life now. Anyone can do it, I get so tired of the excuses. Damn right there are those taking advantage of the system, far more than I imagine anyone believes. The reason the fraud stats are so small is because of the parameters used to find the fraud. I think it is fraudulent to be on welfare and section 8 and SNAP and many of the other 120+ welfare programs we have in the US for years on end…especially now when we have this wonderful new low unemployment rate that Obama loves to brag about. If it is so great then welfare and safety net rolls should be reduced dramatically. The problem is that liberals never want to talk about revamping welfare and safety net…they would never touch that…it directly affects their voter base and they know that. So we will continue to fork out 1 trillion + annually supporting nearly half the country.

            You talk about conscience, I say point that disgust towards those who make a living…for generations…off of the govt tit. Talk about not having a conscience.

          • Robert

            How did that $2500 savings Obama promised work out for you? Let me guess, you of course saved even more than that while keeping your plan and your Dr. I am sure that’s exactly what you would say, even if it weren’t true. But, since you are probably subsidized, then I imagine you have saved money…with everyone else practically paying your insurance for you.

          • Mississippi Truth

            Very well thank you! I had a two day stay in the hospital! That 2500$ saving meant I could pay other bills like heating! Strangely enough, The whole time, I received notices from companies, I had turned down due to their outrageous premiums and total lack of coverage! You remember those interviews on the Ed…oh I forgot, only Fox! Of course Not paying for the fat cat underwriters meant that me and my co workers could support the honest companies and pay for persons with out insurance! Sorry, that I couldn’t pay for your CEO’s bonus this year, or the next, or the next…..

          • Robert

            I am sure you do love your subsidized insurance. Most people who signed up are subsidized…about 85% according to the CBO.

            You can spin it any way you like but the truth of the matter is that Obama sold the ACA to the public with a bunch of lies and even though he had a super majority it barely passed then. And now, it has been so “successful” that it has managed to cover about 5% of our country’s population…at the expense and detriment of the other 95%. The CBO now says it will cost tax payers 1.35 TRILLION over the next decade. So much for it paying for itself huh…guess we can add that lie to Obama’s ever growing list. Gotta love the democrats latest welfare program, because that’s all the ACA really is.

            If you love socialism so much why don’t you just give up your US citizenship and move? I promise the rest of us will be just fine without you.

          • peter

            Goodness knows we wouldn’t want to raise taxes on the rich. Not even a lousy 1.5%. So of course the middle gets stuck again. Thank Republicans, again.

          • Robert

            I’ve got no problem raising taxes on the rich, so that means nothing to me.

          • rejectrepublicanlies

            I have great health care. Coming from an individual that watches Fox, which lied about the ACA, and continues to do so, you possess no credibility. You and the Right have no solutions and would like to see more of your fellow Americans broke and without coverage. You were fine with it when it was Romneycare. Hypocrites. I wish they would cut coverage for Red State morons and let them suffer. Maybe they’d stop voting against their own interests.

          • Robert

            I haven’t seen you post a single fact or supporting source here yet….talk about lack of credibility.

            What lies have I supposedly told about the ACA? Simply saying someone lied without actually proving that lie means absolutely nothing and only makes you look like a fool.

            The problem with the Romney care argument is that it was meant for one state and its peoples specific needs. Not to mention that the ACA may have been modeled after RC but the end result is far different.

            No one votes against their own interests, that statement is nothing but a typical leftest talking point that has no actual basis in reality.

          • dionsius john

            and you blow dead donkeys…. see how that works dipshit? anyone can say anything… have you stopped sucking off your dog?

        • Bleeding Kansas

          If I have to explain it to you, moron, you obviously don’t understand it now, do you? Namecalling fucktard.

          • Murphcon

            Took you 3 months to think up that answer? Pure genius.

        • Thanio Grandsapion

          Dude you need to just stop you are making your self look pretty dumb

        • Harry R Omwake

          Your implications try to impugn one group over another but it really has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with poverty. The poor are a higher percentage of some groups through no fault of their own but are due to reasons beyond their control.

          • Murphcon

            Check out the headline above this page. Who’s picking on a group here? “White Folks in Red States”

        • rejectrepublicanlies

          This is not “Fox News” or some fact-free parallel universe. Also depending on respondents to answer truthfully or accurately, is always fraught with problems. Remember Fox’s predictions of a Romney landslide?

      • dougtheavenger

        Your joking right? or are you mathematically challenged?

    • Deacon_Sam1

      Look at all the people that aren’t registered to vote that get aid.

    • Tron1981

      Cognitive dissonance at its best, folks.

    • synapse13

      Not at all. You’re forgetting that Democrats and Republican make up a certain percentage of the over all population, and this is taking a further percentage of that percentage. Your figuring would have to assume the numbers of Democrats and Republicans is the same for the percentages to be comparable. It’s only 2.2 times greater looking at each as a single population and not taking into account the greater number of Democrats overall.

      • Murphcon

        Yup. You figured it out. I’m pointing out the likeliness of the individual.

        Not the total number.

    • EverTheGreen

      Actually, you are the one looking at it through blinders, but don’t let that stop you from fooling yourself. White people tend to do that.

    • Mississippi Truth

      Look we all know that Pew relies on numbers given by the Heritage Foundation! The Heritage foundations has repeatedly been asked for prof of their stats? The only thing they give is acnedotal evidence! Neither Pew Nor the Heritage Foundations has ever acknowledged their bias! Get a copy of the American Statistical Index! This index exposed Reagan and his ” welfare queen ” lie!

    • ColorsOfAlgebra

      Not all states pay Fed Tax,at all. Total Fed budget is comprised of blue state Tax dollars,only. Blue tax and Black prison labor support this nation. The money used for fema, healthcare, natural disasters, weapons of war (1/2 total Fed budget) paid by blue Fed Tax dollars. 90 % corp don’t pay taxes. We should separate blue and red tax dollars for 10 years.

    • Beaugrand_RTMC

      From the map, it’s fairly apparent that the larger concentrations of SNAP recipients are clustered in “Red” states (no math required); Thus, by cutting SNAP funding, Republicans are targeting their own constituents. This only proves that Congress represents the 1% at the expense of the rest of the US.

