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TEAvangelical Kook Ironically Claims Her Prayers Cure Mental Illness (Video)

Religious fundamentalist and shameless charlatan Cindy Jacobs claims that because she “began to bind the spirit of insanity” and fervently pray she was able to cure a mentally ill woman in Arkansas.  According to Jacobs:

Now I was in Texas and I think maybe she was in Arkansas or another place, and I began to take authority over that woman’s life, against the powers of darkness.  You see that woman was oppressed, she was bound, she was in an institution.  She could not rise up for herself.  She could not stand in the [unintelligible] for herself, nor could the young woman who called me.  But I had faith, and I could do it.

The obvious question is of course, “If you can cure mental illness, then why are you so completely guano insane?”

Watch the bizarre video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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  • Rita

    Did you notice how everything she stated was about her power and not one word mentioned God , Jesus or the Holy Spirt. Ms. Cindy believes that she is GOD.

  • Mullen

    Jacobs needs 24/7 psychiatric care.

  • Jule1

    She doesn’t exactly know where the woman was, but she knows the woman was “totally set free” because of her prayers? And how does one “bind” the spirit of mental illness? Why hasn’t science found this wonderful cure to depression and mental illness? Because there are a lot of people in this world who could use a cure. I think Cindy should just go into medicine and open a clinic to cure everyone who is on anti-depressants or any type of meds for bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. She could do a lot more good that way than just praying for one person at a time. The person in this video who really floored me was the man who just kept “umming” as if he were impressed by her story and believed her. So deplorable, both of them.

  • StanUbeki

    She used to be a lesbian but was cured at Michelle and Marcus Bachmann’s clinic.

  • http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/patsijean patsijean

    ” Now I was in Texas and I think maybe she was in Arkansas or another place “…………..

  • Uncle Dutch

    Hmmm…forgive my heathen skepticism, but as they say…”citation required.” If she can actually reach out and take over that afflicted woman’s mind, I suppose its just a matter of time before she starts calling herself Darth Cindy. Dr. Dutch recommends 200ml of thorazine, stat!

  • GLR

    Her prayers cure insanity? That reminds me of an old proverb: “Physician! Heal thyself!”

  • Owen

    “I think she was in Arkansas or some other place.”

    Translation: “I’m making this story up and am not realizing details are important when you tell the truth.”

  • larry davi

    these charlatans have been opperating for years, and years. I remember hearing one back in the ’50’s; guy claimed a woman called in, she had a tumor on her head; he told her to put her head on the radio, and he prayed; and when he finished, the woman lifted her head from the radio, and the tumor was left sitting there on the radio! now is that a fu*king miracle or what?!

  • mitch

    I’d like to know the originating website where that clip can be found… I’ve got a few comments that I want that lunatic and her fellow whackjobs to see…

  • Suzy

    Well, now that the woman has been released from the institution that makes room for you.

  • EDK

    I want to know who keeps going “uhhh… uhhh…. uhhhhh” in the background!

    • bill johnston

      Sounds like Pat Robertson

  • Brenda

    This woman is a Demon, She possessed that other poor lady!! :/

  • Robert E Michel

    When I watch this I wonder why the word bind comes to her mind so much. Think its because she’s full of sh*t!

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