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TEApublican: Women On Birth Control Have “Little Tiny Fetuses” “Embedded” in Their Wombs!

TEApublican radio host Pastor Kevin Swanson is certainly no scientist.  On his radio show he claimed that upon examination by “certain doctors and certain scientists” that “there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb…Those wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.”

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  • The Tofu

    For all the talk of ignorance, it seems very few people know how the pill actually works. It works on three levels; the first two resist fertilization of the egg, which pretty much everyone agrees is the outright prevention of–and not abortion of–pregnancy.

    The third, however, operates after pregnancy, by preventing a *fertilized* egg from successfully implanting itself on the uterine wall. This makes it an abortiofacient to anyone who believes life begins at conception (IE: a not-at-all-insignificant portion of the country). Whether or not you want to call that a “tiny baby” is up to you, but there’s nothing about the phrase that implies little miniature versions of fully developed babies, or whatever other straw man silliness people want to shoot down.

  • Nfintigirl

    Seriously? Is Idiocy a requirement for admittance into this party? I am utterly appalled at the depths to which a segment of American society has sank and is threatening to dumb down society at large. America is becoming the laughing stock of the planet due to the stupidity of these fools who jump behind a microphone to broadcast their ignorance. What idiots, why can’t they keep their ignorance behind closed doors? I guess it is true, fools’ names (in this case opinions/lies) like fools’ faces are always seen in public places!

  • Dave Tomney

    SCARED! I’m VERY scared . This idiot is on the RADIO? HOW…..? Little DEAD BABIES? ……THIS WOULD BE AN AWFUL SKIT on some bad comedy show. But … It’s a waste of time commenting but he’s going to broadcast more & more garbage THIS IDIOT HAS TO BE STOPPED !

  • me

    what a complete and utter idiot; of course there will be people who believe what he says which is just as scary.

  • Eloise


  • Jason Jehosephat

    I wonder how all these embryos survived long enough to reach the fetus stage without any of these women discovering that they were pregnant each time.

  • randyg

    I have never gotten a satisfactory answer from a Christian fundamentalist to these questions: how many babies did God murder when he got pissed off and sent the Great Flood? How many innocent little children did he burn to death when he sent fire and brimstone down on Sodom? How many pregnant women’s babies were slaughtered in the womb by death squads sent by God to destroy without mercy all the inhabitants of Canaan?

    Is your God really pro-life? Is your God really opposed to the “murder” of “babies” in the womb?

    Of course, I don’t believe that these Biblical stories are factual. But you fundamentalist do, right? You really believe that God sometimes directly murders innocent babies, and sometimes he orders his followers to do so. So, if you believe that all abortions are equivalent to murdering an unborn child, and that God is opposed to murdering unborn children, then your God acts contrary to His own conscience. He does what he knows is evil.

    A reasonable person may oppose abortion on moral grounds, but the Bible is not a good authority on which to base your views.

    • Lopine

      Wow, randyg. You make excellent points. I’ve never thought of it like that, and really appreciate those bullet points when discussing with ignorant, hypocritical people who pick and choose the ‘rules’ they are going to follow. There’s a lot of wisdom in your words.

    • Della

      Thank you.

    • Penny Furr

      You are 100% correct. I enjoyed your response.

  • Daniel M

    His website states that he was homeschooled. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • TheLastRationalMan

    Mark my words carefully: There will come a time in the not too distant future when the rest of civilization stops laughing at our delusions and comes to fear us; then they will take action. You cannot educate those who take instruction as an insult or blasphemy and just further entrench themselves into what rational people must view as a form of madness. The world views us as we are: a nuclear armed radical theocracy in the making, longing for the “End Times.”

    • Della


  • Vii

    Freaking troll ass politicians. I apparently you don’t need an education to be a tea party retard.

  • Phil H

    Okay people, enough is enough. I am sick to death of the bullying that is going on here. Attacking Teapublicans like this mental midget, using logic and peer-reviewed science, is like beating up someone with no limbs. They..are..defenseless. How can someone with little education, a deluded belief in a myth created by desert tribesmen millennia ago, and a really low I.Q fight back? Take a good, long look at yourselves in the mirror people. Be ashamed. Show compassion. And never get into an elevator with one in case it gets stuck.

    • Della


    • Robert K.

