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Traitor Republican Threatens Violent Armed Insurrection If Obama Doesn’t Leave Office (Audio)

It’s easy to prove that the political right-wing hates the United States; every action that they’ve taken has been the antithesis of what they’ve claimed. They may swear by democracy, and claim loyalty to the Constitution with one breath, while with the other, despise the very foundation of this country, the Constitution, and the multiculturalism that makes this country so strong.

Remember that in 2012, a Virginia Republican Committee newsletter openly called for armed rebellion if President Obama was re-elected. This is not how you support democracy. Over the last week, the Republicans have been pushing hard to impeach or sue Obama for doing his job when the Republicans in congress refused to do theirs — this is not how you support democracy.

Tom Tancredo, former Republican Congressman, warned that if “Republicans are too afraid to challenge presumptuous dictatorial behavior, then the war is already lost and we should stock up our ammunition shelves and join a militia.”

Last month, one such right-winger, Mike Vanderbogh, stood before a crowd of fellow terrorist militia members and declared “This administration, this regime, seems to operate ever more increasingly as a lawless gang than not on the rule of law but rather on the rule of men — which is to say the law of the jungle, enforced by the iron fist of government power,” and that “We will vote with our guns.” It’s gotten so bad that there is almost no way to tell the difference between the right wingers and the jihadists in the Middle East.

And it’s not just the current president that they’re showing a profound, pathological hatred of, either. These right-wing yahoos even pose a greater threat for America’s safety than Islamist jihadis.

That is not how you support democracy or love your country.

The overriding mission for a number of these militias is that they are willing to use violence against “government tyranny,” something that many have never experienced in their lives.  Just like their fear of “socialism,” which is synonymous with the “government tyranny” that they oppose.

And like “communism” was associated firmly with Jewish people at the turn of the 20th century, at the turn of the 21st century, socialism has become firmly associated with the black guy in office (and black people in general, if you listen to the way they talk). The themes that are popular among conservatives, the loss of freedom, the rise of socialism, the threat against liberty, began within days of Obama’s first election.


If you didn’t know any better, you’d listen to them thinking that they mentally trapped themselves inside of a Call of Duty: World At War game and refused to come out. Not even an actual, historical account of World War II. A video game retelling, complete with the “good guys” and “bad guys.” And you don’t get any points for guessing who they cast themselves as.

Where were these militias when Bush was destroying the country? Where were the threats of violence against Bush when he and his crew were pushing through the PATRIOT act? There was no Cliven Bundy taking a stand then. There were no Tom Tancredos calling for Bush’s impeachement because of  his “presumptuous dictatorial behavior.”

They have only appeared now that there’s a black Democrat in office, and it’s no coincidence that this rise in violent rhetoric is tied to the election of a black man. Whites have always been violent to blacks who step “out-of-line,” whether it was the master beating his slave or the KKK lynching a black man because he dared to date a white woman.

Republicans and their right-wing base cannot tolerate the democratic process when the people speak out against them and elect the “wrong” leader. The act of crying “tyranny” and “socialism” is a urgent call to prepare for war against the government as Tom Tancredo’s “legitimate Constitution militias” if the Republicans do not impeach President Obama.

This much is unmistakable.

Here we are, five-and-a-half years later, and if you haven’t gotten it by now, you probably won’t. The Republicans are furious that the democratic process they claim to love and support produced an African American President, and because of that, they’re willing to go to any means necessary to nullify the voice of the people, whether it’s impeachment, the House Lawsuit, or joining a militia to “fight against tyranny.”

And all of us suffer as a result.

h/t PoliticusUSA

About Josh Kilburn

Josh Kilburn
Josh is a writer, author, blogger, and freelancer with a Bachelor's degree who lives in the buckle of the Rust Belt.
  • Stan Jones

    Exactly how is he a traitor? And he has never helped America’s enemies. You need to inform yourself before you make accusations you can’t prove. Typical of a racist conservative , someone calls them out , they hurl back insults.

  • gimpy

    You had better go back to sleep moron.

  • TKpeterGunn

    Why not? Both groups were socialists…Apparently you forgot Hitler and Stalin were originally allies. …

  • TKpeterGunn

    And being a typist or a cook in the military is no less a service to our country than the guy who fuels warplanes, purifies water at the base or any one of million non combat jobs in the military that support the ability of this country to protect and defend the freedom that allows YOU to be an angry ungreatful and hateful rectal orifice. Just because the ACA doesn’t cover your viagra is no need to take it out on everyone else…

  • bobhuntsman

    “He’s not my President”. . .how UnAmerican of you!!

  • OrCoastTheo

    You’re a shill, right? No one can be this stupid.

