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The Tea Party is the American Taliban! (Video)

This Newsroom clip is so good, we thought it was time to post it again.

“The Tea Party believes in loving America, but hating Americans.”

They believe in loving America, but hating its government.”

“And they believe that anyone who disagrees with the Tea Party has sinister, anti-American objectives.”

“Most of all, you must never, under any circumstance, seek to reach a compromise with your opponent–or do any of what Democrats and genuine Republicans both call ‘governing.’ ”

“And one other plank in the Tea Party platform, if you’re poor it means you’re either too lazy or too stupid to be rich.”

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Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Harry

    Agree. Especially when it comes to science and history. There was a time when working your ass off to obtain an education earned you respect. Now, out of bitter insecure resentment stemming from their failures at life, tea baggers mock those with an education as being a product of the “liberal brainwashing establishment.” If you failed high school science, you probably shouldn’t be ranting on facebook about why global warming isn’t real. And if your reading comprehension abilities aren’t up to speed, stop beleaguering us with your interpretation of the constitution (the second amendment is all you care about anyway). Your skills (or lack thereof) make that exercise moot..

  • Adam

    Make sure you check out Season 2 on July 14th!!

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  • Foodforthought

    First off Dorothy knew how to apply for retirement benefits and she knew how to get to the grocery store but she cant take the time to get a drivers license? This is stupidity at its peak if you walk into a bar, casino, or government building you have to show an identification card. So why shouldn’t you have to show one to vote? Also anyone can take a couple of lines out of context and make someone look bad but to compare the tea party to the Taliban is far fetched and is like comparing Obama to Adolph Hitler because he wants bigger government and has massive speeches in which people attend.

    • Danny Peak

      I have walked into bars, casinos and government buildings. I am trying to remember the last time I had to show an ID. And actually, the Tea Party has compared President Obama to Adolph Hitler. THAT is the height of stupidity!

    • http://www.facebook.com/gregg.davis.52 Gregg Davis

      @Foodforthought…you know perfectly well that this is not the whole story. You want to require people to show ID to exercise the most basic franchise of an American citizen? Fine…then make it ridiculously easy, including for those without cars, those working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet, etc. Make getting an ID free. Send mobile ID units out into neighborhoods. Send people door to door. Have voter ID days at local schools and grocery stores. The simple fact is there is not enough “voter fraud” to really justify requiring this. There is no “crisis.” Plenty of these people have been pretty upfront about what their motives in requiring voter photo IDs really are, to disenfranchise minority voters. It’s no big secret.

      And comparing the Tea Party to the Taliban is actually not that far-fetched. You don’t have to “take a couple of lines out of context” to make them look pretty bad. Reams of unedited quotes are available that make them all look pretty awful. The laws they are passing to basically make all abortion illegal, even in cases of rape, incest, where the mother’s life is in danger, etc. certainly do smack of Taliban-like control over women. So do their efforts to eliminate separation of Church and State and make Christianity the official religion.

    • keith

      How many other reasons can you think of to deny her a right she’s had for decades. When Obama has slaughtered 6,000,000 people you may call him Hitler. You Sir are the problem not the solution. Disgusting.

  • Donald Parker

    I think the Taliban would object to the comparison, who would want to be associated with the Tea Party!??

  • http://Aatp Randym

    The Tea Klux Klan is a terrorist group of the worst kind of Organixed Criminal! They plan to”crush Government down small enough to drownd it in a bathtub” so that they can then install a Government of their own making. An ultra radical right wing driven fascist dictatorship that gives them total control of EVERYTHING and anyone that is not a multi- millionaire or billionare is a slave to them.
    America as a third world country must be prevented at all cost. They will kill millions of patriots that will stand up to them and fight for the right to not be a slave. Civil war will stop this from happening if the Repuglicans try to push through with these criminal actions

  • C. Morton

    Fantastic and right on.