      Phil H., I did smile at your tongue-in-cheek sympathy for this object of our ridicule. However, now you’ve broached the question of how we are going to deal with the likes of Kevin Swanson. I am not suggesting that it’s possible to have a reasoned discussion with Pastor Swanson, but I do wonder how our gleeful disgust looks to a reader who already believes that liberals are snobbish “elites”. Some compassion (or pity, if that feels more appropriate) might also helps us figure out how to persuade these people or their children to free their minds. I also propose that belief in crazy ideas doesn’t depend on moronic stupidity. Those desert tribesmen were not all idiots; the centuries of surgeons that bled their patients were not stupid, just products of their culture. I am the opposite of a cultural relativist, but those of us with a better grasp on reality have the responsibility to understand these benighted minds and find ways to nudge their social groups towards scientific cosmopolitan tolerance. Sam Harris argues that there’s no time left for polite persuasion, so my concerns may be moot. Maybe we do have to make these people feel ridiculous before their religious warring dooms us all.

    • Annie

      “Attacking Teapublicans like this mental midget, using logic and peer-reviewed science, is like beating up someone with no limbs. They..are..defenseless.” Sure! That’s why they arm themselves. They will take action. They will shoot first thus doing away with the need to talk about it.

  • LiberalLarry


  • Carmen

    The problem is that some people, from all parts of the nation, who have no way of knowing if this guy is making this up as he goes, might actually believe he is making a statement of fact. Hence, this moronic diatribe will be taken as true, causing more ignorance in our nation. Why do they always target women’s reproduction issues? Why don’t they talk about the responsibilities that the male sex has in procreation as well? Their sperm are half of the story, I don’t hear them saying to their male colleagues “Control your urges”, “Be responsible”, or anything else that makes sense, just diatribe against women. Sexist ignoramus!

  • Omar

    I am truly awestruck at how stupid this sounds. I cant believe this is an adult saying this on the radio. This has definitely raised the bar for teapublican ridiculousness.

  • David Kempton

    I wonder if ANY of these pseudo-Christians who use “God” and Republican Jesus as their moral compass have EVER read a book on basic reproductive processes? I mean, even the drivel dribbled out in high school sex-ed classes. Or if they simply continue to use the “all sex is evil, but if you’re married and trying to help overpopulate the planet, it’s OK, as long as you don’t have pleasure-except for the guy, who MUST have pleasure to plant his seed – so God WANTS the GUY to have orgasms, but not you – squirming like that might make the seed miss its mark, and then the poor guy will have to do it to you again next month” mantra (whew!) to justify their agenda of say-anything, do-anything to put Christ in the White House.

    When intelligence is devalued, superstition abounds. When ignorance is the norm, the internet-capable man is king. When ignorance is the desired outcome, as in the Texas educational dumbing-down “system” any sane person will r4esist with any and all means at hand.

    THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE US IS INTELLIGENCE. Facts, truth and honest dialog.

    But Teapublicans, right-wing activists of all stripes and evangelicals of all forms of ignorance are banded together to create the New Stupid.

    The New Stupid will enable jobs for EVERYONE – at $3.50/hr, 10-hr days 6 days a week (and one for mandatory Christian church services and no vacation or benefits.

    The New Stupid will have housing for EVERYONE – all those reclaimed, illegally foreclosed homes can easily be transformed into barracks – one for men, one for women, with armed guards 9as everywhere – for YOUR protection – at all entrances.

    Yeah., that is a bit far-fetched – but actually, not by much. Look to the power of the Dark Side – NDAA, the Patriot Act, HR347 – to see what rights you have left (I think right now, the only one left IS the 2nd) And look at the charter of Homeland Security, see what organizations and individuals come under its direct control…

    And then re-evaluate…

    • Shannon Ragsdale

      I wonder of they’ve actually read their own bibles? Other than select “good bits” of course.

  • David

    Well, they have a religion based on a myth of parthenogenesis, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t understand that real human reproduction involves development from egg->zygote->blastocyst->embryo-> *then* fetus.

    Another medical moron amongst the Taliban Equivalent Americans party.

    • cindy tregan

      He also seems to have left out menstruation.. .you know, that bit where the woman’s body bleeds out what isn’t needed for procreation this month…?

  • Julie

    J Martin, knowing the parts of a sentence and how they work is a LOT different than knowing the parts of the female body and how it works!!! If your only reply to the subject at hand is to critique someone’s sentence structure, you’d be better off keeping your mouth shut and stop showing YOUR ignorance. If half the population agrees with the pastor, they are indeed ignorant…look up the word! And as for arrogance, look in a mirror!

