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TEApublican Idiot Tells Glenn Beck: Armed School Children Prevent School Shootings (video)

In the bizarre world of right wing Tea Party-type religious whack-jobs, there isn’t much that surprises us anymore. This one, however, we thought deserved a look because it really does sound like it could be from The Onion…but it isn’t. David Barton, a discredited and disgraced lying degenerate weasel has really outdone himself this time, claiming, among other things, that armed school children would prevent school shootings. Let that sink in for a minute. Yeah, this lying worm Barton claims that there never used to be school shootings in the 1800s because all of the kids carried guns to school. Want another zinger? Okay, according to Barton, the NRA was founded in order to protect freed slaves from lynchings.  Yeah, he really believes that.  And so do Glenn Beck and his intellectually disabled lunatic audience.

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Watch the video from Right Wing Watch here:


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  • http://facebook mike smith

    Louis Lamour would be shocked to know his box Bendigo Shafter is now a history book.

  • Capt Graeves

    In the 1800’s, elementary schools included teenagers, many of whom would go hunting after class. We’re not talking New York or Philadelphia, but the likes of the Kansas frontier, etc. And up into the 60’s (or possibly later) many schools still had shooting clubs, Students that belonged to a shooting club would bring their firearm to school. The children that this references were all trained in proper firearm safety, proper care, and respect for others, as that was the way of things in those times. The respect for others is something that is sadly lacking in today’s society. Why you have to immediately jump to the conclusion it is 6 & 7 year olds is very narrow minded. Post civil war era still had many, many 1 room schoolhouses.

  • Rebsbull

    I’m sorry. Glenn Beck’s set is a replica of the Oval Office? Sit.Down.

    • LateNight

      Another one of the RepubliCLOWN wanna-be leaders living in their fantasy world…

  • Sense_n_Sensibility


    I sure would like to see the historical evidence for this fairy tale! Even if it DID happen ….. ONCE ….. that is truly anecdotal with no verifiable efficacy for this whack job’s assertions.

    Show me the videotape or the news footage …. oh yeah … that’s right …. it was the “1800s.” When all families were doing so well financially they could ALL afford guns for every family member. Seriously … hasn’t this idiot ever watched “Little House on the Prairie?” Most families had ONE rifle they kept hung over the fireplace that Daddy would take down to shoot a deer to feed the family or dispatch of a cougar that was trying to eat the livestock. I mean, seriously, if you’re gonna engage in this type of storytelling, you should at least check out some of the other related fiction.

    (Disclaimer: I realize the “Little House” books were “based” on Ms. Wilder’s experiences growing up in the midwest during the 19th century, so not strictly fiction. While somewhat of a series of “memoirs,” the books were not published until 1932 when Ms. Wilder was 65 years old. Her recollections may have been colored and mellowed by time, her stories may have been embellished and some content may have been suggested by publishers to sell books. These books should not be taken as an objective record of Ms. Wilder’s life or, indeed, of life in the 19th century in general.)

    • LiberalLarry

      Because we critically think is one of the reasons we are winning this ideological war,that and we are a helluva lot brighter than they are.

    • Katherine

      I do a lot of genealogy, both my own and helping other people. Doing this I’ve read a lot of estate records and bankruptcy records and other types of records that completely list the contents of people’s homes. Very very rarely have I seen a gun mentioned and most of the records I’ve looked at were southerners and in the 1800’s time frame.

  • Penny Wimer

    How give Glenn Beck a job and why? This nut case and all of the nut cases he talks to are destroying our Country. Can you imagine 8 yr olds with guns in the school yard. I can see it now [Bully with a guns kills 12 kids after lunch]. These guys need their I Q’s tested…

  • Perry

    The written narrative is too kind to David Barton. He is not safe (for us) to be out on his own. He needs to be institutionalized.

  • Gail Anderson

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. How does he know all the kdis had guns??? Was he there???> He is talking out his ass like all the reuples do. Oh hell ya that is the answer., lets arm little 5, 6, and 7 yrear olds with guns. What a friggen MORON.

  • LateNight

    The demented feel THEY are the ones protecting society… not that society needs protection from them.

  • LiberalLarry

    The deluded’s delusions used to be entertaining.Nothing more but sad insanity.Now however their lunacy can create chaos and we must not let their deranged rants,blatant lies and psychotic sociopathic tendencies endanger our society.I suggest we lock the lunatics up in a well secured Asylum.Society must be protected from the demented.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ObliterateTheGop Tommympt

      They are truly a clear and present danger. Guantanamo is much too small. Where do you suggest?

      • Sense_n_Sensibility


        Just kiddin’ …. I heard some moron say Texas was actively recruiting “like minded” teabillies to pick up & move there before they closed their borders and became their own sovereign republic (or whatever the Teapublican rhetoric for the perfect system is today). He didn’t find it funny when I said: “Poor Texas …. first Ozzy pees on The Alamo, and now this…..”

        • LiberalLarry

          I wish Ozzy would piss on Perry.Bite the Tea-Nuts head off..Theocratic Over-Lord of The Texas Twisted Teabillies.

      • LiberalLarry

        Newt’s “moon colony”.Appropriate for lunatics

        • Polopaula

          I like that LiberalLarry!

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