  • mitch mabee

    Edward Bernay’s and Joeseph Goebbels are I’m sure are very proud of their best student Aaron Sorkin. Aaron is now a very powerful individual. He has a great show that he uses as a vehicle to convey to his viewing audience the exact same deceptive drivel found on FOX news, Rush Limbaugh or Bill Mahr. These Hollywood stars-at least the ones on the left- condemn Fox news out of one side of their mouth while creating exact replicas of their of their methods and structure. Which is simply to make tons of money echoing popular misconceptions . Mahr, Sorkin Rush they are all identical in fact you could say they belong to the same party: The party of saying that which increases the ratings of their show. They are opportunists. Sorkins rant in this video clip shows the poor old lady who doesn’t have a car, so she can’t have a drivers license-excuse me I need to get a tissue. She asked for one no doubt: “Please sir I love my county and would like to vote.” “No the man said You don’t own a car.” According to Sorkin that means we don’t want her to vote. She was then put in a burlap sac and beaten with reeds by Republicans. The audience praises the show with tears in their eyes. And Joseph Goebbels is thinking motherf@#$er I thought I was good, I couldn’t hold a candle to this guy. My God I had no idea how far you could take this propaganda thing. Meanwhile the truth is voter fraud is rare but not as rare as people without ID’s DMV’s, just wanting to help have offered free ID cards. You want to know the real compassion of a liberal? Try and find one who is willing to-instead of filming them-give some poor helpless slob a ride to the DMV. ITS TWO BLOCKS DOWN THE STREET FOR CRY EYE. But hell no, that is THEE LAST thing a liberal will do. To a liberal, fixing one of their causes would be counter productive. The right have to admit they have nothing to offer the poor and I don’t think they ever pretended they do. I mean if you’re an unborn fetus you have good cause to register Republican, but once you’re born boy you’re f@#ked. They don’t want to have anything to do with you until you’re old enough to enlist. But the left absolutely needs the poor and needs them to stay poor. All of their power is based on promises they make sure can never come true.

    • JamesJ

      Sorry, but you are incorrect about the ID issue. I live in VA and volunteer with a charity helping the poor and homeless. A young homeless man I’ve been working with has finally found a job ( no small matter when you have no address and sleep with 20 other homeless people ) but has no ID. He has no social security card and no birth certificate. He went to the Social Security office who told him that he needed his birth certificate. He went to the DMV who told him he needed his birth certificate. It’s true that I haven’t driven him to get his birth certificate ( which would require driving to the State Capital some 3 hours away ). Believe me, for someone who has no ID and no transportation, getting ID is not always easy and differs in every state. Do agree though that this clip bordered on propaganda, but only because it was effective. Most of it was true. The problem is that the Tea Party simply makes it too easy to find examples of extremism.

      • mitch mabee

        Good points on access to federal ID’s. Apparently it can be a lot more difficult to obtain than I suggested.

    • Texdakota

      When those on the Right have no intellectual argument, they will always start slinging the comparisons to Nazis. Pathetic really.

  • SDW

    I’ve heard about this video for a while. However, this is my first time viewing it. This former republican voter happens to agree with everything he said. The STUCK ON STUPID, knuckle dragging troglodytes in the GOTP. Hates the fact that I breath air. They want to destroy the middle class and feel that the government should be in charge of a woman’s body. Since they can never win on a national level. They feel they must change the rules and cheat in order to get what they want. They hate woman, Latino’s, black and brown people, and anyone who refuses to think just like them. Any woman that votes for a republican needs to have her head examined.

  • John

    Wouldn’t it be better if elections were done away with altogether and a handful people (like Grover Norquist and friends) decide how everyone else should behave?

  • Mark

    Everyone has an opinion and this is what the left says about people who maybe are wrong. But, remember we are all American’s and if this lady in Tenn. want to vote she can go and get a federal id at the DMV of Tenn. You don’t have to have a car. Just sayin……. I am of the opinion that we are governed by a two party dictatorship and both parties only look out for their own interests to stay in power. I personally believe what I believe and only a person that is civil and has good will towards others will get my attention. So please, I wish those individuals would speak more. Good will towards all….

    • Mark Warren

      Because she doesnt have a car, how do you expect her to get to the DMV? Or really, how to even know where it is? She never had a need for an ID before. The people at the polls, knew/know who she is.
      Now, we know she could take a cab or ride a bus, despite being elderly. We know it doesnt ‘cost that much’. But thats a part of the problem. It shouldnt cost anything to vote. Its the same thing as a poll tax.

      Why is it NOW, that we are all upset about voter fraud? Were you upset when bush ‘won’ Florida? Did you write a letter or express your outrage then?

    • keith

      Why should she be made to jump through hoops now? For Talibangelicals like you?

  • Dude Love

    I am geting tired of people like you calling yourself Americans and labelling other Americans terrorists. You are going to be the first ones I target when things get bad. You suck.

    • AATTP

      We sincerely hope you’re being purposefully ironic.

      • JamesJ

        I’m afraid that “Dude love” doesn’t even know what the word “ironic” means.

  • MislamicRayGuns

    Someone care to explain how the economic policies and foreign policy of the Taliban and the Tea Party are similar, at all? Both groups are abhorrent, but please, let’s have our analogies make some sense here.

    • AATTP

      If you watch the video, he explains the similarities quite thoroughly and succinctly.

