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TEApublican Radio Host: ‘Hatred Of White People Has Now Become An Epidemic In This Country’

TEApublicans are experts at using one of the oldest tricks in the book: Accuse your opponent of being or doing what you actually are and what you actually do! Roger Hedgecock is former mayor of San Diego and current racist and right wing talk show host.

Hedgecock equated teaching about race with “hatred of white people” and said “hatred of white people has now become an epidemic in this country.”

And guess whose fault that is? President Barack Obama. Yep Hedgecock puts the blame squarely on President Obama for “racial tensions” that “are at an all-time high in my lifetime.”

Hedgecock is completely delusional, claiming,

“I lived through Rosa Parks, I lived through Martin Luther King, Jr. The consensus was at that time among white people that those civil rights efforts were in the noblest tradition in the American republic!”

Oh really?  Then who blasted people down the street with fire hoses? Imaginary white folks?

Hedgecock’s racist show airs on San Diego station 760 KFMB-AM, which features white talk show hosts for 100% of their programming. That’s probably Obama’s fault too, somehow.

Unbelievable Audio Here:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • bert

    This IS the dumbest website I have ever seen.

    • AATTP

      So, instead of just clicking the back button you stay even longer to leave that utterly useless comment? Interesting strategy.

      • Edward J. Belanger

        No, not THIS website. I meant THAT website. Sorry for the misunderstanding…LOL… I am 100% in support of AATP!

        • AATTP

          Oh, okay. Sorry about the confusion, friend. :)

    • Edward J. Belanger

      See above, Burt. Again Sorry that I didn’t make myself clearer.

  • Michael

    This guy looks like he was born from a forbidden love relationship between Bill Nye and Mike Shannahann… I say he should take a DNA test to continue speaking on the radio of douchebaggery

  • steven

    equal oppurtunity and affirmitive action line up perfectly you can’t higher a less qualified person of color and it doesn’t ask you to do so…. so since both are equally qualified no discrimination…see

  • Lori

    I’m Irish, Native American, Italian, Jewish, French, Scottish, Spanish…..and God only knows what else!! I am Spritiual & don’t identify with any particular religion even tho I was raised Catholic…..with all that mix, IDK who to hate!! OK, to be honest…it takes way too much energy to hate, but I strongly dislike idiots such as Teabaggers, Westboro Church, Hedgecock & others like him!

  • joy cash

    Am 64 yrs. old and haven’t caught “white hate” plague.
    Could be that I try to treat everyone I meet like brothers & sisters that we are.
    This has worked for me, so think I’ll keep it up.

  • Roy

    Is this guy for real? Seriously, the schools have never taught white hate! I’ll bet that the KKK and the Aryan Nation or Neo-Nazis love to hear him spew that sewage. The only part that I can agree with is with the Affirmative action law. That is the only place where whites are legally discriminated against. That provision was only meant as a temporary measure to allow minorities the opportunity to catch up. It wasn’t meant to be a permanent provision. To claim Equal Opportunity and then say Affirmative Action they are a contradiction in terms. For Equal Opportunity means that everyone is considered based on qualifications and merit, then you throw in Affirmative Action which places a bias against whites is the only problem. This is what is fuelling morons like this to spew sewage.

  • john

    Not ALL white people…… just teabilly right wing white trash whites. Like this guy. My dislike is pretty specific.

    Oh, and I’m a white guy.

  • joy cash

    Really Roger?
    I’m white and haven’t been caught by “white hatred” plague.
    Of course, I treat others as the brothers & sisters we are.
    I don’t spread fear, distrust, bigotry or greed. I treat others as I want to be treated,
    it’s worked out well for 64 yrs., think I’ll keep it up.

  • Adam Baum

    Not accepting dominance of White people is “hatred of White people” in the eyes of a racist.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    I am SO sorry that so many people with skin of MY color are STILL hating on people with skin of a darker color. In THIS age, 2013, THIS should NOT be still happening! There is simply NO excuse for it, none at all.

