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Truck-Driving TEAhadists ‘Ride For The Constitution’ For ‘Libtard-Hating’ Police Chief Mark Kessler

Ride for the Constitution, a group of right wing fringe idiots, has a plan–“AND LET IT BEGIN IN  GILBERTON!”  The group, which has already begun its social media promotion campaign for the event, encourages “all vehicles on the road to show their support for this event by honking their horn at 10:04 AM and 10:04 PM every day and  night until our unconsitutional, mulit-millionaire legislators vacate Washington DC, and are replaced by honest Americans who will impeach Barack Hussein Obama for treason against the USA.”

kessler tweet

These fringe nuts plan to kick off their “event” at “Libtard”-hating disgraced (is it a correct label, if he feels no shame?) former police chief Mark Kessler’s public hearing in Gilberton, PA on October 10 at 5:30 PM EST.  In the press release issued by Ride for the Constitution, they encourage “any truckers en route to DC to stop by Gilberton” to show support–especially any truckers along Interstate 81…because, of course, Kessler is a true American patriot:

“Constitutional Police Chief Mark Kessler has been battling the local, State and Federal government in a constitutional battle in direct retaliation for his outspoken stance on the Second Amendment. The people shall rise to the occasion at that hearing, and we fully expect numerous Truckers to press their front bumpers against the front door of the town hall at this public hearing. Thousands of the Chief’s supporters are expected to attend to defend and support the U.S. Constitution against our domestic enemies.”


Are you sure Kessler has not been “battling” over his choices to make outspoken political stances in what should be an apolitical position?   Perhaps it is his threats against public officials, or his anti-government militia.  Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with his numerous videos depicting him firing an assortment of weaponry at representations of people who do not agree with his violent, hateful rhetoric (like Nancy Pelosi!)  It could be any number of reasons, you ignorant mother truckers…but his support of the Constitution is not one of them!


From there, after showing support for the Teabagger hero, they take their “gas-roots” campaign to the road October 11-13, assembling a convoy to Washington DC!  Why?   Well–to impeach Obama, of course!  According to their manifesto:

From 2003 to 2008, several members of Congress introduced legislation, attempting to change Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution on eight separate occasions, to make it possible for Barack Obama to meet the eligibility requirements for the office of president. Of which, a legal investigation has proven that his documents provided are forgeries, which is a felony offense.

Here we are today, facing the fruition of his lifelong agenda, with the help of corrupt politicians, and individuals in authoritative positions. Who are boldly attacking, and eliminating, systematically, one by one, our rights and our liberties which are protected by our Constitution. Through an abusive, tyrannical form of government, that refuses to listen to the people that not only build this country, but fight for it, pay for it, and live it. Today, we again face another day in which we must declare our freedom, from yet another tyrannical, abusive form of government. We are here, to send a resounding affirmation. We are here, to breathe life back into our Constitution. We are here, to declare our independence…..because,

1) ”The Hours of Service pose many issues that need to be resolved, overturned to the original rules to before pre July 1st 2013 enforcement to eliminate the confusion and chaos created by them. Excessive detention time has been taken advantage of for years, causing the loss of income for many drivers. The “mandatory” thirty minute break, that takes time away from the infamous fourteen hour clock, again, reduces a driver’s time for making money for their family.

2) The CSA crash rating system needs to be abolished due to unfair linking of accidents to drivers and carriers and negatively affecting their safety rating due to the flawed system and application. Drivers who are not at fault have been wrongly charged for accidents they weren’t even involved in.

The ELOG mandate is useless and throwing technology at the problem of logging can be solved with more drivers training on logging properly.

The FMCSA has evidence that the bigger companies are changing the data of the ELOGS and they continue to persecute those who don’t have ELOGS.

These officers who are writing these erroneous tickets on bogus violations that are jamming up the court system with useless tickets for violations that they write at their own leisure.

