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Tea Partier: Obama exploited dead children ‘within minutes’ of Newtown massacre (video)

Degenerate lying Tea Partier, Ted Cruz, is a rising star in primarily because of his extremist hatred of all things Obama.  Cruz defended the NRA’s disgusting ad attacking the President and his children saying, “I do think there is a fundamental point here, and there is a point of hypocrisy when it comes to gun control, that many of the opponents of gun control are very wealthy, live in communities where they can outsource police protection.”

Cruz is saying Secret Service protection, which is necessary primarily because of whackjob gun nuts like Cruz and his Tea Party disciples is hypocrisy.

“Within minutes of that horrible tragedy in Newtown, the president began trying exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that is designed to appeal to partisans, that is designed to his political partisans.”

Cruz goes on to lie about violent crime, and the assault weapons ban.  See it here.  More evidence that the Tea Party would rather have piles of dead kids than meaningful reforms to stop mass shootings.


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Meg Tharp

    I am ashamed to have this nut case representing me. What in the world where the voters thinking?

  • robert cutler

    Cruz is another mistake from Texas. 6 years of mistakes coming up with this idiot. Can Texas do better? I hope so.

  • Hawkins

    Ted Cruz is my senator in congress. I do not agree with him. He is a tea party nut! I do not know why people in Texas voted for him! All the tea party wants to instill fear. That is the first step to controlling a public! He is nuts. The Tea Party is full of domestic terrorists trying to control us by fear tactics. Well Mr. Cruz I am not going to fall for your ignorance and fear tactics. The President is trying to make the USA a better and safer place to live and the idiots of the tea party just throw out lies and BpornSporn to try to scare the public.

  • latenightlarry

    Ted Cruz undoubtedly has HIS family in a heavily armed GATED community, with bulletproof windows in his unburnable brick house, so he doesn’t have to worry about his kids being hurt by the whack jobs he stirs up… Put his family in Harlem or South Central LA and see how he reacts.

  • Perry

    It’s nut jobs like this that are politicizing the murder of children. They criticize President Obama for saying what is on the mind of every caring, sane person in this country. If he said nothing they would criticize him for being uncaring. It’s so sad to watch this country spiral down to being a third-rate society driven by fringe ultra-right-wing terrorists. I hope that the next few elections sweep out these fringe idiots and bring in Democrats and/or sane Republicans.

  • Michael Breen

    Wonder if someone blew his family away, would he still speak the same shit!. Fear and bigotry are his mantra and xenophobia his life skill!

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