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Training Tea Party Internet Terrorists Caught On Tape! (video)

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This video was filmed in Nashville TN. A group tied to the Koch Brothers associate Howie Rich trains Tea Partiers in “guerilla internet tactics.” The presenter instructs his audience to put up false book reviews, as well as give “bad ratings” to documentary films that are embarrassing to the Tea Party. This clip shows us just how twisted, and pathologically dishonest the Tea Party really is.

Watch it.


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Nicko Thime

    Lying is a rightwing value.

  • Schmitty

    It’s hard to get the big picture… when you allow yourself to be controlled by such a small propaganda screen.. like this… with an anti-White.. anti-American… Socialist/Communist agenda.

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  • RonN

    that pic is about 20 years old…look at the computer…antique.

  • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

    The NeoCons are DRAFT-DODGING raging warmongering COWARDS. Like Bush, Cheney, and Romney, they had “more important” things to do than go fight in a rich man’s war… Their daddies were rich, so it “wasn’t THEIR war. We need to change the law so that someone like Bush or Cheney or Romney, who has never served the country in the military, or maybe the Peace Corps or Ameri-Corps (meaning low pay, no control over where you’re sent, and crappy work chosen by the government) cannot hold elective office. Robert Heinlein, in his book “Starship Troopers” described a program that ensured that everybody had a chance to serve, no matter how disabled, and no one paid taxes unless they served, and certain classes in school could ONLY be taught by military veterans. Everybody had a chance, but if you signed up for it and then went AWOL, the government didn’t look for you, but you never got another chance to serve.

    • Schmitty

      Got anything LEFT in your Latenight…crack pipe?

  • Velska

    Yepp! A well-funded corporate effort to create a fake impression that there are a lot of people out there who think like teabaggers, when they are in fact a small minority. And the majority of them don’t really know the hardcore teabaggers’ message that is completely willing to kill ornanised society, unless it is paid by Middle and Working Classes.

    As Warren Buffett put it so pricelessly: “Of course there’s Class Warfare in America, and my side seems to be winning!

    And how true, how true.

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  • Don

    Is this the worst you could find? I know plenty of libertarians including Howie Rich and they are all anti-intervention, pro-civil liberties, pro-gay marriage and pro legalization while Obama is the opposite making him a fascist and a racist.

    • LiberalLarry

      Libertarians are isolationist to the point of being dangerously naive and believe in the concept of “Self-Governing” which is irrational in a society of 315+ million people.Their view of society is rather apathetic;isolationist even within their own society.Their ideology comes down to the concept of I’ll do what I want you do what you want and we’ll never ask or depended on each other for help in any type of way.Very anti-social.Again 315+million ppl.

    • Phineas

      Hmm, do you even know what those names you bandy about with abandon mean? Or do you work for the KOCH Bros. — or just get your “knowledge” from Rush Limbaugh and FOX Noise? There are a lot of paid shills out here who misrepresent themselves as “people”. Might you be one of these anonymous internet trolls? Why is it you do not whine about the Bush administration’s turning the Constitution into T.P.? Do you know who wrote the so-called “Patriot Act”? What was one of “W”‘s first act as president? Was it hiding the shenanigan’s of the “October Surprise” in 1980? Do you even KNOW what that refers to? So many unanswered questions from the right!

  • Alan Gorsch

    These people used to be called fascists. That they’ve so distorted the history of the founding of America is bewildering.

  • Peter

    This guy is right. The revolution is indeed being fought on the internet. But what these narcissistic, sociopathic and very un-American clowns fail to realize is that their campaign of intellectual dishonesty and meanspiritedness is hugely backfiring. They still haven’t figured out why they lost the last election. This video, in part, is why.

  • Patrick

    Love all the empty seats! LOL!

  • Ozarks Ultra-Liberal

    Mark and Perry,

    Don’t forget about those of us who wanted to serve but weren’t allowed to because of the military’s ban on gays. It burns me just as much as you that these pathetic little unamerican weasels call themselves freedom & liberty-loving “patriots” when in reality they’re traitors of the highest order. This punk is an admitted liar, and the ignorant lemmings in the audience are clueless Faux News-watching lemmings who look to be too old to even know how to use a computer, much less write a negative book or movie review.

