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Texas Cop Claims He’s Killing For Christ

A Texas police officer has written a self-published book in which he uses the Bible to justify killing…you know…for Jesus.

SWAT officer Charlie Eipper says that he is sure that Jesus–a man of peace–supported the use of deadly force in the line of duty and explains his positions in his book, Jesus Christ on Killing. Unsurprisingly, he says he was motivated to write the book after watching Rambo IV. 

“He didn’t want to, but finally did. Their boat got taken over by river pirates. He had to kill them to save everybody,” Eipper recalls. “When Rambo was dropping the missionaries off at their destination, the lead missionary was stepping off the boat and turned to Rambo. ‘I know you think what you did is right,’ the missionary said, ‘but it’s never right to take a life.’”

Eipper cringed. “I thought, ‘What if there’s a young believer in Christ watching this? What if it’s somebody who is in the Marine Corps? Or an officer? They’re going to be so confused. They’ll think, ‘Surely this guy is speaking on authority of Scripture.’”

Apparently, society has Jesus all wrong–but Eipper doesn’t! He told the Wichita Falls Times Record that today’s culture embraces Christ as the “suffering servant, the lamb of God.” He added, “We have trouble viewing him as king, as the one who is coming back as the Lion of Judah, a warrior. My last chapter is Jesus, the Man of War.”

Eipper, who has exercised deadly force “several” times, claims that his biblical research has led him to believe that the use of deadly force is quite fine–and that what he is doing is OK. “It’s part of my ministry,” he said, adding “When Jesus comes back, he will be the man of war.

Jesus’ battle plan has yet to unfold, he said. “When Jesus comes back, he will be the man of war. When he comes back, there will be a whole lot of killing going on. Scripture says that (Jesus) is going to be the one doing it. Our Savior will be going to battle. Finally, Israel will see their national salvation occurring.”

h/t: Patheos

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John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • MarcSFried

    He needs to taken off the force and banned from any law enforcement or safety position – including school crossing guard. Do you hear me RICK PERRY????

  • George M Melby

    And misinterpretation covers the other 10% for both Hooper and the LEO.

  • George M Melby

    I presume that you are including BOTH the religious wing nut and Hooper. Twofers at best!

  • Lee

    This is a perfect example of John Wayne Syndrome, where the gun owner imagines they are in an action movie scene, saving the day and being the hero. Sometimes the fantasy crosses the line.

  • Valk-Orion Yoder

    I hope so mr swatt officer I hope your savior doth come back as the lord of war. Ive got a .308 that can reach out and prove he is neither a lord, savior, or man of war.

    • sleepswithcats

      “What did one nut say to the other nut?”
      (Jeopardy answer. . . . )

      • Valk-Orion Yoder

        Look at stupid over here!

        • sleepswithcats

          Do I have to explain how Jeopardy works? Would it even help?

  • Joel Hackbart

    I’m confused. I always thought the fifth commandment said- “Thou shalt NOT[repeat NOT!!!!!!!] kill.” Care to clear that one up for me Mr. police officer?

    • Hooper

      Yes, you are confused. And too lazy to bother educating yourself.

      • Argent

        And you, it might seem, are too lazy to volunteer to assist in the education. The more accurate translation of the Commandment is “You shall not MURDER.” It does not prohibit killing in self-defense or the defense of others.

      • Joel Hackbart

        This from the moron who didn’t even know what “trickle down” economics was!!!!!! [Yes Hooper I remember you making a fool of yourself in that exchange as well] No wonder you feel so “not” confused here- you think just like the “police officer.” Even in extreme cases where deadly force is necessary, one does not revel in it! And make no mistake his childish, evoking of Jesus, was his way of reveling in the killing of another human being. As for you Hooper or Susie or Brad or whoever you pose as, I really enjoy mocking your stupid childish remarks. i mean I really really enjoy it. Almost as much as your police officer friend enjoys using deadly force. So please, [to paraphrase your beloved hero] BRING IT ON!

    • George

      Its thou shalt not murder actually.

      • Joel Hackbart

        A revision from the older translation “thou shalt not kill.” Your point?

        • George

          You don’t know the difference between killing and murder?
          Trust me theres a difference. Murder is the killing of an innocent.

          • Joel Hackbart

            Yes, I am well aware of that ,and have probably been aware of that since you were in diapers sonny. If you have a point or a contention make it, or go waste someone else’s time you troll.

  • George M Melby

    These idiots just keep reproducing themselves like a photocopy machine. Where do they come from?! They can’t be human, yet they have human skin…. I can’t wait for these people to lose their 2nd Amendment rights!

    • Hooper

      Well, let’s see. There’s a deranged madman wielding a bloody knife descending on your daughter. Which philosophy would you embrace? We can employ the philosophy of the good reverend here and tell the criminal to stop while you call the police, or maybe you would remind of his obligation as a human being, or maybe you can clasp your hands together and call him terrible names. Or can take your cue from this officer and…..
      you can shoot him dead.
      Of course killing is sometimes necessary. God knows that. Jesus knows that. Decent, good people know that. Only a simpleton doesn’t knows that..

      • BBK713

        NO ONE is arguing against self-defense, which includes the defense of loved ones and innocents. This Texas cop is obviously sociopathic and blood-thirsty. Why would ANYONE defend him? The only reason I can concieve of is that you are just as nuts and dangerous as he is. If you get the urge to shoot somebody, please, for the benefit of EVERYBODY, turn the gun on yourself.

        • George M Melby

          A excellent use of a expensive bullet to be sure but worth twice the price, maybe more.

      • George M Melby

        Hoopsie, you never cease to follow the lowest possible avenue of defense, and in the process you become unbelievably offensive! Par for the course!

  • [email protected]

    And hes a cop? That man needs to lose his license to carry a gun. And I dont mean just lose his job, I mean take his guns away. Hes admitting to killing before, he’ll do it again

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