      • Murphcon

        Most of those clusters are concentrations of minorities who vote blue.

        • peter

          There are WAY more white people on welfare than any of the minorities.

          • Murphcon

            OK, but they have the lowest usage rate. Do you know what a usage rate means?

    • rejectrepublicanlies

      Take at look at RED STATES. They are the poorest states in the US. Owsley Kentucky is the poorest county in the entire US.

      • Murphcon

        That settles it then. The Pew stats must be right wing propaganda.

        How’s Illinois doing, or California, New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore or Philly? Flat broke and looking for a bailout. Where are the red cities or states on the verge of collapse? That’s right there aren’t any other than some small counties mostly in West Virginia.

    • Jason Jermaine Smith

      “You just don’t want to look at it the way I wrote it…” You sound like the people who once believed the earth was flat, lmao. Even better, you sound like any fundamentalist religious nutjob from any spectra.

      That was the most insane response to an intellectual shellacking I’ve ever read.

      • Murphcon

        Shellacked by affirmative action dolts who have been deceived into believing they’re smart, eh? Arguing with them, or you, serves no purpose other than to try to convince third parties. Now it’s your turn, Jermaine.

        There’s a basic contradiction here with your side’s logic in this argument. Nobody wants to admit that the fact matters that Democrats use food stamps at 2.2 times the rate of Republicans, or blacks at 2 times the white rate. One idiot after another says only the total number matters, not the rate of use percentage, so whites are the biggest moochers because there are so many more of them than blacks. The trouble with that logic is that is that it contradicts the premise of this article that they are all supporting. White folks in one GOP county are the biggest moochers because of their percentage of usage in one county, not their total numbers in the nation. The map showing food stamp use by state also lists rate of use rather than gross numbers. The article even admits that “congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats”. The red states with the highest use rates have small populations. compared to the much larger blue states like California, NY, IL, MI etc. Try looking at the total numbers of users in those states. That will blow your “only total numbers matter, not rate of use in particular states” argument out of the water and we’ll see exactly where most SNAP moochers are. Blue states and blue congressional districts.

        This article is aimed at getting affirmative action drones to vote democrat which is why we’re stuck with the traitor in the white house.

        • Jason Jermaine Smith

          Better than the traitor who stuck us in Iraq and gave rise to ISIS and the multitude of low info voters than make up Tea-Qaeda/Y’all-Qaeda.

          • Murphcon

            Maybe you could put that into a rap for us.

          • Jason Jermaine Smith

            If that’s your attempt at being clever you’ve fallen woefully short of the mark, lol.

            Speaking as someone who has been to Iraq and Afghanistan: I trust President Obama over Bush.

    • larryg

      I’m from Mississippi and you are full of crap. I live in poverty every day on disability. I don’t qualify for any additional state or federal help. When I became disabled and received my first $850.00 per month. Was quite a shock to a man that owned his own business for 30 years, paid my taxes, hired employees. It is clear you have no understanding what it is like to be poor. So your statements are made from your own ignorance of the problem. I have to feed two people on $.79 per day. Try living like that month after month, year after year.

    • WampusKat

      Would you care to explain why you’re so hot to starve people?

      • Murphcon

        Idiot. Is that all you can think of?

    • Harry R Omwake

      You are a racist ideologue who does not care about the truth! The states that get the most aid are red states and white people get over 50% of that aid! The majority of those who receive aid either work, but are low paid, or they are children, the elderly, or those who are mentally or physically handicapped. Most of those who are capable of work and receive aid are short termers and fraud within the system is quite low.

      • Murphcon

        You lose an argument on statistics and accuse the guy who wins of racism. Get a life and quit blaming whitey for your problems.

    • rejectrepublicanlies

      You guys like Pew now? I thought you only liked Rasmussen, Frank Luntz or Fox polls?

  • DerpDestroyer

    You aren’t too bright, obviously…

  • DerpDestroyer

    Come on, dummy, you didn’t read the stats correctly. Geez.

  • Batman in Arkham

    With good reason.

  • PersonaNonGratified

    Hey, look it’s AATP! The group that censors anyone who disagrees with them just like bigoted FAUX news. Between them and FAUX EVERYONE suffers!

    Pass it on!

    • Batman in Arkham

      So why is your comment here?

      • PersonaNonGratified

        Because your facebook page is guilty of censorship. But hey I figured I’d point it out repeatedly.

        And on every single ratty excuse for “journalism” you post now is all.

        • Batman in Arkham

          You have no idea how Facebook works, do you?

          What most likely happened is somebody else reported your Facebook comment, and Facebook agreed it was inappropriate and removed it. And you’d have to say something pretty awful to get Facebook to take it down.

  • shucky

    Hardly. If presented with irrefutable proof that illegal immigrants opposed the “progressive” agenda, the left would demand the tightest border security since the Berlin Wall, and the biggest repatriation program of all time. That, or mandatory “re-education” of all immigrants, run by “progressives”, of course.
    I would flood the nation with men and women, young and old, from the richest to the poorest, of every race and ethnicity, but who revered the founders, the Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and rejected the leftist “progressive” manifesto.
    The leftist agenda is the hostile antithesis of the founding principles of the nation, of everything it really means to be American.

  • Harleigh

    Just as long as they ‘keep yer gubmint hans offn mah soshal sekuraty an mah medikaid and medakare also too’! Now go recharge your medicaid scooter and oxygen tanks baggers. LMAO

  • Harleigh

    You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead!

    • Robert Kennedy

      LOL! 8^)

    • al

      you can lead a horse to water, but if he’s a republican he will die of thirst calling it liberal kool aid”.

  • J. Fischer

    We’re still paying off debt from WWII. Unless you can come up with a way to run the country without spending money, we’ll always have a national debt.

    You want to believe the nation’s falling apart because you’re mad about the black guy in the White House. You’ve been told all the ‘government IS the problem’ rubbish, and that only Republicans have American interests at heart (because outlawing gay marriage and abortion will goose the economy into overdrive).

  • Aneisa

    LOL I live AND WORK in Owsley County, KY. Population 850-1100 people. This article means nothing!

