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Tea Party America: Corporations Win While Workers Pay the Price (Video)

What in the world are Tea Partiers so angry about? Their dreams of taking America back from the Socialists/Marxists/Communists/anti-imperialists on behalf of corporate America are absolutely ridiculous, given the fact that America is already bought-and-paid for by the corporations!

Like zombie soldiers, they are taking to the front lines and waging a battle on behalf of corporate America that has already been won! The Bush administration’s complete corporate takeover of the federal government was the end-stage of a plan hatched 30 years earlier during the Reagan administration. Now, the corporate plutocrats are simply having their Tea Party soldiers and their bought-and-paid-for stooges in congress do their dirty work, fighting tooth and nail against President Obama on each and every single badly needed regulatory reform measure.

According to a new piece by AlterNet, in just the past 20 years not only have corporate profits quadrupled but the corporate tax rate has dropped by 50%.  In the mean time the payroll tax, which is paid by the workers, has doubled.

What does this mean? That the corporations are raking in record profits by taking full advantage of the gains in productivity derived from tax-payer provided government investments in basic research, especially technology and health care. The middle class is paying for the very same investments that have largely benefited the private sector, while the corporations have thanked is by contributing less and less to America’s coffers!

American corporations use everything from highways to shipping lanes, airports, the energy grid, communications towers, satellites, and government agencies like the FAA and DoT in order to produce output and transport it all over the country, why don’t they give back to the American people?

Bloomberg reports that trillions in corporate money is stashed in offshore tax havens, and that number grew by an astonishing 183 billion just last year.  Since they apparently feel very little allegiance to America, why don’t these corporations simply leave America and conduct their business elsewhere?  The answer is simple.  No other country pumps as much corporate welfare into already successful corporations and forces the taxpayer to foot most of the bill.  Doing business in America makes excellent business sense!

And what about the wealthiest individual Americans?  They are hoarding their wealth and not exactly trickling it down to the rest of us as Reaganomics promised.  As MarketWatch reports, over 90% of the assets owned by millionaires are held in a combination of bonds, the stock market and real estate.

The sad reality is that Tea Partiers are so blind with ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) that they don’t notice that only the middle class is being “Taxed Enough Already,” while the government is doing little to ensure a fair and level playing field between corporations and the American people.

If willfully ignorant  TEApublicans would just open their eyes they would see the truth–and maybe, just maybe, even help us take America back from corporate control and return it to The People!

Watch Thom Hartmann reveals how corporations “built” the Tea Party here:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • aurealeus

    The TeaPublican Party exudes
    hate; fear, malice and prejudice yet cite a book of love, tolerance, sacrifice and grace. You foment and actualize social, cultural, religious, and civil confines… yet cite a sacred document of freedom written with hopeful valor and signed with spilled, selfless blood… shed to vanquish such pervasive imprisonments. You revere patriots and martyrs that fought against the very subjugation you propel; and you enthrone and empower a cabal of greed and enterprise of corruption that soil the very podium they built upon the grave of these patriots. You characterize and extol this land as one of opportunity but bind it with ethnic exclusivity and shallow aristocracy and you decadently flaunt a dogma of origin when you are merely the remnant of a forgotten invasion…

    …and in the end, at the psyche’s core, within your moral infrastructure, you feel you’ve embodied and honored the qualities of men who helped the ill, poor and meek. You’ve treasured their every shadow, footprint and moral lineage. You feel you’ve emblazoned pride on their legacy, even though you callously and shamefully feasted on the idea of a noble and timeless atonement by perverting, warping ravaging, desecrating and scarring every benevolent, compassionate tenet and model of mercy left in the wake of these men. They are not your guide; they are your defense mechanism.

    You’re a conservative. You’re proud. You’re patriotic. You’re righteous and your molecular fabric is woven with purity. You’re just, but promote inequality. You’re gracious, but rife with greed. You’re Christ-like, but a warmonger. You love America, but sport the Confederated flag. You love freedom, but you control who has it. You promote unity, but stipulate who unites. You’re brave, but fear the different. You’re kind, but apathetic. You’re educated, but despise academia. You’re honest, but harbor lies. You’re a conservative, you’re a traitor, you’re a fraud and everything you are is nothing that you cherish.


  • supercat

    My husband believes the tea party people is what you would want to call a upper class of Republicans. Actually, look at it. the ones who are Tea Party, what was their last thing they were, Republican or Democratic. And if you look back into history the last 30 yrs, I don’t remember ever having the scare of eldery people and veterans not being able to get their social security or disability the first and 3rd of the month. You my remember, but he always watches the news and he doesn’t remember politicians saying the disabled won’t be paid. Guarentee they get their pay tho.

    • Bob Cull

      I know that it’s nit picking but I hear it all the time and always feel compelled to point out that the belief that SS retirement benefits come on the 1st of the month is one of those urban legends with no basis in fact. Mine can come as early as the 8th or as late as the 14th. It comes on the second Wednesday not a specific date, it is based on your birthday, my mothers comes on a different day, I was born in the beginning of the month she was born at the end of the month. As I said just nit picking. :D

  • onewhoknows

    what i find puzzling is why the average tea bagger thinks the republican corporation laws somehow exempts them from the same screwing we’re all getting… Corporations have declared war against an entire class of citizens. They could care less about your color. They want YOUR money!

  • Velska

    I think it’s a neat move to compare the libertarian social ideas to Somalia.

    Money reigned pretty much before the Citizens United disaster. But yes, now you have thousands probably of those teabagger groups being set up as “Social Welfare Corporations” that are non-profit to the teabaggers themselves, but in the end, they will mean huge profits to the billionaire donors.

    And the driving energy of Tea Party was racism, toned down a little.

  • Bob Cull

    Thom has a real knack for putting what everyone should see into words that anyone with half a brain can understand. These idiots who still support the Teapubs are frightening in that they believe that being the most vocal proves that they are in the majority! Just yesterday I saw a post on FB by a woman who actually believes that there are more registered Republicans than there are Democrats. When I tried to point out that she was wrong she accused me of “distorting the facts” and being unpatriotic because I was “anti business.” These people have to be stopped and stopped soon before the damage they have done to this country is irreversible.

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