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Ted Cruz Says ‘Christians’ Shouldn’t be ‘Forced’ to Do Business With Gays (Video)

Ted Cruz feels that public businesses should not be required to cater to the public–all of it, anyway. According to Cruz, because Jesus preached love and tolerance, Christian business owners should have the right to discriminate against the LGBT community because they think the Bible tells them to.

“Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others, and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the best understanding you can come to it,” Cruz said on Friday at a Houston Baptist University forum.

The Tea Party idiot said that he personally is an awful cook and would totally sell a cake to a gay couple, Christians should be able to deny LGBT couples wedding photos, cakes, and whatever else they want–as long as they shield their bigotry behind the flimsy veil of their religion.

“I’m very much a believer that the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner, and so, you know, from my perspective I am perfectly willing to interact with anybody,” he said. “Look, I work in the U.S. Congress. But at the same time, I don’t think the law should be forcing Americans to violate their religious faith.”

Cruz did not cite the Biblical passage that states “Thou shalt not bake a cake for a man who loves another man.”

“The Obama administration is litigating against the Little Sisters of the Poor, trying to force them, trying to extract millions of dollars of fines to force them to pay for contraceptives and abortion-providing drugs for others,” he said.

Cruz did not mention that, simply by filling out a form, religious groups could opt-out of the contraception mandate, but Sisters of the Poor was unwilling to do the paperwork, claiming that it forced them to take part in the transaction.

Ted Cruz, of course, had his own spin. “Now, these Catholic nuns don’t want to do so, and the idea that the federal government would be going after Catholic nuns, trying to force them to violate their religious faith, really demonstrates how utterly unmoored we have come from the constitutional liberties this country was founded on,” Cruz said.

It must be very convenient to be so delusional that one believes filling out paperwork is somehow a violation of one’s religious faith. The worst part of it all? Cruz appears to be the frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination in the 2016 Presidential election. While it is unlikely America will ever elect another Republican President–especially Cruz–it is frightening that he represents the “values” of any significant portion of our society.

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • Susie Sotar

    Now I’m laughing James!

    • Eleanor Earley

      Susie if you and Hooper and the other teabagger/repug lovers are so sure you are the only ones who are right, why do you hide behind anonymous names. If you are truly convinced you and only you are right, then you should be man enough or woman enough to use your real names. Momma always said if you are man enough or woman enough to say it then be man enough or woman enough to put your name to it.

  • Susie Sotar

    When you reduce yourself to name calling (moronic) I win every time.

    • Eleanor Earley

      In your dreams you win Susie. Okay for you to call names but nobody allowed to reciprocate.

  • Susie Sotar

    Don’t make me laugh James. You are no Conservative!

    • James

      Susie, there is a BIG difference between being conservative and being narrow-minded, bigoted and scared, which is how you come across in your post. I get the feeling you are one of those folks who hide behind a bible and decide what passages fit your narrow mindset and vision of the world around you. I feel sorry for you and your ilk because you are missing out on the world around you and the chance to even attempt to make it better. So, have as fine a day as you can knowing that, like the dinosaurs (that died out 65 million years ago and NEVER existed at the same time as homo sapiens) your time is coming to an end. Social evolution will make you and others like you as extinct as the dodo bird or the passenger pigeon and those like you will be just another sad footnote in history along with the segregationists of the deep south.

      The good news, I notice you couldn’t refute anything I wrote in response to you, so I must have hit the nail pretty squarely on the head.

  • Gunther

    Baybe someone should tell Cruz that he should not be in office because of his ethic and racial background and see how he likes it.

  • http://gravatar.com/johnmcarollo johnmcarollo

    That we are even having this discussion about this lunatic/loser … in the 21st Century makes me think Darwin was really wrong … there is no such thing as evolution.

    • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

      Well evolution doesn’t mean a march to intelligence. Evolution is about adaptability. Intelligence doesn’t always help there. I mean look at the cockroach, not smart, but we still haven’t been able to get rid of them. They have survived for hundred of millions of years.

      • Cary4

        when speaking of that subspecies Ted Cruz, the similarity with the resistence of his ilk and cockroaches is certainly appropriate

  • https://www.facebook.com/FunkThompson Josh Thompson

    Should racists be forced to do business with non-whites? Should atheists be forced to do business with Christians? Should Jews be forced to do business with Nazis?

    The entire problem with such a rule is how it would quickly and drastically be abused by idiots and @$$holes all over the country.

    • JFischer

      There’s no need for a law. Nobody is forced to shop at a given business. Have a problem with people of certain ethnicities, religions, colors, sexual orientations? Don’t go to the businesses they own, manage, or frequent.

      As for bigots owning/running a business: word gets around, even if the owner/manager never says or does anything overt. Eventually, people stop patronising the establishment, leaving only that tiny percentage that shares the hate. Depending on circumstances, that customer base may not be sufficient to support the business.

