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Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be Investigated for Abusing the Powers of His Office, Bribery and Coercion

This week, a Texas judge said that he plans to have a special prosecutor look at charges that Gov. Rick Perry broke the law when he cut funding for state public corruption investigators.

The watchdog group Texans for Public Justice filed a complaint that stems from an April drunk-driving arrest of Travis County District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg, who oversees the state’s criminal ethics department. The department’s cases included the prosecution of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and an investigation into the state’s $3 billion cancer research agency.

After her arrest, Lehmberg pleaded guilty and served a reduced sentence of less than 45 days. Amid loud demands from Perry and the state’s GOP for her to resign, Lehmberg refused. In response to her defiance, Perry threatened to eliminate $3.7 million from the state’s annual funding if she did not step down.

Lehmberg remained in office — and Perry made good on his threat, vetoing the money in June.

According to the two-page complaint that was filed shortly after Perry’s actions, the governor was accused of violating laws regarding “coercion of a public servant, bribery, abuse of official capacity and official oppression.”

“Governor Perry violated the Texas Penal Code by communicating offers and threats under which he would exercise his official discretion to veto the appropriation,” the executive director of Texans for Public Justice Craig McDonald wrote in the complaint.

Gov. Perry’s office claimed that they haven’t heard anything in regards to an investigation.


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  1. Perry? He is only the leader of the pack…2014 should be the year that no incumbent gets re-elected or elected to any statewide office. The entire lot of Texas “leadership” needs to be investigated. R’s, D’s and Tea Party…they all need to be thrown out.

  2. Every politician is a liar and abuses their power. That is point blank and period. If he is guilty he should go to JAIL.

  3. This is your brain on Final Net.

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if they investigated all the alleged sexual misconduct from the young guy “friends” he has.

  5. I hope & pray the thief, above the law, most dangerous criminal, tyrant, anarchist Dave Frohnmayer will soon gets his turn soon too!!

    Please sign my BOTH Petitions and share it with as many people as possible. Don’t worry, if you are NOT an American citizen; it’s OK for any one to sign it. Thanks!

    1: with Change.org


    2: with Moveon.org


  6. I loathe this azzwipe! I hate everything about him and the corruption in this administration runs rampant with his approval! I am so sick and tired of the t-baggers that think they own Texas!! If people don’t get out and vote blue in every upcoming election,it will only get worse!!

  7. These complaints, while being the newest are not the only complaints against Rick Perry. They just happen to be the only ones being investigated. I am however, happy that this is finally going to take place.

  8. Ooops…

  9. Colleen Stadnick

    Not a fan of Perry, to say the least! He was also responsible for education cuts here in TX!

  10. Let him ride the electric bucking bull like he has sent so many to ride it ! Goo riddance!

  11. They outta look into his mandate that teenage girls be forced to take a drug that he was heavily invested in…

  12. Hmmm… A Democrat state governor threatens to withhold a Republican county District Attorney’s office funding after she is found guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

    What if this were the scenario? What do you all think now?

    Personally, I hope for the demise of the Perry Republicans in Texas as much as anyone does, but this is not the way.

    • Actually, Andrew, this is just the beginning of what will be a MASSIVE corruption case. Texans all KNOW he’s as dirty as can be, this will just make it official. If it weren’t for people like the Koch’s and the rednecks he wouldn’t have lasted this long. Nobody has put it past him to “stuff the ballot box” to stay in office. His last campaign motto “Open for business” said it all He’s very willing to be bribed by any company (Merck for instance with that Gardasil nonsense) as long as he gets some under the table cash and LOTS of it..

    • Colleen Stadnick

      Perry is a Republican. He served as Lt. Governor with W.

    • Andrew, I think most of us would be just as appalled at this if the parties were reversed. As it was, when reading the story, I was unaware the DA was a Democrat. Knowing that now just makes the corruption that much worse.

    • Actually, this IS the way. The criminal ethics OFFICE should not suffer because of one person’s actions. I’m sorry any public official acted this way (drunk driving) but there was no reason for Perry to attempt blackmail. Should Trey Radel’s boss do the same thing? Because he has no intention of stepping down either.

  13. Slicky Ricky…bet there is more to come out here!

  14. Time for the governor to visit Dr. Ben Dover!

  15. Elections are stolen w/ absentee mail in military votes , as in Florida. Perry refused millions in medicaid for the poor in Texas. HE deserves to be without a car and food and a/c in this 104 Texas heat. He was a damaging governor to our people & our state. May he die a slow painful death. CURSE HIM.

    • Right! Curse him! But, keep in mind….there is an empty, lonely jail cell with Tom De Lay’s name on it….yet it remains lonely and forlorn! These (republican) swine somehow seem to get away with most anything!

  16. Think the Special Prosecutor can be as ‘fair’ as he was….?
    Sounds like what he did is similar to what the GOP is threatening to do to the Govt!

    • What is sad about this situation, is that probably nothing will happen to this clown. Even though what he did was obvious and a pure disgrace of abusing power, he and cronies like him make the rules and the people of this land don’t fight the way they should. I hope that I am proved wrong and he loses his seat, I need to see some change.

  17. He needs to go to jail, he needs his health ins and all government entitlements taken away including retirement. .

  18. I think the people of TEXAS needs to get out and vote on every election from dog catcher to governor wake up all this stuff can be stopped, you all worry about OBAMA the man is trying to help every day working people and REP. HAVE JUST SOLD US OUT. AND GEORGE BUSH JR PUT THE ICEING ON CAKE THEY HAVE BEEN PLAINING THIS FOR A LONG TIME NEVER LET YOUR LEFT HAND KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT HAND IS DOING

  19. Of course Perry would use any excuse to defund an office tasked with rooting out government corruption! The less money they have to run an investigation the better the odds that they will not uncover any of his corrupt dealings.

    • I have a lot of family members living in Texas. To say all of them dislike Perry is an understatement. Who the hell voted for the SOB, anyway?

      • Let’s see- he easily gets the trailer trash (NRA freak) vote. Then there are all the oil companies. Gerimandering (SP) had a huge hand in it too. The greedy oil corps put a lot of money into his coffers. His slogan “Open for business” speaks volumes. The man just LOVES to be bribed. (Gardasil anyone?) The man is DIRTY!

      • if its a democratic oppodent to his party in that position all the more reason/excuse to really pour it on.

  20. WOOHOO!!

  21. Nice…yup that would be very nice.

  22. Lock him up and loose the keys!!!!!

  23. GOP Corruption? Rick Perry is an arrogant, scheming schmuck? What a shock!

  24. Perry is a typical GOP. Steal, cheat, steal, lie,and steal steal some more. ItIt’s in the GOP’s DNA.

  25. This is nothing new. Perry makes Blagovich (SP) look like a saint.

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