    And BTW, I always thought it peculiar how the military prides itself on higher standards, ethics, and morality when it would have required me to go back in the closet and lie about something I was no more capable of changing than my skin color. Fortunately they’ve now dropped the ban. It’s too late for me but not for others who can now join the military now and maintain their integrity.

    • Openly Gay Reagan-era Veteran


      Even in the days of Reagan, gays could serve, and serve openly, if they had a waiver. How do I know? I served then and I had a waiver. And a fairly high-level clearance. And I joined at 17. The army, navy and the corps all were fighting over me from the time I was 15. If they want you badly enough, then they’ll do whatever it takes to get you, including issuing waivers for all sorts of things, ranging from previous criminal convictions to drug use to homosexuality. Here’s where people have messed up over the years:

      1. They lied when asked during the final interview before taking their oath as to whether they were homosexual, then signed a paper stating they’d told the truth, under penalty of thousands in fines and years of jail time.
      2. They scored well enough on the ASVAB or equivalent of a given time to be considered eligible, maybe even desirable, but not “must have,” and were denied enlistment when disclosing their homosexuality in their final interviews.
      3. They told the truth, scored well enough to be considered “must have,” said they understood and would comply with the UCMJ articles forbidding homosexual acts while in service when given them to read, were issued a waiver, and then violated said articles.

      I was told, however, when my waiver was issued, not to discuss having one, or that one even existed. To do so only would have generated discord and damaged unit cohesion, since it was beyond likely that almost no one with whom I would serve would have one. (They didn’t tell me this part—it was a logical extension of thought.) I obeyed. I watched as many of my friends, some even the sons and daughters of foreign diplomats and of our own admirals and generals, were discharged or were caught up in what we called “witch hunts”—while I never was so much as interviewed, even when there were photos of me, off-duty and with them, in clubs. What saved me? It wasn’t the waiver. It was that I told the truth from the outset and kept my word, i.e., honor and duty.

      • LiberalLarry

        I joined the Army in 1986.No DADT just don’t be.I was 20 and knew I was gay but loathed myself for it and lied my ass off.I scored well enough on my ASVAB to also receive a Top Secret (Code Word) Clearance.I was sent to a Language School then my actual MOS training.I was assigned to Field Station Augsberg,Germany 714th MI BN.2 fellow soldiers on my floor were gay a few more in my Battalion,a couple more on my Kasern.All the guys and girls on my floor were tight,we worked a live mission.Everybody knew everybody’s sexual persuasion.I learned to embrace who I was in the Military.I learned from my fellow soldiers as well as the Military itself that my sexual orientation didn’t make me a man.My Character of being true to myself makes me the man.I served my Country well,I’m a proud vet.I think the priorities of your soul are distorted.

    • Nicko Thime

      As a combat veteran, let me say that, when under fire, it never occurred to me to wonder if the person next to me was gay or straight. I didn’t care as long as they were covering my flank and me theirs.

  • Kotton

    we really need to stop throwing this label of “terrorists” around so loosely; not only does it perpetuate ignorance and fear, it’s the pot calling the kettle black by using the same inane scare tactics the GOP uses – you can be better than that

    • NoTeaForMe

      Although I agree the label shouldn’t be tossed around loosely, A LOT of what the tea party has done over the past couple of years would qualify them for the label of “domestic terrorists”.

    • Counterglow

      The use of “Terrorists” in the headline is egregious. But except for making use of an overused word in its newer sense, how is factually reporting a tactics that have cheapened and derailed discussions on subjects such as gun control, global warming and much more the equivalent in any way to the tactics themselves?

      Your logic is faulty and except for the first 13 words, your comment is nonsense.

    • Rusty Shackelford


  • Raji the Green Witch

    So WE fight fire WITH fire and WE go and do the SAME thing for OUR side. What’s the problem? Oh yeah, pretty soon there is NO REAL information at ALL on the internet…. ergo Internet FAILS!