  • Buck Stodgers

    If you want to actually read the Time article, even the part they quote here, it clearly says: “While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats…” Meaning that more total people are on SNAP in Dem districts, which is logical since densely populated urban areas are typically represented by multiple Dems.

    But there are fewer Dems than Reps in Congress to begin with. The breakdown of those over 20% usage that have Rep vs. Dem congressmen is 43 vs. 33, which in terms relative to the number of total congressmen, means a higher percentage of Dem congressmen (16.5%) have high SNAP utilization than Republicans (9.8%).

  • krayziehustler

    That’s looking at percentages. This article is looking at sums. Since white people are the majority, 15% of whites is more people than 30% black. So in total there are more white people on food stamps. This article is still factual.

    • Murphcon

      Oh please, hustler.

      The article looks at sums in 1 county in the whole country.

      The headline is wildly inaccurate on every level.

      To say that Republicans are most affected is inaccurate as a percentage or a sum.

      • krayziehustler

        Fair enough. I was just thinking/talking about as a whole country not just the county.

      • DerpDestroyer

        You aren’t reading the stats correctly, Einstein.

  • Christine Cole

    Page not found. And what’s a His panic?

    • Murphcon

      Funny how links get blocked here.

      • Art Hawley

        If you can’t find the missing link, maybe it’s you?

  • YourMom

    How did you know for certain that it was fraud?

  • YourMom

    Or dry-humping. Wankers.

  • Kevin Crosby

    Do you have a map that breaks down food stamps by county? While eastern Washington is decidedly Republican, western Washington, especially the highly educated Seattle region, is markedly Democratic. Seattle also has a lot of homeless people in part because we try to treat our homeless better than many other places and word gets around.

    • David Mason

      Agreed. In general mapping at the state level isn’t particularly informative. County level is much better. California is also profoundly divided between “blue” coastal cities and “red” inland areas. I also suspect Mississippi is not intrinsically more “backwards” than neighboring states; it’s only more rural and so its statewide statistics reflect urban-rural differences through its multi-state region more than anything else.

  • Jaguar67

    These people will NEVER blame the Republicans. It’s all Obama’s and the Dems’ fault they’re unemployed, poor, receiving welfare (until the GOP cuts it off), and stupid as a box of rocks.

  • shucky

    “Hate Whitey” should be your slogan. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are in the top 1%, or desperate to keep their kids from starving to death. All they want is the dignity of honest work in private sector jobs, not handout socialist slave labor from government masters. Since they reject your socialism, you prefer they all starve.
    As always, the left can’t abide anything they can’t control, such as the free market. If you get the chance, you will establish re-education camps and work camps as well. You are no different than every other dystopian leftist the world has already seen. You think you can bend human nature to your will, you don’t accept individual liberty.
    There is no bridge between your mindset and the Bill of Rights. America is neither a place nor a people but a set of ideas about liberty, none of which you share. You take the place of a billion people in the world who would risk death for those liberties. I would rather take all of them to be my neighbor, they are all Americans in spirit.

  • Zoe Smith

    More Liberal Lies Fabrication!

    You liberal go to any length to lie about God Fearing Right Wing Conservative.’

    All those moochers are the Blacks in those states, not whites.

    If the very few whites on welfare is because the Mexicans take the jobs for 1/2 of minimum wage.

    • Batman in Arkham

      Honey? We don’t have to lie about anything. The facts make you look like the paranoid lunatics you are all on their own.

    • lheurebleue

      Lookee here folks ^^^ Zoe Smith has perfectly illustrated, in four breathtakingly clear sentences, the typical conservative-fed racism, stupidity, dishonesty, and low level of education that infests America, especially in the South.

      • Zoe Smith

        Liberal are the uneducated. Bible is best education for everyone.

        • synapse13

          Poe on!

  • Joel Hackbart

    The wealthiest 400 Americans control more wealth than the bottom 150 MILLION Americans.
    What the devil is “moral” about that??????????????????

    • Batman in Arkham

      Unfortunately those aren’t the “morals” these types are concerned about. Gay marriage and abortion and guns are the only “morals” that count to them.

  • Mistress Time

    Ask yourself why?? The red states probably have the lowest minimum wage. And the voters, don’t want to vote to raise the minimum wage. Why? Because then they don’t feel like they are poor whites. They are just “momentarily embarrassed white folk”. But tell ya what….If you are white and you are poor and you vote against raising the minimum wage…you are never going to be anything but white and poor. Help yourself. Quit listening to the TeaPoliticians. Help yourself. The He*l with them. They already got their own. What do you have?

  • chief_warrant

    Perhaps they should re evaluate their Morals ? and get away from the anti Jesus repubs

  • AnOuthouse

    Don’t worry, they’ll still blame Obama.

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  • ac456

    And I’m telling you they are not to be doing it. We were all told that if we had problem we had to go to the military first rather than go to snap first. The FSSP is so you don’t have to get food stamps and that is what you are told to go get first. As for these figures coming out, the commissary does not track who purchases with SNAP so you cannot say with any certainty that it is active duty soldiers who make up the bulk of it as Retirees are also allowed there.

    Now they can get WIC really easy. I see that all the time. Frankly, you have to be very low in rank with a few kids to even qualify. Most soldiers make too much.

    • Courtney Turner Urban

      Can’t tell the non-active member of that family what to do, and if they apply for food stamps and their spouse is active military, they can get them.

      • ac456

        Lol, try living on post. They will tell you what to do real fast. Everything from how tall your grass can get to what you can wear to the shopette (well these days, it’s gotten a bit nutty).

        I really don’t have problem with anyone getting food stamps. I’m just saying what I was told. If you weren’t then whatever, but I don’t think it’s worth fighting about. As for them not being able to tell spouses what to do, oh yes they can. There are rules and you can be banned from a military post if you break them. That’s why I always refused to live on post.

        • Courtney Turner Urban

          Right, and you don’t have to live on post. Also, food stamps are a right by citizens, and it isn’t allowed for the army to tell you that you can’t. Talk to a superior.

          • ac456

            I’m well aware I don’t have to live on post. Really, i’m not a mouth-breathing moron. Have a good life.