Fuel Prices are always a battle. The resources of domestic oil are abundant, but the current administration is focused, and intent on manipulating the availability of our oil, that would lower the price of fuel and gas, well below $1.00 per gallon.

3) The Air Resource Board of California continues to use scientific data for its own, purposeful agenda. It has even been proven to be “Junk Science” by one of the world’s top epidemiologist. In which the EPA takes from CARB, and uses its “data”, to pressure states and local governments into passing laws like no idling longer than 5 minutes, unless…the weather conditions are extreme, or you have a pet.

4) The current administration is allowing insurance companies to control more and more in this industry like; mandatory increase in liability coverage, pressure on drivers to install EOBR’s, increased rates because of where you live, and even because of a drivers personal health.

5) And I cannot leave out the availability of truck parking. More truck stops have went out of business because of this administration’s economic impact. And DOT has been using Transportation Funds to pay for, and install, brand new signs that read, “No Parking, No Stopping, No Standing”, yet the roadways are paid for with our tax money, and designed to allow vehicles to utilize the side of the road, when needed. This is why Jason’s Law is necessary to provide safe parking for drivers.


That’s right!  They want to park wherever they want whenever they want, to drive without breaks that are imposed for safety reasons, to pollute with impunity, to have the right to possess inadequate insurance, and to eliminate “unfair” incident logging.   Sound perfectly reasonable, right?  Oh, and Barack Obama is a fraud whose documents are “forgeries.”  Can’t forget THAT!


But don’t they have any more “national” concerns?   you bet your sweet @ss, they do!

1) The National Defense Authorization Act is unconstitutional. It allows for the military to “disappear” any American Citizen without charge or reason. It allows the military to take control of all private industry. And it ends the “Posse Comitatus”, which protects American Citizens from being fired upon by our own military.

2) The Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. It forces American Citizens to either, purchase government operated healthcare for their profit, with choice of treatment to be given, if any, or be fined by taxation without representation, for not participating. It also uses tax dollars to provide health care for illegal immigrants, free of charge.

3) The Department Of Homeland Security is a non-military security force, which is violating the Constitution by using tax money to build a standing army, on American soil training to engage with the American People.

4) The Transportation Security Administration not only violates the fourth amendment, they believe it gives TSA Agents the right to commit crimes of Sexual Misconduct, breaking the law in all 50 states.

5) The current administration is violating the law under the War Powers Act. They have illegally put our military in a “War Zone” where they currently, guard opium productions and transport, police the people of other countries based on US law, they get authorization for military action from the United Nations Security Counsel, which is High Treason, and they are exposing, and administering experimental, psychotropic, mind altering drugs for control over soldiers during secret, clandestine operations.


You know what?   I get wanting to get rid of the NDAA and the Department of Homeland Security.  They were and always will be terrible, terrible ideas for a variety of reasons.  The numerous abuses committed by the TSA have been heavily documented on both sides of the aisle–yes, that is a legitimate issue.  Those are all well and good–if not for the batshit crazy reasons you give (except for the TSA–totally with you there, guys!)–for ones that fall within the real world.  Mixing in some sanity to attempt to offset the nutso drivel you people call a “purpose,” though, does nothing to change the fact that every single other one of your beliefs and goals is crazy enough to make Michelle Bachmann tap her imaginary friend Gertrude on the shoulder and whisper, “these guys are nuts!”

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
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  • CJ
    • https://www.facebook.com/jesilver1 John Edred Silver

      This is what exasperates me about the public and their fickle ways.. Here we have a person getting attention for being a mad person with mad people following her.. But Craig Furkas (a musical genius) and myself got together to create a CD that is truly awesome..
      SMH… I don’t blame them for getting all of the attention that they can from those who will give it to them.. If I didn’t read this over for mistakes; I would forget who we were talking about because I feel that folks who are talking what they are talking about should be ignored and forgotten..

