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Texas Teacher Invokes the ‘I’m Too Prejudiced Against Blacks To Touch One’ Defense (Video)

By AATTP contributing author, the Progressive Populist

A Texas first-grade teacher facing a felony charge of indecency with a child used the “I’m too racist to do such a thing” defense to investigators who questioned her over the incident.

Irene Esther Stokes, a white 61-year-old teacher at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School, in Humble, TX told investigators that she did not touch the first grade student, and that she “doesn’t like to touch the black students because she [is] prejudiced,” according to the criminal complaint from Harris County district attorney’s office.

The alleged incident took place in March, when Stokes asked everyone in her classroom to leave the room except for the African American victim. Stokes then proceeded to touch the student inappropriately on her “private part” on the outside of her clothes. When the girl told her to stop, Stokes allegedly sent her out of the classroom, where she remained the rest of the day, as the class took a test and went to lunch without her, according to Sara Marie Kinney, Harris County DA’s office spokesperson.

Humble police became involved when the student told her mother what happened. As part of the investigation, Stokes was submitted to a polygraph test, which she failed, after she denied what happened.

She also told investigators that “she does not like the complainant and has very little to no interaction with this complainant,” according to the report.  Stokes also denied ever being alone with the complainant or not allowing her to eat lunch.

Stokes posted a $10,000 bond and is due in court in May, and has been fired from her teaching position, likely for admitting her prejudice.

Watch the unbelievable video, courtesy of ABC News:


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  • Stephanie

    LateNight, remember that “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode where Larry David doesn’t want to serve on jury duty so he says he is prejudiced against black people? Then he ends up in front of the same judge with a black hooker that he picked up to drive in the carpool lane to go to the Dodgers game. She said he still owed her money or something…can’t remember exactly what happened.

    Anyway…that has nothing to do with this news story, which is wrong on so many levels, but I do miss “Curb.”

  • https://www.facebook.com/BulliesForRomney Mitt Romney

    Not according to the “Ghetto Gang Bang Series” of tapes she appeared in between 84 & 88 when she performed under the name Ima Kaverntush.

  • http://www.wendyjosephwrites.com Wendy Joseph

    This is all too reminiscent of the kind of racism Jackie Robinson had to face. Sad it is still with us. We still have work to do.

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  • http://google+ ErickArcElliott

    her stupid ass hope she gets what she deserves

  • rayb-baby

    Well, that’s post racial America for you. N O T !!

  • LateNight

    Reminds me of the story some years ago about a school teacher in Des Moines, IA, who was called for jury duty, and said he couldn’t rendered an impartial verdict because the defendant was Hispanic, and he said he was prejudiced against Hispanics and blacks… He was dismissed from the jury, AND from his job as a teacher (but only after a hearing before the school board).

  • Corey

    Well, whether the molestation is true or not, she is still a horrible bitch.

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