        • Robert Kennedy

          I have been out of the military for decades, but when I was in only officers got post family housing. It seems like that has changed?

    • chief_warrant

      Gee I think you just gave yourself away as being a lying troll ” most soldiers make too much “

      • J. Fischer

        The higher ranks do make good money. A Master Sergeant or Master Chief Petty Officer will earn far more than the E-1s through E-3s who make up the bulk of the cannon fodder. Officers make even more than enlisted.

    • J. Fischer

      Commuted rations. In other words, active-duty personnel can get extra money to buy food. I think this is more for personnel with dependents or who can otherwise show a need for it.

      People might be conflating SNAP and WIC, but either way, it still means that lower-ranking military personnel are underpaid.

  • dljen

    Hmm, that isn’t what they tell me…they’re not racists, love their guns, hate Obama, you know, real pieces of work.

  • George Yesthal


  • Invicta

    What a bunch of BS! Tell me, oh wise ones- where are the jobs that these “moochers” should be working in this county!?

    • Will Folden

      Are you making that argument in defense of all people who are on food stamps, or just those that live in red states?

      • Joel Hackbart

        He is saying that if you happen to be a poor Democrat, get off your lazy f–ing butt, get off of f–ing government assistance and get a job you moocher! On the other hand, if you are a poor republican, they can’t find jobs and of course that is all Obama’s fault so republican’s have no choice but to use public assistance!

        • Peter Williams

          But lazy Republicans are OK?

          • Joel Hackbart

            You do realize I was using sarcasm to make a point, right?

          • YourMom

            And your sarcasm was so good….fanned and fanned again (if I could.) Please continue posting.

          • DD

            Sarcasm is lost on the low information/ low IQ individual. Sarcasm is a second language that those who can’t master English will never get.

    • chief_warrant

      sitting on bohners desk as they have been for years ….why won’t he let the bill come up for a vote …..because it might pass and help the American people ?

      • Peter Williams

        But wouldn’t make Obama look like a failure. After all, they’ve vowed to make him a one-term President. Oh, wait a minute….

        • Molly NYC

          You bring up a good point (although I fear that the logic will be lost on our right-wing brethren): As President Obama can’t win any more elections, Congressional Republicans’ reason for destroying the economy and pretending that it’s Obama’s fault is greatly diminished.
          So at this stage, it’s purely out of malice–apparently directed at the American people, who voted him into office twice.

          • queenbee14

            Agree wholeheartedly!!! Aside from some with a true racial hatred, the most main aims for their non-action is to continue to exact their punishment for not follow them lock step for not voting for their presidential tickets. Forget the total unfitness of these people that ran, they truly thought that “we the people” did not have the cognitive ability to determine the smell of the sewage from the real thing.. All these side shows about the POTUS is just that, side shows. One realize after Bush/Tricky Dicky presidency it is all about money and power and all the rest of the reasons for their non-actions, outside some of those that are truly racists, follows the same route as used toilet paper, This fact stands clearly with this conclusion since the only other logical reason outside of pure insanity that S. Palin was tapped for a run for the VPOTUS. Being the hateful vengeful types they are and they will continue their ways even if it means the downfall of our nation.

          • YourMom

            Maybe–but probably more for the reason of claiming ANY Democratic nominee is closely tied to Obama, the “failed president.” Wankers.

        • Neoconsaredicks

          I know……FAIL !!

      • msshell

        Exactly!! The seething, partisan hatred of the GOP is keeping even the Republicans who are dumb enough to vote for them from finding jobs.

      • Jskinfan

        actually they are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk get informed

      • Jskinfan

        you mean sitting on Reids desk!

    • Skip Moreland

      Well most of those who receive snap do work, many are active duty soldiers and min wage earners(walmart & fast food industry), many of the rest are retirees and veterans who are disabled. It is the low wages that hurt us for the most part. We subsidize many businesses who make huge profits while paying very little to their employees. Also those businesses have many tax dodges available to them.

      • ac456

        Active duty soldiers are not allowed to get food stamps. Sorry, my husband was active duty for 14 years. I know that’s wrong.

        • Jess

          That must have been some time ago now, because my cousin’s husband is currently an active duty Marine, and his family receive food stamps.

          • Rayvyn

            Yes, Military can receive them now. And do. The way we treat our Vets is shameful.

          • YourMom

            Thanks for pointing that out. I wondered..because “Guest” was talking about the past—as if any institution, military or otherwise, remains static! Bottom line is it’s a shame how we treat our entry level military.

        • Baby_Raptor

          This is not true. My exhusband and I applied for foodstamps in 07. We were denied for being a few dollars over the limit, not because we were Soldiers.

        • DC325ix

          WRONG!! Active duty soldiers receive and use food stamps.

        • Susan Tague

          yOU ARE SO WRONG.

    • James K. Nelson

      “Moochers” is ironically being used because it’s a propaganda term used by Tea Party types as a criticism of these programs. Get it?

      • John Harmer

        I gather from the above, clueless remark, that the concepts of satire and irony do not register with you?

  • Jimmy Lin

    Okay, this article changed my mind. Let’s cut SNAP, if people on SNAP are mostly Republicans, this may be a lesson they desperately need.

    • J. Fischer

      It wouldn’t help the chronically mindless supporters of the GOP, and would harm innocent children.

      • momsense1

        The only chronically mindless I see here are Democrats afraid of losing their ability to hold poor voters hostage.

      • Mississippi Truth

        Afraid you’re right! These folks still read Pew instead of the ASI index! Remember, the Pew misted all poor blacks as receiving welfare! Their statistics never jive with the American Statistical Index or any comprehensive index!

      • harmonikasavingsbond

        Do we need to SAVE the children of republicans? Why?

        • J. Fischer

          Because we’re not mean, stingy, hateful people — and children are innocent.

    • Jezhar

      I don’t think they see the connection. It’s Obama’s fault, or ‘those people’.

    • Bill Healy

      they would only blame Obama and the Democrats, they vote republican because they are low information, low intelligence…fox news viewers.

