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Sweet Silence! Glenn Beck Loses His Voice, Cries Like A Baby!

Paranoid professional liar and hate-monger Glenn Beck has been struck silent, telling his deranged audience using cue cards “My vocal chords [sic] are paralyzed.”

It’s like that scene in Love Actually where Mark (Andrew Lincoln) shares his feelings with Juliet (Keira Knightley) via cue cards, except Beck’s video features someone who is actively psychotic and suffering from paranoid delusions and hallucinations.

Beck has been on a roll in the past couple weeks, calling First Lady Michelle Obama a monster, claiming the USA will “dwarf what (Nazi) Germany did,” and even claiming that his lunatic crackpot disciples are going to “save the nation.”

I wonder if Beck will take this as a “sign from God” and shut his trap for good. Probably not.

Watch the video of his head-scratching stunt:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Jack

    Hopefully what he has is terminal and contagious, so that he can give it to Rush, BillO and Hannity

  • http://www.facebook.com/catowg Cato W Gustavson

    So it was a PR stunt for a website?

  • http://www.facebook.com/brooke.doris.5 Brooke Doris

    Beck has not grown at all. He is a nasty, manipulative, ignorant, divisive, lying, greedy, grand standing, narcissistic piece of work. Slime through and through.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brooke.doris.5 Brooke Doris

      I forgot to add that Beck is also the King of Fear Porn and the Preacher of Hate.

      • LJM

        Amen! You got that right.

  • Piers

    Very strange that he apologizes for who he was, not who he is.True, sincere apologies are sometimes difficult; if you are a showman, and an apology is part of your show, and has been designed to render a certain effect, then I bet it isn’t hard at all. He has not worked for the betterment of the US and “her people”, he has pitted them against each other. Charlatan

  • Mike

    “Some have been taken out of context”
    should have been followed by a card that read:
    “But 99.9% were pulled right out of my fat ass”

    • http://discuss Randym

      True fact

  • John

    For someone who can’t speak, this PITA wouldn’t shut up! He has some serious psychological issues, including megalomania. That’s the kind of doctor he needs to see.. a psychologist. Maybe Dr. Phil will treat him; after all, he just wrote another book…..

  • http://www.freezermealsforus.blogspot.com Maggie Goebel

    Maybe his church leaders have finally silenced him! He is such an embarrassment!

  • http://www.minicatracingusa.com Jim S

    Beck is nothing but a showboat. He is dangerous. His rhetoric and lies have earned him a place in hell. Those of you that listen to his bullcrap will join him. He is a destabilizing influence in our society. He makes stuff up and gets his sycophant followers all riled up because they are too stupid to determine truth from the drivel Beck spits out.

    I hope he never gets his voice back! His absence from the American scene would be a blessing from God.

    • LJM

      Yes, he is dangerous.

  • Walker Tanner

    Did anybody else get about halfway through and realize that he was still holding a massive stack of cards and just give up on it?

    • http://www.black-feather1.com Christine Rietsch

      I gave up halfway through. I think this is another bullshit stunt from him. At first I thought it was a sick parody of the girl that did this on youtube as a suicide note.

  • Bob Cull

    Here’s a thought, Aberdeen, why don’t you give that advice the the Glennster? If I’m not absolutely sure about something I do research it (not on Faux News, Breitbart, Druge or the Blaze) before I say anything. Beck on the other hand just makes s**t up out of thin air!

  • http://northierthanthou.wordpress.com danielwalldammit

    He’s still doing those things he claims he did long ago.

  • Chris Lina

    OMG – that was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. That look on his face – that phoney look – the crocodile tears – I really hope he can never talk again. I hate that SOB and quite frankly I’m not too sure this isn’t a publicity stunt.

  • Chris Hunter

    If his vocal cords ARE paralyzed, where is his feeding tube? I *have* had laryngeal paralysis. Breathing, eating, speaking all packed into 1 cubic inch. Everything that goes into your mouth goes into your lungs. Nothing is coming out of your mouth, but if anything is going into it, then you don’t need to speak to be telling a lie. I want to see the feeding tube.

  • ChuckS

    I was totally disappointed. I was expecting to see him cry like a baby. :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/paula.m.smolik Paula M Smolik

    “How many have been of value? Or positive?”
    To quote Walter….”That would be…NOOOONE!”

  • james hazel

    Sounds like even God has heard enough of your B.S. Learn sign language, I hear you’ve already learned the most obvious hand sign, inspired by the phrase ‘pluck hew’. Now investigate it and you’ll have learned at least (1) new thing today. Congrats.

  • Heidi

    This is just BEGGING to be made into a SNL spoof.

  • Aberdeen

    Commenters: take a look in the mirror, and judge only yourselves. Think for yourselves, and do your own research. I beg you.

    • C. Huus

      How much research must one do Aberdeen? How many hours of Beck’s show should I watch before I consider myself informed enough to know this man is the anti-Christ? Because I know I did the research after about 5 min. of his drivel. I pity anyone who stands up for this man.