  • Belinda

    I think this guy is confusing “hatred of white people” with “others having a chance in this nation.” Of course white people in this country are hated. So are blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Indians (different from Native Americans, technically), Middle Eastern people, biracial or mixed race people, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, rich people, poor people, fat people, thin people, short people, tall people, pretty people, ugly people, old people, young people and children, women, men, gay people and straight people. It seems like everybody in this country can find someone to hate. The only difference is that we quantify hate in some cases and refuse to see it in others so it becomes “acceptable.” And, that’s really the epidemic. “Acceptable” hatred. No hatred, no bigotry, no stereotyping, no intolerance should be accepted, and yet it is, because we let it be. The only real change we can make is to either acknowledge and attempt to abolish all forms of hate or to refuse to acknowledge any form of hate. Until we stop having it both ways, every group and sub group in this country will continue to believe they are the victim of the worst abuse this country has ever had to offer and whether they are right or wrong will not matter.

    • Randy

      Belinda, Belinda, Belinda. Don’t you realize that the very act of even wanting a chance is an act of hatred towards white people? you probably don’t understand that loving someone of the same gender is also an act of hatred against straight people and actually wanting the right to marry someone of the same gender? well that is flat out terrorism!

  • GGordon

    I don’t hate white people, some of my best friends are white…:D

  • Mark – Atlanta

    I’m white, I’m 57 years-old, I live in Georgia and I’m sorry this is happening. I have voted Democratic since 1976. In ’72’ I was a 17 year-old kid going door to door for George McGovern. I’m a Veteran. I love Barack Obama. If he was not our president, we’d be sunk! I shave my head, I ride a big Harley but I do own guns. In the same way that we fight against stereotyping women and minorities, please use caution when forming an opinion about white people-especially men my age. Things are bad, but would be much worse if not for some of us working hard for years for change. And believe me, I have it out with loud mouths my age all the time. So in a way – I’m really out there in the front lines for change more than ever. Thank you.

    • Mark – Atlanta

      And, I don’t “feel” hated. As a white man, I’ve had it made all of my life. These white men are whining fools and are making these idiotic claims for political purposes only.

    • Rupert

      Thank you Sir for all you have been doing for this country – and for what you still are doing! And I think you are right: people like you are the change agents this country needs to move beyond prejudice and fear and become a great place to live for all of us again.

    • Claudia Joanne Renshaw

      I love you!

  • David Sherr

    “I lived through Rosa Parks, I lived through Martin Luther King, Jr. The consensus was at that time among white people that those civil rights efforts were in the noblest tradition in the American republic!”

    The consensus? Then how come there had to be a Civil Rights Act, how come the GOP fought it and how come the GOP fought renewal of it a few years ago?

  • Troyrobertdavid

    Sorry Roger but it is not a hatred of white people in general, it is a hatred of old white misogynistic, homophobic, hypocritical, men.

    • LiberalLarry

      Amen.I’m white and gay.I don’t loathe my “whiteness” or my “gayness” but I detest Sociopathic Aryans

  • motorfingaz

    Who does this right wing wacko thinks he’s fooling?

  • Dwerenat

    I hardly think hatred of white people is anything vaguely resembling an epidemic, Hedgecrock. Now hatred of bigots like you on the other hand… yeah, that’s getting downright popular these days. Not a moment too soon either.

    • motorfingaz


      • beau

        Let’s overreact and put on rose colored glasses regarding how whites’s reacted to those civil rights champions like Bull Connor, George Wallace, Orville Faubus…Please!

  • Leonard Lewis

    He was an asshat when he was mayor and he still is one.

  • Larry McCarty

    The high and mighty Mr hedgepecker is, in reality, a CRIMINAL, having plead guilty to playng fast and loose with campaign contributions which caused him to be impeached in San Diego. A plea bargain is all that kept HedgeCOCK from doing time!

  • Bruce Jensen

    I am a white person – and I hate myself so much I have to take organ anti-rejection medicine just to keep from exploding!

  • Perry

    So what I think you are saying is that white people are now being treated (in your mind) like Blacks, Asians, Jews, Indians, gays and any other non-white, non-Christian person and YOU DON’T LIKE IT?! That officially makes you a hypocrite. How does it feel, you moron.

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