  • liz anderson

    I can’t wait to see the trucks clog up the traffic circle. I’m just not sure that one will be enough…

  • Lazlo Toth

    Oh the horror. They’re going to honk their horns twice a day. I think I’m going down there with a bunch of friends. At 10:03 ever morning and evening we’ll hold up signs that say “Honk if you’re a right-wing-nut doofus.”

  • Joe

    Ok, now all the patriotic truckers know where to drop your tire spikes, on Interstate 81 just outside of Gilberton, PA, at around 10:03 AM, and 10:03 PM. Good luck and God speed. Or we could just let them do it, it should be fun for the residents in the area.

  • Big Jared

    They’re right that the NDAA, DHS and TSA are all bad, even if the reasoning is a little off. These should be apolitical issues the left and right can get together behind to battle the looming ‘1984’ police state.

  • Jeffery

    These diehard rightwing truckers are so myopic they fail to see the writing on the wall. California being to harsh with regulations? Get used to it. They lead the nation in such matters. The root of all these complaints is that “Trucking” is an outdated industry. When fuel was cheap and our highway infrastructure easily funded, shipping by diesel truck made sense. As fuel cost continue to rise and our infrastructure becomes more expensive to rebuild, it will be impossible to do business this way.
    Let’s talk about the devastating environmental and infrastructural impact that this 20th Century industry increasingly has. Trucks DESTROY roads and bridges. Local communities are sick of subsidizing the profit of those who continue to damage their roads. Local communities don’t want your UGLY trucks blocking intersections, taking up parking, causing accidents, while being obnoxiously loud and dirty? Shocking. Get used to it, non-truckers drive with all of these semi-trailers on the road and are sick and tired of dealing with it.
    The future of shipping and logistics in this nation is by rail. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional and holding on to a relic industry that they have fetishized into some nitwit reichwing approximation of “American freedom”. Capitalism kills all tradition and runs rampant on business practices that are OUT OF DATE. That’s the only thing that’s now or ever has been certain in America. It’s time to grow up truckers…and start looking for a new career.

    • CJ

      You know what…truck drivers are sick and tired of idiot drivers who can’t understand that they are making sudden stops in front of an 80,000 lb bullet. We’re sick and tired of cars causing accidents and then truckers getting the blame. Try going out and riding for a week in a truck and see how you feel about who’s the most irresponsible on the roads then? And your rail transport? It STILL takes trucks to take stuff FROM the rail yards to their destinations. You have no idea just how much in road and fuel taxes are paid out towards paying for those infrastructures. WAY more than you little four wheelers do. Trucks are here to stay…YOU GET OVER IT DUMBA$$. Everything you own was brought to your store by a truck. You have a problem with trucks? Then get rid of everything you own that was transported by one. Your clothes, your car, your food, your computer, your electronics, your appliances, the materials used to build your home, the logs used to make the wood that becomes some of those materials, all the components your internet company uses in order for you to even be on here commenting. Even communities that are self-reliant like the Amish STILL get products that are delivered by truck (I delivered brick and lumber to them).

      GOD people like you really piss me the porn off because you are absolutely clueless on what it’s really like in that industry. Go ahead and ban them from your town the way Warner Robins, GA did. Guess what happened? Trucker’s refused to deliver to them or the base next to them. They changed their minds REALLY QUICK when it started to affect their businesses. Guess what would happen if every trucker in this country parked it for 3 days? What do you think would happen to all the groceries your stores stock? Guess what would happen to the produce waiting on docks to be delivered? Trucker’s could literally cause the economy to crash if they really wanted to and banded together to make it happen. Think this shut-down is bad? Wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket if no trucks were running tomorrow and for days afterwards. Trucks are literally the lifeblood of this country.

      • Dave

        If you stick to the speed limits and do not tailgate, I have no problem. Most truckers are good drivers. But why do you hate the government which we elect, but have nothing to say about the Koch Bros. They are NOT your friends.