  • Tammie

    Why do you believe this is your business, and why do you believe I would give a particular damn about your opinion of my bodily functions and/ or whether or not my husband and I CHOOSE to have children? GTH you ignorant bastard and take the rest of your ilk with you.

  • http://atheistcamel.blogspot.com/ Bart

    Well,Bobby Jindal was right about one thing: they are the Party of Stupid. And on it goes.
    Remarkable.. just remarkable

  • Deb Smith

    Gail Anderson . . . Please don’t offend Midwesterners and southeners. I’m a transplanted Ohioan residing in Florida. If you will revisit the 2012 elections, you will see that even with two of the biggest asses in the nation as our governors, cutting early voting and creating situations in key Democratic districts which caused hours long waits, including an instance of voters’ cars being towed, the midwestern state of Oho and southern state of Florida did our part to re-elect President Obama. We may say “warsh” in Ohio and “ya’ll” in Florida, but stupid we are not!

  • Dana

    How dare you, Swanson. When you masturbate you drown millions of tiny babies down the drain. How about that.

    • james tompkins


    • Gene Byrge

      And there IS Biblical support for that, otherwise why would God have purportedly told Onan not to “spill your seed on the ground” thus giving us a name for do-it-yourself men – Onanism = chronic masturbation

  • June

    “certain doctors and certain scientists” Well documented sources.
    This might make a good zombie movie! After a certain number of imbedded fetuses crowd the womb, it splits open releasing all these little zombie fetuses from their graveyard.

    • dave

      Lmao :D

  • Lopine

    Questions about the sound snippet: what doctors and scientists are spewing this BS? What SECOND film is this other person talking about? What opinions on both sides is he talking about?
    And where are these nut jobs coming from? Am I wrong or is the right becoming more and more unhinged?
    It is truly disturbing that these crazy people are finding audiences that listen and believe them.

    • james tompkins

      Unfortunately there is enough people in this country who cant think for themselves and let asshats like this think for them. Therein lies their moronic audience

    • brbr2424

      Where are they coming from? One word. Actually two words. “home schooling”

      • Marian

        Oh hell no. I pulled my kids out of public school precisely because they weren’t getting the education they deserved. My kids are both bloody intelligent, and both were home schooled. There is a huge swell of home schooled kids now who are actually extremely well educated. Keep up with the times, brbr2424.

        Having said that, the would be just as horrified as I am that someone actually said what this guy did… if he actually believes it, he is abysmally ignorant.

  • Vicki

    Oh for God’s sake. What about the zillions of fertilized eggs that never get imbedded and pass through with the monthly menses during a woman’s lifetime. If a fertilized egg has a soul, there are literally multiple multitudes of souls in heaven who waaaay more than ever existed in the earthly plane. If we got excited about every one of these things, we’d have to declare God a major babykiller.

  • Earl

    Pastor Kevin, this is fascinating. I have come across research that suggests your skull is actually hollow. Now, this may be a surprise, but yes you have an outer candy shell, and inside is coldness, it’s really icy in there.

    Yes you have any icy center, but in the middle of that ice is a tiny, tiny, tiny brain. Quite fascinating and hard to explain.

    The scientific name is “Equus asinus asinus” more commonly know as a jackass. You have the shrunken brain of a jackass in your candy coated skull. Also it appears you also have no heart. An absolutely amazing find.

    • Sinis Tergrin

      HA! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.. hahahahaha

    • Susan

      Earl, I am sorry to say that you have truely insulted all the jackasses on earth. What I believe you seem to have described may very possibly be a zombie brain.

  • Mary Ciulla

    Please don’t tell the conservatives that fifty percent of fertilized eggs are passed out of the woman’s body via menstruation. They will try to pass legislation making this natural function illegal!

  • Ted

    A fetus is not a child (or “children,” plural), Pastor Numbnuts.

  • Ted

    When the folks from the coasts are going over the “fly over” parts of the country…they really ought to start dropping bombs.

    People like this idiot pastor should be extinct; they only live to provide evidence to what happens when there ISN’T evolution. You end up with diseased, mindless, medieval trolls like Pastor Numbnuts.

  • CynthiaR

    Noun: An unborn or unhatched offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.

    I’m 64, was on The Pill for perhaps 25-30 years. 12 months in a year. It must be gettin’ mighty darned crowded in there, Pastor Kev. Never mind we all know–or I thought we did!–from those horrible fifth grade films about Growing Up And Becoming A Woman that an unfertilised egg is washed out of the body as part of the normal menstruated cycle each month.