  • Michael

    Yes, a lot of us are veterans. And I for one did not serve my country only to see it being overrun by fascism. But if you want to create another internal war, remember that you are not the only ones who have 2nd Amendment rights. If you hate democracy, join ISIL.

  • India Crep

    I wish these Christofascist Republicans *would* rise up and attack America, that would allow SWAT to exterminate our domestic terrorist threat. End of problem.

  • bayhuntr

    Commie and Nazi at the same time? You are a few bricks shy a brain, and like to talk about butt holes a lot. You do know “faggots” like butts and aren’t ashamed of it, it’s you wanting to talk about it so much that is strange. Get some help.

  • bayhuntr

    I know a lot of faggots that are veterans, and I don’t think they are the least bit worried about defending our constitution from people like you.

  • Ghastly

    Remember the teabagger’s May 16th “Operation American Spring” revolution? They would have taken over the whole government if it hadn’t been for the mud puddles that weekend!

  • NativeSon

    These are the brainless minions that washed up has-been, Nugent plays for now…

  • NativeSon

    Oh Nicky, grow up. I mean, really, GROW UP!

  • DerpDestroyer

    This “tough talk” rhetoric is just how you sell fringe-conspiracy books and fundraise when dealing with the far right wing crowd. Don’t you realize this? These guys are certainly cynical, but at the end of the day they’re just slinging product to a demographic. A demographic that conveniently eats it up.

  • Tim Behnken

    You’ve also demonstrated in this batty missive that you don’t comprehend ANYTHING about the Constitution, the criminal code, basic sentence structure, or anything else. for that matter. Are you twelve?

  • Tim Behnken

    Breathe, turn off caps lock, and try using “big people words” to make your point, junior.

  • Sekigahara

    I respect veterans but just because they are does not make them super men capable of bringing down our Republic in armed rebellion against its Constitutional government and the forces it has to protect that Constitutional government. If you think he shouldn’t be President, fine – there are Constitutional mechanisms to remove him from Office. Armed rebellion isn’t one of them. But, I know that you don’t really care about that and this of yours is little more than you and your butthurt over the man you love to hate holding the highest Office in the land. So, with that said, go ahead and bring it, you all talk and no walk, dipshit.

  • hdtex

    And yet……he’s your President and you are NOTHING.

  • BonoboMan

    Multiculturalism basically means variety of people’s and their food, beliefs, fashion, etc. Not to mention the motto of our country is “one composed of many”.

    The absence of variety sounds boring to me. Would you like just the Anglo Saxon version of life?

  • David MacWilliams

    I’d love to see this happen. The second that they see REAL weaponry I guarantee you that they will cut and run like the cowards that they all are. It’s easy to parade around like a badass in a restaurant or a store with your pewpewpew machine slung around your shoulder…

  • Ronald Morrison

    They may soon find out WHY the police are becoming militarized.

  • disqus_lQF0vidZgf

    Somebody wants someone else to get wasted? You mean drunk? Smoking weed? That must be the wasted you mean. Funny how they are prejudiced but won’t ever admit it & if they couldn’t impeach Clinton trust me they can’t impeach Obama. Senate for now at least won’t vote for it & there’s honestly no legit reason though they’re trying to make up some. W. actually committed impeachable offenses particularly the one about crossing international waters to essentially start a war with a country we were not at war with or had any reason to be. For those who believe in heaven & hell I wonder how many look up fully expecting that’s the way they’re going only to be surprised to learn otherwise! What’s up with Perry calling in the National Guard anyway? He that afraid of a bunch of little kids? He’d make a fine president wouldn’t he?

  • Michael Moerland

    Heh! Wait and watch their heads explode when Ms. Clinton moves back into the White House.

    • Ronald Morrison

      The day a bunch of racists turn into misogynists.

      • bayhuntr


  • Dave

    Let these Nazi faggots try it. I hope whoever tries this gets wasted.

    • Highlander

      Can we not use that word please? Thanks.

      • BonoboMan

        Which one?

        • Highlander

          Faggot is only appropriate if you a talking about a small bunch of wood, or meatballs in England.

          • BonoboMan

            Aren’t you forgetting one?

            Guess you were never a smoker in a commonwealth country. At the pub someone’s always trying to bum a fag off you.

          • Highlander

            Kinda forgot that one, yeah.

    • hdtex

      Dave that word only makes me think you’re a self-loathing pole smoker.

      • Dave

        The only things that come out of Texas are steers and queers and I bet hdtex doesn’t have any horns either.

  • labman57

    Ye olde “Second Amendment remedies” — a favorite weapon in the tea party arsenal of inflammatory rhetoric.

    • smb11

      But the right wing isn’t so interested in defending the First Amendment, unless is their right’s they feel are being infringed upon.

    • Ronald Reagan’s Corpse

      the tea party should second amendment themselves.

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