        • CJ

          I did stick with the speed limits and I did not tailgate (the thought of running someone over scares the crap out of me). I do not hate the government, I do hate the Koch bros and the tea party. The (normal) Pubs just irritate me.
          Now why is it everyone wants to automatically assume I’m a Pub because I was a truck driver? This is not the first conversation on this site that I have been accused of being a TP because of being a truck driver. A great majority of them are…yes. But not 100%. Believe me…before I turned in my truck (only a few months ago) not a day went by that I didn’t hear racist, ugly spewing from other drivers on the road about our President.

          I used to consider myself unaffiliated. Well…the Pub/TP’s pissed me off enough to tip me over to the liberal side 100%. But as you can see from my comment above I get VERY passionate about the truck driving industry when some snot-nosed overgrown brat wants to badmouth about it. It’d be no different than me going off on engineers because of the state of our highway system (which in MI REALLY SUCKS!). Every industry has it’s pitfalls and bad apples (which goes for our politicians as well). But each one has it’s shining stars and people of good conscious (once again…including our politicians).

          So everyone understands…just because a person is a truck driver does NOT automatically make them a REPUBLICAN OR TEA PARTY MEMBER!

        • Richard Rowe

          @ Dave: Hey man…not all truck drivers are Teabagging conservatives. I drove for years, and met more than my fair share…but I’ve also met plenty who were completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Truckers tend to be very political and opinionated by nature…as you can see from CJ and I lol. Even Bob Cull, another writer here and the most tree-huggingest hippy I ever met, used to drive a truck. It just depends on where you came from and why you got into the business. From what I’ve noticed, the people who got into it just because they love to drive and want to see the country are centrist to left…people who got into trucking just for the money tend to swing right.

          BUT…in terms of hating the government…that’s kind of a long and proud tradition among truckers lol. If you knew the kind of crap the government puts truckers through, and how much truckers get screwed on fuel taxes and fuel prices, you’d probably understand a little better. And the hours of service laws…lord, don’t get me started lol.

          • CJ

            Yep! But I do have to say that the Conservative drivers tend to be the LOUDEST of them…they get on the CB and NEVER shut up about that n**ger in the white house, about those bleeding heart libs, the death panels, and how Obama is the anti-christ and is accomplishing his goal of tearing this wonderful country to shreds in the name of Allah. All I can do is shake my head because arguing with them just starts a CB war.

    • Richard Rowe

      LMAO!!!! Dude, I’m sorry to break it to you, but that “relic” you’re talking about is a hell of a long way from being replaced by anything. Let alone rail. Shipping by truck is three times more expensive than shipping by rail; don’t you think that they’re already using rail as much as humanly possible to ship everything possible? Half the truck freight in the U.S. was on a train at some point. Trucks take freight FROM trains and ships and TO the stores where you buy it. If you had the slightest clue of anything you were talking about, you’d know that.

      Unless you’re expecting every city in the United States to replace every road in the United States with a rail line, then you’re just going to have to deal with those mean old trucks for a while yet. I’m so sorry those, big, ugly, dirty things are ruining your vision of driving utopia. But, guess what: from a truck driver’s perspective, YOU’RE ruining HIS vision of “driving for a living” utopia. You want every truck off the road? Believe me, every trucker in the world would be happy to see YOU off the road and taking trains everywhere.

      Truck drivers are so much better trained than the average commuter…from a professional driver’s perspective, just putting up with you cell-phone jabbering, lane-weaving, panic-braking, tail-gating, suicidally ignorant four-wheelers is like being a physics professor trying to work while surrounded by Kindergartners all day.

      If it makes you feel any better, sooner or later trucks are going to get quieter, cleaner, more efficient, smaller and more maneuverable. But you’d better get over this idea that the road belongs to you because you drive a car. Truckers pay 10 to 15 times what you do in road taxes and tolls to pay for the roads and bridges you drive on. So, next time you start thinking you “own the road,” you might want to spare a thought for the people who PAID for it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/mike.birdsall.5 Mike Birdsall

        It amuses how ignorant people are about trucking. Trucking is the only thing that keeps the country supplied. As for them ” tearing up the roads ” they pay a much higher road tax in fuel, registration, licensing and tolls than the average road user. So get a clue before you spout off Jeffery and you won’t look like such a moron.