  • Lauren Wagner

    I’m going to go throw up now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.houghtalen Patricia Houghtalen

    I am with your movement 100%, defeat the Tea Party and the Radical GOP candidates and bring at least a little production instead of destruction back to the function of government.

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  • Mark Dushaj

    I pray to God, he may have had a epiphany. I pray to God he is Not just acting for ratings. WE the People, need to come together now more then ever. I pray to God we put aside our differences, and come together as one Nation. I pray to God.

    • RichardR

      I think we’d all like to believe that he’s sincere, but there’s plenty of reason to doubt it. Beck is a trained actor…it’s just as likely he sees where his ratings and the political wind is blowing, and he’s just blowing along with it trying to stay relevant. Hate and obstructionism is out, “come together” is in. We’ll see plenty of politicians following suit with similar “epiphanies” before the mid-terms…they’ll all have some public “road to Damascus” moment. They don’t have a prayer of staying relevant if the don’t, and they know it. TeaPubs have been parroting Beck for years…I’m sure he knows they’ll do the same this time if we buy into his “epiphany.” But it’s just re-branding the same crap…note that bit about how “BANKS” were one of the things that “made America great.” He may have a new line, but its the same agenda underneath. So, while I’d love nothing better than to believe this snake has changed his stripes, I have no reason to believe that it’s anything other than the next evolution of corporatist manipulation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paula.m.smolik Paula M Smolik

      That’s spelled “now more THAN ever”. There is no god.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paula.m.smolik Paula M Smolik

      I saw no epiphany.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregweaverindiana James Weaver

    I am now having to question my disbelief in God.

    • http://www.facebook.com/spwichman Steve Wichman

      Please don’t do that.

  • http://Gmail edward schulz

    Hey Beck- you know God does things with purpose, and reason. Best look for something less rigorous. I saw the perfect job for you yesterday, and it pays well: stool-cutter…right up your alley. Let me know how that works out for you?

  • Chuck

    So with his vocal chords paralyzed, does that mean his plan to blow the lid off Washington tomorrow is cancelled? And if so, how convenient!

  • Trip

    Thanks Obama!

    • AATTP


  • Tom


  • Velska

    “Unlimited resources?”

    Don’t you mean boundless avarice?

    And besides, Beck is one of the worse hate-mongers on air, that’s inescapable! At least right there, we have one fewer crackpot building up steam for all the wrong reasons.

    I can’t listen to Beck any more, so it’s a blessing he can’t speak. His words are worse when spoken aloud with all that animosity and hatred he packs into that little, tiny heart of his.

    As Bob said, “same repulsive jerk” even without working voice-box. But oh, what a great sign from God to Glenn: STFU! already!

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.houghtalen Patricia Houghtalen

    Will somebody please Baker Act this guy for his own good and the good of his delusional followers.

  • Bob Cull

    So he proves that a dry drunk can continue to be the same repulsive jerk even without a voice! He has now written all the old lies down instead of pretending to sob them, big deal! It is still the same garbage. He is sorry? For what? I’m thinking he is sorry that he cannot speak his venom and has to resort to writing it out. I will never believe that he does not intend to be divisive, I think that is exactly what he intends to be!

    • Velska

      But yes, just as tedious in cue cards. Couldn’t finish this. Skipped more than half, because he just keeps repeating himself.

    • RichardR

      I’d be surprised if he had more than a scratchy throat. This whole thing is another calculated attempt to re-brand the Teapublican party. It’s no more sincere than Rubio’s Hispanic outreach BS. He’s only doing this so he can act like the voice of reason and turn obstructionism back to the Left, but this road-to-damascus “conversion” is about as “godly” as getting baptized into Westboro Baptist. Better get ready…we’ll be seeing this “Mea Culpa” strategy from a lot of conservatives between now and mid-terms.

      • Bob Cull

        I won’t be surprised, after all the RNC did release that report recently saying that they has to “change the way the message was delivered”. One an only hope that the majority see it for what it is, merely an attempt to hide from what they really are.

        • C. Huus

          Regardless of delivery, their message is wrong and they know it. Now they’re running out of delivery options. Jesus didn’t fit their message, so they turned to Ayn Rand (aka the crackpot they use to try to pass themselves off as scholars and economists) and now that that’s failing they’re running out of options. Social Contract theory prevails over libertarianism/anarchy as THE state of nature once again. It is the way things should and ought to be.

        • RichardR

          Yup…switch from overt to covert. Ten minutes of preaching about “love” and “change” wrapped around 3 seconds of “Banks made America great.”

  • Phil Silverman

    If he’s not copying Love, Actually (was that taken from Professor Kelp in The Nutty Professor?) he’s copying Elmer Gantry, Bishop Sheen (the blackboard), and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Even Roger Ailes couldn’t stand this slob.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

      I remember Bishop Sheen and his blackboard. If I recall correctly, he had some pretty liberal views for a clergyman in those days.

      • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.houghtalen Patricia Houghtalen

        John I remember Bishop Sheen he was very involved with my brother’s school Oratory in New Jersey. We of course watched him on TV and knew him personally from the school and he was absolutely liberal.

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