  • Richard D. Cameron

    Come on Hooper…waiting for your unconditional support for this moronic, pathetic excuse for a United State Senator. He’s your kind of guy!

  • https://www.facebook.com/klown420 Sean Jones

    Has the moron given up his Canadian citizenship yet? I know he’s been busy with trying to resurrect the inquisition, but c’mon

    • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

      No. He keeps saying that he is going to, but hasn’t done it yet. I think that he is counting on people to forget he ever said that and is a dual citizen.

  • Rusty

    Okay, I refuse to provide service for christians

  • joebbz2

    “Christians should discriminate” if they want to . duh, Ted …Shut up

  • Ken

    What a lark. He, Boehner, Issa, McConnell, Ryan, Palin, Coulter and so many more, masquerading as “Conservatives” sound asinine. Shutting down government, blocking legislation, stuck in Benghazi – they have nothing except a hound dog media licking their boots daily to get quotes like this.

  • Susie Sotar

    Since we are so obviously against the free exercise of both choice and conscience let’s do this: let our government tell all of us to line up in two lines without respect to any individual characteristics such as age, gender, gender orientation, skin color, hair or eye color – simply two lines of just people and then, after the lines are formed tell the people to step across and take the hand of the person opposite them. At this point the government will perform one large ceremony in which the individuals holding hands are pronounced married. No choice, no exceptions and no allowances for preference and all treated equally.

    What? You don’t like the idea? Shame on you! Why would you believe that you should have a choice?

    • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

      And there is your hypocrisy Susie. That is all gays want is the choice to marry who they wish. A choice that you and others deny them.
      And cruz forgets one thing, we tried it his way where ‘good christians’ could refuse to serve anyone, it was called jim crow. We did it for decades, making a minority a 2nd class citizen. And all with a religious belief by the ‘good christians’ that they had the right to deny a minority the same rights as the ‘christians’. Until we finally decided that equality meant it was for everyone, not just the majority ‘christians’. And here we are again fighting that same battle against inequality.
      I know that people like you would take us back into the 19th century where a minority could be enslaved and women were the property of their husband or father. But most of us have grown beyond those days.
      We don’t want to have a country driven by religious bigotry. This country wasn’t created to do that, the founders had quite a different view. They wanted to protect the minorities against what they called mob rule by the majority. They had experienced first hand religious bigotry and wanted no part of it. They were right to fear people like you Susie. Letting people like you have their way would destroy us just like europe in their day was being destroyed by religious bigotry. And it is why the rest of us came to our senses and did away with jim crow, no matter what minority you wish to impose it upon.

      • Susie Sotar

        Well, Skip, we are all left wondering whether you agree or disagree with my suggestion since you didn’t address my comment; instead you chose to attack me.

        • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

          I thought I had made myself clear, I am against your bigotry and wishing to make it legal to have jim crow laws. I am against allowing christians to use their bible or ‘beliefs’ to go after a minority. And it is not an attack to call someone out on their bigotry. It is just telling the truth, something that people like you don’t like.
          But you do make me pause, being able to discriminate means that we could do the same to people like you, to discriminate against the bigots and refuse to have anything to do with them. To have jim crow laws apply to them. Maybe people like you would learn a lesson about discriminating others. Probably not though.
          Fortunately for you, I think discrimination, even against bigots is wrong.

          • Susie Sotar

            I can see that you are wiggling, squirming and obfuscating Skip because my proposal makes you personally uncomfortable . Let me make it easy for you; do you want to be forced by the government to marry what ever person happens to be opposite you in that other line because the government says that you have to or not? “YES” or “NO” are the only choices. no other answer will do.

          • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

            Answered in my 1st line to you.
            “And there is your hypocrisy Susie. That is all gays want is the choice to marry who they wish. A choice that you and others deny them.”
            The government is NOT telling you who to marry. It is allowing people to make their own choice. That is what FREEDOM is all about. The freedom that you and others are trying to deny others. You are the ones telling people they have no choice but to marry someone who they don’t want. Your crowd of bigots refusing people to have freedom to make their own choices.
            It is you who are squirming and wriggling and making straw arguments. You are arguing that people should be free to discriminate and just openly hate who they wish. We tried that experiment and it didn’t work very well. Allowing people to hate and do what they want to others is destructive to society. Our founding fathers knew that when they tried to protect minorities from the hate of the majority. It is why they didn’t make us a pure democracy, they knew that the majority would hate someone and discriminate against them.
            They saw the danger of that from their native lands where a christian majority was allowed to discriminate against others. And those others fled to this country seeking safety. Your people would make us like that europe of the past where the minorities would never be safe. This is suppose to be a country where we can all live safely, not just the ones that the majority is willing to let live.
            Hate if you must, but the constitution is also there for the safety of the people who hate.