  • Don

    You know they will proclaim that every truck that happens to drive to, from or through DC is one of their supporters…no matter that no one will pay any attention to this guy and his imbecile followers.

  • Mark Schmidt

    Look, I KNOW the typical teabag/libertarian is a paranoid idiot, but there is so much real INSANITY among them now that even I can not get over it…where the hell do they get these ideas?

  • CJ

    John, I have enjoyed all your articles but I’m afraid there are some issues with this one:
    “They want to park wherever they want whenever they want, to drive without breaks that are imposed for safety reasons, to pollute with impunity, to have the right to possess inadequate insurance, and to eliminate “unfair” incident logging.”

    No…truckers do not want to park wherever they want. Studies have been done to show there are not nearly enough parking areas in the US for the number of trucks that are on the road. As a trucker I had to make sure I was pulling into a truck stop no later than 7pm to insure that I had a place to park. I’ve had to park on highway on ramps, abandoned business parking lots, and once in a mall parking lot in Detroit. None of these are safe places to park especially when you consider that I am a woman alone on the road. Truckers have been killed in those type of areas. Google “Jason’s Law”. But yet we have towns who have banned ALL truck parking in their limits. This causes a real conundrum for many truckers when they are required by law to be parked at the end of our 11hr/14hr period. You could get stuck at a shipper/receiver until you run out of hours and there are many of them that do not allow truck parking outside of the time you wait to get into their docks. So which law do you break? The legal working hour limits by the fed or the no-parking restrictions by the town (there are towns where the closest truck parking is 30 minutes or more away and there’s no guarantee there will be any parking spaces available).

    The break you are talking about is a new 30 minute rule. While it purportedly was for safety reasons there are yet any valid research showing it increases safety. The majority of truckers already take breaks not to mention the hours you can spend just sitting at a shipper/receiver. For most of us…that is NAP TIME! Might as well…you don’t get paid to sit there. And you don’t get paid to sit for a mandatory 30 minute break. The largest objection of this rule (along with it being unnecessary) is that the FMCSA was REQUIRED to do legitimate studies showing the effectiveness of this rule and to submit them for review before the law was to go into effect. They did not provide those studies and yet the law was still allowed to go through.

    “To pollute with impunity”…not the case. There is only ONE state that truckers find objectionable on the pollution standards and that is California. There are trucking companies that have stopped going to CA at all because of the requirements they have placed on those companies for their trucks to enter the state. Several states have also enacted a “no idle” law. You have no idea how hard that is for a trucker. The state of PA is one of those. I had to sit overnight in PA many times in the winter. With no bunk heater built into the truck…I shivered all night long with the cold…INSIDE MY TRUCK because I could not idle. I have had to sit in clothes soaked in sweat and fight dehydration because I could not idle to run my air conditioner in 95 degree weather. Not all shippers/receivers have a truckers lounge where we could go to sit while we waited. Not having that kind of comfort in your cab is a health hazard.

    No trucker or trucking company wants to possess inadequate insurance. The cost of an accident involving a truck is so much more expensive than what you would pay for a car accident. Even a minor accident can cost over $10,000 in repairs.

    And as for eliminating unfair incident logging? Studies have shown that at least 90% of accidents involving a semi that the car was actually at fault. Most car drives have absolutely no respect for the semi and do not realize that a truck cannot stop as fast as their car. Now when we talk about unfair incident logging we are against being penalized for an accident that was not our fault. But every incident regardless of fault goes on a truckers FMCSA record and drops their “safety score”. The lower their safety score the harder it is to find a job as a trucker and the higher the insurance will charge. If a trucker gets a ticket and it gets dropped by the court it will not be removed from their CSA record. And there is no adequate means to dispute something on the record. So even an incorrect report is on the record…you probably won’t be able to get it removed.