    • LiberalLarry

      We spread truth.They spread lies.We correct their lies.They attempt to silence our truth.The greatest tool we posses is magnifying exactly what they say.They are deluded that is why they are obsessed with killing truth.Their lies have no substance and they prove that every time they step before a camera and open their mouths.We just make sure everyone sees and hears EXACTLY what they are saying..Pro-Rape anyone…Anti-Equality….47% leeches…..Self deportation………”trickle down economics……..Jesus Law…..They are burning down their own house and progressives urinate on it with gasoline……….God Bless Social Media.

  • Veteran

    What good little Nazis.

    • http://www.facebook.com/willpoling24 Will – can’t afford to leave Brownbackistan. Help!

      It’s Romney’s jobs plan in action.

  • ash

    i wouldn’t call them guerillas. that assigns these idiots too much credit. what those mouth-breathers are absorbing, in awe, is grade-school level trolling . if the lobotomized heifers at “One Million Moms” have been doing the same, for years, it’s not “guerilla” or “terrorist”-ic….it’s expected, juvenile, and easy to pinpoint, as it is usually accompanied by misspellings, abhorrent grammar, and the quoting of bible passages.

  • LiberalLarry

    The HRC started rappin with the NAACP,they had a convo with LUNA who chit-chatted with NOW.They started hangin’ out at the Student Union were they met some Labor.We determined we were all being screwed.We decided to pray.We got a hold of some Liberal Catholics and some Protestant Christians who reflected their Christ.Hindus,Buddhist and Muslim pleaded to their Gods as well,Wiccans cast a spell.Non-Believers agreed with the pleas.We realized the poor were among us all.We also realized that the immoral Capitalistic King were to blame.They have bled us dry….We realized the Kings had a majority because their deluded base of Aryan Plastic Christians had swallowed all of Faux Noise’s lies.We then realized that our individual needs were denied because each group of us were small and being ignored….We had an idea.What if all our causes became ONE cause?How powerful we could be…..How can we organize?How can we get the truth out?How can we let everyone know to unite together?….That part was easy.You see Progressive are not only “inclusive” but we are “bright”.A gay man(I would assume he was a progressive)is the father of Computer Science.A progressive invented MicroSoft and two progressives created Facebook and Twitter.Social Media.It tells society what to believe.Progressives created the bitch and we control the bitch………HEY TEA-NUTS AND BLOATED WEALTH…GAME ON BITCHES.

    • Mike

      Buddhists do not have a God.
      If you’re going to ridicule someone, at least check your facts first.

      • LiberalLarry

        I’m not ridiculing Buddhists,I stand with them against Jesus Junkie Zealots…I mock Tea-Nutology,its demented and deranged and its inferior Aryan Fascist base are uneducated,bigoted and deluded.

    • http://www.facebook.com/willpoling24 Will – can’t afford to leave Brownbackistan. Help!

      Before the election, someone must of went around to all the nursing homes and assisted living centers in my area of Kansas. They brainwashed these poor folks into voting republican with lies like ” Obama is gonna send troops to Kansas to shut down your local coal burning power plants and replace them with ugly wind turbines”. And that tanks will be stationed in all our cities. All kinds of outrageous lies. There are tons of these vulnerable folks all over Kansas and may have decided republican wins. These were not your typical internet lies.

  • Perry

    I am a military veteran. Don’t tell me I fought for his First Amendment rights.

    • Mark – Atlanta

      I’m a Veteran too. Doesn’t just it burn you when these little goofs, most of whom have never given even a moment of their miserable little lives in the service of this country call themselves “patriots,” but will slam guys like us in a heartbeat?

      • Nicko Thime

        Mitt Romney’s boys set a fine example.

    • Megabitch

      Yep, Perry, you did. I did too. Folks like that make me wonder why I bothered….

    • Runs with Scissors

      Yep, you did. As did I.

      I call it defending Americans’ right to be as stupid as they want it to be.

    • LiberalLarry

      Me too.The NeoCons are clueless.Raging Warmongering Cowards.

    • Nicko Thime

      I know how you feel, but it’s a take the good with the bad sort of thing.

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