      • bigkahuna9

        You keep telling yourself that skippy! Fox News and rush make you all look stupid and it pisses you off. Tell yourself whatever you need to get by. Democrats and obama are massive failures and the country is paying for it. Total clusterfucks

        • olinross

          Did you say that about Bush…..

        • lheurebleue

          Faux and Lush can’t make anyone look stupid except themselves. And, by extension, any idiot who praises them.

          • bigkahuna9

            Yet Rush and Fix keep killing it in ratings while every liberal media outlet is sucking wind and just plain sucking. They don’t cover the news, they cover Obamas lying , corrupt, inept ass!

          • Rob Bixby

            So lets hear about this lying and corruption, please, enlighten us. Anyone else remember when Fox won a court case saying that they had no obligation to tell the truth in the news?

          • Robert

            You can keep your plan
            You can keep your Dr
            and 114 more campaign lies he told according to Politifact.

            As for his corruption that’s pretty obvious, even if you dems don’t want to admit it, I could list several issues of corruption in his administration but you would just say they were made up by conservatives…you’d deflect and eventually get around to blaming Bush. Blame Bush politics is one of the liberal mainstays after all.

          • jhonster

            @BigKahuna9. Figures you’re led by ratings. If you had a brain, you’d know McDonalds sells more hamburgers than anybody in the world. But Do you think they’re the best hamburgers? And if the stock market is at all time highs (which it is currently), does that mean the economy is doing as good? How about ratings. When Howard Stern used to be on the FM dial, and his ratings used to TRASH those of Rush Limbaugh & the next 3 highest rated AM talkers….did that mean his show was better? Do you know Faux News only has 1 million viewers at any one given high points ratings? And how many TV viewers are there in the country? See? When you put things into an accurate perspective….it kinda makes you look unintelligent. But what else would I expect from a pillbilly redneck right winger. skhooll wasn’t your strongpoint. Was it? Lol.

          • bigkahuna9

            We get it…you suck and you love it! Go play with yourself now in mommies basement!

        • Rob Bixby

          Record stock market numbers, great job growth, rising GDP, descending budget deficit…..how are those massive failures?

          • bigkahuna9

            Stock market fueled by printing trillions. Mostly going to rich. Banks are bigger.great job growth? Most are part time and best ones in low or no tax states and in oil/ gas related industry. Budget deficit going down after record increases by dems. Cuts of sequestration that libs hate.

      • Robert

        Google – Food Stamp Usage Across the Country

        That map tells the whole story unlike the one here…

    • Elizabeth Chubbuck

      Has that done anything the last many times the GOP has cut food stamp programs and others helping this same group?? No. You cannot fix stupid.

    • Bob

      Sadly the people are trapped in a infinite loop of self hate and hate for others. They cut off their own nose to smite their faces.

    • Robert Brumley

      Shut up Liberal Faggot!

    • rejectrepublicanlies

      I say cut the ACA, Food Stamps and other programs for rural whites in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, etc. first. Let them get a taste of what they voted for. Let them experience first hand the Ayn Rand existence they so covet.

  • Pay Forward


  • Steve Johnson

    @James A. Ritchie. You are most certainly a retard. I’ve lived & visited more of the Southern states than I care to remember. Arkansas is one of the poorest states in the union. And I can drive almost ANYWHERE in that state & find a bunch of trailer parks or backwoods dumps where TONS of SOUTHERN WHITE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS are smoking crack, having sex among their relatives & squeezing the govt for everything they can. So please. STFU. If you were being 1/2 way intellectually honest, you’d agree with what I just said. Either that….or you’ve never been to the south.

  • Sal

    This is pretty laughable commentary. All one has to do is look at the total counties represented by food stamps to get a clear picture. This does it: http://www.youargue.com/c/55ran-the-biggest-moochers.html

  • Samantha

    Oh, and have you ever been in the military ??

  • Samantha

    Idiot the military is not where it needs to be cut! Who’s gonna protect you when another 9/11 happens or worse!!!! Maybe Obamacare for one, it need to go!!!! Oh my I’m not getting way into this because it will be a big argument!! You can never say how you feel or think anymore without everyone getting their panties in a was and lashing out in bad ways!!

  • Eric

    Anyone even think that maybe the due to low voter turnout in rural areas, that maybe the demographics referenced in this article aren’t inclusive of each other? If rebublicans voted in a high percentage of a very small turnout, maybe the democrats don’t get out to vote. I can see that if there are 1000 people in this county and 100 voted, hence 95 of them were repubs. Could it be maybe they are the better educated and more involved people in the county and possibly the other 90% of the county isn’t going to waste expensive gas to go do something(vote)that many feel doesn’t matter. So 1 in 3 are on assistance, but that doesn’t mean because 95% of the county are registered republicans that 95% of republicans are on assistance in this county. It could mean the county is actually 50% republican but more vote, and the 33.3% on assistance are predominantly democrat but fail to vote. Just a thought.

  • http://none marc

    What’s funny and galling at the same time is that these moe-runs still vote for the Righties and are smart enough to see that they are actually the moochers – the same with sex/adultery/and christian values – only the ADems who stray are evil hypocrites but or Repub/teacants are above it all – it doesn’t pertain to us and ours. It all goes back to that biblical line “brother, how come you can see the speck in my eye but you can’t see the stone in your’s???? Mighty christian of them…..

    • https://www.facebook.com/jim.daly.10690 Jim Daly

      Where is the like button?

  • Nicole

    I’m racist against white people because I want major welfare reform.

  • Vera house

    I am sick of these reps and there nasty attitudes toward people I know reps who vote reps and take hand outs and there cheating the system working under table and Colecting benefits work man comp and able to work disability benefits yet it’s ok for them

  • Emmett Williams

    Can I put in my 2cents (if it’s worth that now) just in my humble opinion it’s all misdirection. What is truly hurting this country is military spending and corporate welfare. These are billion dollar companies that pay little or no tax. They hide money in offshore accounts while they outsource American jobs. They own congress and I mean both parties. They own the media and probably laugh while we argue among ourselves.We need to (and I mean everyone of us) clean out congress and work on taking money out of politics. I know that’s a tall order but maybe then we will have a chance.