    So if you want to make an article based on issues such as these you need to do more research to find out WHY we protest them. There is nothing unreasonable about why we protest them.

    • John Prager

      Wow! Thank you for enlightening me! I’ll take that into consideration in the future :)

      • CJ

        Your welcome. I know it’s really hard for a non-driver to understand all the complexities that occur in the industry. A lot of people want to b***h about trucks on the road…some want them gone altogether. They talk about the being eye-sores for their towns, about reckless driving (which is only a small portion of drivers…but they don’t think about all the numerous reckless drivers of automobiles), about tailgating trucks (yep…I know many do it and I think that is reckless as well) which sometimes comes from cars who suddenly dart in front of a truck. I’ve had cars to my left who suddenly speed up and dart in front of me to go to an off ramp. One time there was a lady in the fast lane of a 4 lane highway who darted all the way over right in front of me to get the ramp (I blew my air horn and I hope to God she shit her pants). I had a car on an on-ramp try to force me over thinking he had the right of way (I always move over if I’m able to…I couldn’t in that instance)…he forced me to slam on my brakes as he sped up and to pull in front of me with only feet to spare (slamming is not good…it can cause a jack knife). Most auto drivers have absolutely no respect for truck drivers on the road. I fully believe that every person who wants a license should have to ride with a trucker for a week just to understand the dangers that we face from automobiles.

        • Bob Cull

          I always hated the idiot who would ride right beside me on the right, CJ. I had a neat little thing I would do to get them out of there, I’d wait until they were right next to the sign that said they were in my blind spot which of course really isn’t blind at all then I’d flip my right blinker on, they’d come out of there like a rocket. Lol

          • CJ

            I found that MOST cars will back off and let you move over but there is ALWAYS that one jackass that one. You would have laughed at the one guy who thought he was going to force his way in front of me at a toll booth. I had already let 5 cars in front of me but there is a point you can’t keep doing that…you’ll never get up there otherwise because those cars will just keep taking advantage of it. This guy in an expensive sports car came flying up beside me and though he was going to cut in when I let car #5 in front. I got up where he couldn’t get in. So he kept right there trying to squeeze in. Then this porn***thought he was going to FORCE me over and kept coming right until he was about 3 inches from my steers. Needless to say, I did an Obama and refused to budge. :-) He finally got the message and sped off to another lane to the left.

  • Bob Cull

    If these “geniuses” had any idea what the Constitution actually says they would see how ridiculous all of their rants about “un-Constitutional” laws and acts were…what am I saying, they have no clue about anything, least of all their own lack of patriotism. That’s what happens when you drop out of school after the third grade…at age 21.