    What a bozo. And people sit every Sunday and on radio programmes believing this twit? I despair.

  • Bizarro7

    I don’t believe for one moment that he’s that ignorant. I think he’s deliberately inventing this theory in order to convince those who have already proven that they are willing to believe absolutely anything, as long as it serves their spiritual addictions–to believe that an invisible being is in charge of all the good things in the world, and that humans and a devil are responsible for the rest. That babies are to be saved at all costs, even to the mother–until they are born, after which who the hell cares what happens to them; that only humans who were bore with a certain appendage are more qualified to serve as spiritual leaders, and that the end justifies any means used to further their philosphy of a peaceful, serene, loving God–even if it means killing the opposition.

  • Lynn

    Well, his education isn’t getting in the way of his ignorance, is it?

    • Dwerenat

      Education? They have schools on the Island of the Goons? If only Popeye had known. :p

  • J Martin

    @Gail Anderson

    As someone born and raised in the South and Midwest, I cannot help but feel somewhat slighted by your remarks. As a result, I feel the need to point out the irony of this sentence.

    “What an irgnorant stupid fool this guy is. I never heard such nonsense.”

    The statements by the Pastor are indeed ignorant, but your own ignorance, coupled with your arrogance are far more offensive in my opinion. If you are going to call into question the intelligence of half the nations populace, at least have the good sense to use spell check and perhaps even check to make sure you aren’t missing any words.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    • JPEG

      J, that would be “nation’s.”

    • Robert K.

      J. Martin, please don’t take personal offense. I agree that it is very wrong to believe that Pastor Swanson could only be the product of the South or Midwest, but Gail Anderson was not saying that everybody living in those regions thinks like Swanson and so was not denigrating the entire population nor you personally. It is ignorant (maybe pronounced “irgnorant” in certain parts of NYC?) to deny that Swanson-type ideas exist in any New England or PNW state. I hope that I have understood your anger and shown that I find it justified. I just want us to keep talking out these things. I still carry regional prejudice and have been called out for expressing it. I need to keep conversing with people from all over this country to stop being part of the problem of polarization.
      I take responsibility for any typographic, spelling or grammar errors.
      Respectfully Submitted,
      Robert Kinstler

  • beachgal

    I believe the Pastor has entered the Twilight Zone!

  • Deb Smith

    I’m not certain. There are a lot of moronic tea-party statements from which to choose. If this is how this expert on women’s reproductive health feels, perhaps he should have them implanted in his. I sure hope he isn’t a sperm donor.

    • Dwerenat

      You know damned well he is. The breed like cockroaches if you let them.

  • Michael

    Dear Paster Swansen,
    Please read a book. ANY book.
    With deep respect,

    • sera

      Except the bible, can’t have him getting any more insane ideas about women now can we?

  • Nick


  • Gail Anderson

    This is positively the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard .He has got to be from the South or midwest. What an irgnorant stupid fool this guy is. I never heard such nonsense.

    • Marian

      You know, Gail – I’m from Alaska, originally. Born and raised there, lived there for more than 35 years. Then I moved to Georgia. There is a guy in Alaska by the name of Jerry Prevo. He’s very similar to this guy. There are misogynistic, religious zealots everywhere. Please don’t assume that just because you don’t live in the South or Midwest that you don’t have them living in your neighborhood.

    • bonzai

      Gail – please leave us Midwesterners out of this. As a group, we don’t support this kind of nonsense. Any more than you – probably coastal? – people do.

  • Brianna

    I had a surgery in there and it was videotaped as they were using a scope. I watched the tape and I can assure you that there were no fetuses in there at all…sometime this crap is just so ludicrous that it almost makes me laugh….almost….I can totally see Sascha Cohen putting something like this in one of his movies…

  • Cheryll Nelson

    Kevin- are you aware that unless a woman is pregnant, the uterus sheds its lining, causing bleeding. It is called a period and it flushes everything out.. Menstruation, you might have heard of it.

    • Ally

      You’d think he might also have heard that most birth control pills stop ovulation…wait, what am I thinking, knowing that would involve reading.

  • Perry

    This is one of the most moronic things I have heard from a Teapublican wing-nut yet. Is there some secret competition by these morons to see who can say the most outlandish thing?

    • Ed

      Perry: Yes. It’s called a race to the bottom.

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