      • MislamicRayGuns

        I watched the video, hence why I asked for an explanation as to how the Taliban and the Tea Party are similar when it comes to economic policy and foreign policy. The video itself didn’t touch on these issues. So again I ask, when did the Taliban become a bunch of Ayn Rand worshipping supporters of laissez faire conomics? The video touches on their fanaticism and inability to compromise, but not other issues. When did the Taliban stop being one of the most isolationist regimes not named the DPRK, and become a state that interferes in the affairs of others, in contrast to the Tea Party’s strong support for Israel and American imperialism? Both groups are religious fanatics.

        Fighting the tea party is a worthy goal. However, if we are rightfully going to take issue with their distortion of facts to fit their agenda, we should also be mindful that we don’t distort facts to fit our agenda.

        • Ian


          Don’t let hypocracy get in the way of a “Good” arguement.

        • Apache4justice

          Quite simple really Mislamic.They both seek to destroy any semblance of an Economy or Peace by enforcing Fascist Theocracy.Only those who bow to their God and do EXACTLY how they demand are allowed to actually make a buck.Sounds backwards,but understand that destabilizing an economy&causing utter breakdown is THE best way for them to take over with their”solution”of ‘Family Values,outlawing anything”Immoral”(remember,they BOTH believe that God is making things hard because of Gays,Abortion etc,see the”14 Characteristics of Fascism”).It’s a tactic straight from Hitler&Mussolini’s Playbook,&those who control the GOP/TEA now ARE former supporter s of Hitler who were busted trying to overthrow the government when FDR was in Office,&that’s in The Congressional Record,no conspiracy theory necessary.

          But once again,it is ONLY the Males allowed to do it.In Tea Taliban Land,that is white,wealthy,straight Dominionist Christians with a Gun fetish.In Muslim Taliban land,that is Middle Eastern,wealthy,straight Dominionist Muslim Males with a Gun fetish.In both systems,women have absolutely NO rights,cannot work outside the Home,are property to be done with as their Husband Pleases,be Broodmares&Rape is used as a “Punishment”.If The Tea Taliban had their way(I know from growing up in it),They also would have women who”disobey’stoned to death or beheaded,along with disobedient children,just like Muslim Taliban.Domestic Abuse is also considered a ‘Man’s right” in both.

          Divorce,Abortion for women in both cases is outlawed,Women aren’t allowed to get an education.When you restrict half the Populations ability to make a living to Nil,your whole Economy will crash right there.In both Systems there are NO Human Rights,No Fair Trial,and The Death Penalty,along with cutting off hands&feet for theft are the punishments.In both Systems,anyone who refuses to convert is killed or imprisoned,and Atheists are the first for the Treatment.

          Minorities,especially Blacks in both Systems,are seen as inferior(don’t let the Muslims fool you,they DETEST them as much as The Tea Taliban,but use them for their own aims).ALL economic Transactions are overseen by the Caliphates of both Systems Imams,in Tea Taliban,it’s Pat Robertson&the like.The Military in both cases is to Fight a “holy war”in gods name to defeat the’great Satan of Islam/Christianity,for the Ultimate Goal of a worldwide Fascist Theocracy.

          The Tea Taliban is already there.The Muslim Taliban is as well.I suggest you look up Mikey Weinstein&the MRFF to see how our Soldiers are being forced to convert Muslims on the Battlefield at gunpoint or else&other HUGE &terrifying holes they’ve blown through the Wall of Separation.To get an idea of what they REALLY believe,go to godsownparty.com/blog/what-is-dominionism.

          The two couldn’t be more alike if they tried,and they both MUST be stopped.If the idea of these kinds of folks having access to the largest Nuclear arsenal on Earth doesn’t make you poop your pants&never vote GOP/TEA or even Libertarian again,I don’t know what will.It isn’t necessary for us to “bend facts to fit an agenda”when the truth is already there with no need for embellishment.

      • MislamicRayGuns

        No response on the foreign policy and economic policy similarities between the Tea Party and the Taliban?

        • Richard

          Do two groups have to have EVERYTHING in common in order to draw comparisons? So what if their foreign and economic policies are or aren’t the same between the two? They also don’t wear the same clothes, drive the same cars or watch the same TV shows. You could draw that line anywhere, and somebody will just keep moving it if you start playing that game. The fact that they don’t have EVERYTHING in common (for various reasons, many circumstantial) doesn’t change the fact that they observably have a LOT of things in common. That’s the point of the segment, and it’s a valid one.

  • Mel Haun Sr

    sign me up… for whatever the other side is

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