  • http://none marc s. fried

    I think most of these Constitutional ILL-ITERATES never read the Constitution. Most Americans fail to realize that the U.S. Constitution is contained basically in the 52 word Preamble!!! That’s right 52 words! The rest is just structure – a framework that proved so untenable to most of the states that it was unworkable which caused the framers to AMEND IT with 14 amendments 12 of which passed muster and 10 of which were adopted and ratified. Besides the fact that the original Constitution (hear that Scalia) was just about DOA it had to be amended in spite of the greatness and purpose of the Preamble. And it still needs some tweaking -read amending.It is therefore irregardless of what anyone including the originalists (agian, that’s you Scalia and your boy Clarence – more on that later) say or think a LIVING document!!! Those who live and die for the “provide for the common defense.. “phrase seem to feel that it ends there. Sorry boys the common defense is sandwiched inbetween “insure domestic Tranquility, {provide for the common defence,} and promote the general Welfare.” IT IS ALL OR NOTHING – you don’t get to cherry pick or say the money and U.S. Funds and govt exists for the common defense and the rest and the rest of you are on your own. The rest of you are on your own.
    An aside on the originalists like Scalia – If Originalism rules Antonin you have to get rid of your pal Clarance – the other one on the Court who believes in Originalism. See Clarance is Black or do you not see that. Well even though you seem to act color-blind the Thomas member of the Supreme Court IS black. And back then back when the founders where founding the government and the nation black was out. Ok black was allowed 3/5ths — or didn’t you go to history class that day. Blacks were not people – they were chattal, property – they had no rights. Back in the days of the founders – the ORIGINALISTS. Originalists were men – AND they were WHITE. Clarance is black – so if you are going to hold on to your theory of Originalism the real theory of Originalism says WHITES ONLY. NO blacks – Clarance Thomas is black and not qualified under Originalist thinking to be a Supreeme Court Judge ( nor anything else other than a slave. If you are holding fast to the belief in Originalist thinking of the Constitution. OK, then my three hot babes have to go too then. What’s fair is fair. But I don’t believe and am not an adherent of Originalism. I believe in a LIVING Constitution and Constitutional interpretation. The framers had no idea of space travel, genetically modified foods or genes, or of derivitives or of oil spills, of nuclear energy, war or of cell phones – hell of anytype of phone. For you to blithely and conveniently dismiss these and the march of history, technology and of the change in civil rights during the past 200 some odd years is the mark of an elitist. And a conservative elitost at that. Get with the program – we are in 2013 if you are going to equate corporations with people than treat them like people. Screw them like you screw the most frail and downtrodden people in society as you already do. Screw the bankers and the polluters and their kind for the great pain and economic dislocation they cause to society as a whole the way you put the screws on marajuana smokers and citizens who have small amounts of drugs in their possesion.

    Back to the constitution debate – But forget the Constitution – everything you need to know about it is in the first 52 words – the Preamble. The more important document i n American history and in our lives is the document that created this country and was used to create our first government the Articles of Confederation and then on March 4, 1789, the Articles were replaced with the U.S. Constitution. tHIS DOCUMENT IS STILL IN EFFECT TODAY – IT IS THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. It is the stronger of the two documents and the more important of the two documents. Read it!!!! Understand it!!!Until you do you know nothing about the government nor the United States of AMerica. It is what we are. And we are at the point if this teaPublican party takes us over the edge and causes a Federal default of our economic obligations that the Dec.of Independence should be invoked again to alter and as it did in 17899 abolish the current form of government. People should descend on Washington D. C. prior to the Oct 17th (approx date of default) to show the House of Representatives that we mean business and that we will occupy and take over their offices after the default becomes policy and reframe the government. I remind you – this document and its power is still in effect today. USE IT!!! Or shut up and sit down.
    to be continued…

    marc s. fried

  • Ed F

    This will probably fizzle out like most nut-job wet dreams. If they do get wild, the National Guard should be called out – it’s Waco al over again. Treat these bums like the terrorists they are.

  • Shawn Crippen

    This idiot had a plan called ‘Cheif Kessler’s Peaceful March on Washington, D.C., that was supposed to assemble MILLIONS of Americans to converge on the Capitol for the same purpose. It was planned for months to take place on September 9th, and if the President and Congress wouldn’t acquiesce to their demands willingly, well, they would be armed, and as the ‘true patriots’ they were, they would simply shoot. It was a dismal failure as the rats jumped ship as zero hour approached.
    My guess is that Kessler thinks that he’s found a group of basically ignorant, low information people that he can manipulate…when he was in charge of the March, he didn’t mention word ONE about fuel prices or parking for truckers. It’s a bone for his supporters–a way to keep them charged up. Nothing more. He could give a sh** less about these people beyond what they can do for him. Period.

  • SKV

    I think John Prager’s hatred for the bigotry is deep-seated.

    But aside from that, this is a GREAT piece!

    • Bob Cull

      Let me see if I have this straight, SKV, you think that one should be tolerant of intolerance? You’re going to have to excuse those of us who refuse to do that.

      • SKV

        No, Bob, I don’t. I was changing his deep-seeded to -seated.

      • https://www.facebook.com/scott.belen1 Scott Belen

        ” I will just bury my head in the sand and it will be alright..”.

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