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Tea Party Idiot Louie Gohmert Says Minimum Wage is ‘Irrelevant’ to Income Inequality (Video)

Louie Gohmert was questioned about abolishing the minimum wage and stated that it’s “irrelevant” to income inequality. Gohmert states that having a set minimum wage is acceptable, but people should be paid according to the “value” they bring to the business.

“I don’t have a problem if you want to have some low minimum wage, but it’s really not necessary in a true free market because people are going to be paid according to the value that they bring to the business…”

Gohmert seems to be saying that minimum wage dictates how many people can work in a business because, if it is raised, many people will lose their jobs and a lot of “young people” won’t be hired due to lack of experience.

Perhaps Gohmert misunderstood the question, but how does he come to the conclusion that raising the minimum wage would deter potential employees?  In actuality, increasing the minimum wage would keep low-income families from falling below the poverty line by ensuring that anyone living in America with a job is able to survive.

Gohmert is concerned about putting people out of work, yet never mentions the fact that the people working minimum wage jobs are barely able to feed themselves. By saying “if you don’t work, you don’t eat,” he is not only refuting his entire argument, but also ignoring the fact that people who do work are still unable to eat.

Watch Gohmert’s remarks in the video below.

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Erica is from a small town in eastern Ohio where people think LGBT and HTML is basically the same thing, and ignorance is as common as gunshots and drug trafficking. Being immersed in this culture, or lack thereof, Erica has been left with a sour taste in her mouth for discrimination and unethical treatment of minorities that the Right Wing excuses because the Bible says so. Erica graduated with a Bachelors in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, but can't speak a lick of Pittsburghese.
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  • Madbunny

    “.. because people are going to be paid according to the value that they bring to the business”

    Right, this is why fast food workers all drive sports cars and have excellent retirement and health benefits. I mean, individually they bring in many thousands of dollars a day, yes?

    Odd how it doesn’t actually work this way with the people who talk about it as a reason against minimum wages, isn’t it?

  • https://www.facebook.com/ronald.emery1 Ronald Emery

    It is amazing how The Republicans think we want everyone paid the same to make income equality. We just want people to be able to find a job that gives you 40 hour work weeks at a pay that will let you live with dignity and raise a family. Imagine how much the country would improve if every family could have one parent at home to care for children while the other work one job. That requires income FAIRNESS, not equality. If the bottom people in an industry make $30,000/year, the CEO could make $3,000,000. That would still be 3 times higher percentagewise than the good old days the GOP love to talk about. If the inequality keeps growing at its present rate, the country will surely collapse.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root

    i don’t believe i’ve ever seen any body talk out of their ass and mouth at the same time until now..holy shit i wonder if he was drunk,high or just plain stupid?

  • https://www.facebook.com/ntummings2 Norm Tummings

    This coming from a person who is from Texas oops my bad China doing business as Texas (LLC). Here IN Texas (China) they brag that the economy is booming in jobs because companies from China come here for the cheap labor. What’s even funnier these companies then bring their own people over on H1B visa’s for 3 years and pay them more than what they could get someone from the USA doing the same damn thing!!!

  • Eleanor Earley

    Then you should be receiving NO pay because you and your teabagging/repug buddies have done absolutely nothing to help this country and resolve the problems facing most of us. You bring NO value to Congress.

  • Ceri Cat

    The truly sad part is with wages at the point people were having to work two or more jobs just to be insured you’ve got a real lack of liquidity at the lower end of the market which is where a lot of spending would logically happen given the percentage of incomes under a certain amount. The reality is though there’s just not the income in a lot of households to spend anything on anything besides essentials and utilities, which impacts the income of smaller businesses especially. Basically insufficient income is a massive spanner in the works of the economy in general, not just in keeping a roof over our heads, and food in our bellies.

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