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Tea Party Leader: Black People Should Quit ‘B*tching & Moaning’ About Slavery

While the right wing often claims that racism is over in Americasometimes it is important to remember that (in reality) we have a long way to go. On the 148th anniversary of the end of slavery, the Lincoln County (New Mexico) Tea Party tweeted out a meme that spoke out against the horrendous treatment of slaves in America!

the white Irish slaves.

Glynis Racine tweeted the following:

12-19-2013 12-22-38 PM

Black people, according to the meme,  simply complain about it too much. As is the usual mantra of this mindless mass of wasted carbon atoms, white people had it worse This of course continues into today when descendants of those slaves, who totally don’t enjoy white privilege in society, should be complaining about how they are mistreated even in 2013! But they don’t. Because white people are better.

While most of us detest slavery as a whole. Some apparently have chosen to debate whether white or black slaves were treated worse than the other. 

Racine deleted the tweet, but later defended herself:

12-19-2013 12-44-19 PM


There you have it, folks! White people have always had it tougher, even as slaves. Those “other ones” simply whined too much about it, and those that followed just held on to the ridiculous belief that their ancestors’ suffering was worse than it really was.

We’re wondering how long it will be until a teabagger tweets that they should simply appreciate the free lodging, the great food, the motivation, and opportunity to work their ancestors were afforded. Besides, if it weren’t for slavery, African Americans would not have the opportunity to live here!

So, the next time someone talks to you about slavery, be sure to remind them that their objections to the practice fail to focus on the plight of the white guy.

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  • Kevan Scott

    Sodomist, Don’t you know that is the normal GOP and Tea Bagger way? You know, tell a lie often enough and well enough and people will soon believe it? As far as someone tweeting out that blacks had it good with slavery I’ve not seen it tweeted but have heard that bullshit and if I’m not wrong aattp.org covered a story lieke that some time ago. Oh, take note of her conviction as she deleted the tweet she defended but for some odd reason doesn’t want anyone to see it now. Courageous girl, don’t you think? NOT!!

  • http://facebook sotamis

    WOW!!! Where is she getting her history from. I am very familiar with the plight of immigrants into New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. My grandparents were part of it. True, it was bad. Only have knowledge of slavery through what I cared to read but I know she is completely of base with this quote. Why justify your feelings with absolute lies.

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