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The Real Welfare Queens: A Single Walmart Costs Taxpayers Over $900,000

According to a study released by Congressional Democrats on Thursday, Walmart’s poverty wages are so measly that many of its workers are forced to rely on food stamps, Medicaid and other government aid programs to survive, which costs the American taxpayer over $900,000 for just one store.

This new report is more proof that the minimum wage should be increased for all Americans, not only because it calculated just how much government aid Walmart workers are forced to rely on, but it also determined the staggering amount American’s are paying in taxes to subsidize Walmart’s profits.

It also comes at a time when many Walmart and fast food chain workers are organizing strikes to protest their employer’s poverty wages.

This study, which examined one Walmart Supercenter in Wisconsin, looked at how much the workers are receiving in food stamps, publicly subsidized healthcare like Medicaid and other social safety net programs.

According to the report, over 3,216 Walmart employees were enrolled in the state’s public health care program, and when the dependents of those workers were factored in, the total number of those enrolled came to a staggering 9,207.

“When low wages leave Walmart workers unable to afford the necessities of life, taxpayers pick up the tab,” the report says.

The report’s authors estimated that the cost of this government provided health care comes to over $250,000 per year for the 300 employees at the Walmart Supercenter in Wisconsin.

Of course, Walmarts spokesman Brooke Buchanan completely brushed off the study’s findings and even displayed pride in Walmart’s slave wages.

“Unfortunately there are some people who base their opinions on misconceptions rather than the facts,” Buchanan said, noting that 75 percent of Walmart managers started as hourly employees. “Every month more than 60 percent of Americans shop at Walmart and we are proud to help them save money on what they want and need to build better lives for themselves and their families. We provide a range of jobs — from people starting out stocking shelves to Ph.D.’s in engineering and finance. We provide education assistance and skill training and, most of all, a chance to move up in the ranks.”

Aubretia Edick, a Massachusetts woman who earns $11.70 an hour and receives public assistance, food stamps, Section 8 housing, and state-funded health care, said her reliance on the safety net is one reason she plans to join the strikes. “Walmart doesn’t pay my salary,” she said. “You pay my salary.”

When she started working for Walmart, she said, she had expectations that have since proved unattainable. “I thought I could make it on my own,” she said. “That didn’t happen.”

Walmart is one of America’s most profitable companies, so why is it that they don’t take responsibility for their own employees?

The reason is obvious:  They are just another hypocritical multinational corporation that hates all government action and regulations–unless, of course, the government is subsidizing their profits.

Watch an excellent report from Thom Hartmann about America’s REAL welfare queen here:


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  • Tammy Lees

    If u look at it from the articles point of view then yea it’s a lot. But if u think of the big picture Wal-Mart is a huge Corp and the number receiving public assistance is normal. The more employees a Corp has the more the total goes up. Does that make sense ?

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  • http://www.reason.com black matt

    “Aubretia Edick, a Massachusetts woman who earns $11.70 an hour…”

    $11.70/hr, that’s about what local activists here in Charlottesville have been demanding Univ of Virginia and local govt. pay as a “living wage.” And this guy calls it poverty wages??

    So she gets govt. assistance… ok. Is there something wrong with that? Section 8 housing isn’t free and she pays more for it because of her income than if she didn’t have a job. Food stamps? Dependents probably help her qualify for that.

    Medicare? A lot more of us are going on Medicare soon, that’s Federal policy… Obamacare.

    It is a *good* thing that there is a sliding scale path from total dependence to independence. The all-or-nothing system where you’re either completely broke and dependent on govt. support or you get a job and get cut off from that support is a big problem. Fortunately some improvements have been made and it’s not as bad as it was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hekate.moonsprite Hekate Moonsprite

    Here’s a concept for all of ya….decrease the pay at the top of the company and give the savings to the workers below him. The CEO of Wal Mart makes over $16,000 an HOUR!! Now, think about that for a minute and how many other CEOs are getting paid like that in the Wal Mart company and I think you can safely say that the greed mongers at the top are the REAL issue at hand. If their pay was cut and given to the people who make the crap wages at Wal Mart, there would be no need to raise prices. You’re not losing any money or paying out any extra expenses. I’m not talking about cutting salaries of those making $500,000 a year or less. I’m talking about the BIG dogs who are greedy bastards!