    • Joy

      I agree. That is what makes the Republicans war on welfare so ridiculous.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ahubbard44 Al Hubbard

      Agree 100%

      • http://bitterlymad.wordpress.com imaknowital

        Agree, 30 – 40 yrs of dedicating the bulk of financial resources to a war machine at the expense of improving the quality of life for the citizenry has drained America….has driven people crazy enough to turn on each other like cannibalistic rabid dogs

    • Brian

      100% agree.

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  • Realist

    That’s a funny article. It’s funny because when you look at income inequality across the country, cities in more blue regions fare far worse than cities in more red regions. From Brookings:


    Most Inequality:
    1. Atlanta
    2. San Francisco
    3. Miami
    4. Boston
    5. DC
    6. New York
    7. Oakland
    8. Chicago
    9. LA
    10. Baltimore

    Least Inequality:
    41. Oklahoma City
    42. Raleigh
    43. Omaha
    44. Fort Worth
    45. Colorado Springs
    46. Wichita
    47. Las Vegas
    48. Mesa AZ
    49. Arlington TX
    50. Virginia Beach

    Those top ten cities also remind me of places with high concentrations of smug, rich, liberal elitists. Funny, huh? #Demsdirtysecret

    • dny

      Wowwww, the cities with the highest concentration of industry leaders has the highest income inequality? That is some mind-blowing information. New York, home to Wall Street, all the major banks, and Fox News HQ? San Francisco, home to numerous technology giants, has more inequality than a one-street town like Omaha? You’ve really done some groundbreaking investigative journalism here. But don’t worry, our taxes go to prop those cities up, so it all evens out, Funny, huh ;)

      • Realist

        What you claim to be a “one-street town like Omaha” is actually home to 5 Fortune 500 Company HQs and has low income inequality, pretty impressive for a metro region of 885,000 people.

        To me it’s ironic that all these big cities that claim to enact policies that address income inequality and work hard for the little guy actually have the highest rates of income inequality. Perhaps during the summer months when all the wealthy liberal elitists inhabit their second homes in the Hamptons does NYC’s income inequality rating improve.

        • https://www.facebook.com/patsy.pirillo Patsy Charles Pirillo

          they also have the population

      • M

        Realist left out a crucial point cited in the Brookings study “Southern and Western cities with expansive borders, and either include many “suburban” neighborhoods alongside a traditional urban core, or are themselves overgrown suburbs like Mesa, Arizona and Arlington, Texas (what UNLV’s Rob Lang calls “boomburbs”). Upper-end incomes in these cities range from $150,000 to $200,000, while lower-end incomes mostly register between $19,000 and $24,000″.
        Heavy duty suburban sprawl uplifts the lower income accounted for in traditional urban neighborhoods. If metropolitan areas in the northeast included surrounding affluent suburbs, or the boomburbs were excluded the desperate ratios of inequality between regions would be more similar.

    • Tim

      Uh, no sh*t, how many rich people want to live in Tennessee or Montana?

      • Peter

        Montana is FULL of rich people. Lots of celebrities live there.

        • http://gravatar.com/kilkee526 kilkee526

          No. They own homes there. Big difference.

          • http://bitterlymad.wordpress.com imaknowital

            Regardless if you live in the jurisdiction or own a home, still must pay property taxes that contribute to the tax base of the area.

    • Steve Johnson

      Wow! You’re telling that a bunch of rich people live in a place like L.A.!!?? Where Hollywood would be!!?? Are you serious!!?? I would have NEVER thought that. Gee!! And are you saying that the majority of people don’t make as much as all these movie people, stars, starletts & the such??? Really!!?? Lol. No shit Sherlock. What an assclown. OF COURSE there would be a TON of income inequality among ANY major metro area you idiot! But THE MAIN argument of today’s “income inequality” is the fact that these Wall St criminals & uber corporations have their own private Batphone connections to the politicians….which average everyday working people DONT HAVE!! You are a typical conservatard ahole that is making the argument AGAINST the kind of economy WE USED TO HAVE after World War II, which gave us THE LARGEST middle class & wages this country has ever seen.

    • themed

      I lived in Virginia Beach and it is blue not red!

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  • K

    How is “white” defined here? Is it from the application? Which races or ethnicities or nationalities are listed? This is crucial to know before giving an opinion.

    • Anthony

      Why it that so important to you?

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  • Joules

    I live in Houston and I work a job that pays decent money but it’s based on taxes so you can support yourself but you can’t really support a family of more than you and a small animal on your paycheck.

    Point being, I have several coworkers on various form of assistance, mostly medicaid or food stamps, and they all vote Republican while telling you that everyone but them on assistance is doing it to get out of working. I tried pointing out to them that they’re probably not the only person working on food stamps because they don’t get paid enough to live, eat and feed their kids and it turns into this “I ate the GOP jello about poor people and they’re all lazy evil mooching bastards that have kids to get more of my tax money… except me. And my neighbor.” And that’s what life is like in a red state.

    • https://www.facebook.com/tony.stark.908 Tony Stark

      Yeah i live in Houston and this is the dumb contradictory stuff i hear as well. Sometimes i wish all the assistance would get cut out so these idiots can see they’re shooting themselves in the foot. It’s funny I’m the one that doesn’t need welfare but i fight for their right have it.

      • Michelle

        I’m with you on that Tony. I don’t want to see people get hurt, but I sometimes wish people would get what they are asking for and experience the GOP policies they support with their votes. It would be a rude awakening to say the least. I read a good book years ago on this problem, What’s the Matter With Kansas?

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  • Amanda

    I just needed to make a slightly off-topic point here, based on some of the comments I have read (not that it will make any difference). Not everyone from a red-state is an uneducated, bigoted, moocher. I am utterly exhausted by the sweeping generalizations I see people constantly make about people from the South (especially). Those of us who are white & liberal are certainly in the minority & know that (trust me), couple that with this idea that everyone in a red state is a tea party automoton and after a while you get the feeling you don’t fit anywhere.

    • tim

      Nobody said EVERY person from the south is an idiot. You included yourself in that generalization. This story just says that the area using the most food stamps is 99% white and 92% idiots, I mean conservative

  • http://thearmourofgod.wordpress.com thearmourofgod

    So, Republicans taking assistance are moochers but nobody else. Fascinating way to look at the world. No wonder we keep getting unfit politicians elected.

