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The Cuccinelli Effect: Virginia Republican Files Bill to Jail Frisky Teens

With issues such as the struggling economy, income inequality and America’s broken healthcare system all growing more complex and more pressing by the day, its always good to see elected legislators stepping up and taking action on things that truly matter. Unfortunately, in the Virginia state senate, this is simply not the case.

Wednesday Republican state Senator Thomas Garrett, a self-described “Cuccinelli conservative,” filed a bill which he feels is vital to preserving the American way of life. His agenda? Declaring oral and anal sex by minors a felony.

His efforts come after the failed attempts last year by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to outlaw the same-sex acts with the U.S. Supreme Court striking down his proposals, as well as discovering that dictating to people in a free country what kinds of sex they’re allowed to have is one of the quickest ways to sink a gubernatorial campaign.

The state’s own commission on criminal sentencing found, following an impact study on the proposal, that if passed the law would require additional beds in prisons at a bare minimum cost of $50,000 to Virginia taxpayers. The study made it clear however that such figures were loose estimates at best and were difficult to fully theoretically tally over a proposed six-year period.

When drafting the bill, Garrett sought to target minors in the hopes that such would make it possible to circumvent the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas case, in which the court ruled that state sodomy laws were unconstitutional.

The bill has no sponsors or backers other than Garrett presently and unless the statehouse cafeteria has started using lead paint chips as seasoning in their kitchen, its highly unlikely to become law.

(h/t: Rawstory)

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  • Robert

    What’s a Priest to do?

  • Madbunny

    1 – how exactly is this particular law supposed to be enforced?
    2 – what is the fixation these guys have with what kind of sex people are having?
    3 – am I the only one that finds it creepy that this guys is stuck on minors having sex?

  • Constitutional Libertarian

    How ridiculous. I was getting blow jobs when I was 8 years old from my next door neighbor teen girls. They taught me much.

    • AATTP

      Ummm, that might be something you want to talk about in therapy, not on a public forum. Just sayin’.

    • Madbunny

      On the day he was born
      The nurses all gathered ’round
      And they gazed in wide wonder
      At the joy they had found
      The head nurse spoke up
      Said “leave this one alone”
      She could tell right away
      That he was bad to the bone

      Sure stud. Sure.

  • Simone Sanner

    I think people need to come to realize the state has an agenda with privatizing prisons, and now with the money making scheme that is foster care (given how much the state is paid per child in taxes). And since they don’t truly have any emotional investment in your children, they are free to use them to generate even more revenue such as they do in Oklahoma. I am sure more stories like this will surface. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/10/foster-care-and-sex-trafficking-survivor-testifies-on-hill/

    Still think the gov’t makes better parents?

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