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  • Lt. Frank Drebin

    I truly wish that raising the minimum wage would fix the problem, but unfortunately it would only make stores such as walmart inflate their prices to cover the difference.

  • Scott Crooks

    Raising the minimum will not solve the problem. The stores like Wal Mart will simply raise their prices to make up the difference. This will not help the poor and will actually hurt the middle class, such as myself, by decreasing our discretionary income, thereby negatively impacting the economy. It might even cause another recession. Unfortunately the reality is that those type of service jobs were never intended to be the type of jobs one had while supporting a family. What we need is more manufacturing and non service type jobs with better wages. Unfortunately neither the current or the previous administration has done anything to correct this deficiency. Also another possible help for this issue would be for some of the “poor” to take a more active role in helping themselves rather than relying on government hand outs. I myself have been on welfare for brief periods of time when I was unemployed. I took advantage of loans and grants (mostly loans) to get an education and a better job. I know this is not applicable to all, but I have seen too many people who use every excuse imaginable to avoid doing anything to help themselves.

    • AATTP

      A lot of economists disagree with you, but what do they know? Their opinions based on data, research and years of specialized training are no match for your off-the-cuff suppositions.

      • Scott Crooks

        I read the article you suggested and I still stand by my statement. First none of the economist listed commented on the effects this would have on those who make more than the minimum wage. I am not without empathy for those earning minimum wage as I spent many years working as a custodian making just that and frequently working 2 jobs to support my family. Even while I was in tech school (BAS in Electronics) I sometimes worked 2 part time jobs to support us. I don’t dispute the findings of those economist, however I would like clarification of a couple of items. What do they consider a large raise? $1.75 an hour seems like a pretty significant increase. I usually get between 50 and 75 cents yearly. Also I didn’t see any of them comment on the effects of this type of raise on those of us who make more than minimum wage. I don’t see how further burdening a struggling middle class (those above not paying their share and those below unable to) will solve the problem. It would seem to me that all it would do is breed more devisiveness and widen the gulf between the have and the have nots. While I do not claim to be an economist I can see what the effect of having my local Wal Mart or Krogers raise their prices say 2% to accomodate this would be on my family’s finances. Which I have no doubt would, while minimal, impact several local businesses as we would have to reduce trips to the convenience store, eating out and other such discretionary expenditures. While as I said the effect from my family alone would be minimal I image a large number of my fellow citizens would be in the same position and therefore the effect would not be minimal.

        • Sue

          So you’re suggesting that the effect on the economy of the middle class spending slightly less on going out to eat would be bigger thsn fewer Walmart workers having food stamps and Medicaid? I hope you don’t at the same time argue that the federal deficit must be cut “now!”. Wouldn’t the slack be taken up by the discretionary spending of service workers being paid enough? Aren’t you really arguing that the middle class should have a better life on the backs of the working poor AND the taxpayer?

          • Scott Crooks

            What I suggesting is that this will have a negative effect on the economy as a whole. Take it one step further. If people are spending less at Wal Mart then Wal Mart will need fewer employees and will also most likely raise their prices to balance the effect of lost volume. As for the slack being taken up no I don’t see how it would because if the staples such as food and clothing cost more the working poor will still not have any more discretionary money to spend. As an example lets say a working mom spends $150 a week on groceries and gasoline, if that expense goes to say $185, because we know the stores will pass the additional payroll expenses on to the consumers to protect their profits, even though her paycheck has increased by $35 she really has no more buying power than she had before.If we take it a step further and say that Joe Middleclass and a large group his friends can’t drop by Wal Mart and pick up a toy as a reward for little Joe’s straight A’s on his report, a manager at said Wal Mart might decide well we’re not doing as much volume in the toy department so we really don’t need 5 clerks we’ll reduce it to 4 or lets cut the 20hrs a week from the department, so now instead of 36 hours a week our working mom only gets 30 so per hour she makes more, but is actually bringing home less and her expenses haven’t changed. I see this as a very real scenario. The economy is very intertwined and anything that takes money out of the pockets of the middle class will hurt it. I do believe a minimum wage hike right now is economically dangerous, because I firmly believe that it will reduce jobs. I read what the economists in the article said, but I don’t see how anyone could believe that the big corporations like Wal Mart won’t reduce jobs and hours while raising prices to protect their already bloated profit margins. As for you comment about balancing the budget, yes I do think it needs to be done, a complete review of ALL government expenditures needs to be done. I never hear any politician discuss cutting the billions in foreign aid we pour into countries who cheer when terrorist strike us. I also believe that the domestic programs should be reviewed and modified to address the rampant abuse of these systems. I know people who collect social security and food stamps while working under the table. When I reported it the person I spoke with said it could be as much as a year before they could investigate, they were that backed up. I am not suggesting that we cut off people who truly need help, but I think you have to admit that the welfare system in this country has become a way of life rather than a helping hand for working people who are between jobs or temporarily unemployed. Before you say it, I have been on welfare briefly on 2 occasions when I was unemployed. I have been as you call them the working poor, trust me custodians do not make much more than minimum wage and I have worked multiple jobs as has my wife.One thing we are sorely missing today is personally responsibilty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.desalvio John De Salvio