    • http://trailerparkshow.com James Ritter

      thank you thearmourofgod They found one of the least populated counties in America has if it’s a example of all Red state counties. I’ve seen far left blogs before but this is solely aim at the lowest of low information voters.

      • tim

        The phrase ‘moochers’ is being paraphrased to mock the scum bag Republicans who attack families on aid. You’d do yourself a huge favor to educate yourself and read things in the proper context instead of giving it the old fox news spin

    • Alex

      literally who said that please point it out to me I would very much like to know.

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  • Mark Schmidt

    Republican controlled states have the worst health, fewer jobs, fewer work place protections and rights, lowest wages and benefits, most people living below the poverty line, most hungry kids, worst social services, worst environment, worst infant death rates and worst education… This is the REALITY of the GOP “ideas” and this is what they want to do to the rest of us.

  • Orus Delaney

    It’s who they put in to represent them over the past 30+ years and whose raised them with the lies & ignorance that was around well b4 an actor aka Ronnie the Veggie was president. Big Business has been their boss. Has gotten so bad down there they honor their gospel through GOP reps b4 the word of God. Even HE aka GOD says to make your own choices while you honor his word. Big Business isn’t using it. GOP/Tea Party followers have been brainwashed so bad down there they don’t know who was in office and when things like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina happened. They just hear lies about now, then aka Bush-43 ‘ s days and take it as gospel. Not too Christian to honor lies is it? Find out for yourself (and others) out of good will what the truth is. You know who asks for that, don’t you?


    Total lie
    Vote repuglican live the lie.

  • http://www.backyardbabble.com.blogspot.com irishconnell

    I do know for a fact that my relatives in NC are Repubs and most of them are on welfare. Me I’m just a liberal Dem, and not on any fed. help.

    • Navyveteran

      IrishConnell, You gave me a smile. All of my family back in western NC are also Republicans and I am the only Democrat! They are not on welfare, as all rich (compared to me) but still don’t get it! Very few blacks here in Oklahoma, where I am at, are on food-stamps, but the whites certainly are, and most here vote Republican. Love to complain about handouts, but take FEMA and anything THEY can get!

  • Andrew Rei

    “While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats, many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program. In Kentucky’s 5th district, represented by Republican Hal Rogers, 1 in 3 people receives SNAP benefits. After the House passed its version of the farm bill, however, Rogers wrote: “Struggling children, seniors, veterans and families, clearly in need of assistance … compete against scammers, lottery winners, gamblers and others who may be able to work, but simply refuse”
    It’s also been proven that nine of the 10 states that get more in federal help than pay in taxes are the “Red” states…A fact that invalidates Second and Goal’s Fascist GOP propaganda…

  • Second and Goal

    “While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats…”

    Yup, we’ll just ignore that part of the study this article is based on…

    • Perry

      Second and Goal, did you learn that trick of truncated quotations from Faux News? What you really are ignoring is the second half of that sentence which reads, “…many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program.” Kinda changes the whole intent of the quote from the Time report, doesn’t it? Nice try. I’m starting to get the feeling you and legendzero are Teapublican trolls.

      • Second and Goal

        1. My entire point is that this article very conveniently ignores the first part of the quote, and basically pretends it doesn’t exist. Exactly what you accuse Faux News of. Sorry, did you want to be the pot or the kettle today?
        2. I don’t watch Faux News. Nor do I watch any mainstream news program. They are all equally horrible as you believe Faux News to be.
        3. The Tea Party is equally as offensive to me as hyper-contentious uber liberals. While both groups have some good ideas, they are both equally responsible for the problems this country faces. Extremism is never the answer. Moderation, cooperation, and compromise are. Until we marginalize both those groups to the point of irrelevancy, we will never be able to restore our country to greatness.

        • http://gravatar.com/alexkaplanpeacecorps alexkaplanpeacecorps

          i agree

        • JCSly

          Second & Goal – You rock. Couldn’t have said it better. So many of these studies on both sides of the isle are so biased it is offensive that they were probably paid for, at least in part, with tax payer money.

          If you look to Fox, CNN or MSNBC for anything more than entertainment, then you have serious denial problems.

          This story could be twisted the other direction to argue that Republicans are pushing what they think are right, even if it negatively impacts a portion of their voting constituency.This article belongs here, as this is my first visit to this site and I find it hilariously bigoted and biased.

        • Dave

          I don’t think so, 2nd and goal. I think you are a Nazi troll who watches the Fox Nazi Channel all day long. It represents who you are, a tea party Nazi.

          • Perry

            Dave, don’t bother trying to deal with these Teapublican morons. I figured I wouldn’t waste my time after I read Second and Goal’s second point above. He said he doesn’t watch Faux News or mainstream news but he talks the company line pretty good. So I figure he is either a Koch brothers troll or not smart enough to realize when he has been lied to.

        • http://yahoo.com joel hackbart

          But second and goal you conveniently left out one very important detail! It is the right that has refused all compromise. It is the right that has refused to work with the president on anything. It is the right that has shot down Obama’s attempts to find a middle ground NOT the left. Gee, enlighten silly little me. I was always told that cooperation and compromise was a TWO sided thing.

  • radpat_USA

    Can we talk about the predominant race that buries their heads in the feeding trough that is the 650 billion dollar defense budget…….welfare at its’ best!

    • http://gravatar.com/thehummelr thehummelr

      You are so right (correct). As a thoroughly convinced believer in president Eisenhower’s warning to America about the “military industrial complex”, I could see quite clearly as a 27 year veteran just how that bloated budget came into existence. Today we had Cheney out downgrading Obama for the reductions he plans to make in the military. We don’t need the force we have today and we sure don’t need to send our kids out on these fool’s errands we have been engaged in since WWII. We need to vote out senators and congressmen/women who vote for weapons systems that have more to do with employing civilians in their districts than keeping America safe. If unrestrained capitalism is as great as the Republicans seem to think it is, they shouldn’t need the crutch of the military to keep people employed.