    • Comicus

      That is a stupid analogy, Susie. No one is going to force you to marry another woman but there is no logical reason to forbid another woman from doing so if she wishes. Our laws should not be based upon the Bible any more than they should be based upon the Qur’an.

      • Susie Sotar

        To summarize; you are against being told what YOU have to do but if it’s someone else who is being told what to do you are A-OK with it. Got it!

        • AtheistLib

          (Cuckoo clock sounds)

    • JFischer

      Nice straw argument, Susie. Nobody wants to compel you to marry someone you don’t choose to marry — unlike the reality of marriage throughout history. You don’t have to shop at a store run by people who aren’t exactly like you.

      There’s a Hobby Lobby in my town. I won’t shop there, because of the beliefs of the owners. But I won’t try to stop anybody else from shopping there, nor will I gather a bunch of gays and non-Christians to make trouble.

      On the other hand, if I owned a business, and some twerp wearing tea bags showed up on my doorstep, I’d serve him/her. After all, money is money. The only reason I would never serve a bigot is if I sold guns or other weaponry, since I wouldn’t want to supply the means to murder or terrorize innocent people.

      • Susie sotar

        Nice try at pretending to understand the issue but you failed.

        • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

          No Susie, you fail and keep failing with your stupid argument. There is no one in the gay community or any liberal one that is saying you must marry someone you don’t wish to. NOT one. Nowhere is that being argued, except by bigoted conservatives who insist that if gay marriage is allowed everyone will be forced to marry a gay.
          No one is going to line up people and say they have to marry the opposite person. It is a silly stupid example. It is not reality. It is coo coo land delusion.
          There is a difference in a public business. You need a license 1st. And you are promising to serve the public. The public is everyone. We finally settled that back in the 60s’. We tried legal discrimination for over 100 yrs before we smarten up and did away with all the laws saying it was perfectly ok to discriminate because of religious views.
          If we allow your hate to hold sway, our society would be fractured once against. Christians already are crying about non-founded persecution. What if we were really allowed to discriminate? Do you think that there would not be a backlash against the hate of the christians?
          The people who think like you are in the minority, a rapidly shrinking minority. Be careful of what you ask for, you may get your wish. And you won’t like the results.

        • http://gravatar.com/kilkee526 kilkee526

          Susie that example you provide makes me feel like I’ll never get rid of the wave of stupidity that I just felt wash over me. You really think that the government compelling people to marry random strangers is the same as the government telling people they can’t discriminate? Moronic.

    • James

      The tangent you fly off on “Susie” is one that would make theoretical physicists proud and could possibly prove the existance of a 5th dimension. Here is an article basically addressing the open bigotry and intolerance of folks like Cruz and others that think that store owners shouldn’t “have to serve” homosexuals and you somehow turn it into some bizarre version of “The Bachelor” with arranged marriages. Personally, as a small business owner, I have absolutely no problem with refusing service to anyone I please. The difference is, I don’t discriminate because of race, sexual orientation, religion or anything like that. The folks I won’t serve, and I HAVE kicked out of my shop, are the twatwaffles that think they are superior to other folks because of race, sexual orientation, religion, et al. (This is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “et alia” meaning “and others”. It’s not some wicked voodoo word that was slipped in there to cast a spell on you!) Some how you manage to completely miss the point and instead fly off on some totally out-of-left-field analogy, the likes of which would make Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox “News” proud. Honestly, I’m surprised you somehow didn’t throw “Benghazi” or the ACA into your (completely off the mark) argument. You make the comment that JFischer was “pretending to understand the issue and failed”. but I think that you totally missed the boat. You are standing on the other side of the island and wondering where the boat is to begin with. So in conclusion Susie, your attempt at trolling was a failure. You didn’t hit the mark, nor did you even come close to an actual, coherent argument or debate. You need to go back to The Blaze and sharpen your Beck-induced trolling skills and then come back for round two. (And before you even try, I am a conservative. I am a conservative with a conscience that knows that folks like Ted Cruz, the Koch brothers, Glen Beck, the Tea Party and Christian fundamentalism are what is WRONG with this country.)

  • Eleanor Earley

    And we should not have to deal with racist, bigots like you Cruz. Every person in this Country should be allowed to vote you out of office and out of this country.

  • Daniel Warner

    I still say that, while I don’t normally agree with this idiot, if a baker is so hateful as to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding, I’m not going to try to force him to make one for mine. I’m going to have to eat it, after all, and I’d be afraid of what he might have done to it or put in it! Perhaps the libertarians are actually correct this time with the whole free market thing. We have already seen at least one bakery close recently for refusing to bake cakes!

    • JFischer

      Just spread the word. Go onto the review sites and say, “Would not serve me because of thus and such.” Let the market decide.

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