    Not only are their employees earning less than they absolutely need for survival, Walmart buys from factories that pay the equivalent of $1 a day to their caged workers. One of those factories in Bangladesh collapsed because buyers such as Walmart would not add 15% pay to repair its infrastructure, and more than 1,200 workers perished.

    • AATTP

      Absolutely. Low prices aren’t free. In fact, they cost a lot more than the masses buying their $5 t-shirts and $.99 beer koozies will ever know. Problem is, they don’t care.

  • BOB1

    WOW, so ignorant one sided article. they forget to mention THAT THESE PEOPLE have over 3-4-5+ kids which they cant afford to pay for even on a walmart job or any job. COME ON NOW. be real. they can get unemployment and mediacare cause they have to many kids compared with thier current household income. SMH!

    • AATTP

      Do you have any evidence to cite, or are we supposed to believe you based on your silly assumptions?

      • Bob Cull

        Bob1 doesn’t need evidence, Faux News, Glenn Beck and Rushbo tell him all anyone needs to know!

      • http://www.facebook.com/scott.belen1 Scott Belen

        But he saw it on FOX News……

      • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

        Do you censor all posts not to your liking?

        • AATTP

          We “censor” anything that could be considered hate-speech or violent and comments with excessive expletives or a hostile tone.

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            What’s with the scare quotes. You censor, correct?

            None of my posts contained what you censor, but weren’t posted for days.

          • AATTP

            I doubt “days,” but possible hours. We have a very small staff.

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            Fair enough. I’d checked a couple times the day I’d posted … missed the update.

  • Stephen

    Don’t forget the lost taxes too. Big corporations hide profits in a way that smaller, local stores and chains can’t; that also costs us money directly, because the lost tax revenue either gets added to OUR tax bills, or to the deficit.

    Of course, they’re so large now that nobody can compete with them or enter any market in which they have a store.

    Super-large retailers, which these days is pretty much Walmart, are not good for the economy, not good for the people they employee, and really awful for retail in general.

    • BOB1

      yea but they r perfect for the already starving family that need the good they sale at a low price.

  • Dan

    If you expect to earn a liveable wage working at Walmart, you’re delusional. That’s kind of like expecting a liveable wage with a paper route. People need to set and work towards goals in their lives, and a career at Walmart ain’t gonna cut it.

    • Bob Cull

      Really? Just where are these people supposed to get the job that pays a living wage, Dan? All of our manufacturing jobs, you know, the ones that gave us the middle class, have been shipped off to Chinese and Bangladeshi, sweat shops so that the boys in the front office can haul in their (unearned) 8 and 9 figure salaries at the expense of the American worker. If they didn’t take these stop gap jobs at Walmart you and your buds would be screaming about how the lazy leeches were sitting at home sucking at the government teat and picking the pockets of the “makers” and “job creators”. You know those guys too don’t you? They’re the ones who are shipping the jobs offshore and paying very little as a percentage of income in taxes.

    • Почему?

      Why SHOULDN’T people expect to earn a liveable wage from their work? Why shouldn’t they be able to climb the ladder without stacking up college debt for an illusory degree? And after their degree, why shouldn’t college graduates be afforded a paying, entry-level position instead of working for ‘experience’ as an unpaid intern? Is the corporate sector in such dire straits that they cannot afford the standards of the past?

      This article shows that, in the end, government and taxpayers ends up paying for some of the profit margins of the corporate sector. Is this right?

    • http://www.karenbjones.com Karen B. Jones

      Excuse me.