  • http://capturednostalgiadotcom.wordpress.com tammyschmuelgen

    The only thing this proves is that there are still more whites in this country than any other race and more whites in each state that is listed. Stop reporting statistics without giving the WHOLE picture.

  • legendzero

    That is why the workers in those states want the program reformed. These people will put $50 on their EBT than turn around and buy $50 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

    • Perry

      Legendzero, you’ve been listening to Faux News. We can tell. Have you ever tried to stop and think how stupid some of these quotes from them sound? And what their motivation is for telling you those lies? Widen your information sphere. Learn to distinguish between truth and BS. Because if you don’t, someone will try to sell you a bridge or Glenn Beck will try to sell you gold. Yeah, we all knew that was a scam. Did you? How about those fallout shelters? At what point do you start to think they figure you’re an easy mark?

      • http://gravatar.com/thehummelr thehummelr

        Well said but I’m afraid it fell on deaf ears.

    • Jonathan Todd

      With respect that is bull, the article is about the FOOD STAMP program not general ‘welfare’. You cannot spend food stamp benefits except on food (specifically groceries not liquer, not hot food from the deli and not restaurants) and sure as sunrise NOT lottery tickets.

      I lack the information to agree or disagree on the # of SNAP recipients that are dem or repub but I do know that much.

    • http://www.backyardbabble.com.blogspot.com irishconnell

      except that you can’t use the money for anything other than food and not all states offer lotteries.

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  • Art Cat

    So how does the one guy on here know if a Democrat or Republican is on Welfare? When you sign up for food stamps does the application have a section that asks what political party you align yourself with? I do have to say by observation whenever I travel around the Country during election time the places with the most welfare recipients tend to vote republican. You’d think these four wheel’n, gun loving, trailer dwellers would vote Democrat.

    • chrisgurl30

      I think they maybe using election results om how that zip code votes. For example, zipcode 12345 (a real zip code in New York) may bote as democrats and that is tied to the amount of people applying for food stamps..

    • Dave

      That’s because they are ignorant and believe whatever the Fox Nazi Channel tells them. If you drew a line from Arizona to North Carolina and let everything to the south become it’s own country, the world would have a new 3rd world nation to deal with. Probably somewhere similar to Somalia but that would be an offense to Somalians.

  • Alvin Otter

    I like that “ironic twist” part. Because GOP opposition to expanded welfare entitlements has always been race-based, right? File under: Delusions of the Progressive Mind.

    • JFischer

      Please: we all know what the Right means when they talk about Welfare cheats. They’re talking about non-whites, Latinos, and Asians.

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  • http://facebook Craig

    Redneck motto.” We may be poor white trash………but at least we’re white.”

    • JFischer


  • http://gplus.to/novenator novenator

    Not really surprising. Fiscal conservatives suck at economics. Part of the reason why Republican states are such moochers from more prosperous Democratic states that practice progressive economics.

    • James A. Ritchie

      What nonsense. I live in a red state, and we have a huge number of white food stamp recipients, but almost all of them are democrats. What idiot thinks red states are 100% Republican? We have an immense number of inner city food stamp recipients, but better than 90% of them vote democrat. Why? Because they want more freebies, and know democrats will exchange taxpayer money for votes.

      • TomG

        Did you even read the article? Good right winger, don’t let facts stand in the way of your opinions.

      • https://plus.google.com/101434817290945926121 Stanley White

        Actually, West Virginia and Kentucky, which are in the top-10 of food-stamp usage, are predominantly white and Republican. Oh, and 38.8% of those on food stamps are white, which means there are more whites than blacks or Hispanics on food stamps.

      • http://twitter.com/Estproph Estproph (@Estproph)

        No, I am certain that almost all of them are republican.

        How do I know? How do you?

      • https://www.facebook.com/majichappens Keith Dickerson

        Are you blind……. I know people who work for social services who see cases daily of white people who always vote republican that are on food stamps and it’s been this way for years, it’s a dirty little secret and a manipulative tactic. YES ! there are democratic white people on food stamps, Blacks, Hispanics etc…… go spend some time out in the country at in any government run food stamp office and you will see the majority of the people are poor and white. black people only comprise 12 percent of the populace, white 70 percent….. the very wealthy in the low percentiles, it does not take much to figure this out.

      • Perry

        You’re an idiot that is trying to make your point by quoting percentages. Nobody thinks that red states are 100% Teapublican morons. We all know that normal people suffer in red states. The rest of your statistics you’ll have to prove because I have a feeling you got it from Faux News and they are well know for lying and misleading information.

      • https://plus.google.com/115252407493187856694 Barry Kevin

        Do they have POLITICAL TATTOOS?? Because they receive food stamps, you innately KNOW they don’t vote that same as you? Do you have reliable polling data to support your “90% ” claim or your statement that “they want more freebies”? To quote YOU… “WHAT NONSENSE”!!

      • http://gravatar.com/marthavlinn Martha Linn

        Where is your proof that “almost all of them are Democrats”? Do you work for the Health and Human Resources Dept? I’d like to see your proof, please.

      • MonaR

        How exactly would you know the voting or political affiliation of the individuals collecting food stamps in your state? By your logic, blue states should be the biggest moochers since we have a whole mess a’ Democrats!

        All you guys ever do is make excuses when facts are presented. You do everything to dismiss what is a fact. Red states are moocher states; always have been. You people have never paid your fair share when it comes to running this country, but you like to believe we “liberals” have our hands out. Meanwhile, I probably pay more in parking garages per month than you people pay in taxes per year.

  • kim long

    Agreed I no longer read comments section on many websites due to the racism and bigoted nature sad horrible ppl

  • Perry

    Giving tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy is actually detrimental to the economy. They are most apt to hide the tax break in overseas financial institutions instead of spending it here. This will hide their foreign investment profits and therefore the profits are not subject to federal and state taxation. Federal and state assistance, such as food stamps and unemployment benefits, are spent in the local economy and reduce unemployment while helping local businesses thrive.

    • Joseph hutchinson

      Everything she said ^****^^*^^^^^ it’s sad but these people are the worst kinda republican without them the democrat would win every election Hilary 2012

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