      A worker’s labor, any worker’s labor, is worth a minimum amount of money. That is time out of their lives they will never get back. Even if the task they’re doing is simple, menial, or trivial, that doesn’t matter. They’re still taking that time out of their finite lives and trading it to their employer. That time, if nothing else, is worth enouth that, if they’re working full-time, it should support them to a minimal level without leaving them qualified for government assistance. That so many are on public assistance shows that the minimum wage needs to be raised.

      Walmart jobs are NOT the equivalent of a paper route. They’re REAL jobs filled by adults. Working at a cash register, stocking shelves, cleaning the store, preparing food. These are not prestigious jobs, by any means, but they’re necessary to keep the store running and are worthy of respect. Twenty, thirty years ago, they would have been respected. I don’t understand why American’s attitudes about retail workers has changed. It’s not like these people are beggars. They are workers (often hard workers) and they should be respected and paid as such.

      • AATTP

        Damn right.

      • B

        Well said!

  • Tired of finger pointers

    They are working and not part of the unemployment statistics – Which is it the Democrats want – Also $11.72/ hr – What is minimum wage??? OH YES it is $7.25/hr. GEE OLLIE someone seems to have missed a major issue. Those earning $11.72 need to give some of it up to help those earning $7.25/hr…. Maybe the Democrats earning more than $11.72/hr could find it in their hearts to give up some of their money to help those poor folks rather than sitting back and pointing fingers (Cornell is NOT a cheap college – It costs mega bucks to go their – kind of like the money Tea partiers are “supposed” to have)

    • Bob Cull

      Actually, Tired, most of the Teapubs are ignorant fools voting against their own best interest to protect the ultra wealthy who are laughing at them all the way to the bank (where the banker is also laughing at them). They know that ignorant working class people are helping them put these Teapub politicians in office who will then work only to protect the rich and big business at the expense of the rest of the country. They pay, as a percentage of income only a fraction of what the working class pay and cry foul if anyone attempts to get them to pay one dime more.

      • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

        “Actually, Tired, most of the Teapubs are ignorant fools voting against their own best interest to protect the ultra wealthy”

        Wow, three insults in one sentence. But democrats are the party of civility, right?

        Where are the calls from democrats to reduce the burden of taxes? Reduce the size of the Federal Leviathan?

        • Bob Cull

          What makes you think that the Teapubs have any interest in you or reducing your taxes? They don’t give a tinker’s damn about you! They are bought and paid for by the ultra rich and big business and laugh their a**es off at you for being foolish enough to vote for them because they have no intention of admitting you to their exclusive club!

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            But democrats “care”. No they make promises they can’t keep, using tax dollars as bribes.

            Foolish? Foolish is believing socialism works.

          • Bob Cull

            You’re the Koch brother’s wet dream; ignorant and gullible!

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            Guess that makes you Soro’s wet dream?

            Such civil discourse. Odd aren’t democrats the party of civility and compassion?

          • Bob Cull

            I don’t vote for people who openly tell me that they want the working class to pay a higher tax rate than the ultra wealthy while they tell me that I’m stupid enough to buy the lie that if they don’t make them pay taxes they will provide jobs for the working man. It is no coincidence that they are also anti education, ignorant people are easy to fool and control. I know you guys are big on the Bible but there is a bit of wisdom in there that you should think about, this isn’t an exact quote but it’s very close; “Go then from the presence of a foolish man when you perceive not in him the words of wisdom.”

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            You “don’t vote for people who openly tell me that they want the working class to pay a higher tax rate than the ultra wealthy”?

            You mixing apples and oranges? The income tax is “progressive”, is that news to you?

            “that if they don’t make them pay taxes they will provide jobs for the working man”

            You mean Immelt’s ( Obama jobs Czar ) GE Corp? Can you name a Solyndra type that Obama blew $500 mm on?

            Ah, anti-education … what a laugh. Kids graduate unable to read, but that’s not the fault of the teachers, right? Nor, the unions that protect the rubber room type in NYC.

            And yet more ad hominem? “ignorant people are easy to fool and control”

            Try making a decent argument, eh?

          • Bob Cull

            The President blew nothing on anything, haven’t you heard, the power to spend lies with Congress. Tax brackets are for working people, not the rich, the rich pay a flat capital gains rate for the most part and avoid that whenever possible, even CEOs use accounting slight of hand to avoid paying and end up with effective rates lower than their workers pay. You do not want to insult teachers when talking to me either, my sister is a teacher and she does her best and then some for very low pay considering the fact that she has a Masters degree. A teacher cannot force a child to learn, and people like you teach their children that they need not bother to learn because when they fail you will blame the teacher.

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63


            “Senior Obama Administration officials decided to restructure the government’s half-billion-dollar loan to the California solar energy firm Solyndra even after government analysts had concluded it would cost taxpayers far less to allow the company to fail, according to a newly released report on the investigation into the Solyndra matter by House Republicans.”

            So no rich person pays income taxes? Hmmm, have you asked all of them? Yes, capital gains are treated differently has been since long before the Koch bros, do you think Soros pays income taxes?

            Do you take any deductions? Do you want to pay more? Anyone stopping you?

            Effective (operative word) rates.

            “people like you teach” All my kids can read, dope. Now, do kids graduate functionally illiterate? See that word graduate? Who has the power to fail a student and who awards the diploma?

            “she has a Masters degree” … maybe she should work at Walmart and get better pay.

          • Bob Cull

            As the book you guys cling to like a drowning man would a piece of driftwood says: “Go then from the presence of a foolish man when you perceive not in him the words of wisdom.” Bye Bye!

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            Don’t like facts. Yep, you’re a liberal.

          • Bob Cull

            You got that one backward, I do indeed like facts, you guys are the ones who don’t like facts. Facts do not ever come from Faux News, the Blaze, WND, or the fat pill popping hypocrite. They just make it up as they go and the ignorant buy into it and then tell those who point out actual facts that they are lying and don’t like facts!

          • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

            Who Knew?! ABC news is now part of the VRWC! Maybe you’re functionally illiterate as well?

            You’ve yet to cite a single fact, e.g., Solyndra was Obama’s piggy bank.


            Center for Public Integrity, was first to report on simmering questions about the role political influence may have played Solyndra’s selection as the Obama administration’s first loan guarantee recipient. One of the lead private investors in Solyndra was an Oklahoma billionaire who served as an Obama “bundler,” raising money during the 2008 presidential campaign.
            One of the lead private investors in Solyndra was an Oklahoma billionaire who served as an Obama “bundler,” raising money during the 2008 presidential campaign.

            Need another member of the VRWC? or yet another example of, “even CEOs use accounting slight”

            How about usnews? Ken Lay went to jail? Corzine? Nope, helps being an Obama bundler, eh?


            former U.S. senator and governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine, who not only presided over the downfall of the MF Global but on whose watch more than $1.5 billion in investors’ funds were misplaced.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stan.ubeki Stan Ubeki

      They get less than 20 hours a week at $11.72 (about $165 take home pay), no benefits, no health care, nada. They are the working poor. You try living on that a**hole.

      • http://gravatar.com/gregsptl gsmith_63

        Ah … the compassion of the left. Such civil discourse.

        Get back when high schools are no longer “graduating” illiterate cashiers incapable of making change of a dollar or incapable of reading 5th grade texts.

  • Cool Dave

    Wal Mart treated me badly mainly because they knew I was smarter than them and made more money. I didn’t work for Wal Mart: I worked for a corollary vendor. In fact , a manager told me I didn’t deserve respect because I was a vendor. Now I see them encrouching in Chicago. Wal Mart, be sensible or leave!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.chapman.3139 Jim Chapman

    And how much money should a person make for putting a can on a shelf .If you do not like what you get paid do not work at Wal-Mart

    • Bob Cull

      Spoken like someone who has never worked that type of job before! You are over simplifying a job which is much more than that! I can assure you that most of those doing that job are doing it because it is all that is available.

      • AATTP

        An ex of mine worked at Walmart in his teens. A woman had a miscarriage in the bathroom and he was ordered to clean it up or lose his job. Little more to it than putting cans on a shelf.

        • BOB1

          wow i see u whent with some extreme case, and u damn well know they couldnt enforce that, there is a company walmart has to hire to deal with humain fluids. f’ outta here its time u wack jobs get put in ur place from spreaduing bull. the poitn is these people make money they dont make enough to provided for the number fo kids they have.

          • AATTP

            Of course it’s an extreme example. I never said otherwise.

            If you read the article, you’d realize that YOU are subsidizing Walmart’s low-wages.

            P.S. You shouldn’t comment on blogs while you’re drunk. For God’s sake, get off the interwebz until you sober up!

          • Bob Cull

            Sorry, Bob, you are incapable of putting me in my place. I can wipe the floor with you all day long using FACTS and a vastly superior command of the English language than you are equipped to handle with your third grade education.

          • B

            I’ve worked for a big name company (that will remain anonymous) and I had to pick up human feces, child’s vomit, and pry a dead mouse from a cord, AND believe me these things had NOTHING to do with my job description. Though those were my extreme cases they fell under the “other duties” category. People deserve better pay for labor jobs.

  • Piper

    I stopped shopping at walmart about 3 years ago. I knew I would never shop there ever again after my youngest son worked there. He was over worked and under paid. He worked the overnight stocking. They have to meet impossible stocking numbers. The way they treated my son, made me want to kick some a$$.

    • BOB1

      its called a stocking job, they r hard, its not supose to be easy.

  • Bob Cull

    You have to love the smugness of Buchanan, when he says that people base their opinions on misconceptions, and that 60% of the people in this country shop at Walmart every week. Let’s take on the latter first. Of course 60% shop there every week, in many cases there is no choice, you shop at Walmart or you don’t shop at all. Now back to the part about basing opinion on misconception. How is it misconception when everyone knows someone who works for them? I know these people and they are struggling even with government assistance. When you talk to the Teapub true believers they have the solution to getting these people “off the government teat”. It is a simple solution to their thinking, they should get a second, third or even fourth job if necessary to “pay their own way” and get out of the pocket of the real Americans, those that they refer to as “makers”. Of course all Teapubs know dozens of people who are “gaming” the system to collect welfare that they are not qualified for and then using their food stamps to purchase beer, cigarettes, drugs, lottery tickets, you name it they buy it with food stamps. I have even had them tell me that they have seen people using their EBT card in liquor stores. They are doing a great job of following the Nazi template for taking over a country and turning into their vision of Utopia. Give the people a common enemy to blame for all of their ills and misfortune and they won’t even notice that you are changing the nation fundamentally until it is too late.

    • http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionlist.cgi Andi Charkow

      While I agree with most of this article, there needs to be a correction. You are only allowed to buy FOOD with food stamps, not beer, cigarettes, drugs or lottery tickets.

      • AATTP

        We know that. We’re saying that conservatives often make stories up about supposedly SEEING someone buy booze and cigarettes with their food stamps. It’s a total lie. ;)

      • Bob Cull

        Andi, I know that, and you know that but they don’t know that. I was speaking of what they tell me every day. They all “know” lots of people who do all of those things, at least that’s what they claim. Of course when you confront them as to why they haven’t reported them and the merchants who are “gaming” the system they either don’t have an answer or claim that they have reported them but that the people at social services are just as corrupt and will do nothing about it. I know exactly how hard it is to qualify and the hoops one has to jump through when receiving assistance as I had to go to them a few years ago for a short time. They are always talking about the wonderful life of luxury and ease that someone on assistance lives and I can tell you it is none of the above, it is subsistence and barely that, no more.

      • http://www.facebook.com/LaddCan Anthony Canney

        While it is true you can only purchase food with foodstamps, I know first hand of individuals who get food stamps and sell them for cash, allowing them to use the money for whatever they please. Be it food, liquor, or drugs.

        • AATTP

          Report them.

        • Bob Cull

          That was an issue in the days when food stamps were just that, FOOD STAMPS. It is much more problematic in today’s electronic world, since people don’t have stamps to sell. Yes, it is possible to purchase food for someone else and then exchange the food for cash but it is much more inconvenient and to actually give the EBT card to someone would be foolish. How could you be sure that they were going to pay you next month when that month’s benefit was loaded onto it?

    • http://tobosbunny.wordpress.com tobosbunny

      I agree with you and will add one thing to it. If you work at Walmart (at least the one local to me) you have to have open availability (can be scheduled to work anytime), which means having a second job is impossible. And they are only hiring part time workers now. I used to work there, so I know how they do things.

      • Bob Cull

        Exactly, those who suggest multiple jobs have never had to do it and do not realize how difficult it an be to orchestrate the task. I personally have never been in that position but have known those who did have to do it and I know that it is no easy feat to accomplish.

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